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why you should watch The Uncanny Upshurs

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The Uncanny Upshurs in a new urban fantasy web series from @parafable, and it has quickly become one of my new favorite things, so I thought I’d make a post about it to spread the word about it :)

So what’s the show about?

The Uncanny Upshurs is about Agatha and Wally Upshur, British twins who are living apart for the first time in there lives, as Wally has moved to America to go to collage. To help keep in touch (bc Wally is shit at answering his phone omg get it together Walter), they set up a YouTube channel where they post vlogs every week. However, strange things start happening to/around the twins, including mysterious videos being uploaded to their channel of situations where there seemed to be no camera. So the first few episodes are the twins (and their friends who are The Best) trying to figure out what’s going on.


The urban fantasy aspect is one of my favorite things about the series, and I love how many fantasy characters/creatures are thrown into the mix (witches, fairies, sirens, vampires, etc.). Speaking of things I love…

Reasons Why The Uncanny Upshurs Is Wonderful

Reason #1: This Show Is Incredibly Diverse

Pretty much every single character in the show is LGBT+, including the titular twins (Agatha is a lesbian trans woman, and Wally is bisexual). There isn’t any drama over how A w F u L it is being gay, and all of the characters are pretty confident and comfortable with there sexualities.* (the episode where Jake figures out he’s attracted to guys is so adorable)

Along with LGBT+ characters, the show has a lot of awesome characters of color. As a white person I feel a bit less qualified to talk about POC representation, so here are some gif/pictures as examples

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Now that I think about it Uncanny Upshurs also has a mostly female cast hell yeah

Reason #2: The Aforementioned Urban Fantasy Stuff

So I will be the first to admit that I’m always a slut for urban fantasy, so I was probably going to love Uncanny Upshurs no matter what, but the fantasy stuff they’ve set up so far is really cool. I don’t want to spoil to much, but there’s story lines about fairy kingdoms, forest witches, and a lady in the lake (no not that one) being established and I’m really excited to see where they go.

Reason #3: Every Episode Has Closed Captioning

This is a smaller detail, but it makes me really happy and I know I have some hoh followers so I thought I’d mention it. It sometimes takes the channel a few days to add captioning to the episodes, but every episode does eventually get captions.

Reason #4: The Characters Are All Really Great

I’m surprised this show hasn’t gotten more popular on here because these characters are all adorable omg. Like this section isn’t going to have any analysis I’m just gonna fangirl over these nerds.

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Agatha is so adorable and sarcastic like she can be so deadpan its gr8 also shes meme trash and I love her

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Wally is a fucking n e r d okay hes so awkward and I relate. Also his roommate Jake is one of my favorite characters he just rolls with all the weird shit going on like a pro.

I can’t decide if Gemma is life goals or wife goals so I’m going with both

I know I said I wouldn’t spoil a lot but Lennon is an aro ace siren and it’s really important to me that you know that bc I love her

This is Alistair he’s a fuckboy but we love him anyway

Actual Princess Daphne MacCrae

Reason #5: It’s Just Fun To Watch

Media can be sad. Like, really fucking sad. A big part of why I enjoy The Uncanny Upshurs is because it just puts me in a good mood whenever I watch it. That doesn’t mean the show is all brightness and positiveness 100% of the time, the latest episodes have had some more serious/emotional moments, but even after watching those episodes I’m always in better mood because this show has such a great vibe to it.

*I understand that there is absolutely a place for media depicting the struggles that often come with being LGBT+, but it’s nice to have shows that have happy, openly LGBT+ characters who aren’t defined by their orientations.

In Conclusion

The Uncanny Upshurs is a really fun, diverse web series that deserves more love and attention. Each episode is less than 10 minutes, and you can find them all on YouTube here. (I’ll admit the first few aren’t great but it gets better as it goes on).

If you do end up watching the show (or you’re already a fan of it), message me so we can talk about it! The fandom is currently pretty small and I’d love to see more people talking about this show!

My septicart timeline and Cringemas ºvº)/

 My part for #septicart! I don’t think I’ll be able to make new art for this, but i wanted to do atleast something even if no one sees it. It’ll be like a little guide for me I guess!!
So I want to make a kind of timeline to the art I’ve done of jack! I’m not the most active fanartist of his but it’s still fun drawing and doodlin’ him, and my art has changed a lot since the first one. 
TODAY IS 27/7/2017, for future reference i guess? And I’ll start with my last drawing I did of him, a little highlighter doodle. Let’s start.  (1/8)

Brighhttt colors! FAst doodle! i bought new hightlighters  @therealjacksepticeye

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 Hey, I’m Larissa and I’m very new to this penpal thing, so I’m sorry if I sound a bit awkward (I’m usually like that, tbh).

 I’m 17 and I make a lot of collages on my spare time, so that’s why my photo is that (plus the fact I am too shy to show my face, I’m sorry for the white line in the middle, btw, I was very sleepy whilst doing it - that’s what she said lol), so I thought I could explain them/me through them.  

The first one on the upper left is a quote from a movie called “The Hours” that has Nicole Kidman as Virginia Woolf (one of my favorite writers of now), so even tho it was not said by her it means a lot to me, especially now since I am ending HS and all that jazz).

The rest of the upper line is basically there, because I write a lot (as might have noticed) and keep some journals, also because I use a lot of coats and plaid shit (also a shy nod to Lionel, my Dear White People babe). I think the Homo Intended was kinda obvious and the band ones are just to name my tiny obsession with british rock (I do not only listen to that, give me Hailey Kyoko any day, but I have a tendency to folk (shot-out to Fleet Foxes and Blind Guardian)and european rock - Blur and Rammnstein are gems, if I may. 

I also play the piano (tho very badly, since I am only a beginner) and like organic chemistry (maybe all chemistry, but only on nice days) and biology (both I plan to go to college for). The book part is a funny one, ‘cause even tho I love books the best thing about them for me is actually finding them, u know? Going to fairs and getting lost in old stories and dust <3

Lastly, I am learning japanese and I am going through a “journey” (wow, so Tolkien-ish) to recover from severe anxiety, mild depression and to learn how to cope with my OCD, so if you are either interested in learning with me or is going through the same I would love to hear from you. Lastly, 'cause this is already a letter, you can reach me on the following places. (I also speak portuguese, if you want some help with it)

email: dwlary @ (this is separated to avoid spam, btw)


discord: I'm #4703 on there

We can whatsapp too, but I have to talk to you first.

Fading away part 1

A/n hi, so this is going to be a five part muti-chapter fic. This story will be about Rae and Linda. Rae’s mum gets sick, and Rae comes home to Stamford to help so her sister can go to uni. So the gang is in there mid to late thirties and some of the story will be told in flash back form. The subject matter is based off what my grandma went threw and the story hits close to home for me, I don’t think this has been done before but I haven’t read every mmfd fan fic so I don’t know lol. This first chapter tells you about the gang a bit and what’s been happening in there lives, so not too much story in this one but you do find out what Linda has in the end of it. In addition, there will be things said in this chapter that will be explained in later chapters, so yes its intentional lol. The word count is 3114 so not a long chapter. So I hope you like it and not hate me too much for what’s to come lol. Sorry for any grammar mistakes ,typos, spelling mistakes. A/N at the end of story

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Rae stood by the newly dug grave the smell of the dirt permeated her nose; she was the last one there as the other mourners had left for the swan. She watched as the casket was lowered into the ground, the misty rain mingled with her tears, she was surprised she had any left to shed at all. She could smell the flowers from friends and family all surrounding the grave, there bright colors seemed out of place for such a sorrowful, gloomy autumn day. She saw a single yellow leaf dance in the wind as it brought a chill to the air; Rae crossed her arms tighter around her in a vain attempt to keep warm against the cold. She felt numb, emotionally drained after five years of helping take care of the woman that raised her, watching her boisterous, vibrant mum become a hollow empty shell. Fading away in front of her like that of vibrant colored furniture faded from the suns rays over time. The call Rae had been dreading, knew would come as her mum’s health deteriorated over the last few months, had finally came four days ago. Her mums nurse called telling Rae, still groggy with sleep; her mother had passed away in the night peacefully. Rae thought she had prepared her self mentally and emotionally. Felt like over the last few years she had been in a state of mourning since her mothers diagnoses. She should have been ready for this day but no amount of perpetration made Rae ready for the finality of that call. For this final heartbreak, to be left with nothing but a few letters from her mum and memories.

“Girl, ya ready to go?” Finn asked softly, wanting to get Rae out of the cold and go to the swan were every one was waiting. Finn stayed behind to drive her to the pub but held back to give Rae her time with her mum alone.

“Yeah.” Rae said hollowly, a part of her hoped this was a just a nightmare that she would wake any moment, her mum would be as before and whole again. Finn reached out his hand to her for her to take; she took his hand noticing the bit of dirt left on her hand from throwing some on her mums casket earlier. Another tear slips down her face; Finn gently wipes it away as they make there way to the car. He opened the car door for her as she got in than walked around to the drivers side getting in.

“Do ya want to listen to some music girl?” Finn looked at Rae with such heartbreak in his eyes for her, wanting so badly to take away this pain from her and angry that he couldn’t.

“Yeah, t…that’s ok with me.” Rae said with that same hollow voice as before but Finn picked up the weariness in her tone. Rae looked out the window to the cemetery as Finn put in a mixed tape in from their collage years, happier years when they were together until after Rae’s first year of uni when the long distance took its toll on their relationship and they both mutually ended things but had stayed friends. The sounds of oasis came on through the car speakers, a ghost of a smile appeared on Rae’s face as she closed her eyes the familiar tune making her wish for those simpler times back.

“Thank you Finn for being by my side today.” Rae said appreciatively giving him a smile that did not quite reach her eyes.

“You don’t have to thank me Rae; you know I’d do anything for ya.” Finn reached out to hold Rae’s left hand giving it a squeeze. He started the car and drove them the short way to the swan.

“I-I know Finn, I just wanted to let you know…life’s to short to take things for granted .” Rae gave Finn a small smile before turning to look out the window at the passing scenery.

“Yeah…it is.” Finn said quietly

They pulled up near the swan and parked the car. Finn and Rae got out of the car and walked next to each other, Finn pulled the pub door open for Rae and him as they both walked inside. They let their eyes adjust to the change in intensity of the bright light outside to the dimmer light of the pub. Rae told Finn she would join the gang in a bit, she needed to find Karim and her sister Aullra to help greet mourners and thank them for coming. Finn made his way to the table that the gang always sat at although it was more crowed than before. Chloe had flown in from Paris with her fiancé Rick. Archie and his husband of a year George after being together for five years prior had driven from London the day before for the funeral. Chop and his wife Sahra of seven years, who was expecting their second child lived in Stamford. Izzy had come back to town earlier that morning from the airport, she had just flown back from doing a photo shoot in the American southwest for a freelance photographer job. Danny had also lived in Stamford with his wife Rebecca of nearly ten years and their three kids.

“Hey guys! How’s it going? ” Finn gave the gang a warm smile, it was rare for the gang to be together like this now a days and Finn was happy with the reunion but wished it had been under better circumcises like the last time had been.

“Hey finny boy, fine considering…you know.” chop said uncharacteristically quietly for him. He gave Finn a small smile back than took a drink of his pint as the rest of the gang said their greetings to Finn with Archie getting up to hug his best mate since primary school days.

“Hey Finn, so how’s Rae and the family holding up?” Archie asked what the rest of the gang were wondering. Finn pulled up a chair from the next table and sat next to Archie as he sat back down next to George.

“As well as can be expected but it helps that her friends and family are here for her.” Finn looks over to Rae now standing next to her sister, rubbing her lower back and Karim. Their eyes meet and they smile at the other.

“This seems so unfair for Rae and her family especially now with Rae…well you know ” Chloe couldn’t say what everyone was thinking, that it was a bittersweet time for Rae and the news she will never be able to tell her mum. Rick held Chloe tight to comfort her.

“Yeah it is Chloe but life is often unfair.” Archie said sadly looking at Chloe while George held onto his hand in comfort as well. Finn took out some nicotine gum to chew; again, he was trying to quite being that it was imperative that he succeed this time.

“So how are you holding up Finn?” Izzy asks with concern while she was holding Chops and Sahra’s four year old daughter and goddaughter Lily asleep in her arms, Chop and Izzy had broken up the summer before her first year of uni as they realized they wanted different things in life but had remained close friends. Izzy had even introduced Chop to Sarah. They hit it off and after a year in half were married.

“I’m alright mostly I’m just trying to be there for Rae, she’s strong but can’t be all the time. Even strong people need someone to lean on" Finn said thoughtfully as he looked at Rae again. The gang agreed Rae had been so strong helping her family these last few years especially that one when they nearly fell apart.

“Right I’m gonna get a drink anybody want anything?” Chop asked, the gang told Chop there orders and him and Sahra went to get the drinks. Soon they were back with water for Sahra due to her condition and the drinks for the gang. The gang had settled into a nice conversion about old times at the swan; however, the mood at the table was a bit subdued due to the occasion.

“Hiya, glad ya guys could make it.” Rae smiled at her friends but you could see the sadness in her eyes. Chloe, Izzy, and Sahra got up to give Rae a hug, Sahra had become a good friend to Rae over the last few years, Rae hugged them all back as new tears started to from. She could feel a familiar warmth in her hand as Finn took her hand, she could feel the outpouring of support in the squeeze of his hand. Rae smiled at him as she sat down next to him as the other girls went back to there seats.

“Danny I just want to thank you again for letting us rent out the pub for after the funeral especially on such short notice.” Rae looked at Danny appreciatively. Danny had bought the swan a few years back with his wife, he had wanted rename the pub the duck but thankfully Rebecca talked him out of it.

“Oh it’s no problem Rae I’m just happy to have helped ya family in any way I could, I‘m so sorry about ya loss. And Becky sends her regards and apologies for not being here ” Danny shrugged apologetically, his wife had to go to take care her sick mum while Danny’s parents took the their kids for the day. Rae leaned over to give him a hug than gave him a smile in gratitude.

“Thank you Danny and give my regards to Becky, So arch, Chlo, Iz how have ya three been? It’s been ages since I talked to ya last.” Rae asked as she was trying not to think about the reason why everyone was meeting.

“ Guess I’ll start, George and I got some big news…were moving in a bigger flat in London and…” Archie looked at his husband whispering in his ear asking if he wanted to tell the bigger news, George nodded his head yes.

“The reason why is the adoption went through last month and were going to be parents to a little girl from India. She will be with us in a couple of months.” George said emotionally, Archie put his arm around his shoulders tears of happiness in his eyes. Their long journey to become parents was finally over. The gang all congratulated them, Finn gave Archie a big hug at the happy news.

“I’m so happy for you both; you’ve been trying for so long now.” Rae was so happy for her friends and this happy news, if she let herself she could just imagine that this was just a regular reunion with the gang and not for such a mournful occasion. Fresh tears started to sting her eyes, she quickly blinked them away, and Finn gave her hand a squeeze.

“Yeah were very happy it’s finally happening.”Arch said smiling at everyone.

“So Iz what about you? How was that photo shoot?” Rae asked wanting to know about her job, she just finished with in the states.

“ Well I was in the American southwest taking photos for a friends art book…it was just so amazing, the people, the food… the area itself just has a majestic beauty about it… it was just breathtaking.” Izzy said with such a passion that told you she loved her job of traveling the world and taking photos of the wonders on the planet.

“Oh iz you’ll have to show us pictures, it sounds so wonderful.” Chloe asked excitedly, she always loved hearing about Izzy’s adventures and seeing her pictures she took of the world.

“I’ll show them to ya when I get them developed, I just didn’t get the time to yet because of the…you know.” Iz looked at Rae giving her a small smile, she did want to say the funeral was the reason she hadn’t developed the photos, didn’t think it needed saying.

“I’ll be excited to see them when you have the time to develop them Iz, so that leaves you Chlo. What’s been going on with you and Rick?” Rae smiles back at Iz reassuringly than looked at Chloe.

“Oh bout the same really, I’m trying to work out this deal with the store and this up and coming designer and it’s been bit of a nightmare but its nothing I can’t handle.” Chloe worked at a posh department store in Paris, in the acquisitions dept where she wrote up contracts between the store and designers both established and new. Her fiancé is a chef at this little café by her home, a mutual friend introduced them at a party four years ago and they got on well and just last month they got engaged.

“Well if anyone can figure it out it will be you Chlo.” Rae and Chloe smiled at each other both knowing Chloe was good at her job

“And I’m opening up a restaurant in a month, bit excited about it but nothing much else going on.” Rick took a drink of his pint, than put his arm around Chloe’s shoulders. They looked lovingly into each other’s eyes getting lost in there own world until Archie started to speak bringing them back into the real world.

“So what about you Finn what’s been going on at the radio station?” archer looked at Finn as he took a drink of his pint.

“Well I finality paid off the lone I got to buy the station, so own it free and clear now!” Finn smiled happily at Archie. Finn had stayed in Stamford and got a job at the radio station. Over the years he worked his way up to getting his own dj show, when he learned the old owner wanted to retire in a five or six years he decided to save up to buy it. With help from his dad, he was able to get loan to cover the rest of what he couldn’t save for. The old owner took Finn under his wing and helped him understand how to run a radio station; Finn has owned the station for six years now.

“That’s wonderful Finn congratulations!” Arch patted Finn on the back, proud of his friend knowing this was a dream of Finns since he was eight. The rest of the gang congratulated Finn on his news.

“Thanks guys it’s nice to not worry about loan payments now” Finn huffed out a laugh. The mood at the table was a bit lighter than before and conversation headed back to reminiscing about old time when they were teenagers and all the shenanigans they got in. Rae had become quite. Some of the stories reminded her of her mum that made her miss her more; she could not help but think back on that day in the doctor’s office. After getting the diagnosis for her mum, she still could not believe that in five years from hearing that word from the doctor that her mum was gone completely.

Five years earlier…………

The doctor’s office must have been just painted you could smell fresh paint. It was quiet except for the sound of the clock on the wall ticking, the muffled sounds of the receptionist phone ringing and the breathing of the two women in the room. The news had been unexpected, a diagnosis that had no treatment, no cure. The doctor left the room to give Linda and Rae some time to process what they had just been told. Rae looked at the degrees on the wall, the fake hibiscus in the corner, photos of a happy family, the medical book on the shelves. Anywhere but at her mum, she felt like she would break down and cry if she did. Linda reached over for her daughters hand, took it and gave it a squeeze.

“Pet look at me…” Linda asked calmly, Rae turned to her mother reluctantly with tears in her eyes. “This is the hand of cards I’ve been dealt with. I have luckily been blessed with some good ones… you for one, your sister and Karim. I need you to be strong for them pet, there going to need you… seeing as I’m not going to be around for them soon.” you could hear the hitch in her voice; Linda takes a deep breath trying not to cry.

“This isn’t fair mum… we should get a second opinion.” Rae had tears running down her face hoping the doctor had been wrong, that another doctor who knew what there were doing would tell them it was a mistake.

“Oh Rae this was my second opinion, I’ve already been to another doctor and they said the same thing.” Linda looked at Rae apologetically. Rae looked shocked and hurt her mother wouldn’t tell her this.

“You should have told me… I’m 33 years old mum; I’m not a child any more. I could have handled it.” Rae said with a bit of anger in her voice.

“I was hoping the diagnosis was wrong that today I would be told something different. Looks like I was wrong. I didn’t want to worry ya…I’m sorry” Linda looked down not quite sure what to do; the news had been devastating to hear the second time.

“I’m sorry mum this isn’t about me it’s about you.” Rae looked apologetically at her mum while reaching for her mums hand to hold it.  

“That’s ok pet…everything is going to be fine.” Linda wasn’t quite sure even she believed that.

“How mum you herd what the doctor said, there’s no treatment for it or cure,  just medicine to treat symptoms but…after that stops working…what’s been happening to you it just going to get worse.” Rae looked down trying not to cry, trying to be strong for her mum.

“I know Rachel, but I can’t do anything about it… what I can do is talk to Karim and your sister, tell them what’s happening, make perpetration’s to make it easier for all of you for the…” Linda said in mix of an angry and sad tone to her voice. Linda got up to gathered her things.“Right if there was day for ice cream today would be it. Also I need to go to the store and get stationary, I’d like to start writing some letters to give to you , your sister and Karim…for milestones…that I’ll… miss.” Linda was barely holding it together. She made her way to the door with Rachel following behind.

“I’ll meet you at the car mum, I need to get me bag, forgot it by the chair.”

“Ok, I’ll be waiting for ya by the car.” Linda said quietly as she made her way out the room.

Rae went and got her bag from the floor by the chair, she started for the door than looked back to take a moment to take a deep breath and looked at the room that change everything for her and her family as the voice of the doctor echoes in her head…

“Hello Mrs. Bochtat, so the test results came back conclusive. There is no treatment or cure for what has been causing your memory lapses you have been suffering. There are medicines to treat symptoms but I am very sorry to tell you this but you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.”

A/n: hi so hope you liked it. So my grandma had Alzheimer’s and it gave me the idea to do this story with rae having to deal with her mum having it and the impact it would have on her life and her family. I named Raes sister Aullra from this cartoon I watched as a kid in the 80’s ( voltron was the cartoon if ya want to know) and it had a princess in it and that was her name, I always thought it was a beautiful name so I decided to use it in this story. Also Rebecca was the name of my grandma so since this was inspired by her I put her name in the story as wall. Please don’t hate me for breaking up Rinn and Chizzy too much, that’s  life not everyone stays together due to different idea of where there life is heading, if your not going in the same direction in life love just isn’t enough to keep two people together. Ok bye now  

Lewis Allan Reed
March 2nd, 1942 - October 27th, 2013

“In the midst of all the make-believe madness, the mock depravity and the pseudo-sexual anarchists, Lou Reed is the real thing.”

Happy birthday to Lou Reed, who would have been 72 today! I first started listening to The Velvet Underground and Lou’s solo work shortly after Lou died and now I just can’t seem to stop. Thank you, Lou, for giving us some of the most extraordinary music of all time. We miss you dearly.


Finished three more “art things” tonight.  I obsessively make these collages. I don’t even know why anymore.   I had an art show some years ago, but nowadays they mostly just end up in my closet.  The bottom one is significant to me in that it’s the first time I’ve let a human visage appear unscathed in a collage in like a gazillion years.  Generally I hate recognizable human attributes in collages, but shruggy.