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           Mergana Prompt Month: MarchDay 4
(i changed it to march because real life got in the way)

The Violin

It was summer, finally. All the year we all couldn’t wait for the holidays even if that meant we wouldn’t see each other for a while. Everyone was just relived to get home for a while. Everyone except Sirius. He hated home and so I decided to take him home with me this year. He was thrilled and my parents couldn’t be more happy. They were so relived that I finally had found some real friends. I had always been an outcast because I was different, but not in Hogwarts. Not with the Marauders. They made me feel like the part of something and my parents were more than thankful for that.

The first days were a lot of explaining for me. I just had to show Sirius all the muggle things in our house and make him understand how they worked the best I could. He was fascinated by nearly everything and I was patient enough to explain everything to him. I showed him everything, made him try, except for one thing.

I was playing the violin since I was very young but I had been out of practice since it was too big to take it to Hogwarts with me. It was my treasure but I was too shy to play since I feared to be bad at it. But Sirius was stubborn. That was just the way he was. If he had found something interesting to him he wouldn’t give up until he had what he wanted. So we were sitting in my room flipping through my CD’s when he started again. “You know I’ve never seen anyone actually play a violin. We always do everything with magic.”, I simply nodded as answer. “Come on. At least hold it for me. I just want you see holding it.”, I sighed he wouldn’t give up, I knew that.

So I opened the case and pulled the violin out. “That’s the way.”, I said and wanted to put it back when he grinned “As you are holding it already…”, I groaned “Just a short pieces.”, I said and started off slowly. It was a part of Mozart. First I was afraid I could play it wrong but I got more confident with ever note I played. It started to feel easy again. It started to feel right. I saw Sirius starring at me the most fascinated I had ever seen him. His eyes were glowing when I started to play more and more. I couldn’t stop. It were his eyes that made me go on. He was grinning happily when I finished the song. “That was awesome! You have to do another one.”, and this time I just started right away. Sirius was just sitting there, openmouthed starring at me. He smiled in a way I had never seen him smile. And his eyes! They were glowing.

Sirius made me play a few more songs for him. He told me how much he liked the violin. He told me that he always wanted to learn and so I started to show him how to play. At the end of the holidays I took the violin to Hogwarts to show Sirius more.