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hawluscha  asked:

Do you already have a team on pokemon sumo? If so, do you mind tell us which one of them?

So final team in my head is:

  • Rowlet final evo
  • Day Lycanroc
  • Salandit evo
  • Kommo-o
  • WATER TYPE (I dunno, I’m really feeling a sharpedo tbh, especially seeing as we can still mega evolve stuff, but otherwise maybe the giant isopod or the crown of thorns starfish)

I’m still really unsure about my nickname theme this time round. I was thinking constellations at first to keep with the space theme, but then I’d have to use names like lupus and draco which are too predictable and common as nicknames for me, a self proclaimed level 87 nicknaming mage haha

Other themes I have in mind are using genus names of the animals they are based on (So like, Tyto for rowlet, equus for the horse etc.), so yeah that, or types of pasta (penne means feather or quil, perfect for rowlet!), or pasta sauces, or wHO KNOWS. 

fic snippet

(Lestat-pov Night-Island era fic I guess I started in 2015. I found on my desktop just now LMAO )

I closed the little window, the word processing document. I saved them all – the documents I wanted no one to see – hidden in plain sight. Cloaked in audacity. Except for one file right on the desktop that was simply titled "dreadful.doc.” It read:

So, you’ve gotten yourself this far. Are you happy? Is this pleasing?

Truthfully, no one really cared to poke around my computer in the first place because they were always telling me I should stop spending so much time indoors.

“As opposed to what? Getting some fresh air and sunshine?”

I used that line on Marius. His expression was delightfully withering.

The fact is, I left the shaming note for Louis. Of all my companions on this enclosed little aquarium of wealth, on this shrine to Armand’s talent for capitalism, Louis was the only one who’d pry. He spent his share of time trying to get me to stop writing, longing for my company but too gentle to outright demand it. Louis, who I also knew to be an insufferable, hypocritical bastard so consistently. 


Wilson Fisk & James Wesley + text posts


I bought condoms for the first time and I feel really empowered by it.

I did research. I checked out multiple brands. I decided what was important to me and searched for it.

I used to believe buying condoms was a “man’s job”, but it’s MY job to keep control of what enters my body.

These condoms are completely vegan and the company is Black owned. 20% of the proceeds go toward community initiatives.

Can’t wait to try them out.

On October first every year, my transformation begins.

I become Halloween.

My gender? Halloween.

My sexual preference? Halloween.

My romantic orientation? Also Halloween.

My pronouns are Halloween.

My special interest is Halloween.

I become.

I am.

Halloween is me.

"How do you learn Japanese?"

I see a bunch of otome bloggers get questions like this, so I thought I would make a post with some references. I am going to assume that most of you don’t have the opportunity to take college courses - they do work well typically, but they’re not always something you can fit into your schedule nor are they necessarily for everyone.

My first tip is: learn kana. Don’t bother with romaji, it’s a waste of time for many reasons. The primary one being there is no consistent way of really romanizing Japanese so why confuse yourself? Stick with hiragana and katakana - they make way more sense.

Please note that unless otherwise specified, most of these do cost money, and it’s up to you to determine whether you want to or can afford to use them. This list is not exhaustive either, and you may find other resources. Most of the links under “resources” here are absolutely free.

For learning kana:

For learning the language:

Learning Kanji:


how to get prepared for the new school year

hey guys!! so if you’re like me and living in the southern hemisphere, school is starting in about a month, which means that now christmas has come and gone, it is the perfect time to get ready for the coming school year!!

i’m starting ib year 1, so some of these tips may seem a little extreme, but i’ve used these in previous years too and found them very useful in getting ahead before school starts!

loooool i hope this helps as it is my first masterpost!! anyways, enjoy ^___^

declutter your room and study space!

  •  ok so i can’t stress how important this is enough
  •  if you have a really untidy workplace (not like a little cluttered, like suPER untidy), you probably won’t be able to work as efficiently!!
  •  you don’t need to worry about buying fancy stationery or expensive organising things, if all you have is a bookshelf and a table, that’s great!! if you have a large desk with built in storage, that’s great too!! make good use of what you have
  •  it’s a good idea to sort out what school notes and things you have from the previous year and what might be helpful or necessary for the coming year
  •  trash what notes you don’t need and sort out what ones you do
  •  personally i like to keep my textbooks from previous years, but this is up to you.
  •  make sure you have a space for your timetable, folders, etc
  •  make it a happy space to study!
  •  i also like to make sure my happy sleepy relax place (probs ur bedroom) is clear from clutter and will be conductive to sleep and relaxation
  •  try and keep technology away from this area - i know it’s tempting to watch netflix until 3 in the morning (cough*guilty*cough*) but try to keep this to a seperate area - ur brain knows and will associate this to this area, which isn’t good for when school starts

TL;DR sort out your study space and your room so that you’re ready and prepared for the school year!

get ahead!

  • honestly i know it sounds lame to spend your summer holidays doing MORE schoolwork but it really doesn’t have to take up all your time!!
  • pick a subject you found difficult that you’re doing next year, or something you want to revise and get ahead in, and make a plan
  • set aside a certain amount of time during the day that you’ll spend doing some schoolwork
  • it can be half an hour, or 5 hours!! it doesn’t matter how long, it’s still better than doing nothing at all!
  • but don’t stress yourself out. chill, you got tons of time!!
  • so…. “i will do 45 minutes of maths problems every second day until school starts!” or “i will make sure i get 50 xp on duolingo every day until school starts!”
  • make sure it’s realistic for the amount of time you have during the holidays and how much you want to achieve
  • i like doing this for subjects like maths, french, and the sciences where having a strong foundation is crucial for when you start doing more complex topics!!
  • for maths i typically revise the difficult topics or things i might have not have done as well on and just make sure i’m all brushed up and ready for the year
  • for languages, DUOLINGO IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!!
  • honestly it’s free and such a great way to learn new vocabulary and phrases!!
  • also, skim your textbooks, find out what’s in the syllabus, and the assessments for yo subjects
  • if you have any books for english or anything, try to read them - i’ve always heard and abided by the rule that the first time you read a book you’re sort of learning the story and focusing on the plot, but the second time you read it is when you should be looking for literary devices and techniques

get organised!

  • use a planner/calendar/bullet journal omg, just use one pls
  • or something that works for you!
  • handing assignments in late is literally the worst way to lose marks because you could have had them and saved yourself stress just by handing it in on time
  • bullet journals are pretty popular in the studyblr community, and there’s an awesome masterpost on them by @studyign
  • or you can use a planner!!
  • good brands include kikki k, erin condren, the day designer, typo, etc
  • ofc you don’t have to have an expensive one!! you can make your own using a spare notebook and a pen!!
  • plus there are lots of wonderful printables out there
  • look at @theorganisedstudent
  • also, sort out your school bag/pencil case and make sure you have everything you need for the upcoming year

get organised…. pt 2!

  • figure out how you’ll organise your subjects and notes and things
  • personally i like to have a binder for each subject for handouts, take notes in a notebook and homework in a separate notebook, and have secondary notes on my computer using OneNote
  • knowing how you’re going to organise your notes and handouts and assignments before the school year starts is so helpful - meaning you spend less time looking for notes and more time studying!!
  • accordion folders can be really great for taking specific papers or assignments from school to home
  • i personally prefer writing my notes by hand as i feel i take them in better, but writing them on a computer is still ok!! just do what works for you.

    just relax. take time for yourself.

    • honestly after such a big school year too, don’t get too stressed about the coming year. instead look at it in a positive light.
    • yes a little bit of stress helps to keep you on track and make sure you don’t simply say “i’ve got SOOO much time” but too much (as I’m sure you all know!!) will simply hinder you… yerkes-dodson law (i’m a psychology lover i’m sorry)
    • so take time out during the holidays to destress and relax at the same time!!
    • you’ve got this!!
    • whether you’re starting year 7 or going into your final year, you can totally do this.
    • i believe in you!!!


    映画BORUTO、今回は全てが一から始まる、初めてのキャラクターばかりになります。 それはつまり、原作者である僕の頭の中でしか存在していないという事。 NARUTOの映画11本目にして初めて脚本を原作者の僕自身が全て書き、キャラクターデザイン案を出し、自分が納得できるまで練り込んだ上にさらに完璧を求めスタッフと練りこんでいきました。 連載が終わり、今まで漫画に費やしていた時間を全て映画に注ぎました。 本当に僕が作りたかったNARUTO映画がここにあります。 最後に一言…これ以上のものはもう僕には描けません…

    “This Boruto movie features all new characters, starting everything from zero. It means, it still exists only in my head, who is the original creator. For the first time in this 11th Naruto movie, I wrote the screenplay all by myself, provided the ideas for character designs, refined them till I was satisfied, then discussed more with the staff seeking perfection. After the serialization finished, I have spent all of my time used to spend for manga to this movie. Here is the Naruto movie that I have really wanted to make. One last word…, now I can’t draw anything more than this….”




    I come in here and I sit in silence and hear the echoes of who we used to be. And so I wish for patience, and grace, and strength to just let him be happy. Mostly I pray for the strength to not make his life worse because of what I want. That’s the toughest part, letting go, you know? That’s the part of grace that really sucks.


    just some ml related sketches! (also featuring some doodles of @starrycove‘s incredible dance au!)

    "Youth" - Grazia Interview w/ Kai & Sehun (Part 3)

    Q: Suit vs. casual? 
    Kai: Suit.
    Sehun: Suit. I feel like a man when I wear a suit.

    Q: Hat vs. shoes?
    Kai: Hah, this one’s really hard. *sighs*. Still, shoes. Even when I was obsessed with hats, I still paid more attention to shoes. Possibly because I dance. 
    Sehun: Shoes for me too. I used to love wearing snapbacks with a shirt, matching the Nike Jordan series. I haven’t worn them for a few months, but I seriously have a lot of Jordans at home. To be honest, all of our members are similar. 

    Q: Outfit for when you take some time to look nice? 
    Kai: First, no hats. 
    Sehun: Shirt and slacks, matched with a pair of loafers that reveal my ankles. 

    Q: Do you guys pick out your airport fashions?
    Sehun: Of course. The night before, I need to choose an outfit that fits me and make sure it “feels” right in order to sleep well. Besides dancing and singing I have a lot of interest in fashion. Sometimes I arrange a day to look around/shop for clothes with my stylist hyungs. 
    Kai: I’m more of the type to just think about what I’ll wear the night before, since we have little time the morning we leave.

    Q: Something you always carry inside your back when you move around?
    Kai: My phone and charger. Oh, and sunglasses when going to the airport.

    Q: That’s it? You wouldn’t need a bag then. 
    Kai: Yes. Actually, I hate carrying things in my hands so I don’t really carry a bag around. But sometimes I remember something I need after I send off my stuff in the airport. On days that happen, I carry stuff around in a shopping bag.
    Sehun: I also often travel around without a bag. I wear my sunglasses, stuff my phone and earphones into each pocket, and just carry around my passport.

    Q: What do you do the most with your phone? 
    Kai: Youtube. 
    Sehun: I constantly search things up; it’s closer to a habit. Sometimes I wonder why I have a phone.
    Kai: I lose my phone often so I also spend a lot of time without it. I’ve gone around empty handed for over a month once. It’s the ones that are around me who are uncomfortable; I was really comfortable.

    Q: Late-night snack - Chicken vs. pizza?
    Kai: Ah, this isn’t even a match Obviously, chicken.
    Sehun: For sure, chicken, no? 

    Translated by: dohchestra. Part 1. Part 2.

    I’ve been given permission to tell you guys this so here it goes:

    Three different people from “the het side” have come to me since yesterday because they were feeling confused and betrayed. Their blogs are very het-Harry/El***or centered and from what I could see they’re quite popular. They were feeling really ashamed of themselves and all three told me they were considering just “leaving the fandom because nobody would accept them now”. One of them confessed she used to leave angry anons on Larry blogs (including mine, funny that) all the time and told me she’s feeling really guilty and stupid.

    The first one recommended my blog to the others and they told me there could be more stopping by so I want to publicly say the same thing I told them in private, just in case it helps anybody: of course we will accept you, people do stupid things when they’re scared and in denial. I’m not going to lie, some of you have done a lot of damage, some have been really nasty and insulting, but if you really are feeling bad about it and want to embrace reality and support the boys no matter what, you’re more than welcomed. If you’re feeling confused and need more information, I’m here, ok? I won’t judge you and I’ll help you as much as I can in this transition. Maybe you’ve believed the lie all this time but you’re seeing the light now and that’s what really matters, admitting you’re wrong (specially to someone who you considered “your enemy” not so long ago) is really brave so don’t be ashamed.

    Everybody is welcomed here, we don’t bite :)

    Composition Animation Practice:

    Character: Dex Kidman from “Skull Kid

    Programs: Clip studio Paint and Davinci Resolve

    This took like two days to make, I really wanted to test simple movement in my new video program. Any effects I added I first made them myself, then overplayed them on top of the animation. Overall, quite happy I realized that I prefer sketchy lineart, over clean lineart. And painting backgrounds takes a long time.

    Check out my Patreon for the extra bits of animation I didn’t end up using.