this is my first successful coloring

This Strawberry Leopard was photographed in 2012 at the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa and is the first Strawberry Leopard to be photographed. The president of  Panthera - a U.S. based wild cat conservation organization - assumes that this leopard has erythrism. Erythrism is a genetic condition like albinism but affects the red pigments in an animal’s fur. This condition is common in raccoons and coyotes but this is the first time it has been proven to appear in a leopard. Because its fur color still offers it some camouflage, it is still quite successful in the wild. 

But why people always forget about House MD?

“Sherlock BBC is the first modern Sherlock!”

“Sherlock BBC is the gayest Sherlock ever!”

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“Why there are no bisexual characters in the shows?”

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“Why there are no immigrants in the shows?”

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“Why black people who were born in a difficult neighborhood are always portrayed as criminalists? I want a character who was successfull anyway!”

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“We need female/male friendships why does everything has to be so romantic?!”

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“Where are Jews?”

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Torque’s Self-Love Motivation Jar

Another Spoonie-Friendly spell for those who wish to have a little bit more confidence, energy and passion in their daily lives.

Step 1 - Ingredients

  • Pink Himalayan Salt (use food coloring with reg. salt if you want)
  • “Passion” Tazo Tea (rose hips or petals, lemongrass, hibiscus)
  • Pink Glitter (or that of your choice)
  • Piece of Rose Quartz

Step 2 - Piece of Paper for Your Intentions/Goals

The phrases I personally used are as follows -

“I am confident in my abilities.”

“I am passionate about my endeavors.”

“I am motivated to be successful in my goals.”

Step 3 - Knot Work/Sealing Your Intentions

Grab some thread. It doesn’t have to be pink, but I chose to do that to fit the color theme. Cut it to be about three feet long. Wrap the cord around the top a few times and leave some room to work with.

Now, knot the thread where you have just stopped. This knot represents your first statement. Say it out loud or in your head while tying the knot. Leave some space and do the same with the rest of your statements on the paper. Then tie a bow. By this bow, you have sealed your intentions. I made knots on the end of each remaining thread to further seal the intention and statements into the thread.

Leave the jar somewhere where you will see it - a workplace, altar, desk, etc. Make sure the paper inside is visible so that it reminds you of what you want to accomplish. Decorate as you see fit! I did not personally seal the jar with wax in case I want to use it again, but you are free to do what feels right. Charge it under moonlight if you feel it needs a little boost!

- Torque -

I really love looking at how the art style and direction of HXH 2011 evolved over the course of four years… I’m sure the budget increased with the success it garnered and that had something (er, a lot) to do with it, but like, it’s still impressive to me that not only were 148 episodes drawn and animated consistently well, but that it consistently kept getting better too??

Just look at the subtle changes in color and shading between the first and last arcs, especially in the eyes. It’s just… REALLY cool and I can’t help but feel that the staff who worked on this series loved it very much.

This is every actress who played/is playing/will play a female character in a Star Wars movie in a lead role or a role with more than 5 minutes screen time. 

They are all beautiful and successful in their own way, but they are all white brunettes, who at first glance all look the same. Why Lucasfilm? and the most important question: HOW? How do you manage to cast six actresses across 3 different Star Wars trilogies and two sperate anthology movies within almost four decades who ALL LOOK THE SAME? 

I thought the Han Solo movie was going to be something different, refreshing, daring. I was really looking forward to seeing a woman of color in a lead female role in Star Wars, and my hopes were bolstered by the reports of several different WOC auditioning. but SHOCKER, it was a white brunette that got the role in the end.

I’m sorry about this guys, but I’m really disappointed, I just had to vent. 

Yara Shahidi by Sean Thomas for Teen Vogue, December 2016

“On a personal level, even though I was always hyperaware of our history, I didn’t put race in a real physical context until I hit my teens. Being mixed—I’m half Iranian and half black—even has its strange amalgamation of problems. The first instance that really rubbed me the wrong way was when somebody called me whitewashed. I couldn’t process what that meant. In theory, I’d heard all the stereotypes. But it was my first time seeing, Oh, wow, people still believe in a black stereotype. What was conflicting was that I was surrounded by successful women and people of color who were—by society’s view—the anomaly. All around me, there were examples of excellence and excelling. But because I carried myself a certain way, I wasn’t a “believable” black person to them. That was the strangest moment.”

Day 24: Ink in his Undertop clothes / circus tailor outfit

I actually liked how the inking turned out so I decided to color it. Then again, I think this is one of the few prompts that should be in color. XD

In all seriousness, this was a really fun one.

Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet

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Since I got such great feedback, I decided to officially release the hair! I hope you guys enjoy the colors in game just as much as I do, the download is below the cut, you guys are truly amazing and I’m really happy to release my first successful recolor. So, here it is, four bright recolors of @simtric‘s Curly Hair. All credits to both her and BLS of course for the original meshes. Happy Simming loves, tag me or tag #lunarsim or #lunarsims for me to see the hair in game, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Download ↓

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Some panels from my new-ass book FANTASY SPORTS 2: The Bandit of Barbel Bay. Who’s the bandit? What’s a barbel? Are there more shapely butts?The answers lie within. It’s 48 pages but the pages are big and you know there’s a million panels per page. Not enough? My wonderful wife @kalidraws colored the intro.

Some press:

A standout among youth graphic novels that earns its ample, varied appeal.


Bosma could have simply mirrored Wiz’s first, successful outing, but instead he introduces Wiz’s back story, moral complexity, and mystery and leaves the ending unresolved, making this second volume more substantial than the first. Bosma’s anime panels are polished, with movement and the right amount of intricate action-adventure frames. Fans will be breathing down Bosma’s neck for the third.
—Kirkus Reviews

Bosma’s good-hearted and beautifully drawn sequel once again mixes high fantasy and sports drama […] [Fantasy Sports 2] carries a similar message of the power of unity and friendship in the face of anger and miscommunication.
—Publishers Weekly

…exploring more substantial thematic material adds even more depth to an already rich series.
—The AV Club

Sam Bosma is a genius! Fantasy Sports is the perfect mix of everything you could ever want in a comic! I am in love!
—Rebecca Sugar, Creator Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe

[…] there is no good reason at all for you to not get this delightful book and give it to a kid who loves comics or your local library, or keep it on the shelf to re-re-read from time to time. […] oh my goodness can Sam Bosma tell a story!

You can buy it in stores on the 19th and buy it from Amazon RIGHT NOW. If you haven’t read the first volume, that one’s good too. 


First of the color palette memes done~ (or at least these are the successful attempts– some of the palettes are really hard to work with!!)

Hinata and Minato as requested by momsagainstnaruto and namikazes

Update on Experimental Study Involving A Second SA Profile & Comparison Between My Two profiles

                                 Problem & Purpose:

The reason why I decided to do this experiment was because after creating my Seeking Arrangement profile, I was just not receiving enough messages and profile visits like i wanted to. Then I got the idea of creating a second profile from another sugar baby on here, which I decided to go along with and do an experiment where i document what i found and sharing it with other sugar babies. I really just wanted to investigate whether or not my second profile is able to get responses after making few changes that differ from my first profile. And my second task was to see if I can learn something from the second profile - assuming that everything went well.  

So basically, my hypothesis was that if i create a second profile and make changes that are different compared to my first profile, then I will get enough views and messages.

                                       The Comparisons:  

Bellow are the details which i listed on my two profiles.

First profile/main:

                        Basic info: 

       Height:  5′3

      Body type: Average 

      Ethnicity: Black

     Eye color:  Brown

     Hair color: Dark Brown 

      Age:  23

    Lifestyle budget:  Negotiable



Two pictures.  One revealing my luscious legs & sec is full mirror body shot with my face cropped.  

                           Location: small town

                           Description & Personality:

Profile is a bit lengthy, starting by first describing my personality type(Intelligent, caring, beautiful, goal-oriented and very driven) then I go on to state what my interests are(traveling, arts, nature,  movies, dining, long and stimulating conversations, etc.) And in the what i’m seeking section, i mention how i’m looking for a successful, intelligent older benefactor who can help invest in my dreams and whatnot.  

Second profile/experiment:

                      Basic info:  

      Height:  5′4

     Body type: average 

     Ethnicity: mixed

    Eye color: Brown

  Hair color: Dark Brown

     Age: 19

   Lifestyle budget:  Moderate


2 photos. First one is a pic where my upper face is cropped, but my chest is revealing, while the second is a full mirror body shot that shows my curves except my face.

                            Location: nearest big city to my town

                          Description & Personality:

Profile description is quite short compared to my first profile.  I starter off by describing my personality as intelligent, seductive, sweet, sassy, witty, and having an awesome sense of fashion style. I included my interests as traveling, dining, and just love going to exclusive VIP lounges, and i say i can easily hold conversations and can serve as your travel companionship. So basically, i’m the confiendent, high maintenance queen type.  And I end the whole thing by bluntly saying that can you handle what i’m seeking.  I don’t even bother talking about a benefactor or the type of man or arrangement i’m seeking. 


First profile/main:

           Average profile visits: 5 more or less in a day 

           Messages: 2 or less in a week 

Second profile/experiment:

         Average profile visits since creating profile(its been 2 days) : more than 10 per day

       Messages: 6 messages so far in two days 

                                      Discussions and Results

As the finding shows, it seems the changes i made to my second profile such as switching my location, changing age, profile description, and pictures, made a significant difference which resulted in an increase profile views and messages compared to my main profile.  However, it is difficult to pin point exactly which changes contributed to the most greatest result due to the fact that i made a number of changes all at once(i.e age, location, pictures, profile description, etc.). But i will say, the one change i believe made the most difference is location.  By switching my location from my current, small city to a larger city - it exposed me a variety of sugar daddies on the bowl, which otherwise i would not be able to(My town has a small number of sugar daddies registered on SA). 

Now i’m not saying by following what i did, you will be able to get better results - but however, this is something to consider especially if you are experiencing little to no luck in the sugar bowl. 

Let me know if this works for you :) 

So I have this thing where I see colors when I listen to music. I found out about a year or two ago that this was called Synesthesia. I thought I would paint what I see when I hear certain things.

This is done with watercolor and is my first successful attempt. This is a painting of the end of the first chorus of “Amsterdam” by Daughter. Since I’m not very skilled, it’s not super accurate, but I like it a lot and it’s a decent representation.


Process practice with the Warcraft study.

As fun as photo studies are, they use an entirely different method than I use to do my work. I like to start with a b/w value sketch and add color, but I sometimes have trouble starting to lay down those first bits of color. I used this one to get closer to my way of things so maybe it clicks a bit better than laying down pure color on the studies. It was an ok success.

shesthemuscle  asked:

Soulmate AU


i mean, to this day my most successful fic is the jeffmads soulmates au so basically, i have a very good relationship with soulmate aus, mostly because they’re very angsty :)))

even though the jeffmads fic was a play on the ‘you see colors when you first meet your soulmate’ version, my favorite is probably the classic of either seeing their name on your skin or the first thing they’re going to say to you, so please consider the latter with bioquake because i am 100% convinced that jemma would have something ridiculous on her arm like ‘sorry for stealing your bike someone slashed by car tires’ or ‘is the acid i just spilled on my shoes going to kill me?’

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Creepypasta #706: Deal Of A Lifetime

Story length: Medium

It was a deal no one could ever pass up.

Animal trials were successful. They wanted a human guinea pig. Based on my health, low risk of recidivism, and life sentence, I was given the offer. First person to be shifted from one side of the room to the other. Ninety-nine shifting tests to follow, each over a larger distance until I’m going from one continent to another. The tests should take about four hours, and then… I’m a free man.

When they put me in the pod, I felt a flash of fear, but as the teal-colored lights filled my vision, I felt just a gentle tug in my stomach, and the next thing I knew, the lights faded and I was in the receiving pod four feet away. I was fine. The following 99 tests were similarly uneventful. Shifting was a game-changing technology.

I received a new identity; I met the love of my life, Rachel. We had three gorgeous children, and I had a great career and happiness for decades. Now, dying of old age with my wife, children, and grandchildren around me, I can’t help but be thankful for being the shifting guinea pig, for otherwise, I’d still be rotting in prison alone.

But then, instead of the blackness of death, I feel a pull in my gut, and my vision fills with teal light.

“Great run on shift #1,” the tech said. “Sir, how do you feel?”

“My wife,” I stammer. “My k-kids…” My body is young, not old.

“Based on our primate tests, we suspect some mild hallucinations may be possible,” the tech said. “Ready for shift #2?”

Credits to: stellarpath

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Relationship status:

Successful at pushing people away :’)

Favorite color:

Probably blue


3 cats– Currently called (by me) Loom, Nellon, and Kitten

Last song i listened to:

Crumb idk but Lovin Touchin Squeezin by Journey is stuck in my head

Favourite TV show:

I enjoy Steven Universe and I’m watching The Office right now. Don’t know why it took me so long lol

First Fandom:

Avatar: The Last Airbender. I ship Zutara harder than anyone


Self-loathing, watching YouTube, pestering my cats, winter guard except this season is bullshit… 

Books I’m currently reading:

I am not

Worst food I’ve eaten:

Pickles idk

Favorite place:

Uhhh I like places that are warm and have water.

I will tag– @hikari-heart, @roses-and-bellflowers, @nian-ci, @thattachibooty, @utsukushin UH ANYone else who wants to play haha idek