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Preference Ⅰ. Making Out:

{A/N: On my wattpad, I write for both Roman, Dwayne & Jason Momoa so that’s what I’ll be doing here.}

Roman Reigns:

Roman’s kisses were always long and passionate, making every single kiss feel like the very first one.

Every time he crashes his soft lips to yours, he draws moans from your throat, making him smirk against your mouth.

Roman could definitely be rough, but he always made sure to be gentle with you. When he wasn’t fast, urgent and rough with you, Roman made sure to take his time.

His hands would snake down your back before threading around your waist, holding you close to him. Whenever you two made out, whether it was rough or gentle, his hands were always on you, keeping you close to him.


Dwayne Johnson:

Making out with Dwayne was so rough, but it was the rough you learned to crave.  Along with being rough, he was always passionate and savored every moment, worshipping your body.

Making out with him, depending on the situation, would almost always end up in sex. His rough, large hands would caress your skin as his deep husky voice whispered in your ear. This alone would make you terribly wet, but then his mouth went to work.

His lips would latch onto your neck, automatically directing all of his attention to your weak spot. He would draw moans from your lips with every bite and kiss to your neck.

Throughout all of this, his hands would’ve explored to your waist, before moving to cup your ass.


Jason Momoa:

Whenever you made out with Jason, he was almost always rough, but never rushed. He always took his time with you, whether he was teasing you and prolonging your pleasure, or giving you all of his attention.

Nearly every time he kissed you, it turned even more heated between you two, as his lips trailed down to your neck.

Jason wasn’t as rough in the beginning of your relationship, as strange as it seems. He was scared to hurt you, but the second you reassured him that you could handle it, Jason never held back.

Other than kissing you, Jason’s hands would usually trail down your back before taking their place at your ass and squeezing. He would then easily lift you by your waist, leading to you wrapping your legs around his thick waist.


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wait for me to come home | isaac lahey one-shot

Originally posted by itsbecauseteenwolf

prompt: (nonsexual acts) slow dancing with isaac & adjusting his tie

pairing: isaac lahey x oc

rating: is angsty!isaac a rating? also fluff 

requested by anon

a/n: i was inspired to write this while listening to “photograph” by ed sheeran and it’s advisable that you do the same. :)

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gravityprince submitted:

I doodled a thing for you cause I feel u so hard when work is ugh and people are just ugh in general. First time drawing him, omg, I hope it actually looks like him ahhhhhahahaha

You still like this guy right?? Imagine he is in your Joanns, asking you a thing. He is very polite and uses a gentle tone at all times. One of my favorite things to do when I’ve had less than pleasant customers is to imagine my favorite characters coming to my place of work - it always makes me feel better, hopefully it helps you, too!

I had to stare at this and scream on twitter before I could regain my composure enough to post this, it’s so beautiful ooohhHHHHH MY GOD thank you Ace for the beautiful Mink ;____;

I Just Want To Make You Feel Good

Warning: NSFW.

You knew you were going to get pounced on when you got home. The way Sonny kept looking at you, always having at least one hand on you. He either kept his arm around your waist when you were both standing and talking to your friends or a hand on your thigh when you were sitting.

It wasn’t a possessive move; it was him wanting to be close to you whenever he could. His unpredictable, hectic work schedule made your time together rare and special. So when you did see each other, you wanted to make up for all the physical intimacy you didn’t get in the days you were apart.

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When You’re Sleeping

Person A knowing that person B does cute things when A is asleep (plays with their hair, gives forehead kisses, tracing lips, gentle snuggling, draws them, etc). One day person A pretends to be asleep, but ends up being unable to hold back a smile as person B begins displaying their rare affection

For my wife-to-be @the-mess-sterek-left-behind. ♥

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The first time it happened, it was so quick, it might as well have been an accident.

It was movie night at Erica’s, and there was a heavy weight on Derek’s shoulder, a soft snoring in his ear. He didn’t need to look to know Stiles was fast asleep on him, had been for several minutes now.

Stiles had been yawning from the moment Derek walked into Erica’ apartment, arms full of the extra snacks she had made him buy on the way over. Because apparently they didn’t have enough already, despite the whole living room table being full of bowls and plates with them. Erica went all out to impress everyone though, had been stressing about it for weeks before, so Derek hadn’t thought twice before he’d said he’d do it.

The movie had started and not ten minutes after, Stiles was fast asleep on his shoulder.

Had it happened a few years ago, Derek would have shoved him off with an annoyed grunt and told him to not drool on him. But now – after everything they had been through together, and after they stopped pining and started dating – he just smiled fondly for a second and let him stay there.

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Taken, Chapter 5: The Space Between (Complete)

Here’s the last chapter of Taken, a DIA AU in which Claire is prevented from returning to the 20th century. If you need to catch up, earlier chapters are located here:

Chapter 1: Craig Na Dun, 

Chapter 2: Dead Man’s Dagger

Chapter 3: Friends and Foes,

Chapter 4: The Greatest Gift

Following Randall’s death, we disguised the bodies as Scots, wrapped them in blankets, and tossed them into the bed of the wagon on top of Jamie, who played the part of his own corpse. If anyone checked the bodies, we hoped they wouldn’t look too closely at the one on the bottom. Gavin and Gregor marched me directly out of Randall’s tent, ropes looped around my wrists for show, and threw me behind them. I sat only inches from Jamie’s prone form and took advantage of his closeness to press my leg against him, eager for any kind of contact. The Mitchell brothers sat on either side of me, ostensibly to prevent my escape, while Aiden drove the wagon in the opposite direction from which they had come, taking care to avoid anyone who had seen them arrive.

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Deal With The Devil - Marvel (Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver ft Iron Man and Thor) Part 7

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


«How did you know we were here?» I asked my father, still confused as why he had managed to come before Loki disappeared with one of his better suits. 

“Did you really not think JARVIS would notify me of the hulk cage opening? Or the fact that you even stepped into the room?” I stood there for a second, not saying anything. He actually would do it, wouldn’t he?

 "You got a point there.“ I answered looking away from my father’s gaze.

 "And of course this pal came running to me, before storming off to find you.” My father patted Pietro on the back, who had just stood there, not saying a word under the whole thing. 


I sat on the rooftop alone, watching the shifting city lights before me. It was silent for a city to be at the moment, just the sound of cars and a shout here and there, but considering how high above I was, it was surprisingly a lot of noise. The door behind me opened, and in less than a second Pietro sat beside me, looking over the same view as me. 

“Here.” He handed me a bottle of something, and I didn’t really question what it was, most human drinks had much effect on me in the end. 

“Thank you.” I smiled over at him, seeing him returning the smile with a slightly nervous one. 

“It’s relaxing isn’t it?” He asked, looking out over the city. 

“Yes, it truly is.” We sat there in silence for a while, before Pietro turned to look at me, the way he looked at me was almost curious.

 "Will you be staying?“ He asked, as if I hadn’t told him the answer to that question a hundred times before. I turned to look at him as well. 

"Yes, haven’t I told you that already?” I asked, seeing the little glimmer in his eyes come back, and a small smile played on his lips, which was a rare sight, normally he would just smirk. 

“Just had to be sure, because then it doesn’t matter if I do this.” He said, leaning in. 

I felt his lips meet mine, careful as first, but as soon as I kissed back, he cupped my chin, keeping me there. His other hand sneaked around myt waist drawing me to him. The kiss was gentle, loving, like nothing I had experienced before. And to think one simple human could make me feel like that was a mystery even to me. We pulled apart, foreheads resting together. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’ll do that at least two times daily as well.” I joked, Pietro letting out a chuckle, at my half joke.

 "Good, because that was what I had in mind.“ He said before pressing his lips to mine again. 


We were still on the rooftop, Pietro’s hand around my shoulders as we sipped our drinks, looking out over New York. It was peaceful, just me and him, no words spoken, just enjoying each others company. 

That’s when he came. He flew over to the tower, landing swiftly just two meters from where we sat. 

"Lady Y/N, I’m surprised to see you here.” Thor smiled as he came over to us. 

“Pietro, nice seeing you again.” He nodded over to Pietro who nodded back. Men and their greetings. 

“What are you doing here, Thor?” I asked, looking up at the god.

“Where is my brother? I was told he was making a fuss here.” He spoke, and I let out a little chuckle. 

“I’m afraid you are a little late for that, Thor." 


That is a wrap or this imagine! 

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Killian thought he had known pain, before.

He’d been whipped enough times as a boy on that God-forsaken ship where his father left him, for faults both real and imagined. Poisoned in Neverland. Countless cuts and bruises, part and parcel of being a pirate captain. Beaten by the bloody Crocodile and run over by a car, his ribs shattered.

Having his hand taken had been the worst. Not so much the amputation as the cauterization it took to keep him from bleeding out and the weeks of fever and infection that followed. He’d longed for death then, sweating and shivering in his cabin with only the crudest of care from his crew.

He would not have wished for it if he knew what awaited him on the other side.

It is not just his ribs this time, no – if every bone in his body were not cracked it certainly feels that way, each breath and involuntary twitch causing waves of pain that turn his vision white at the edges. In the real world, he would have passed out by now.

But there is no sleep for him here, no blissful drift in unconsciousness to grant him a reprieve. He is awake for every agonizing moment, bruises and broken bones and burns setting fire to his nerves and assuring him that Hell does indeed exist.

He deserves this, he knows. It doesn’t make it any easier.

He loses any sense of time, borne away on endless waves of pain, and loses himself as well. Forgets why he is there, what he has done to deserve this, nothing left but a grim acceptance of a fate he knows he has earned, even if he can’t remember why.

He thinks he is hallucinating when he feels a cool, gentle hand on his forehead. He can’t open his eyes – one being swollen shut and useless, anyway – but for the first time since he can remember he is able to draw in a breath without pain.

And when a soft pair of lips whispers in his ear, every soothing word lost to him except love, a faint scent of cinnamon accompanying them, he thinks, this.

This is what Heaven must feel like.

I had an Anon ask for something about Fenris’s ears. Due to my own carelessness, the ask itself got deleted - I’m so sorry! Uhm. I wrote this yesterday, then hated it, then today thought it wasn’t so bad? So I’ll give it a shot, though I’m still not sure how I feel about it.

The worst of it was, they were with the others when the discovery was made.

A half-drunk, sloppy kiss that missed, that might have completely gone without notice had Fenris, previously slouched and relaxed against Hawke, not suddenly shot up so fast his normal effortless grace was forgotten in the banging of his head against a low hanging lamp.

“Hawke…” Merrill said, tone both measured and scolding amongst the sudden string of frustrated Tevene coming from the other elf. She was quite red, eyes large, hands uneasy on her mug of ale. “It’s very naughty to do that in public!”

It took a while to sort out just what had been done. Merrill didn’t quite believe he didn’t know, and thought his questions and confusion mere attempts to trick her into saying something dirty – which was a game some of the companions played, but, granted, not usually Hawke. Fenris himself was no help, turned from the group, still cursing, his hands on his head. Isabela seemed to know, but was disinclined to share, voicing a preference to hear it from Merrill.

Eventually the combined confusion of their friends persuaded the little mage of Hawke’s sincerity, and she reluctantly explained, halting and crimson-faced. The errant kiss, which had missed and landed so innocently in the merest brush of lip against the outer lobe of a delicately pointed ear, was something considered so intimate by elves universally that his doing so in public would come across as incredibly crude. Even the Dalish, normally so much more open and casual about matters of sex and intimacy than the rest of Thedas, had societal restrictions about touching another’s ears.

“Well,” Merrill said, “You wouldn’t play with his nipples in public, would you?”

“Why not?” Isabela asked with a wicked grin, earning a squeal of protest as she, quite playfully, made a grab for the other woman.

When they were alone, later, in Fenris’s mansion, Hawke apologized for his mistake – both for the social gaff, as well as for being completely unaware of an important erogenous zone for the elf. They had only recently agreed to begin exploring their feelings for one another, and had not slept together yet. The last thing Hawke wanted was for Fenris to feel disrespected or pressured.

“I didn’t know,” Hawke finished, lamely, feeling his apology to be largely insufficient.

“I didn’t either,” Fenris admitted.

It would be more than three years before Fenris would tell him, hesitantly, how an elf’s sensitive ears were used in the Imperium – not for pleasure, but for punishment. How a disobedient slave would have theirs cropped, or nailed to boards. How common it was for Danarius, in a fit of pique, to reach out and twist them until he howled. Fenris, without memory of a time before his marks, had lived with no other association for it.

It took time and trust to allow Hawke to touch them. The first few times, it was hard not to shudder and flinch away from pain he even now expected to endure.

But Hawke was gentle, and Hawke was kind, and Hawke was patient. Hawke, as always, stopped when Fenris needed him to, drawing back with those soft amber eyes anxious and cautious. His hands, so big and rough and strong, were always impossibly gentle.

TEG - Christmas Challenge 2016 - Entry Five!

Title: Comfort and Joy

Rating: T

Character/s & Pairing/s: Everlark

Any Triggers or Warnings: None

Beta/s used: None

Summary: On a snowy Christmas day, Katniss is stranded at her mother’s nursing home. Luckily, her friend, Peeta, is working and stranded, too, and is more than happy to keep her company. Modern AU.

Author’s note/s: Unbeta’d; all mistakes are my own. Happy holidays everyone!

Katniss presses the red button beside the door and rubs her hands together, trying to bring some warmth into her frozen fingers. After a moment, the familiar buzz signals that the door is unlocked. She rushes inside as the doors close quickly behind her.

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Home In The Waves. (Mermaid!AU)

“Here fishy, fishy, fishy. It’s your favourite human.”

“Just because I like humans doesn’t mean I like you in particular and one of these day, it will not be me that comes to greet you.” You hissed, voice soothing him as he leaned back against one of the rocks by the shore. He grinned at you, infuriatingly and breathtakingly beautiful. That was a feat because you didn’t technically ‘breathe’. “What are you doing here?”

“Always so nice.” He paused and you knew what he wanted even if he was too proud to ask for it. You didn’t believe the best way to teach men it was alright to show emotion when all their life they were taught to ‘man up’ was to force them to so holding out your hand, you let him pull you to his side gently. Your tail sparkled nicely, catching the sunlight from one of the cracks in the cave walls and reflecting like a sunrise on the walls. He sighed, watching the colours as if they were a captivating dance routine.

“Rough day?” You situated yourself against rocks that dug uncomfortably into your back but pulled his head to your already dry and soft skin. Perks of being a mermaid.

“Yeah.” He curled up against you as you ran your fingers through blue hair that matched the hues of your tail, smiling as you could remember him explaining sheepishly why he had dyed it that colour, the stumbles of comfort, serenity and how he wanted to feel it even when he couldn’t come see you. The shock of seeing hair that had once been the colour of the sun dyed a forest green startled him to tears when you explained that eyes of emerald green were your serenity.


“You’re here so I do not have anything to complain about.” He reveled in the moment of sincerity that passed between you two. It had been an unlikely and dangerous friendship. Mermaids were forbidden from interacting with humans after the attempts humans made to capture your kind when they had first found out about you. Then an accord was written and signed by leaders of both species, you could exist peacefully if you would not interact with humans and vice versa.

But Michael and you formed your friendship before the accord, back when you were small and curious about the legged creatures and the boy with the kindest smile and biggest eyes was more than happy to explain. While both kinds feared the other, you didn’t find anything wrong with humans, not even Michael’s weird bandmates.

“We go on tour soon.” You nodded, knowing he did not want to leave you but you had an entire ocean to explore and he had the world so you were both busy.

“I know.”

“I wish you could come with us.” You tensed, his head shooting up from your chest at the action he had never felt from you before. You were usually good, hiding your emotions was something you had been taught at a young age.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” He worried, “Did I do something?” He made a motion to your tail that he’d been stroking and you had not noticed, the feeling familiar.

“No, no. I just,” Taking the breathe of air you didn’t need, you bit your lip and looked up at him through your green tendrils of hair. “What if I could?” He didn’t say anything, holding his breath like he would say something stupid if he didn’t control himself.

“How?” He finally whispered, not wanting to get excited if it wouldn’t be possible for you to swim that far, you complained about it before, the mermaid accords that didn’t have anything to do with humans and everything to do with the different mermaid ‘clans’.

“I’m turning 18, and you know how I told you my mother is a special mermaid?”

“More special than being half-fish.” He continued the familiar words, that was the only secret that you had kept from him but he couldn’t complain, he had one too.



You paused, questioning whether or not you should tell him when you hadn’t even decided if you wanted to go.

Who were you kidding? You didn’t have think about it, you had always been intrigued with the humans and their places so you did the adult thing and blurted it out all at once.

“My mother can shift, when her tail is dry she has legs and when she is wet, she’s a mermaid.” You rushed, his mind flashing to the show he had ignored when he was younger because he knew an actual mermaid, he didn’t need shows. It was called H2O or something and he could not believe what he was hearing.

“And when you turn 18-.”

“My brother got the trait of my father, strength in leading and hunting, so I-.”

“Get legs.”

Mermaid traits were passed on to the offspring but it was more specific. Your father was the leader of your ‘clan’ of mermaids so he was a strong leader with hunting skills that were rivaled only by your older brother. Since he got traits (or the special skill each of the mermaids has) of your father, you would have to have your mothers because of nature’s balance.

“I get legs.” You repeated and if he could have picked you up and spun you around he would have but that tail weighed a ton.

So he settled for something he never thought he could do, his lips pressing to yours as you finished telling him the only secret you had and he told you his by kissing you like his heart depended on it.

“Michael.” Your voice was nothing but a ghost of a whisper as you looked up at him with tears in your eyes.

“Come with us.” You nodded, not having control of yourself enough to speak without sobbing. “We’ll have so much fun and you will get to have some of the best food and I love you so much, did you know that?”  He was speaking faster than you could swim a mile (so very, very fast) and you could barely keep up with his words.

“Michael.” You cut him off but not with malice. His eyes that had yet to leave yours refocused and he gave you a lopsided smile.

“I love you too but you are sitting on my tail.” He blushed, moving his leg as you were suddenly aware of the time.

“Don’t want to dry out.” You couldn’t wait to not have to worry about that anymore. You slipped back into calm and gentle waves, the feeling rejuvenating as he laid on his stomach by the oasis in the cave and you rested your head against your arms, ready for a night talking about all the things you would do.

The green of his eyes were lit up like the first time you met him, drawing you in more than any wave ever had and you knew that you would go anywhere with this boy even if you weren’t so sure about this whole ‘pizza’ thing.

I have no idea where this came from or if it’s any good, it’s kind of rushed. Anyway, I had an idea and this is what came from it so thank you for requesting! Much Love. :)

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