this is my first real selfie


ECCC. My epilogue.

There were already quite a few great posts about outlander ECCC experience but wanted to share my little “cherry on the cake” of attending comicon.

As some of you know I flew from London to get the chance to see Sam & Caitriona ‘in real life’ at ECCC. And as I was sitting in airport lounge, waiting for my flight back and reading first fan reports on comicon I rose to get a drink…and there they were!!! Just a couple of tables away, just the two of them, waiting for the same London flight as me :). I didn’t dare to try to talk to them or get a selfie- as frankly after 2 days of intense fan interaction this would be an inappropriate intrusion. This was their private time. And also because Sam seemed preoccupied with some problem and Cait was cheering him up so getting in there with hi can I have a selfie would make me feel a bit classless:). So I just sat gazing at those two beautiful creatures with clearly at least great friendship and affection for each other. But. I could not resist some sneaky snaps…which you can see here to back up my little story (publishing them b/c I think they are innocent 😇 enough to not be too much of privacy invasion ;).

So there you go - my little tidbit…

If anything seeing them at ECCC even so briefly made me ❤️and respect them more ( I was worried I may be disappointed). Great people and I just wish them well whether together or each on their own.

Also, once again I wanted to thank @supertam87 @sileas84, @chrismosstree, @mama-tumblz and @caitriona-m-balfe and several lovely other ladies that I met throughout the 2 days for making my short but intense Seattle trip such a terrific experience!


HEY who wants shitty cell phone progress photos? Well here they are anyway. Mainly because I’m excited about it. >v>; I had’t put all the pieces together till today so I’m happy that it’s looking good! The knees (for now) work, but they’re annoying to put on so I didn’t bother for now. Photoshopped in the tattoo cause why not, and I’m not about to waste one of the real ones on a dress rehearsal. I’ll get better photos at the actual con and/or when the bow is done. This is probably 99% complete with time to spare to help my friend do his Mercy.

Also, yes, I added the D.Va selfie pose cause it occurred to me that maybe the first time I show my actual face around here I shouldn’t look like I want to murder the world. >_>;

haikyuu!! selfies headcanons
  • suga makes a big smile and a v sign 
  • takes selfies with daichi and asahi by surprise and laughs at their faces
  • asahi never saves his selfies
  • ‘i never knew my face was so long and my nose so big and my skin so flaky omg’
  • took one for his profile pic with a mouth mask
  • nishinoya makes blurry selfies
  • usually with tanaka or his kouhais
  • writes on it stuff like the kanji for strong or “rolling thunder” with enormous characters
  • tanaka makes intimidating faces 
  • often with nishinoya or his kouhais
  • sometimes with his sister but she uses filters that make him less intimidating tsk
  • akiteru takes surprise selfies with tsukki (tsukki always manages to avoid him) :’(
  • tsukki doesn’t need selfies, yamaguchi does it for him
  • doesn’t smile
  • yamaguchi is a pro at filters and stickers
  • he likes to take selfies with tsukki, hinata, and animals
  • took one with yachi where they both red and stiff
  • yachi gives up after 78 attempts and trying all the filters and stickers
  • kiyoko doesn’t need filters, yachi is in awe
  • hinata takes blurry pictures and can’t understand why (well stop moving hinata maybe) 
  • he keeps the least blurry ones and sends them to kenma
  • kageyama doesn’t understand why selfies are a thing
  • hinata sometimes takes some with him by surprise (hinata is blurry and kageyama looks good so that makes him madddd)
  • ennoshita can’t understand why he looks so different from when he sees himself in the mirror so he gave up
  • kuroo mostly does a smug pose and kenma tells him he looks creepy
  • he likes to try on the silliest stickers
  • makes faces when he takes a selfie with bokuto
  • kenma and akaashi are ashamed of them
  • kenma always grimaces when kuroo takes selfies with him by surprise
  • he sometimes uses the cat ears sticker
  • kuroo stole some of his selfies
  • lev begs kenma to take selfies with him (kenma turns him down again and again)
  • makes the exact same selfie all the time v(° ヮ < )
  • yamamoto makes intimidating faces, he and tanaka are impressed by the similarity of their selfies
  • yaku-real-men-don’t-take-selfies (maybe because someone told him his first and last selfie was “cute”)
  • bokuto blames the camera for betraying him
  • ‘my nose isn’t that big!!!’
  • ‘why do my eyes look weird this app doesn’t work!!’
  • ‘akaaaashi!! take a selfie of me!!’
  • ‘that’s not selfie if I take it bokuto-san.’
  • akaashi sometimes saves a selfie while shooting bokuto’s “selfies”, bokuto is happy and a bit jealous because the camera doesn’t betray akaashi like it does with him why??!!?!
  • iwazumi reluctantly agrees when oikawa wants to take a selfie together but always has the best smile in the end
  • oikawa wonders how the best looking of the two of them (himself) is not the most attractive on selfies 
  • this is the only reason why he won’t show them to anybody
  • not because he wants to keep iwachan’s smile for himself
  • matsukawa and hanamaki take the most dramatic selfies
  • they own a selfie stick
  • both pros at stickers
  • they once said oikawa’s selfie lacked originality and looked plain, but oikawa can’t bring himself to tarnish his pictures with stickers that will hide his face or grimaces that will distort his beauty
  • terushima has instagram
  • likes to show his abs

first selfie on this blog??? 😱


I was tagged by @galaxytrotter to do this bias selfie tag ^^ thanks for tagging me ^^

I know no one asked but I will comment my selfies ( cause Tao’s selfies don’t need any comments, they’re already perfect ) ^^ So the first one shows me trying to make an aesthetic selfie but failing miserably ( also that is the face I make every time Tao says word swag ) and the second one is me matching with my child, Steph!!! ^^

I tag @7deer-ofthe-dawn7 @saranghaeyeols @1oveyoon @jungkookies-babygirl @sakura-gucci-panda @syondga @kais-daddy @kai-aaah @eau-de-low-budget @babypeachtaozii @chogiwapark @taos-left-eyelid @collateralllove @junmie and anyone that wants to do this ^^ You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to ^^

Pinterest is my new best friend 😅 there are sooooooo many workouts to chose from and it’s sooooo easy to search!
Real talk - I wasn’t feeling motivated to go workout because I was quite bored with the circuit that they have. I never actually enjoyed it in the first place… but now after finding so many workouts on Pinterest, your girl is feeling motivated again 💪 I would love to lose another 20-30 pounds before I go off to University, and being motivated to workout will really help!


If you wanna see what I do throughout my day you should add me on snapchat, also you get to see my selfies first hand 👏🏻
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Once you add me watch my story so I knows who’s real!!

PSA For Those Wanting a Cheap Way to Film From a Real Tripod.

$5 selfie stick from Wal-Mart

With a nifty secret

That screw the bracket goes on is a standard-size tripod mounting screw which means if you have a smart phone… (I’m using the first old one I could pull out of my phone drawer so I can take pictures with my actual phone)

Considering smart phones are often better for low light (due to built in LED lights that trigger when filming in darker conditions) and often better quality than cheap camcorders this is a mighty fine way to make an instant video camera for something like a webshow.

Helps me because I don’t have any lighting solutions to use my real cameras like my digital handy-cams or Rebel T3 right now.


bisexual female/nonbinary/genderqueer/who knows tbh (she/her)


[Trans] Op Met Donghyun and Youngmin Today and even took selfies!

I gathered a lot of courage and asked them if we could take a picture together. Both of them said “yes yes!!” and we took a picture together. I asked Youngmin to take a selfie of himself alone and he went”yes? my solo shot?”, I also asked Donghyun to take a selfie of himself as well but he was not in the right mind (as in he was too excited) and forgot about it. 

Donghyun was good at taking selfies, as it (the photo) was shaky/blurry, he offered to take another selfie with me first. My friends asked for their signature but they still didn't have a signature yet. On Donghyun’s signature, there was heart eyes on it. (not so sure about the next part). 

Even when they were leaving, they bowed 90 degrees. They seemed really kind…really really really kind… DOnghyun looks as handsome in real life as what we see on tv just like what we expected. Youngmin was reallyx5 handsome and cute in real life.

Trans credit: donghyan

So I did a thing...

And now I’m broke…

A bit of background. I have been a Kpop fan/Shawol since around Summer of 2014. And, of course, initially, I was not gonna buy merch. “You don’t need to start all that mess, miss extreme emotional dependence on objects. CHILL.” 

………Clearly this resolution was not successful. 

Last month, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, which explains the pain and declining health I was experiencing over the course of my time with SHINee. So, if you can, just picture me, rewarding/bribing myself for functioning… with SHINee items. This is how a cabinet like this comes to be.

So I thought I would share a few of the process pictures because I’m a ghost and I never talk to you guys even though, I love all of you with all of my whole heart. Attn: Everyone I follow and have never talked to. 

Ok, so… a story of me and shawol mom. I was gonna buy a janky $130 cabinet that was broken and probably not structurally sound at all, but my mom was like, “you can’t put SHINee in a janky cabinet, SHINee deserves better than this.” So she made me go to 6 stores to look before I made a decision, which of course, this beautiful cabinet, which was exactly what I had envisioned, was at the first one, and that is how I ended up with an $800 cabinet. My mom matched my half, because its pretty much her fault I spent all my money. 

(My room is in transition so please ignore my weird bed stuff.) 

I laid out all my smalls in preparation for cabinet loading. Although, I was not going to collect merch, you can now count among the things I collect: albums, posters, lightsticks, photocards, magazines, seasons greetings, photobooks, plush dolls, photos, sticker sets, postcards, polaroids, buttons, banners, balloons, and miscellaneous. 

Some were blurry, I left those out…

Fun Fact: My mother, who hacked into my bank account to do my taxes because she was bored, calculated that I spent 40% of my income on SHINee last year. 

That’s about $10,000.

but includes travel expenses for when I lugged my entirely not ok self all over the country and saw SHINee 4 times…

Here is a video: You can hear authentic sounds such as my mom’s murder shows and me humming because leaning over is hard for me, so I make noise. 

Loaded cabinet images:

Technically my neck pillow is not SHINee but it holds Jinkibunny up. Foxkey has a bib. 

Lightstick collection. 

The greatest photo in the history of forever.

I like to call this the flat stuff pile.

Magazines, Photobooks, Seeks, and that one freakishly large album….

Jinki peeking. Those black binders hold my photocard collection, they are both bursting full. I need another one. 

Smalls I couldn’t figure out what to do with…

Special shout out image for my beloved jinki-bunny, Rinn. My first real shawol friend. That bracelet has been in the presence of SHINee 5 times. Also, jink-is, excellent shawol bud. 


If anybody cares or even got this far, I was really exhausted by this point so I just stuck whatever album I grabbed on there and called it good. I’ll organize at a later date. 

and because I probably won’t post again for another 2 years, let’s end on a selfie or 5. 6?

Surgery selfie!

Puppy selfie!

Lena vs. the gigantic fork for NO REASON DALLAS!!! selfie.

Pretending I ever looked this good in my life selfie.


Excruciating pain for over a year could not stop me. Surgery 9 days before I took this picture did not stop me. I will go and ooze love out of my pores and beam love and pride and happiness out of my soul so hard that it hits SHINee and they fall down because they are worth everything. This is the only picture I took in Dallas and its the only one I need. 

anonymous asked:

OMG! The cheating one!! You need to do the reverse! The guys discovering Candy cheat on them. God bless them!!

Mmmmm angsty lil anon of course, I’m glad you asked. These headcanons will have different scenarios, which are listed under the names just for angst reasons…enjoy! 

(Texting the s/o)

  • Candy would’ve probably left her phone out and Nath would wanna leave some picture of he and White on it…until there’s a text notification. 
  • I wish I could be with you tonight :((” He would pause for a moment. He’d read it over and over again.
  • Wouldn’t believe it, thinks it’s a joke. 
  • Texts back; “ikr…I wish I could kiss you now and be with you all night..” and anxiously waits for a reply.
  • Honestly ?? Can’t believe that Candy would do something like this.
  • Paces around, he tries to think differently, but he KNOWS something is up.
  • Boiling inside with rage, prays that it’s not real - it can’t be.
  • Reply would be “Me too..” - right then and there, he’d SNAP.
  • Wondered in the back of his mind, if this is what Castiel felt like.
  • If he was living with Candy, he’s packing his stuff and waiting for her.
  • If she was living with him, he’d pack her stuff FOR her.
  • As soon as she comes and tries to kiss him, he moves away. HE doesn’t even wanna TOUCH her.
  • Would be very angry, not even the slightest bit of upset - he’s just feels betrayed.
  • Yells, yells, and yells. Even swears and brings up all of their memories.
  • Takes her phone and smashes it, he has EVERY right to be angry.
  • Candy shouldn’t pull the ‘it’s not what it looks like card’ it’s EVERYTHING that it looks like.
  • Actually gets teary eyed ?? Not a single sad tear, tears of rage - really.
  • Gives Candy her bag and yells at her to leave.
  • So pissed ?? There’s no single WORD that could describe his rage.
  • If he’s living with Candy, he leaves out the door himself, the only thing he left was just shattered glass.
  • If Candy called him, he wouldn’t answer. He doesn’t want to hear her.
  • If Candy came to his door, he’d ignore it. She doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Can’t sleep either, has dreams about how he didn’t see the signs..
  • Wishes he could turn back time and see it coming before then.
  • Questioned everything that happened in the past and how he didn’t notice.
  • Cried at the end of the day, just in his bed - crying sad tears.
  • “I can’t believe you did this…to us.“ 

(Walks in on Candy and s/o)

  • Stops in his damn tracks so quick, holding a little box behind his back.
  • Watches them…watches her and him make at it…just like they do.
  • Would honestly try to control his breathing, he’s slowly losing it.
  • As soon as one of them notices him, he busts in the door and swears every word he knows. 
  • You little motherf-cker…“ 
  • Voice would be getting high with all of that yelling and Candy THOUGHT she saw an angry Castiel.
  • Would honestly lunge at the s/o in their bed and try to snatch him up, s/o eventually slips away.
  • Demon almost bit s/o on the way out and barked at him.
  • Yells at Candy, doesn’t even give her time to even speak.
  • Points at her a lot, he’s just so mad. 
  • Planned to propose to her that night…guess not anymore.
  • This man probably invented new swear words in the process.
  • Candy could try to defend herself all she wants but so much as SEEING that is enough proof. 
  • If Candy is living with him, he’d tell her she had 2 minutes to get her belongs and “get the f-ck out of my home…and out of my life.”
  • If he’s living with Candy, no need to tell him to leave, he leaves after the greatest argument.
  • Cries angry tears on his nightly walk, smokes a lot.
  • So stressed he wants to just ball himself up and be left alone.
  • Can’t sleep, he can’t sleep without those dreams about s/o and her in the bed.
  • Looks so dead…he’s worn out, he can’t even trust anyone anymore. First Deborah, now Candy. 
  • Tells Lysander, who also cuts off contact with Candy. Don’t screw up with his best friend like this.
  • Lysander would be around him more often, trying to console him.
  • Doesn’t give Candy any dirty looks. He gives her no looks, she’s just nothing.
  • Would probably hint to Nathaniel what had happened, Nath would actually have some sort of sympathy for him.
  • Stays home often, especially after school.
  • He’d give the ring away, simple as that. As simple as she threw him away.
  • “Dammit…You can’t even love anyone anymore.”

(Answers Phone Call from s/o)

  • Wouldn’t recognize the number, but answered it since Candy’s showering. 
  • Stays quiet on the other line, you could never be too careful. 
  • Candy?” He would freeze for a second, that doesn’t sound like ANY guy back at the school.
  • Would answer back with a “You have the wrong number”, just to see what would happen.
  • S/o would explain it’s not the wrong number and to “This is F/N, dude… just give the phone to my girlfriend”.
  • Voice starts to get a little hostile. “Excuse you, but this is her boyfriend, Lysander.“ 
  • S/o would be quiet alongside Lysander, they’ve been two timed. 
  • Stomach would drop, he feels sick to think about what she’s done and how many times she’s lied to them both.
  • Starts to get a little lightheaded.
  • S/o would apologize and he’d hang up, forget the s/o - Candy is who he needs to talk to. 
  • Waits for Candy to get out of the shower as he sits on the bed and waits for her.
  • Goes all through her cellphone find texts, messages, pictures…everything he hasn’t seen.
  • Candy would see him and ask ”what’s wrong“ and Lysander would silently be scrolling through that phone.
  • Candy must be extremely pale just watching him do that.
  • Would deal with the situation as maturely as he can as much as he wants to cry.
  • Shows a ‘friendly’ looking picture of the s/o and her. If she lies, he shows an intimate one.
  • If she tells the truth, he’d figure this. That’s when the water boils over.
  • Looks heartbroken as if she bit his heart and spit it out. 
  • Starts rambling about their relationship how much they loved each other, he’d make Candy feel like trash.
  • Candy could try to kiss him, he’d block it with his fingers or stepping to the side.
  • Tells Castiel on HER phone RIGHT IN FRONT of her, he believes it - Lysander isn’t the one to lie.
  • If Candy lives with him, he points at the door and tells her to ”Get your stuff and leave, NOW.
  • If he lives with Candy, well damn - he’d talk to Castiel, pack his things, and leave. 
  • Meets up with Castiel and pours his heart out, he feels empty, he feels stabbed, he just feels…hurt.
  • Tries not to cry but is on the verge to, Castiel would pat his back and give him a warm side hug.
  • Ignores Candy, full-time, as if it’s a job. 
  • Actually cried…Castiel was shocked, gave him a long side hug right there - cried on his shoulder.
  • “I don’t understand…how someone you love can hurt you as if…you’re no one to them.”

(Sees Candy’s other social media account with s/o)

  • Was being the geek he is, searching up his friends names online to see if he could find them or not. Then, he did Candy’s - just for fun…and he found her.
  • Found her on another site he’s never heard of, he clicks it.
  • ….Wait what the hell is this?” Very confused at first, seriously, what is this site??
  • If Alexy’s home, he calls him into his room. If not, he texts him what he’s found and sends a link.
  • Keeps looking through the selfies, videos, and then he sees s/o. “Out here with my sugar boo <3” They were kissing.
  • Nearly screamed for a moment there - that is REAL
  • Heart starts to beat very fast…in anger and in disbelief, he’s just - overwhelmed.
  • Searches through EVERYTHING, he doesn’t care if it’s a selfie of herself or her girlfriends - he’s looking at everything.
  • Saves some files on his phone with his USB cord…gets very upset, actually.
  • If Alexy is by his side, he’s just as shocked, but more upset than he is angry.
  • If Alexy is gone, he’s on his way now.
  • On the verge of wanting to yell and cry. 
  • Alexy would pack her stuff, no need to ask him, she’s getting dropped just like she dropped Armin for another man.
  • Thought that this could NEVER happen…he was just so in love with her and he THOUGHT she was too.
  • Wonders what went wrong, where did she meet him, how did she lie - overthinks everything, which he rarely ever does.
  • Don’t even START about Candy walking in on him, it’s gonna be a lot of yelling.
  • Is actually very scary when he yells since he doesn’t do it much, it’s similar to a jump scare.
  • Swears a whole damn lot if she walks in. She would be terrified, for sure. 
  • Alexy wouldn’t try to help her, only thing he’d do is pass Candy her bag of belongings. 
  • If Candy tries to lie again, that door would be slammed by Alexy.
  • Very heartbroken…not like in the games…it’s like getting punched in the heart and having it taped back.
  • Starts ranting, complaining, and Alexy is just sad listening to his brother - TWIN brother, upset like this.
  • Then after the end of his ranting, he’d probably just be THAT upset to the point he’d just bury his face in his hands, from sniffling about it all … to weeping.
  • Alexy would hug him, forget man hugs - this is his brother and he needs help.
  • Never wants to see her again.
  • “Of course she doesn’t love me….of fucking course she doesn’t.”  

(Notified by best friend, about Candy and s/o)

  • Planned on taking her to a fancy dinner that night, had the restaurant, suit, everything. Even a little gift.
  • Before he left to call Candy at home, he’d receive a call from Alexy.
  • Wouldn’t answer it, he’s gotta get ready for his date.
  • Alexy would call again, in which he wouldn’t answer as he gets his shirt on.
  • Eventually annoyed by the calls, he picks up the call.
  • Super annoyed by the way but picks up on the sake of trying not to have such a high phone bill.
  • Alexy wouldn’t even say “Hey Kentin” he’d straight up blabber?? “Wait hold on - slow down Alexy…
  • Giving an ”UGH“ noise, Alexy hangs up and Kentin looks confused af at his phone - then he gets a text.
  • "You should look at this..” now this is rare since Alexy uses an emoji and less periods every time he sends a text.
  • It would be a picture of Candy and some other guy…he doesn’t know.
  • Thinks it’s a horrible joke and starts spamming Alexy with a “Alexy, this isn’t funny”
  • Alexy swears it’s true and sends in a video instead. “OML I’M NOT KIDDING LOOK!!
  • It’d be them kissing this time…he pauses. He just freezes
  • Dropped his phone and quickly picked it back up to stare at it.
  • No words, no nothing - it’s like his soul left. Sits on his bed to repeat the video over…and over again.
  • Wants to honestly punch something - anything, but he also wants to cry. 
  • Heartbroken, like anyone else would be…
  • If Candy lives with him, he’s packing her crap and setting it outside with a note of “Have a nice life - your ex, Kentin”.
  • If he’s living with Candy he’s THROWING his stuff into his bags and leaving as quick as he can. Doesn’t want to confront or see her, just go away.
  • If he runs into Candy, that’s it - he’s yelling, he’s swearing, he’s going OFF.
  • Candy can get scared or mad all she wants, he has a right to be yelling over something LIKE THIS.
  • Calls Alexy if he can come over. Obviously he needs to vent really bad right now.
  • Alexy would comfort him and Armin would try to find anything else from her social media accounts. 
  • Would get teary eyed but wouldn’t cry, he can’t cry for a snake like her.
  • “…She didn’t love me…she didn’t love me this whole time.”


hey people its your girl philledwithpuns aka Hannah and this is the first meetup im hosting bc im just that hyped for my first concert ever being panic! at the disco lol anyway i made this real crappy banner so im sorry for that also @ailens is hosting this with me :^) she’s a pretty cool dude


24 hours 

timezones  listed below

6 PM - 6 PM GMT

10 AM - 10 AM PST

11 PM - 11 PM MST

12 PM - 12PM CST

1 PM - 1 PM ET 


in this meetup you can post selfies, art, fanfic, edits, or anything else you want and use the meetup tags so people can see it! by doing this you can meet new people and see what people can make! 


anyone can participate as long as they like panic!at the disco and dan and phil! :^)

you DO NOT need to be a phan or panic! account you just need to like them :^)




#phandom meetup


this is my first meetup so im gonna do my best lol pls reblog to spread the word even if youre not going! tysm :^)

love in a time of social media

love in a time of social media
part one. shance. eventual nc-17.
alternate universe. lance is the king of shitposts and selfies. shiro is an artist who loves his dog and fatalistic humor. somehow, they fall in love.
warning! underage drinking and casual use of marijuana


They meet online.

Specifically, they meet on tumblr. Shiro is an artist of middling popularity and Lance is a shitposter of the highest caliber. Shiro follows Lance months before Lance follows him; indeed, Lance is unaware of Shiro’s work until Shiro @’s him in a small comic.

‘I couldn’t resist,’ Shiro types below the image. 'Thank you for the inspiration, @lances-a-lot.’

Shiro—@white_iron—has a simple art style and a sharp sense of humor that makes Lance laugh out loud. He reblogs the comic, telling his followers to check it out, and proceeds to creep on Shiro’s blog. Lance’s first stop is Shiro’s small about section.

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heres that good hinatema content:

hinata and temari meet on tumblr bc they both run martial arts and fighting blogs. they message back n forth abt things related to fighting and their respective styles (krav maga for hinata and mixed martial arts n kickboxing for temari) and then eventually just turns into talk about tv and music and their weird friends and family. and temari thinks hinata is funny and cute and fun! hinata comes off as a lot more social online and whenever temari tells hinata that shes super fun hinata like “im a lot more quiet and lame irl 😷😷” and temaris like “lmao sounds fake ur lit so fucking fun” and it makes hinata feel good to have this online persona thats more confident.

and when temari sends her a selfie for the first time (tongue out peace sign taken in an upshot so her cleavage shows but its not super obvious that thats the point) hinata breath stalls and shes like “holy fucking shit” so she….. kinda….. replies with a picture that isnt her bdjrjejf

shes very anxious and self conscious and she wants to live up to these expectations so she just finds a selfie of a girl she went to high school with and sends that and temari flips shit and tells her shes sooooo pretty and cute and it makes hinata feel good. she feels guilty though because she doesnt want to lie but also its not like temaris ever going to find out any time soon! (at least thats what kiba tells her when she told him. he laughed a lot and told her that her plan was dumb and that she shouldve just sent a real pic w her tits out bc anyone w common sense would ve distracted by that rack and hinata hits him but also says thank u)

and its fine! until three months later (and two more selfies courtesy of the girl she had senior math w three years ago) temari tells her that shes driving through her area to visit her brother that goes to school an hour outside her town. and. like. ya know. if u wanna meet up itd be cool! but nooo pressure

and hinata comes clean. abt the catfishing abt pretending to be funny abt not having a belly button piercing (she doesnt even know why she lied about that) and about how despite all of that she really *really* likes temari and wants to hang out and shes sooooo sorry about being a huge fake but temaris just soooooooo cool she felt like she had to compete

and temaris like. “hinata u cant pretend to be funny and interesting you just ARE. u dnt have to act a different way to compete theres no competition were just, ya know, buds!” and hinatas so relieved she fucking bawls and temari makes fun of her and is like “okay wipe those tears bc ill visit u on one (1) condition: i need a REAL selfie”

so hinata sends one: eyes kinda puffy and with a small smile and a peace sign just like temari made.

and temari fucking chokes. like oh my god. oh my GOD.

“HINATA WHAT IS THIS????? HINATA WHY WOULD U CATFISH ME WHEN U LOOK LIKE A FUCKING MODEL????? HINATA ARE U TRYING TO MURDER ME?” (her first draft said “murder my pussy” for the record) and hinatas confused and doesnt really Get It so temari elaborates “i mean of course the random girl u used to catfish me w was kinda cute but tbh i kinda just overhyped her like hinata oh my god u r so fucking GORGEOUS”