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How to edit square icons into circle icons, batch icon method.

Alrighty, so first off, here’s the link to the tutorial I made on my rp blog for how to batch edit your icons. This method for creating icons is what I’ll be using as the base of this tutorial. Please note that this does require either the animation toolbar or the timeline one depending on which version of photoshop you’re using. 

This shows you how to go from this


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Words from the creator of that ‘’Fixed It’’ Quicksilver Civil War Post

I find it so amusing yet depressing, how evil and vicious some people can be behind a computer screen and think they are right without looking at the source first.

Just so sad, this is what has come of my post, that I had to block people, some users I admired when I didn’t mean any harm.

I love Sam, I love Pietro. I recognize the lack of diversity in the MCU and wish more than anything for more superheroes and supporting characters of all colors and sizes. For someone to call me, a person a color, a racist when I had my fair share of discrimination is absolutely ridiculous. You don’t know me, what I been through, how dare you make false accusations and think you are right without trying to hear my side of the story and what I’m all about.

The reason I made that edit was because I was upset about how Joss Whedon handled Pietro’s character in AoU by (spoiler alert) killing him off for shock value. I added him in that wide shot from the trailer as if he was alive on Cap’s team with his sister, hence, ‘’FIXED IT’’. As if I was fixing his mistake. My editing skills are horrendous and I made that in like less than 5 minutes the day the trailer was released. I didn’t mean to offend anyone by my choice of shot that I used with Sam not featured. I used that particular picture and photo of Pietro, because I thought it fitted perfectly. And I put him in that space, since no one was standing there and Wanda was behind.

I hardly get on tumblr, but I came on here and posted that, because I thought most of you, would enjoy it for shits and giggles. I never really been active on here and interacted with people until one of the Age of Ultron trailers that came out earlier this year with Pietro saying, ‘’You didn’t see that coming?’’ was released. For those who have been following me since that time (March/April), you are aware of my many edits, posts, and ranting I have made about him, before and after the movie came out.

I know some of you aren’t crazy about him like I am and I respect that. My love for him doesn’t mean I don’t like Sam less. I notice how the fandom somewhat doesn’t give Sam enough love and recognition in Winter Soldier and in general, with usually Bucky overshadowing him and its not right in my opinion. Sam is a great character, I love his friendship and bond with Steve and hope to see more of them and all  three together in Civil War. Honestly would love to see more fan-art/fan-fics with the Sam and Steve, whom I do ship by the way along with Stucky and Stony. 

I know I shouldn’t let to get to me too much, but its a real shitty feeling to be attacked by the fandom I love and dedicate a lot of my free time too, communicating with other fellow MCU fans, only to get torn down..

For those who attacked me, I hope you realize how ridiculous you acted, calling me a racist, cursing, and insulting me like some children. Stan Lee and the cast would be so appalled by your behaviors. Hell, all of the Avengers, if they were real would be too.

I will not let this lessen my love for Marvel/MCU. I decided I will take a break on here, until I can figure out when is the right time to come back or just make a whole new account and start fresh with any negative history drawn to my username gone.

Thanks to all of you that were kind enough to defend me and sent comforting words. Shoutout to you guys and my new followers. It really means a lot to me.  <3

If you guys could reblog this around, I would appreciate it.

Update: Made a second response to the drama by addressing a few more things:


Magneto Monday  

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