this is my first real photoset

healing old wounds


So we did it, cosplayed for the first time =D Pity we were behind a table for the whole con lol, which is why most of our photos are from while we were waiting at the train station. We had a real good time at MCM Birmingham though! Everyone was super nice ^^

I was Aizawa and my sis (@boydonegood) was Mic. Naturally I was super upstaged by her xD


Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 6)

Excerpts from the DVD commentary for The Impossible Planet (with David Tennant, Shaun Parkes [played Zachary Cross Flane], and Will Cohen [visual effects producer] )

Will Cohen: This - not that I often go into fan forums or anything, but this scene caused a bit of controversy.

DT:  Did it really? Why?

WC: …and a certain amount of delight amongst fans because - the sort-of domestic conversation that you have with Rose Tyler.

DT: Ahhh

WC: Talking about mortgages and settling down.

DT: Right

WC: It was the subject of many threads.

Shaun Parkes: They didn’t like that?

WC: Well, there was the usual split

DT: For and against?

WC: That’s what makes it brilliant

DT: Part of this is, of course, as the series goes on there’s a cranking-up of this whole idea of the Doctor and Rose being inseparable and talking about things like this is part of that, I suppose.  Just so the finale of the season, which - if you’re listening to this commentary I presume you know what’s coming for Rose - it’s just to, you know, make that feel all the more painful and poignant when they’re finally torn apart forever.  In fact, I think it’s episode nine when the devil says,“The young girl who will die in battle very soon,” was the first bald reference to what was coming at the end.

SP:   Ooooooohhhhhh

DT:  Yeah, you got it?

SP: But she didn’t die… but she did…

DT:  Well, she sort-of died, didn’t she?  She’s dead in the real world.

SP: She’s dead in the real world.  Hmmmmm.

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D E A N   W I N C H E S T E R

that boy will burn himself alive before letting you catch fire


teen wolf / jimmy neutron au:when all the adults of beacon hills are abducted by aliens, it’s up to 17 year-old stiles stilinski and his friends to get them back.

stiles stilinski as jimmy neutron (even though he looks like sheen?)

scott mccall as sheen

isaac lahey as carl

lydia martin as cindy vortex

allison argent as libby

derek hale as nick

melissa mccall / sheriff stilinski as mom and dad

peter hale as king goobot

coach finnstock as ms. fowl

and danny as goddard. (because he’s a computer-hacking whiz.)

(let’s be real, this show barely has any adults to begin with, so this au was bound to happen)

Hey! So, I’ve been at work all day, but it’s still just barely the tenth Dannyversary where I am right now, and I HAD to post something! It was completely necessary for my continuing existence.

Anyway, I didn’t do anything special, but yeah, Danny! They look better in real life. :( Especially the second picture- those are receipt tape drawings that I did at work today. The green is much more ectoplasmic in real life. But oh, well. :) (ps- no that first picture was not a part of my failed attempt at last year’s phanniemay, noooo…)

Btw I might post this again as a photoset just because apparently I did this wrong ahfkljdsafjdkas;l


“I love that girl. I love her. I love her almost more than I love myself.”- Johnny Depp on Winona Ryder, 1989

“When I met Johnny, I was pure virgin. He changed that. He was my first everything. My first real kiss. My first real boyfriend. My first fiancé. The first guy I had sex with. So he’ll always be in my heart. Forever. Kind of funny that word.” Winona Ryder on Johnny Depp, 1989

Fake Miyazaki subtitles/quotes...

I’m not sure why other bloggers insist on perpetuating a certain photoset out there featuring BLATANTLY fake subtitles from Hayao Miyazaki.

“Things like Kiki and Laputa, I can no longer look back on fondly.”

“I become aware these otakus are perverts too. Lolicons.”

“These degenerates sexualise innocent young female protagonists.”

Even if you don’t know much about Hayao Miyazaki, the first giveaway should be that the blog that posted the photoset, is a well known blog, that adds ficticious quotes and subtitles to lots of gifs and images of many people, including Hayao Miyazaki.

Do you also believe that Miyazaki said: “Memes inspire me to animate. More memes.” Nope, I didn’t think so! Or how about “We need more memes in my films.” I doubt it! All created by the same blog.

The blog isn’t trying to pass these off as real quotes, and that should be obvious by the nature and wording of the captions. But it’s crazy seeing how many people believe that this is something that Hayao Miyazaki really said.

The fact that one person even comments on the photoset: “Don’t tell me this is real.” and gets a reponse of: “it actually is.” No! It’s actually NOT real! You clearly haven’t even taken a few moments to research its authenticity before blindly posting that misleading reply.

The scene itself is from The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, where he’s simply talking about his marriage. And no, the quotes didn’t come from elsewhere either.


The weather was perfect, so we brought out little miss Ryuko Matoi for our first photoshoot of the year. >:) I bought her school jacket by happenstance to wear on my own time (cause it was COOL), we were tweaking a wig for her last year as well, and I had a skirt and shirt that worked perfectly– AND THEN our brother got us a Scissor blade for Christmas..! 

We basically (unknowingly) had an almost completed cosplay on our hands! We frolicked around the streets and Ariadne took tons of rad photos; we look forward to making several awesome photosets for you all real soon. 

- Marianne


I like to stay busy, so I have a lot of passion projects - like my book, Bliss. It’s about three girls in their 20’s on their way to finding their own bliss. It talks about all of life’s journeys that we can all relate to: traveling, boyfriends, career, relationships.. I feel like at one point in my life I definitely had a mid-20’s breakdown and I think this book really deals with that. It’s also so important to me because it’s loosely based on my own life experiences. I plan on having three books in the series and I feel like right now I’m living book 3 - and let me tell you, there has been a lot that has happened since the first book, so I’m excited to write it all down and let people guess what’s real and what’s not.



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