this is my first time drawing chibi


Going back to where it all started…my first OTP >> SasuNaru <3

Despite being my original OTP, it’s my first time contributing to the fandom?! WTH?! I should post more!! I’ve been drawing them since forever but it’s only now I’m posting cos I got some nice encouragement from a wonderful irl friend…more!! boost my ego!! I planned to draw my beautiful sons –Sasuke and Naruto– as children but I messed up the proportions soooo…TA-DAH!! Chibi~ :DDD

This three designs are for a very special project that I’m doing. Soon I will explain it and add four o five dessigns more

I hope you like it, is my first time doing this line style. (coloring the line) And I enjoyed a lot the process. 

I love to share this things with all of you, because I’m learning a lot about the preferences of people in art, and how and where are my mistakes when I drawing. And I think I’m improving my skills step by step. And all is thanks to tumblr and to you. :)



Konn Torin asking Kai for his autograph for his family (two daughters and husband) and Kai thinking that it was super cute. 

A personal adage to @carswell-thorne-is-my-precious‘s Konn family headcanons. More of them coming up!

I feel like there’s something wrong with Kai’s face in that last pic? Maybe his head is too long?


y tho

HEYYY my first time drawing this guy! I kinda made him a bit chibi-ish because it was a cUTE REQUEST OK

[Proferror belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

Hello :D this is my first time publishing on Tumblr ^^U and I want to share my drawings ^////^ so I was thinking to draw chibis of the game, (If I have time) every week I will share with you a chibi :)  this week is my favorite character: Tokugawa Ieyasu :D 

Do anybody remember in what event is the outfit that he is using? (I used colors and sorry for any mistakes ^^U)  

Thank you so much @suzunesays for let me tag you on my drawing ^_^

Renruki Wedding Chibi 😊 Feel free to request your ship(doesn’t have to be from Bleach) in Chibi form by messaging me or sending me an ask 😘 it’s free :3 and lemme know if you’d like to be tagged on my new artwork so you can see right away :3 Love you guys, hope your New Year is starting off good 💞 and thanks so much for your support 😊
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Yoosung: “Nom nom nom… Yummy !”


I’ve laughed when I read what @mysteriiesoul wrote as comment (sorry I have a weak sense of humor xD). So here it is my first attempt to draw a chibi… It took me time I didn’t even know what I was doing, I have erased so many times :’)
But I hope everyone will find him cute still ;_;

And baguettes are soooooooo good ! ♡ Yup I’m a baguette addict lol


More Boku Hero avies~ I just finished Todoroki and wanted to share him as well. It’s my first time drawing ice and fire, so sorry if they are not good enough ;;

They are free to use, in case someone uses one please tell me! It would make me really happy ;AA; 

They are available as badges as well in my store, in case someone wants one.