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first vikings now MERMEN how do you know all my favourite things, and also draw them so gorgeously, thank you and i hope you have a wonderful day


UtA was basically the result of a bunch of my fave things mashed into one. 

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Rules: Write down the first 10 songs that play on shuffle and tag ten others

Sorry for the depressing/melancholic/spooky songs

1. Happy - Kat Frankie 
2. Between the bars - Agnes Obel 
4. My funny Valentine - Frank Sinatra 
5. In my veins - Andrew Bells 
6.  Death Blues - The Dead Brothers
7. Missed me -  The Dresden Dolls
8. Gimme that swing -  Cissie Redgwic (This song is so Harleen x Joker)
9. Sweet dreams - Marilyn Manson 
10. Carnival of Rust - Poets Of The Fall (Another that gives me JxHQ feels)

I just realized this is such a JxHQ playlist

Tag cuz I wanna know if you guys have any specific playlist for a certain ship or theme/inspiration: @crystallinee-waters @mrjandmrshq @whyarentyoulaughingj @sakura-sou @pluviofleur @lil-mon-stah

daily life of a digital artist:

  • is that a not coloured spot or a stain on my monitor
  • I didn’t save for at least 2 hours god is real
  • my playlist ended 1,5 h ago I’ve been drawing in silence this whole time
  • ‘ “asdf11.png” already exists. Do you want to overwrite? ‘
  • I resized this very part of a picture but now it looks too small so let’s ctrl+z ohMYGOD IT’S SO B I G
  • this idea seemed cooler yesterday at 3 am
  • I want to pee but right now I’m doing so well and if I go I will leavE THE ZONE
  • opacity 67% or 68% I can’t decide
  • well this pic looks nice //*flips it horizontally*// I regret having eyes
  • where the fuck is my pen

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Hi ! What's your music playlist when you're on a mission ? :)

Luckily I have a lot of friends that already make amazing mixes for me already down here on Earth, so I’m counting on them to set me up well for my first mission.  My favorite genre is Indie rock, though I’m also a fan of jazz and classical music (I grew up playing the piano, flute, piccolo, and saxophone in various bands, wind symphonies, and jazz bands).  Music always succeeds in transforming my mood, I’m continually amazed at its power!  It will definitely be integral to my psychological well-being on a space mission.

Sold my soul to a three piece(a gravebone playlist)

you blew it
a (somewhat progressive) todd brotzman playlist [ listen here ]

wake up call - nothing but thieves |  youth & poverty - funeral party | tattoo of the king - slow club | brave as a noun - andrew jackson jihad | dance little liar - arctic monkeys | lousy connection - ezra furman | how to explain - the cat empire |  the streets - avalanche city | rising, rising - crywolf | the cave - mumford & sons

Illustration of the kylux fanfic Beatdown by @acroamatica.

I had the idea and made a first draft something like 2 months, and then the second part came, it was so good I had to finish my fanart.

It’s an orchestra AU, it has an intense nerdy vibe about classical music, good writing, a very good characterization and a very good playlist! Thanks again to the author to share that awesome piece of writing with us :)


29.10.16 » My first week of bullet journaling. I started doing this to finally catch up with my planning. This spread is from last week. I write in Dutch and English so it may be a bit confusing. I added a playlist with my favourite (kpop) songs from that week! Inspired by: @journalsanctuary

VOCALOID’s place in the music industry is actually kinda interesting. It’s not like there’s any single set genre for it; VOCALOID music encompasses all genres. There’s no permanently set number of songs, albums, artists, singers, instruments………when it comes to VOCALOID, it’s legitimately “anything and everything.” You could probably go your entire life willingly listening to nothing but VOCALOID music and never get tired of it. If you got tired of one genre, find another producer and listen to their music, If you got tired of listening to Hatsune Miku’s voice, find another VOCALOID or UTAUloid and listen to their music. Of course, there are more popular genres and more popular producers and that popularity works its way up to the tip of the VOCALOID iceberg so even people outside of the community see/hear it and it forms the “first impression” most people get about it: generally happy, upbeat, techno-pop sounding music. I remember sneaking a couple dozen VOCALOID songs into my dormitory’s music playlist and I was gone for class for awhile, but when I came back, everyone had heard quite a few VOCALOID songs and the first response I got was, “it sounded amazing! i had no idea VOCALOID music could sound like that. it wasn’t what i expected at all.” and i got the lightest feeling of ecstatic joy in my heart i’ve ever felt in my life. somewhere, SOMEWHERE in the entire vast endlessly-stretching cloud of creation that is VOCALOID, i believe there is something for everyone. VOCALOID has a little bit of everything; VOCALOID has something for everyone.



for the past couple months ive been working on a huge playlist to send off my favorite show ever with a smile, but it ended up being so long that i split it into two parts. the first half is more upbeat and optimistic while the second half is more bittersweet.

part one is here, and part two is here! or you can just enjoy the pretty drawings, yknow

It’s been a while since i painted so i thought i would do something fun to relax so i sort of just set my itunes playlist on random and drew the first thing that came to mind . I also tried to play around a bit with colours. Sorry its kind of rough. =_= but i really do like the contrast in it. I might try to do some more high contrast artwork in the future.. as much as i love soft blended tones.

As always I love when you reblog my artwork, but please do not repost (save and re-upload as a new post) my art work on this or other sites without my permission.

Title: Wedding Rings and Cherry Blossoms

Drabbler: @outerspacehowlters

Doodler: @dantlers +link to playlist!

Beta: @eschatalogical

Warnings: none

Summary: In which a sleepy Dan and Phil discuss their favorite parts of their Japan honeymoon so far. Mountains of fluff and giggles lie ahead.

Word Count: 600

A/N: This is my first phandom little pop and let me just say, I had so much fun with this! Thanks to Alx for helping me whip this into shape and to Gray for the wonderful art and playlist! (Seriously go listen to it, there’s some v quality tunes on there) I hope you enjoy!!

“Hey, Phil,” Dan yawned, propping his arm on the plump pillow beside him, blinking in the midmorning Japanese sunshine. “What’s been your favourite part of this honeymoon so far? I mean, I know you’ve said you love everything but what’s been the absolute, all time best, the part that you’ll be raving about to your kids someday?”

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Protecting You

Request for @flashfanfics
3-“You’re cute when you’re worried”
7“Is it possible to love too much?”
11"I will always be there to protect you.” 

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Twas supposed to be angsty so i listened to a playlist called angsty emo phase Allons-y my bois


Sitting alone in the restaurant, you glance at your watch. Newt is currently two hours late for your anniversary dinner. Probably helping Tina with something.   Newt, even though he’s been your boyfriend for about three years, has grown rather fond of Tina. This isn’t the first time this has happened, though. 

He’s forgotten to meet you for dinner many times, but this was your anniversary. He’s been spending more and more time with Tina, and forgetting about you. But who could blame him? Tina is a beautiful and successful Auror. You decide to go to a speakeasy instead. After a couple of hours, you decide to go home. Checking your watch, you see it’s now about one in the morning. You open the door and are met with the arms of your boyfriend. 

“Y/N! Where on earth were you?! I was so worried.“ 

With the bitterness still lurking inside, you push his arms away and start walking to your room. 

“Y/n? what’s wrong. Have you been drinking again?” He asks worriedly.

 “You know, Newt, it’s so cute when you’re worried. I’m glad you finally decided to care,” you reply snarkily. Taken back by your sharp tone, he stops walking towards you. 

“Y/n, talk to me. Please tell me what’s wrong.” 

“I’m fine Newt. Why don’t you go back to Tina, you seem to be having a grand time with her!” 

“Now, y/n you’re being silly-” 

“Am I Newt? Am I? I have been with you for three years. I’ve supported you, and I’ve understood you. I have loved you so much.” Newt didn’t understand why you’re so mad. He got a little mad as he felt you were saying he didnt care about you at all. “Can I not have friends outside of you?”

“That’s not what I meant, Newt, I’m just saying you should start paying the slightest bit of attention to your very loving girlfriend who’s supported you for so long!” 

“Yeah, well, maybe you’ve been loving too much. You’re currently having a jealous fit over something so stupid!” 

“Is it possible to love too much Newt? Tell me,” your voice breaking as the words came out of your mouth. 

“Maybe you should try being less clingy, y/n. Maybe people might like you better.” You became silent. 

“I’m leaving.” 

“Fine. Go, y/n, I’m not stopping you.” You storm out of the apartment and into the cold air. 

3rd POV 

Newt, frustrated, throws punches the wall. This causes the calendar to fall down. He reaches to pick it up and notices today’s date circled on it with ‘Anniversary!’ with a little heart drawn in your writing. A wave of guilt washes over him. 

He was so caught up with his animals and Tina, he forgot about your anniversary. Cursing at himself, he grabs his coat and runs out the door to find you. 


The cold air hits you and tears stream down your face. Angry at yourself for yelling at Newt like that. “Hey there, lady, what is someone like you doing out so late?” A man slowly approaches you. You ignore him and continue to walk away. 

“Aw, don’t be like that, little missy.” He grabs your shoulders and pushes you against the brick wall. 

“Let. Me. Go,” you say, punctuating the syllables. He laughs, and you attempt to punch him, but he grabs your wrist before you could, and begins to twist it. You wince in pain but still try to kick the guy. 


 A blast of light hits the guy, and you turn and see Newt running towards you. 

“Y/N! I’m so sorry I forgot our anniversary, and saying all those awful things. Are you okay? Oh, I’m so sorry,” he rushes out, hugging you and checks your wrist for injuries. 

“It’s okay Newt, I shouldn’t have been drinking. It was foolish of me to snap like that,” you apologize. 

The next couple minutes, Newt checks you over for injuries. 

“Thanks for protecting me, Newt. I love you.” 

“I’ll always be there to protect you, Y/n.”

Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted but i really hope you enjoy it.

i can never decide if i believe things happen for a reason or it’s all by chance

the other day when i was driving with her my ipod was on shuffle and a song came on and she instantly asked who the artist was and i told her and she said “oh yeah” and the song played on and she started singing along and she said she loved the song. hours later she was still thinking about it and played it again. she said again how much she loves it.

i hadn’t thought about this until just now, as i read her recent blog post and saw the first song on her playlist for the post was the song. the song that just happened to come up on shuffle, just by chance.

or maybe it happened for a reason. maybe it happened so i could get butterflies in my stomach wondering how many times she’s listened to the song since. maybe it happened so i could feel connected to her. maybe it happened because it was the song she needed to remember and hear, maybe she needed it to get through the week.

or maybe it was simply chance. after all, shuffle is nothing more than a setting on an ipod.

hd dream drop distance cutscenes

for those who might not have noticed, I have been uploading story cutscenes from kh hd dream drop distance to my channel - in 720p, with no subs. I have yet to add the opening cos I want to unlock the theatre first (and get it credits free) but all worlds - and other scenes in between- up to ‘the grid’ are up!

so if you’re an editor, feel free to use them! credit is not required but always appreciated!


Hi guys!! First post that’s not just a picture of my workspace…

So personally, I can’t study in silence. I love studying with music and Spotify is my savior. Searching and downloading each and every song for iTunes is a pain in the ass, and the playlists on Spotify are so easy to make and find. I’ve compiled some some playlists that I use throughout a typical school day (obviously I don’t use every one each day, but these are my favorites) that help me stay focused and wind down. (And yes, Spotify is free!! Woo)




  • for easy work (like worksheets or foreign lang hw): 1, 2, 3
  • for feeling like you’re at a coffee shop or cute cafe: 1 (soft jazz), 2 (piano bar)
  • for complete de-stressing: 1, 2
  • for hard shit/focusing (like textbook reading or lit): 1, 2



Then again you can just listen to one playlist the whole day. But that’s boring.