this is my first gif okay


Javier Fernández, Pirates of the Caribbean | 2010 Winter Olympics

Requested by anon.

Conchita in Lisbon last year (from her Instagram).


The Thousand Chance Umbrella 

“Draw your otp/squad like this” challenge #2: Outers Family
I saw the original pose and instantly thought “THAT IS SETSUNA IN THE MIDDLE!” 
It’s my first ever time drawing the Outers, I think it turned out okay. Had to alter the original design a bit to make Haruka taller, and Michiru’s expression to be more “Michiru-like.” You can tell I slacked off at the end, I can’t draw dresses, and was too lazy to give them shoes. (They’re at home, whatever!)
after thought: now I really want to add Hotaru into this…

Original challenge was created by the amazing @croxovergoddess​!
Please do NOT repost or use without asking!

So.. I’ve never posted here on Tumblr before but this is my first time so bear with me okay??

Anywho, This is half of an animation that I am currently working on and I cannot even explain to you how hard this was!!! I’ve animated before but never with lip sync just movements! This was pretty hard but I manage to get the lip sync just the way I wanted!!

Another thing to add is secretly this is a sneak peak of what I am animating!!

In other words get ready for an animation for “Build my Machine!!!”