this is my first manip and it's so bad im so sorry

Bellarke AU: Life on the Ice

Clarkes a figure skater, and Bellamy is a hockey captain that both fight over who has the rink on a dailey basis.

“Princess!” Bellamy calls, interrupting Clarkes routine on the ice. Two months ago, she would have most likely stumbled at his booming voice, but ever since Mount Weather High School started remodeling their rink, all the activities that took place there had moved to Ark States Private School, her school.

They said that it would be done in at least 6 months, 4 more months of seeing Bellamy and his pack of hyenas demanding for more rink time, rink time she can’t afford to lose. And apparently, either could they.

(Share the rink they said, it shouldn’t be a problem they said, bullshit is what Clarke says.)

Clarke turned to see a dark brunette with messy curls, and hard brown eyes skating onto the ice, Bellamy Blake of course. She could recognize his disheveled hair and cocky demeanor a mile away. 'Wolverines’ was spread across his dark red jersey, his hockey stick locked in his grip. He had his notorious stride and scowl present, as always. So confident, so arrogant, perfect ideal hockey captain.

The rest of his team stood at the entrance, awaiting how this battle would play out; as usual.

Clarke was sure to keep up her own confidence as she rested her hands on her hips skating towards him as well her blue eyes glaring into him, knowing just what was about to follow.

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