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Simple Lucky Penny Enchantment

We’ve all heard of “lucky pennies.” It’s a superstition that has woven its way so far into our society we often forget to acknowledge it as magick. This is a simple enchantment of sorts to bring luck and wealth into your life.

You will need:

  • A penny (if your currency doesn’t use pennies, use whatever coin is “lucky” in your culture, if any, or any copper coin, or gold if copper is unavailable) 
  • A sharpie (fine point is better) 
  • A white candle (this one is a must)
  • A gold candle (optional) 
  • Works best during a waning moon but will work any time

Pennies are said to be lucky, and the copper/gold color represents wealth and success and ambition, so that makes pennies the perfect choice for both luck and wealth! Waning moons are also great times for luck spells. 

It’s said a penny found heads-up is lucky. For this reason, I drew the following sigil on the front: (credit: I found it on tumblr, saved it to my phone and i can’t remember where I found it. If anyone can direct me to the OP I will credit them! So sorry for this!) 

On the tails side, I drew this sigil: (credit: sopherielspeaks )

If you use one candle, light it at the back of your workspace and draw the sigils in front of it. If you use two, light them on the right and left sides and work between them.

If you do this during a waning moon, do it after dark by candlelight. Otherwise do it during the day in a room well lit by sunlight. 

Flip the coin several times, being careful to catch it each time, while visualizing yourself having all the luck and money you need (and perhaps the areas of life you need the extra luck, or the things you need the money for, or how you expect/want to come by the money, etc). Feel free to add any kind of chant here, if you like. 

Hold the penny between your fingers and hold it over the white candle as close to the flame as you can comfortably withstand to purify the enchantment (prevent accidental bad luck, and prevent you from getting tainted money). If you have a gold candle, do the same to it to strengthen the wealth and ambition. 

Leave the penny overnight in the waning moonlight to charge if possible, otherwise for a day in the sunlight (best if its a sunny day.) 

Carry the penny with you in your shoe everywhere you go. Walking will help keep the sigils charged. Also, carrying a coin in your shoe is a common method to bring money into your life.

eat yr fucking brussels sprouts

im so sorry to everyone whos ever been made to eat greyish soggy and completely tasteless brussels sprouts bc they are capable of so much more okay holy shit so im abt to set yall straight

first, do not boil them. literally dont boil vegetables unless its potatoes bc it tends to sap everything of flavor okay. you can cook veggies in the oven or steam them in a pot, or like a million other things. sauteed is my favourite though bc you can cook them in like less than five minutes.

first, cut off like a centimeter of whats left of the stem, bc thats old and will taste weird. then wash them they can be pretty dirty, though the dirt is only on the outside (unlike leeks ugh). 

after you’ve washed them and have them on your cutting board, get a pan (small is good if you’re just making a snack!), put it on the stove and turn it to medium heat if u have an electric stove, or like 6-7 if u have propane. pour approximately ½ tablespoon of olive oil (you might want to add more but thats fine to start with).

back to the brussels sprouts: cut them in half width-wise (theres pictures below for reference) then take each half and cut that into four pieces. if they’re super big, you might want to cut each piece in half again, if theyre super small then just cut the whole thing into quarters. it’s okay if the size varies a little!

the oil should be hot by that point (if you pick up the pan and tilt it, the oil should run kind of quickly, instead of super slow like cold oil does). dump the cut brussels sprouts into the pan (gently and with love !!).

put some black pepper over it–this is to taste, so if you dont really like black pepper then only do a little, or skip it entirely. i put probably ¼ teaspoon because i love black pepper. start small, though.

stir it a little, then put some salt on–also to taste. it’s gonna need more than you’d think, i promise, but also you dont want to overdo it, so sprinkle a little salt over it to start with, and once they’re cooked, you can taste them and add more if it needs it. remember, when it comes to salt, its best to put a little, and then taste, and then a little more, and then taste, and then more, etc. 

stir them again and then cut a lemon or a lime (lemon is best but use what you have) in half, and squeeze some into the pan–it will start steaming and making popping noises, which is good. this is to taste as well. i love sour things, so for me maybe half the juice of half a lemon for every 5 normal sized brussels sprouts. thats a lot, though, so if you dont like things too sour, just squeeze the half a little. you can always add more later if it’s not enough!

if they start to stick to the pan that means theres not enough oil, so pour a little more olive oil in and stir.

stir them often! they cook pretty fast when theyre cut small, like 2 minutes maybe depending on how hot the pan is. when they lose their sharp cut edges and the white gets a little yellow and green is darker, they’re probably done! pull one out to taste it and make sure its cooked, and add more flavor if you want.

when they are cooked, they should still be crunchy, but there shouldnt be any harder part in the middle. crunchy all the way through. you’ll be able to tell when you try one.

here’s the pictures so you can see what i did (sorry they are bad pictures my hands shake hella):

brussels sprouts are great because they’re usually incredibly cheap, they keep a long time (i store them in a brown paper bag in the fridge, and they dont go bad for 2 weeks or so, if they last that long), you can cook as many or as few at a time as you want (instead of having to use one whole big vegetable, u no?), and they are good for side dishes if you are someone who does like full meals or whatever.

you can cook them a million different ways, this one is just my favourite! they’re also really good with potatoes or sausage (presumably, i only eat soy meat really but theyre really good with Tofurkey sausage so idk), with or without lemon juice, etc.

anyway please eat them they are vegetables which are high in vitamins or something presumably and they taste really good i promise!

“That tru gamer gurl feeling, when ur a gurl that games”
-Chiaki Nanami at some point probably

My love for Chiaki knows no limits so I did my best and tried to draw her for her birthday :’) I’m a total beginner when it comes to digital art so I appreciate constructive criticism (just please… don’t zoom in)
It’s also the first thing I post on here… oh wow

So...I did something.

It’s very raw, I literally wrote this 10 minutes ago and I didn’t bother to correct possible typos because ain’t got time for that right know (wish I had). Don’t judge me, please. D: 

This is just Jason Grace and Nico di Angelo talking about their favourite sounds. 

“What’s your favourite sound, Jason?” Nico asked looking right into his eye"

“Dont laught but… I think the way you laugh is hum cute?” says Jason rubbing the back of his neck, trying to avoid Nico’s eyes.

“I don’t.”

“You dont what?” asked Jason confused.

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THIS IS MY FIRST ONE SHOT DONT JUDGE ME IF IT SUCKS OKAY. anyways, hope ya like it! And ofc feel free to request something or not request something idk. check out my main blog for some funny (apparently) “Realistic 5SOS” posts! :-)


Pairing: Calum x female reader

Word Count: 682

Warnings: Cursing (5sos swear so much I don’t even know if this is necessary)

Masterlist x Requests

I run my hand through my hair and let out a sigh. It was hard to stay concentrated when my mind was so clouded. I squint and twirl the pencil a couple times before setting it down and pushing myself away from the table. Fuck this shit, nothing has happened in the 2 hours I’ve been sitting here and I’m pretty sure nothing will happen now. I stand up and grab my jacket as I head for the door. “I’m gonna get coffee.” I announce. “Latte please!” I hear Luke holler as I shut the door.
LA traffic doesn’t make my slow day feel any better, and neither does the fact that I forgot my AUX cable. It sucks, but honestly the shitty drive is worth it the moment I open the door of the shop. It’s small and kind of unassuming, but they definitely have the best coffee in town. I open the door and take a second to take in the place like I always do before heading to the counter to greet my favorite barista. “Hi Jerry, can I-” I stop mid-sentence. I had expected to see the normal barista, but instead of Jerry I find myself staring at a girl. She has to be the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Her beauty is seemingly effortless, and her ability to make the plain black shirt and a dark blue apron look appealing is beyond me. “You’re not Jerry.” I mumble. “Well, no. Want me to grab him?” she asks. “What? No, uh, that’s fine you’re fine this is fine.” I reply a little too quickly, and based on her expression I know now that she was just messing with me. “So, coffee?” she asks, pursing her lips. God, she’s beautiful. I blink and realize I’m supposed to tell her what I want. “Oh, right. Sorry. Uh, large coffee, uh, with room, and uh…” I pause, trying to recall what Luke had asked for. “Small latte? No, medium. Medium latte.” I breathe deeply, amazed at my inability to make coherent sentences. “Okay, your total is $7.25.” I nod and hand her a card from my wallet. She looks at it and laughs. “What?” I ask. “Well your driver’s license is cute but you can’t pay with it.” she says, and I feel my entire face heat up. “Shit, sorry.” I take back my license stupidly and hand her my debit card. She giggles and I try to smile, but it’s more of a grimace. She hands me my coffee and I give myself a second to remember how to English. “What’s your name?” I ask. She smiles and taps her name tag with her nail. I stare at the tag dumbly. Of course she’s wearing a fucking name tag. “Y/N. Right, of course. Well, thanks Y/N.” I head for the door, wishing I had headphones to drown out my stupidity. “Hey, Calum?” I turn and see Y/N looking at me with a smirk on her face. “Yeah?” She bites her lip to hold back her laugh and holds up a cup. “You forgot the latte.” I groan and walk back towards the counter to grab Luke’s drink. I pause for a second before taking the cup from her. “Wait, how did you know my name?” I ask her. “It was on your driver’s license.” She laughs and hands me the cup. “Right. Obviously. Okay.” Now would be a fantastic time for the ground to swallow me up. “Okay. Well bye then.” I say, and I leave the shop. I find myself waiting for something else shitty to happen, because today clearly isn’t my day. “Calum, wait up!” I turn and see Y/N jogging towards me. “Shit! Did I forget something else?” I groan. "Well, kinda.” she takes my coffee cup from me and scribbles something on it with a Sharpie. “Maybe next time you won’t ask for Jerry.” she jokes. “I swear I’m usually a lot less awkward and a hell of a lot smoother.” I tell her. She nods and raises an eyebrow. “Sure you are, hot shot.”

Through Hell (a destiel song)

I WROTE A SONG GUYS! (don’t judge me okay? I know I’m a little rusty)

We’ve made it through them all
the burning depths of hell
our darkest thoughts about our love
and still we made it home

We’ve been to heaven yet,
they still will doubt our strength
they’ll doubt our love but we will not
stoop low and show them hate

You trusted me to care
and protect you from all fear
I tried so hard to shield you from
the monsters in your dreams

I gave you all my heart
and still it was not enough
to make you smile and life worthwhile
but you still loved me there

Our story is not through
and this I promise you
I was an angel that fell
you were left in hell but
you saw the good in me

I thank you for everything
This is more than I thought it would be
I love you and I need you and
I hope you need me too

shysimblr  asked:

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Favorite blogs: @shysimblr, @josiesimblr, @kleptosims, @zauglom, @saucysims, @sandy-sims, @sims-creations, @historicalsimslife, @riseofdynasties, @tigresssimmer, @simsomedia, @kismet-sims, @bratsims, @citrontart, @mysimblruniverse, @mlyssimblr, @meisiu

and literally so many more??? pretty much if i follow you i love you haha. these are just some simblrs that post some of my fave stories, cc, and builds :)

Story time: lol ok SO, i work at this pretty popular restaurant in town. and i decided i was going to try and build it on sims, so i googled photos of the outside (guys im always INSIDE, dont judge) to reference, and of course the first photo that pops up on the google photos things, IM IN IT, and looking real goofy and i 10/10 did not brush my hair that day. i proceeded to find like 6 more awkward photos of myself. fantastic.

Vent: another work related one :’) THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN QUESO FRIES AND CHILI QUESO FRIES IS…….. CHILI. CHILI. YES. THATS ALL. ITS IN THE NAME SO PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES, THANK YOU. and no, you CANNOT order a beer, sir, it’s 3 am and we’re in teXAS so yes i know its dumb but im not gonna lose my job for your dumb ASS GOODNIGHT

thanks for the ask, doll! <3

Slice of Heaven

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Mary Winchester (mentioned), Lucifer (mentioned)

Pairing: Destiel

Warnings: Smut, fingering, anal penetration, bottom!cas, top!dean.

Wordcount: 1600ish

A/N: This is written for @i-dont-know-how-to-write’s Food Song Challenge and she gave me Jimmy Buffett’s Cheeseburgers in Paradise as a prompt - which proved harder than I thought. I have redone the outline 5 times and then I tossed it all and just wrote what came to mind which was this. I hope you like Jay cause this song was killing me.

Also this is my first time writing smut for my boys so judge kindly.

Also thanks to the amazing and sweet @ilostmyshoe-79 for betaing this for me. She is my destiel smut queen (and who got me into writing for them in the first place). Kimmy you rock!

Cas’ body was tense as he placed the cheeseburger in front of Dean. He had spent the entire day in the kitchen cooking and looking over different recipies. He wanted today to be perfect. He wanted to do something nice for Dean. He had even gathered up enough courage to ask Sam to make himself scarce for the night so he had taken Mary to see a movie and Cas was now alone with Dean.

Six months ago tonight Lucifer had left Cas’ vessel. Six months ago tonight Dean had confessed his love for the angel. Six months ago tonight they had shared their first kiss, their first night wrapped up in each other’s arms, forgetting everything else but the pleasure and love they brought to each other. Then Cas had thought he had lost the green eyed hunter for good. Just as he finally had him, he was gone. Gone to rit the world of The Darkness and ready to sacrifice himself to do so. Then he was back, and everything had been perfect. Dean had been perfect, and tonight Cas wanted Dean to feel how important he was to him. Cas was never sure how to say these things. He didn’t want Dean to feel uncomfortable. He didn’t want to push him or take things too fast. But now that the angel finally had his hunter he didn’t want to ever let him go.

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Thank You {Triplet!Ben x Reader}

A/N- Alright so I wrote this based off the Triplets AU and THIS post {the Ben part of it of course}  I actually originally sent this to @thirst-order-confessions as a short anon ask and the wonderful Mod Rose liked it and wanted me to continue it then she suggested I actually post it, so that’s what im doing! I also decided to make this take place during the Collage AU as well! [This is my first ever attempt at writing anything even vaguely smutty so dont judge!] Hope yall like it!

 Everyone knew of Ben Solo’s reputation. Dozens of women and men could validate that all of the rumors about “Man whore Ben” were true. “He sleeps with anyone he can get. Doesn’t matter who they are.” was one thing you had heard about him “There is no second chance. He fucks you once and leaves. Don’t expect to hear from him again.” was another. Ben was a hot gossip topic in your school. There always seemed to be someone whispering new secrets about him wherever you went.

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How I picture Craig and Kenny’s first time in highschool

kenny : i hate u craig
craig : i hate u too
kenny : but u hot
craig :
kenny : and i’m hot too
craig :
kenny : and blond
kenny : u love blond
craig :
kenny : so u know, wanna be hot together maybe
kenny : like this would be SUPER hot right
craig :
kenny :
craig :
kenny : cmon i want to fuck you so hard is that big of a deal
kenny : we’d sill hate each other very much if u have some homo concerns
kenny : but we’d be hot and that’d be nice
craig :
kenny : i know u want me
craig  : i fuck you, you no fuck me
kenny :
ok fine, agree, still hot
craig :
kenny :
craig :
9pm in my room
Kenny : ‘k fine

what am i doing i am so sorry

Astro Reaction: Kisses!

“How would Astro react if you kept kissing them when they didn’t expect it just to tease them”

MJ: Would play with you, kissing you back or attacking you and tickling you making you squirm “Who are you and what did you do with my girlfriend” 

Rocky: He would judge you so hard at first. He would be really shy and blushy, he’d end up taking control and kiss you back. 

Jinjin: Would he would laugh and poke at you “why are you so cute” 

Moon bin: Would try to move around and duck out of the way “try to catch me if you want me that bad” 

Eunwoo: He would be all shy and giggly while you cover him in kisses. “I know you like my kisses dont deny it Eunwoo!” He’d try to shush you for being to loud “Jagi someone will hear” 

Sanha: You would be trying to make him all blushy but kissing his cheeks but he would turn it on you. “wouldn’t you rather have these” 

“Joe, what on earth are you wearing?”



So guys yeah this one sucks but I’m posting the ones I had written a long time ago and well my writing wasn’t the best at the time but I’ll be posting new oneshots that I’ve recently written and I can promise that they are wayyyyy better so please don’t judge me.
I’m trying to get these ones at least out there.

You can tell that this is old cause Tronnor wasn’t out there yet so…. Don’t kill me for the horror that this oneshot might bring you.

SUMMARY: Joe and Caspar go to Zalfies with some friends and show up wearing One of Caspars oversized hoodie. (It was loose on Caspar so its really loose on our little Joe!)

        “Joe, why are you wearing that?” Caspar asked. Joe wrapped his arms around his self. He let Caspar hold onto their stuff and pulled the sleeves to make adorable sweater paws.

“I just am. Bug off Caspar.” Joe snapped. Caspar shrugged and opened the door for Joe.

“You know they are all going to make some comment about it right?”


“Alfie, gorgeous they’re here!” Zoe called. Alfie saw his girlfriend run to the door. He also saw her skid on the wooden floor from just wearing tights. Alfie let a smile rise to his face.

Their other friends were all in the living room and it was only Joe and Caspar they were waiting on.

“Slow down little one.” Alfie warned with a chuckle. She gave him a glare and threw open the door. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped when she saw what was on the other side.

“Joe what on earth are you wearing?!?” Zoe shrieked. Her eyes roamed up and down her younger brothers body.

Alfie strode over and stifled a laugh. Caspar burst out laughing. He was letting out bellowing laughter, hanging onto the door way.

Joe glared at his so called friends.

He shook his head and grabbed Caspars hand. He dragged the laughing boy behind him.

“That was amazing! ‘Joe what on earth are you wearing?!?’” Caspar said in a crappy imitation of Zoe. He calmed his laughter and let Joe drag him into the living room.

“JASPARS arrived!” Joe and Caspar heard this as soon as they walked into the living room.

They saw Marcus, Naomi, Tyler, Louis, Troye, Jim, and Tanya. All of their eyes widened when they saw what Joe was wearing. Joe and Caspars hands fell.
They all stared at the oversized black hoodie that fell to his knees and sleeves that had been rolled up.

“New sweater Joe?” Marcus asked. The three words left his mouth and all of his friends cackled.

Caspar saw Joe sigh from exhaustion. He gave him a sad smile. Caspar took joes hand again and dragged him over to the corner of the grey sofa. He sat down and than tugged Joe to sit at his side. He wrapped an arm over joes shoulders and brought him closer.

“Joes not feeling to well guys.” Caspar explained. Joe blinked, he leaned his head on Caspars chest. Zoe and Alfie came into the room and sat next to the pair.

Louise gave Joe a mock pout, “Should I get the children’s medicine too make you all better? I’m sure that I can spare some of Darcy’s.” Caspar glared at the girl. She just grinned.

Zoe smiled softly, “Have you got the flu?” She asked. Caspar shook his head.

“He’s just a little tired. He didn’t sleep too much last night, we were up late.” Caspar explained. Joe nodded and shut his eyes.

All their friends except one sighed. One with a dirty mind.

A bright blue haired boy piped up, “#JasparWasRollingAroundInTheSheets!” Tyler exclaimed loudly.

The room went dead silent. Joes eyes widened to the size of plates. He stayed cuddled in Caspars chest but held the look of utter shock.

“Tilly!” Troye scolded. He hit Tyler lightly on the arm from their place on the carpet.

There was sort of an awkward silence until Caspar spoke up, “We were not doing anything you’d be doing Tyler. We were playing FIFA.” Caspar explained lightly. Tyler tried to set a look of surprise on his face but failed, instead he let out a giggle of sort.

“You just got your ass served on a silver platter.” Marcus said. He grinned at Tyler who huffed. Everyone else laughed.

“Not that I’m judging Joe but why are you wearing that hideous hoodie? It’s a bit too big for you.” Tanya asked.

“Hey that’s my hoodie he’s wearing!” Caspar protested. Everyone let out an 'aw’. Caspar rolled his eyes while Joe laid on his chest almost fully asleep. He listened to Caspars heart beat and that was like a lullaby for him.

“That’s adorable. Joe wears your hoodie when he’s feeling a not to well?” Tanya cooed.

Caspar rolled his eyes once again.

“I do. It’s warm and soft just like Caspar. Now can all of you shut up! I’m very tired.” Joes voice came out quietly from Caspars chest. Caspar groaned as the room let out another set of 'aw’s’.

“Joseph you have made it worse.” Caspar warned in a low voice only Joe could hear. Joes eyes fluttered open, he looked up Caspar with doe like eyes.

“Want them to talk about something else?” Joe whispered. Caspar frowned and looked confused.

“What do you mean?” Whispering like Joe had so no one would hear them.

Joe reached up and held Caspars neck. He brought his face down to meet joes and their lips touched. Caspars eyes widened as he felt Joes familiar lips. But they closed like every other time and he gently kissed the boy back.

“They’re kissing Louise!”
“Tan they look adorable.”
“Hurry up Alfie take a picture.”
“I’m trying Zo! I can’t find my phone!”

So…. yeah if you liked i guess you could send me a ask  and maybe tell me what you like or give me a note?