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how/where do you learn other languages? i really want to learn new languages preferably polish because of my roots but like... i can't really find any good sites/apps and i feel like i've learned nothing?

Hey! I mainly use Duolingo and an app called 50 languages. At first I prefer to learn vocab (Anki and Quizlet are good sites/apps for vocab!) then I look up verbs and grammar rules. I write them down and go over them, in the mean time still practicing vocab too. Once I feel confident with those, then I’m probably a little past the beginner stage. That’s when I start reading/listening to the language. It’s really an important thing to do especially when you feel like you’re stuck and nothing you’re doing is helping you make progress. It’s practically what saved me when I was almost failing Italian class, you cannot become fluent in a language if you don’t read or listen to it. It doesn’t always have to be books, just a simple article on the internet or online newspapers, magazines, etc. will do. Audiobooks are really great too, there are some even on Spotify but I never checked for Polish. At first it’s gonna be really boring or irritating because you probably won’t understand all of it, or maybe not even half of it, but trust me that’s the only way you’ll ever become fluent in a language. Write down words/phrases you didn’t understand and look them up. Also when writing down nouns, write down the gender too because it really helps when you start forming sentences. HelloTalk is also a good app to meet native speakers of any language, so if you need to practice or if you need some help from native speakers you should definitely check it out!! Of course buying books like “Teach yourself [whatever language]” etc. will help you make more progress but I understand not everyone can afford those, and I’m sure you’ll find many things on the internet so they’re not necessary!! I never used any of those 😊

The way I learn languages is at first I study, then I practice. It’s not the same for everyone, maybe some methods which work for me might not work for you, and vice-versa. You just really have to try out different things until you feel like you’re making progress.

I hear Memrise is good for learning languages too but I never used it so idk if it has Polish. On Tumblr you might also find vocabulary lists, many people in the langblr community do vocab lists in various languages. You can check those out too. I don’t know any Polish people in the langblr community just because I don’t use my langblr account very often, but I do know of a person who’s been learning Polish for a while - maltese-boy, so maybe you could ask him too what methods/resources he used 😄 and if you know of other people who studied Polish, you can always ask them too.

I hope this helped you and I hope you manage to find ways/resources which will help you learn Polish or any other language that might interest you!! 😊💖

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I noticed you use alot of betas. How to you find them? And do you use some for smut and others for angst?

I haven’t really searched for betas. For a long time I didn’t use any cause I am sensitive and have trust issues when it comes to my writing. 

@blacktithe7 was the first I trusted enough and still throw way to much crap at - so sorry Erin, I hope you don’t drown in angst and series. 

For the second question I tend to use the same for one series. So Erin has TBBH and TTB. 

@winchesterswoonathon is my little colorful smut queen so I throw PI at her. And Rach @mysupernaturalfics and Amanda @for-the-love-of-dean is handling SW for me and Rach has already been forced into an upcoming series :P 

As for one shots. I don’t know I have a list off people I know are great writers and that I trust so I use them. People on that list I have not mentioned yet counts @manawhaat @kayteonline @torn-and-frayed @nichelle-my-belle @adriellej and probably others I am forgetting. 

If you are looking for a beta swing by the @spnfanficpond - Mana and Kale @aprofoundbondwithdean is doing a great job over there and has a list of people that does beta work. 

Happy hunting :D  

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"An endless road ahead of us and the two of us sat quietly, impatiently as the hours ran on. I looked over towards her and smiled. Her eyes are an ocean, but they have always been calming to me. I take my hand in hers. Feeling them for the first time. They are rough and warm as if the winter storm had carved it's way through her palms and left behind something more beautiful than a human could fathom. One day our bond will be gone, but the moments are unforgettable" - Days with my teacher

I really like what you wrote here sweetie! I just wish you would have sent it off anon ‘cause I think you deserve people to know what beautiful things you can write. Congrats!

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Hey since you're transgender I would hope you'd be able to answer my question? I'm cis and I hope I don't use any offensive language, if I do please put my ass in check. My boyfriend seems to like fetishized pre op transgender women porn and idk what that means? I'm not saying he's gay because they ARE women but at the same time he wants a dick in his ass? It's my first relationship and I'm already really paranoid about stuff and I already know he sees them as men so I'm thinking this is bad?

I honestly don’t kno sis I am the last person anyone should come to for relationship advice

I hope I get to experience true love someday. To be able to hold someone close that won’t leave me in the middle of the night. Someone who won’t change their mind about us. Someone who doesn’t think of somebody else when they are wrapped up safely in my arms. I really wish it could have been with you. Someday. Maybe I’ll get another chance to feel love again, whether it is brief or everlasting. Maybe it will feel like the first time. And when I get to hold them I will wonder why I ever thought that I would never be enough.

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I've seen a post floating around of people freaking out about cordyceps being used in medicine and health foods. Mostly because of the depiction of the fungus from The Last of Us. Can you help set the facts that real life cordyceps aren't going to turn you into a zombie if you ingest them?

Ah yes, my favorite zombie mushroom and I’m saying that entire unironically, any mushroom that can turn ants into zombies is cool in my book.

Now, first things first, cordyceps parasitise on anthropoda and insects so unless you know someone who’s actually 500 cockroaches in a trenchcoat there’s no need to worry about being zombiefied by a really cool mushroom. 

However when it comes to the health benefits? No clinical study so far has shown them to be useful for that. Yes they’re used in traditional medicine but I’d like to point out that for long ass times ‘traditional medicine’ from different corners of the globe included ‘here drink this mercury’ and ‘lemme remove about a liter of blood from you’ so I think we can all agree that ‘it’s been used for ages!’ is not actually a replacement for clinical studies. 

So it won’t turn you into a stumbling fleshsuit piloted by a mushroom but it probably also won’t do anything fancy to your health. 

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Yo man! I'm wanting to get Into selling stickers myself and sticker mule seems like a good direction but, as my first lot of stickers I'm worried about loss in profit? So I guess, how did your first ever sticker sale go? How did you get the interest for them to profit the production cost? Sorry for the huge ask!

hey this is a really good question!

the overhead for making stickers is usually a pretty big barrier to getting into making them, but one of the reasons i like sticker mule is they have a lot of ways to save money during production and the quality is still great.

one i use all the time is multiple design discounts. the more designs you order at once, the bigger your discount - so when i do big monthly orders for stickermoon i can sometimes get a pretty big chunk knocked off.

another really great one that i dont really use much anymore (mainly because i just need to order too many stickers) is the quantity minimum. they dont super advertise this, and its kinda hard to notice or figure out unless you know about it, but their minimum order for stickers is only 10 - which is pretty great. you just have to select the lowest listed quantity (which i think is like 50) and then change it once its in your cart

bonus: once youve printed a sticker with them its eligible to be in their sticker marketplace

and youll even get your own storefront like this one (it me)

so for a pretty low cost you can get a few stickers for yourself to test/have/sell/whatever and then you can pump your marketplace and sell stickers there at no personal cost.

money you make in the marketplace has 2 options: leave it on your account and put towards future purposes (default) or pay out via paypal. so typically i use all money i make from my marketplace to just fund future stickers, which some months can take another big chunk out of the overhead.

anyways im sure there are a bunch of other companies that do stuff like this too but ive had pretty good luck with sticker mule so far and they do actually make a very 👌👌👌 sticker. hopefully this helps!!


I wasn’t here for around two weeks, because almost EVERYTHING related to my internet got broken - thanks to lightning hitting really close to my house, lol.

And i missed so much cool stuff - Bismuth, Steven and Connie on their first mission, etc.

And Jasper. Yeah. I mean, i never really liked her, but damn, no one deserves getting defeated by a purely comedy character. CN why. Stop dat. Stop wasting cool villains. You need them.

Anyway, about drawing - here i tried to actually draw like normal people, you know, using colors right, lighting, and stuff. Buuuuut i didn’t really like it though. And i think i failed it anyway.

P.S. - I also finished a commission during my DARK OFFLINE TIMES, i will post the pic tomorrow.

My Dear Brazilian friends

To cheer up your athletes you don’t have to boo other athletes.

It’s disrespectful to them.

I was rooting for you Brazil, I really was.

You have owned a piece of my heart since May 2000, when a joyful Guga won his second French Open.

But what you did last night to Renaud Lavillenie that really was uncalled for, and kinda shocked me in a way. I wasn’t expecting this from you.

And it’s not the first time you did it during those Games. You did it to the French Volley-Ball team too. And the US Beach Volley team again. And probably to others I’m not aware of or forgot.

You’re better than that Brazil.

Trust your athletes. If they are true champions they won’t need you to disrespect other athletes for them to win.

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What are some tips and techniques for coding practice. I have just started learning some basic concepts by taking classes in C++ and HTML and CSS

// Uhh this is really vague, so I’m not sure where to go with this, sorry friend. So here’s some super random tips off the top of my head!

  • When I was first starting, I would’ve liked to learn about algorithms and design patterns so I could ignore them sooner.
  • Name your variables something someone who is just looking over your code for the first time can understand, not something ridiculous. Looking at you, past me.
  • Use semicolons in javascript. Fight me, Damian.
  • Pointers?
  • Do not start contests over who can cause the most accidental infinite loops.
  • Try to find that sweet spot where your code is good but confusing enough that they need to keep you around because you’re the only one who understands it. For job security.

That’s it, the key to successful programming.


My first Mildliners came in the mail! I had really really high expectations but idk, they bleed through all my paper and notebooks and it kinda sucks but I still do like them. I like their cuteness, the range of colors, and I also appreciate the double-sided tip that I can use for both highlighting AND precise underlining. I hope they last me a long time! 

There are no teams!

There is only ichiruki! There always was. Ichihime is not an optiion. Because: 

1. Ichigo and Rukia are meant for each other! They are bound by fate. They are meant to meet each other and change the other’s world forever! Guys, if this isn’t fate, then I don’t know what fate looks like. 

Rukia changed my fate. Rukia changed my destiny. It because I met Rukia that I can be here now fighting to protect everyone -Ichigo Kurosaki 

Hey, if death is not really the end, both of us, maybe our meeting that time was not our first. Maybe we were already connected way before that. I don’t know, but I think a bond that was once connected will never be broken. So even if we forget about everything, we will still be connected in other place. -Ichigo to Rukia 

2. Why would there be so many references if this is not the true ship? The two of them are saving each other and they would die for each other! Ichigo went to the Soul Society to save Rukia. And she saved him from the first moment. 

“You saved me again.”

“You were the one who saved me in the first place.”  -Rukia to Ichigo 

3. The resemblance to Ichigo’s parents. The hair colors even match, just think about this. Why would this be so? Because Tite Kubo wanted to stab us all in the heart? Well, could be an option. But there are so many animes, in which the children choose someone who reminds them of the love story of their parents. Ichigo came to save Rukia. Isshin came to save Masaki. Coincidence? Can’t be! 

4. They are equals in every way. They argue about everything. They ignore each others protests, beacuase they know how it is the best. And they know, that deep down, the other also feels it. Rukia is the only one who is able to keep up with Ichigos during arguments. He loves to make fun of her drawings and she gives him contra. Maybe Rukia isn’t as strong as Ichigo is, but she is mentally stronger. They are both hot-headed and they won’t stop save each other. Rukia betrayed the Soul Society to save Ichigo. Ichigo swore to his soul to protect Rukia. His soul!  Okay guys, if this isn’t proof enough, read the next one. 

Shut up! You’re being rescued, so stop babbling! You should go cower in a corner, shiver in fear, and scream ‘Help! Help!’ -Ichigo Kurosaki 

Can I start by asking why your drawings abnormally suck? -Ichigo to Rukia

5. They are best friends. Rukia understands Ichigo like no one else does. She can see into his soul and she understands him. She feels his pain and is willing to share it with him. They are supporting each other. And they are not able to abandon each other. They cannot live without the other. You saw this very clearly in chapter 423. Since his mother, he never missed someone so much like he missed Rukia. 

They respect each other. They admire each other. Because they are soulmates. 

Rukia, let me ask you something. From your experience where do you think your heart is?

Um well if I had to guess I think somewhere around here isn’t that right?

If you want to be literal about it. But in my opinion it’s more a state of mind. I believe its right here, not inside our bodies at all. I think a heart is created between people when they meet for the first time, a bond that’s brought to life between individuals. It’s an emotional connection, when you think about something or care about someone, that’s where your heart is born. If you were the only person that existed in this world, your heart would have no way of forming so it just wouldn’t be anywhere. There’s nothing to worry about Rukia. If you believe with all of your heart that you belong here, then this is where you’ll stay. If your heart is here then that’s all the reason in the world you need to be here. You must never doubt that. But listen Rukia, in the fights to come, there’s something I must warn you about. Something you must promise me you will never ever do. I mean this. You must never die alone. Our souls are our bodies and when we die our bodies turn to dust and become the reishi that go on to form the soul society, but where do our hearts go? We entrust our hearts to our friends. If you entrust your heart to your friends it will continue to live on inside them. That’s the most important thing you’ll learn from my training. Don’t you dare die alone Rukia. -Ichigo to Rukia 

Understood? He means his heart! Because if not, his heart is going to die with her! 

Here Comes a Thought
  • Here Comes a Thought
  • Rebecca Sugar feat. Estelle & AJ Michalka
  • Steven Universe: Mindful Education

This song…hell this whole episode hit me hard. I suffered (and still suffer, really) from DID. About 11 years ago I underwent a type of therapy called EMDR, trying to bring repressed traumatic memories to the surface, so that my conscious mind could process them the way it was supposed to. At the time, I had a single alter, who was sort of a mirror image of me. Angry when I was calm, etc.

The process I underwent was sort of a gradual blending of the two of us. At first, we spoke and acted in concert, having an internal conversation over what to say and do, but we rarely ever agreed on anything, particularly regarding the memories we were both having to deal with. Neither one of us wanted to deal with what we were being confronted with, but we had no choice.

Over time, I learned to trust him, and he trusted me, and we worked through things together. That eventually led me to nearly full integration. I still battle with myself sometimes, but I remember that only cooperation and talking things out will get me where I need to be in my head.

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So I'm on vacation at my friends grandma with my friend & we got dropped off at the mall & we decided to go into spencers (a kinky/punk/random/kool store in Canada) & in the back there are a lot of dildos & vibrators & we decided to get one & when we got home we both took a bath & used them & it was my first time so I didn't really know what to do & so it took me a while to find my g spot & I mean a loooong while but when I did it was FUCKING amazing👅😩💦😍🙏🏼🙊❤️😝😵 definetly recommend one!

Things I’ve learned from my first bullet journal

This is my first original post adding to the study community (aside from a couple photos of my bullet journal here and there). But there’s a first time for everything, right! I hope to get more into doing this kinda thing. Here we go!

So last year (Sept. 2015 - June 2016) was my first year using a bullet journal. I really liked it, and found it a great way to keep myself organized, but I also learned a lot about what works best for me. I started my new one this summer, in preparation for back to school. These are the big changes I made from one bullet journal to the next. 

  1. Simple is better. I personally found that if my spreads were to complex, I didn’t use them as often. So keeping my spreads (specifically my daily spreads) simple works best for me. If I want to decorate my bullet journal (which, admittedly, I don’t do a lot), I will decorate after the fact. But it is so much more useful for me to be able to quickly write things down when I get a moment.
  2. Again, less is more. In my first bullet journal, I had a colour coding system that was more complicated, and I found it annoying to have to carry around that many different colour pens. In my current bullet journal, I have my standard black pen, along with 3 other colours. I find this a lot more doable. 
  3. Leave lots of room in the Index. I don’t know if this is just me, but I always find I run out of room in my index. In my first bullet journal, I left a 2 page spread for this, and that wasn’t enough room. This may just be because I use my index religiously. 
  4. Future planning. I tried a handful of different future planners, but I had a hard time coming up with something that worked for me. Now, I use my weekly/monthly spreads for events, and I put a little sticky note on my daily spread for tasks.
  5. Make your tasks specific. I found myself often writing things like “work on English paper” and although I did “work” on the paper, I didn’t really accomplish much. I find it more useful to say “write 100 words on English paper” instead. That gives me a clearer goal, and makes me work harder towards said goal.

Like I said, this is just what works best for me. It will be different for everyone, but I thought I’d share none the less. The only way to figure out what works for you is to experiment, and reflect. 

as much as i love leafy + all he needs to understand that his words do hurt. calling milo an ‘it’ and trisha a ‘pig’ isnt excusable just bc he says its satire. rn im really hoping that theses are jokes gone too far (so he can appease his fanbase thats made up of mostly teenage boys who’re ‘edgelords’) and not his actual opinions. bc if so that shows just how ignorant he is since he doesnt see that he has fans who’re trans or fat. 

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You are way too quiet. what do you think of the new song?

I don’t know who sent me this so I don’t know if they are trying to stir up trouble or just sincerely want to know my opinion. I will go with the latter because I am entitled to my opinion and since I received several of these type messages I have decided I might as well put it out there.

I love the video and I think the guys look and sound great.

However…I don’t love the song. 

I don’t hate it  - I don’t really anything it.

My problem with it, is that it is the kind of song that won’t fit on the top 40 or get them new fans. It’s the kind of song that us old diehards welcome because we love them so much we live for the new music but if they want to stay relevant this song won’t do it for them. After listening to it the first couple of times I knew people would be going after them and it made me sad. I wanted this to be the kind of song that made new people say “WOW!”  A song that would make people take a second look at this very talented band. See what we see. Sadly, I don’t think this is the song that will do that.

Jon also sold the new album as being a back to the band’s roots album and I think a lot of people felt that meant the old sound. From the looks of this video it was more a return to his life roots. Nothing wrong with that because those are some pretty fine roots, but I can see why some people were confused.

I feel like this song is a rehash of We Weren’t Born To Follow, What About Now and We Don’t Run plus a couple of others.

Having said that, I have listened to it several times now and it’s growing on me. Realistically though, can anyone say they think this song could stand up there alongside Livin On A Prayer, Wanted or It’s My Life to name a few?

I see it as a filler song. They’ll play it for this tour but it will get filed. One of those songs that when asked to play it at a Runaway Tour, Jon may have forgot the lyrics…

On the bright side…there’s still lots of tracks to come and no one says you have to LOVE every single song. If anyone feels like attacking me for that give it your best try. 

I welcome other opinions.

Just leave your pitchforks and axes at home. ;)

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do you have any Very Fluffy trans komahina headcanons... there's a lack of cute komahina on my dash and i require it,

I have So Many,,

-hinata gets very into presenting and passing at all times but when hes just w komaeda, hes willing to be less restrictive - no binders and light layered clothing that doesnt hide his curves or chest, generally really chill and komaeda is honored he trusts them so much its a great time

-hinata was the first person komaeda told their pronouns too because others would accidently call them they/them n hinata always noticed it made them spark up so he asked and… he immediately started using them and correcting others if they used he/him even if komaeda insists they arent too bothered

-when hinatas having a calm day, he lets komaeda do makeup and dress him up and he always look amazing, as they make sure to tell him constantly

-komaeda found out hinata was trans by accident by catching him changing , apologizing n later letting him know theyre honored to share something like that w him and they end up bonding over weird trans stuff together (n hinata ends up crushing harder cause komaedas so calm n also trans??? wow nice…)

-they totally take baths together and arent afraid of their bodies being seen and cuddle in the tub and talk feelings about themselves and each other surronded by bubbles and nice smelling bath products

-komaeda lets hinata do their hair because they usually let it be but hinata likes brushing it and used to do a lot w his own hair before he cut it so he kniws what hes doing to make it super cute!! n komaeda makes sure everyone knows it looks so nice because of him