this is my first jane


some seamless tinyDragon patterns for your seamless tinyDragoon patterning needs 

please note that the dragons on the last one are transparent


Hey guys, I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates lately! I’m moving out of my hometown and everything is a mess, so instead of new art have two old sketches that I posted on twitter and then forgot about lmao

The Bold Type really BOMBARDED me this summer. I did not expect to fall in love with 3 best friends and a muslim lesbian like THAT. This show, this ship, this rep really came out of no where giving me the all the empowerment i need as a young wlw woc.


he actually likes him both with and without glasses

this is supposedly from that little college au from last time haha from around the time when they didn’t know each other well yet :^) they’re roommates tho


“On a night like this, a man might believe anything’s possible.”