this is my first time giffing ok


Magnus Bane in 1.02 appreciation post 


Lea DeLaria || Network Q: Out Across America, Episode 27 (1994)

[[Image description: Gifset of Lea DeLaria in an interview. “As a feminist, when someone tells me “What you said was sexist”, I wanna say: Look. As a woman, I am not allowed to express my sexuality. So when I express my sexuality, I am making a feminist statement. And especially as a lesbian! ‘Cause lesb- you know, I’m just not supposed to do it. So when I do it, it is different. Period.”]]


Luke’s gum falling out of his mouth like the 3 year old he is


The Thousand Chance Umbrella 


Law & Order: SVU - 19x06 - Barisi Lines

Liv: How is it consent when you’re extorting sex from a fifteen year old drug addict?

Rafael: *sighs*, That is a question that the legal arena has yet to answer. Good idea for a law review article though, you should give Carisi a couple of months off *smirks*

*Sonny walks in*

Rafael: What are you, a bat?

*Sonny, super confused*: What?