this is my first time doing such thing omfg

“근데 니가 마크형랑 밥 먹으러 갔잖아”
But you went to go eat with Mark hyung.

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Oh gosh. Do you think you could draw more Inuyasha! Bakudeku? That first one was so freaking cute... It's really inspiring me to write a fic...... *also sorry if this ask came twice! My computer is funky.. TvT)

I can only do screenshot redraws sorry 

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im so much of a fucking mess that i cried when ben got his pie because my thought process was "this is probably the first time he's eaten pie since he started dear evan hansen" and then i cried on my friend's couch while her mom watched from a considerable distance asking if i was emotionally okay dkwbdkahdkjs

omfg me too me too me too. i thought the exact same thing when sara handing the piece of pie to him cause like…….he hasn’t eaten dairy (or gluten or caffeine) since the show started and there was one interview where someone asked him what he was gonna do if he won the tony and he said something like “well, whether i win or lose, i’m probably gonna go have some cheesecake bc i used to have it for my birthday every year but not anymore and i wanna celebrate”. and you know what, pie is pretty close to cheesecake, and ben won the tony, so all his dreams are just coming true and i couldn’t be happier for him. (also the entire tonys were so much of my mom asking if i was okay bc i cried. a lot. and am still not emotionally okay tbh)

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Can you write a HC with the RFA+saeran and V going on a rollerskating date with Mc(and it was her idea to try).Sorry if this is against any of your rules or not submitted on the right place, first time I ever message you ^-^

Yup, sounds good! Also PS my computer is so slow and it’s so annoying! Gah!


  • Wasn’t sure what to think about it
  • “MC, why do you want to do this?”
  • You told him to hush and just put his skates on
  • He was so freaked out when he started
  • “MC I need to perform later! I can’t mess up my face!”
  • You just laughed and skated over to him
  • “Come on.” You said, smilingly, pulling him up from his bent knees
  • He leaned on you, putting all his weight onto you, but you just wrapped his arm around yours
  • “You can do it!” You said, and Zen slowly nodded, trusting you as he always does
  • After about half an hour he finally gets the hang of it, and now that he gets it he thinks he’s in love
  • Not as great a feeling as riding on a motorcycle, but still close, it’s so amazingly fun
  • Pulling you along like an excited child and you can’t help but laugh in happiness
  • Overall it was a great date


  • “Um, Mc, a-are you sure?”
  • “Yes Yoosung, you’ll love it!”
  • He does not
  • At first
  • When you get too the rink he’s happy that it’s not too loud, and not at all crowded
  • But the minute he face plants on the rink floor he feels done
  • “MC I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!” He cried out, and you skated over, kneeling down besides him
  • “Do you want to go Yoosung?” You ask sympathetically, and he nods
  • You carry him to the bench, and he takes off the skates
  • You tell him you’re going to take a few last laps and he nods, feeling slightly guilty
  • He sees you speeding around, the wind whipping through you hair, and for a minute he thought you were flying, your feet off the ground, like an ethereal airy
  • He’d never seen something more beautiful in his life
  • So when you skated over to him, done, and you saw a dopey smile on his face he just walked over to you and hugged you
  • He loved you so much


  • She really didn’t like the idea of this
  • It was too accident-prone, not for her thank you very much
  • But you had pleaded so much that she eventually caved in
  • “Alright MC.” She’d sighed, smiling slightly at your whoop of happiness
  • “Thank you so much!” You had said, kissing her on the cheek
  • She’d blushed, smiling even wider, and was in a great mood
  • That was until she put on the skates
  • She was so clumsy, constantly bumping into the walls, you trailing behind her
  • “MC, can you help me?!”
  • You’d laughed and skated over
  • “Okay, let me help you/”
  • After a few more minutes she finally got it, and you two skated together for almost an hour
  • Afterwards she asked if you wanted to get something
  • You smiled at the prospect
  • It was a good ending


  • “What is this skating you’re talking about?”
  • “Not ice skating?”
  • Jumin was confused when you brought it up, but you said you loved it so much when you were a child
  • After hearing that his heart sort of melted and he agreed
  • But boy was he surprised when he actually got there
  • “What is this?”
  • “What is my shoe size?”
  • He was asking the most questions you had ever heard
  • But you answered every single one patiently, helping him choose his skates, everything really
  • You were surprised when he ended up being a natural
  • You could tell he was too
  • He didn’t want to stop
  • It took you five hours to get tired and leave


  • “I mean sure MC.”
  • He was surprised you asked about it, usually your idea of a date was food, preferably from a cheap restaurant that sold good pasta, and binge watching something or another
  • Not an actual “go out do something couple-y together” date
  • He was actually pretty good at it, so he gave you a run for your money
  • You two scared away anyone else with your racing at break-neck speed
  • Afterwards it was ice cream and a trip to the movies to see “Ghost in the Shell”
  • It was fun overall
  • But the next ay you were so sore from the eight hours you had spent at the rink
  • You two had stayed in bed and, well, messed around
  • Lolhehehe


  • He’s blind, so it was a sort of exercise
  • “Jihyun are you aure about this, you don’t have to.”
  • “No, I want to do this MC, you always talk about how much fun it is.”
  • “Okay.” You agree
  • He needed help with everything, thank god you booked the small park rink because if not he would’ve killed someone
  • “V, okay, now you’re going to step off the grass and onto the concrete.”
  • “Okay.”
  • You were surprised by how much he trusted you
  • But he really did, more than Rika, more than Jumin, more than Saeyoung, more than anyone
  • He got pretty far, made it halfway through the rink before falling
  • “Whoops!”
  • You had caught him, although tripping and landing on his as well
  • “Sorry V!”
  • “No problem, my angel.”
  • You two blushed and continued the exercise
  • From then on you two had been doing that for at least once a month, most often twice
  • It was an amazing time you two had, and you wanted to relieve it, over and over again


  • It was one of the first things you two did after you had been rescued
  • You were super clumsy, but still thought; why not?
  • Yeah no, you were being an idiot
  • “MC, you’re so clumsy omfg!”
  • You had to deal with his laughter the whole time
  • “Okay, look, I’m going to teach you how to do this properly.”
  • Bracing you against him he had begun with simple skating around and around again and again
  • You kept tripping, but after a while finally managed to do it, blushing hotly the whole time due to the close proximity of you two
  • Saeran, although blushing as well, teased you about ti
  • “Oh, Mc, you’re quite red, are you alright?”
  • “S-shut up.” You’d mumbled
  • But you two kept blushing, even after you had finished and went for ice cream
  • It was a good time, you finally managed to skate a lap without falling down
  • And Saeran had fallen even more in love with you
  • He didn’t know, but it was the same for you

Hope you like it, ugh my computer is so slow!

Send me your requests, requests are open.


Anna’s first word

Apparently to have a free afternoon for finish a comic I started in December I have to sleep too much and lose an email from work… good to know.
“Elsa trying to teach Anna to say her name? Omfg it so sappy I could puke a rainbow, but how can I make it even sappier?” I thought when I had this idea. It may be one of the cutest thing I ever done in my life, and with the screenshots from Frozen Fever the last page is even better…
It was so much time I didn’t do a full comic, with pages and all… I should do it often.



Spring days without practice 

Will be sold at as a print at AX 2015!

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Are you okay with people not shipping your ships or agreeing with you about characters plots and plans in the comics/MCU? I love your blog and want to become your friend, but you get really passionate about things (which is good) but then I feel lika jerk if I disagree with you. I've been wanting to message you and be your friend but I get scared that you won't wanna be mine or you will get mad if I prefer one character over another or like a movie that you don't like. Don't hate me, Mom 😩🙏🏽

omfg this is the first time i’ve been called mom on this website lmfao.

but dude. my guy. my pal. i know absolutely nothing. i have strong opinions but that doesn’t necessarily make them right, and i do love hearing other people’s points of views on things as long as they’re respectful and not problematique.

and when it comes to characters, it’s completely okay for people to like different ones to me! as long as u don’t hate mary jane watson i am so down to be friends. or even if you did i would still want to talk w/ you and tell you why she’s so great and hopefully change your mind.

OR, if you’re referring to that peggy/sharon carter post i just reblogged, then i don’t have too strong of an opinion of steggy/staron/stucky, i just know that a lot of the fandom does sharon dirty so i like to stick up for her.

the only pairing i get weirdly protective over is peter/mj. 

katniss/peeta and hermione/ron mean a lot to me too, but i think i’ve grown up a lil over the years to understand people prefer other things, whereas when i was younger IT WAS THE END OF THE WORLD. but nah. be my friend!

some hilarious and lighthearted sterek fic recs

for those times when you need a laugh, seriously try these fics out they had me in stitches

  • Werewolf Love Songs, Vol.1 by aggybird (E, 37k) Peter decides to use the power of Barry Manilow’s music to make Stiles and Derek fall in love. Meanwhile, there are monsters and stuff, and Stiles and Derek are stupid. (Peter is absolutely ridiculous in this and I highly recommend it.)
  • What’s Up, Pinocchio? by Brego_Mellon_Nin (E, 12k) Stiles knows his dick, okay? He knows it well. He knows how long it is, how thick it is - measuring is a normal thing for a curious teenager, it really is - but somehow, that’s not true anymore. (Stiles’ dick gets longer every time he tells a lie. It’s hysterical.) 
  • Come So Hard Motherfuckers Wanna Fine Me by sadtomato (E, 3k) Stiles wakes up naked on the bathroom floor with a throbbing headache and Derek Hale taking care of him. (Everything about this fic is pure gold in silliness and cute.)
  • stiles im comin 2 sAVE u by snsk (645 words) - OMFG- IS HE HURTIN U- IS HE HOLDIN U HOSTAGE OR STH- DO U HAF TO SUBMIT 2 HIS KINKY DEMANDS- TELL ME STILES- MY CLAUS R OUT AGN (This cracks me up everytime I read it. The whole thing is in texts and the first time I read it I fell off my chair laughing.)
  • On Building an Ikea Den for an Alpha Werewolf by idek_idic (M, 14k) Senior Prom is coming up, and Stiles doesn’t have a date. Additionally, Derek has an unfurnished apartment, and no one to take him to IKEA. (Absolutely adorable).
  • Bogarted by HalfFizzbin (M, 3k) Alternate Title: “Dick Failwolf, Private Eye." (Or, Derek’s hit with a Film Noir curse, which forces him to narrate his own life in luridly-detailed prose.) Quite possibly my all time favorite pick-me-up fic, it’s absolutely glorious. Everything Derek says is hysterical in this.

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23, 45, 69

23. Do you have trust issues?

with guys definitely lmao girls less so ? im just more inclined to trust their intentions 

45. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

my angel and sweetest daughter peaches ( i posted this a few hours ago but djdf i take any excuse to post her pics ) first thing i do is feed her n take her out 💕

69. Are you watching tv right now?

i am actually omfg well technically i guess bc its netflix but im watching parks and rec for the 4353458th time :’) i just started season 7 and im already emo 

Minkey & Ontae: Without Limits, pg-15

AUTHOR: otshineon

PAIRING: Minkey, hints of Ontae


RATED: pg-15

Read on: AO3 // AFF

SUMMARY: In which Minho buys flowers, Jinki doesn’t burn down Jjong’s house (thank god), Taemin is his usual trash baby self & Key plays his hand at match-making. Ft. autistic Taem & aro ace Jjong!

Sequel to Like You Imagined. I hope it lives up to expectations!

Dedicated to one of my most favourite fic authors ever aka senpai: taketaemtoyourleader​.  Thank you for inspiring, motivating and making me flail with happiness on so many occasions.

Minho glances down at his watch and frowns at the time. He doesn’t want to forgo the flowers, but if that’s what it takes to be on time…

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Things I am here for:

- A Wrinkle in Time looking absolutely magical

- Jon Favreau fucking us all up again with The Lion King

- That lovely BTS footage of TLJ

- Mary freaking Poppins!!

- Avengers: Infinity War potentially tearing my nerd heart apart! Seriously it’s going to be fucking incredible.

- Incredibles 2 finally!! and it starts where the first ended… omfg! 

- And I’ll give Toy Story 4 a chance because they haven’t let me down yet.

Things I don’t care for:

- Han Solo… like at all! Apart from maybe Donald Glover. 

- Or Coco or that Cars spinoff they are doing. 

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emoji mun questions
            [  @bitbloody​  ]

😙  - what was the first character you ever roleplayed as?

// That was a fucking long time ago, back when I got started on canine/wolf forums omfg. I’m almost certain my first attempt was with my first dog OC. I still remember him, he’s special to me okay– or, wait, maybe it was one of my wolf OCs tbh?? Shit it was either of those—but I definitely had both, and more, simultaneously. That’s all I knew back then and I’d never written a human/humanoid before until I started on Tumblr around 2013? Writing about canines was always a thing for me and I wish I could do it now tbh.

😰  - who is one character you desperately want your muse to interact with?

// I answered that here but let me also say: I am all about crossovers so it’s totally 120% okay to throw our muses’ universes together. We don’t need a fucking DmC AU for your character if they happen to be someone I WANT. Let’s just mix shit up oh my god.

i really think that has a family we need to talk about michaels sense of humor more bc well

its one of a kind

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I HAVE RUN OUT OF TIME to colour and tidy it up (and do what I had wanted to do) because wow do I have a lot of responsibilities and things to do right now! Better luck next week I guess!

So I’m handing this in as my entry for the Warcraft Art Discord chat (twitter page)  weekly theme challenge! This week (and my first week entering and joined) is/was Outlaw Rogues!

There’s some hella rad arts, and artists, and everyone’s so nice and I’m glad I joined omfg. ;__;

Man, you know you're in for an awkward time when you're all excited because someone else is in the same fandom as you and you think omg we're gonna be best friends, how could we not, they like the same thing as I do!

And then they open their mouths and are like “omfg, I hope () and () get together! They’re true love!”

and then you’re just like 

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Ayyytyyyy tell me about your boyfriend I love hearing cute bf/gf stories

omfg well like weve been dating for over a year and hes the cutest thing in the entire world ok well first off he is over 6ft and his hands are perfect and he has the sweetest brown eyes that i literally get lost in like in the movies i will find myself just not paying attention to anything in this daze staring at them but anyway he is absolutely perfect we lay in bed and cuddle and watch movies all the time and he lets me rant about all my stupid stuff but hes HAPPY to do it and joins in my convos and gives other points of views and its amazing and then he always cares about me like i have despression and some days i just wont have enough energy to shower and he’ll come over and give me pep talks and wrap me in blankets and give me hot cocoa but at the same time he wont spoil me and he’ll encourage me that i need to get up and do stuff so that i feel better because of ME and i dont feel like im useless and also like the other day i had a really big test and he came over in the morning and made me eggs and bacon and stuff and helped me study and he always gives me massages whenever i need one and whenever we’re in public hes always touching me or patting me or giving me forehea kisses and i always wanna kiss him and he always wants to kiss me so we’re always kissing and when im sad he makes me talk to him instad of holding in all my feelings which is a big problem i have so he makes sure im okay and we’ve been dating over a year and he has sent me a good morning and goodnight text literally every single day and when we sleep together he always makes sure im super comfortable and we fit together perfectly and his hands are so big but they fit perfectly into mine and he taught me how to play handball and then after massaged and kissed my hand because it hurt and when we’re driving in the car his hand is always on my leg or we’re always holding hands and he doesnt give me a hard time about paying he knows i like paying sometimes so he lets me and i feel so safe when im with him its like this eternal calm in my chest because i dont care what happens as long as im with him ill be okay and i dont wear make up and i put my hair in buns and he always thinks im beautiful and he tells me all the god damn time how beautiful i am and i kiss his nose and he kisses my scars and its been over a year and im even more in love with him now than i was when we first started dating and i didn’t know it was humanly possible to love someone so much until i met him

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What would be your reaction to a Destiel kiss? Say, it's the first episode of the new season, and they didn't give out any hints that it was even gonna happen. So your sitting there thinking it's a normal episode of Supernatural and of course Demon!Dean and Cas do the whole staring thing, but then BAM! Passionate kiss.

OH MY FUCKING GOD. I freaking love how you think because that is exactly what I want. I write (or think about and never get around to actually writing) this scenario all the time. Usually Dean ends up pinning Cas to the wall and omfg HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT I would fucking scream and pass out then thank God I have DVR and rewind it so many damn times then I would download it and make a gif and just stare at it because….

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. #The Motherfucking OTP

But yes yes  yes YES I love how you say it was like sudden and unexpected. I love it so much. You should be a writer for the show, I hope you do fanfic bc that is awesome, if you do send me a link =)

oh yeah, my reaction—

and well you get the idea. I want it so much. It’s not like they haven’t kissed before…

Because they are my two favorite people EVER and I ship the hell out of them and omg I could go on forever but I won’t. Awesome though, thanks for the message  because now I keep picturing it, omfg.