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100% agree on your analysis of Jimin as a Slytherin!!! I know a lot of people (including myself) are shocked Namjoon put himself in Griffindoor over Ravenclaw though. I'm dying to hear your thoughts on this!!

HELLO and thank you! I’m glad you agree! And if anyone is curious here is a link to my thoughts on why jimin is the perfect slytherin. EDIT: And here is why Jungkook is a Ravenclaw!

//cracks knuckles MY TIME HAS COME

So… Namjoon. I, like you and a ton of other people, was really confused about him being in Gryffindor. But, the more I thought about it, the more I really came to not only accept it, but believe that he is a Gryffindor through and through. And please be advised this is going to devolve in to me gawking over how great of a human being Namjoon is, so if you don’t want to read about that please close your browser and think about why you don’t agree that he’s better than everyone else. okay?


Namjoon is a Gryffindor to the core, not a Ravenclaw

First of all, Namjoon supposedly sorted everyone else, but I have a small sneaking suspicion that he may not have sorted himself. We know he’s a fan of the movies at least, and he’s fluent in English, so if he’s a fan and he has access to sorting quizzes on Pottermore and other sites, is it so hard to believe that he hasn’t at least tried a few? Seriously, even the most casual of fans have tried getting sorted. It’s not that crazy of a thought. So… What if they put him in Gryffindor over Ravenclaw?

(I mean, when asked to do a British accent the first thing that he quotes was “Shut up Malfoy!”. If that ain’t the most Gryffindor thing…)

Also, Namjoon is a really humble guy. If he DID sort himself, I feel like he’d be the type of person who would shy away from saying “I’m smart, so I should be in Ravenclaw”. He’s always been pretty modest about his intelligence. And just because he is, doesn’t mean we should be. Seriously, Namjoon can be a goof but if you’re ever in doubt about how crazy smart he is, please watch this.

He has no problems recognizing the intelligence of others though – he raves about Jungkook being good at everything he does, and even gave him the nickname “Golden Maknae”,  so is it such a wonder he put Jungkook in Ravenclaw? (It should be noted that Ravenclaws also have a reputation for being eccentric and quirky. Prime example, Luna. If that isn’t a perfect descriptor for Jungkook idk what is)

So let’s look at what the common traits of Gryffindor are, shall we?

Such character traits of students sorted into Gryffindor are courage, chivalry, and determination. They can also be short-tempered. [x]

Okay so, courage. I could go on and on about how brave Namjoon is but like… we’ll be here all day. So let me keep this short and point you in the direction of one thing in particular that he has done. THIS TWEET.

It’s Rap Monster. A song about homosexuality. I heard this song before but I didn’t know the lyrics, now I know them and I like the song twice as much. I recommend Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love.

I have a lot of feelings about this tweet. And a lot of theories about WHY he tweeted that too – but no one wants to hear about those so that’s for another life post.

First – speaking out in support of homosexuality in Korea is a pretty huge deal, because homosexuality isn’t a really accepted lifestyle there. (It isn’t really accepted anywhere, truly, but you all know that.)

Here’s a pretty recent list on idols who support LGBT communities.  It’s a pretty god damn short list. I use the term ‘support’ loosely bc this article seems to equate ‘having gay friends’ as being a supportive ally. But Namjoon stands out pretty hard in this list because he doesn’t just say ‘i love my gay friends!’, he outright spoke out in support of homosexuality.

But Kiki, you say… Namjoon is hugely popular. He’s one of the biggest stars in Kpop. He could say whatever he wants now, right?

Well yeah, he can. But here’s the kicker! Look at the timestamp on that tweet. He tweeted that before they debuted

Namjoon was months away from launching his dream career, something he’d worked his entire life for. He was from a pretty small unknown company whose only claim to fame before that was that group that had two members blackmail an actor over something or another. He couldn’t afford bad press, and yet here comes Kim fucking Namjoon with his balls of steel willing to throw that all down the drain because god dammit he was going to tell the entire world about how much he supported the LGBT community and anyone who wanted to stand in his way of doing so could eat a fuckin dick. He could have kept his heckin mouth shut but he didn’t??? 


moving on.


Chivalry is defined as:

1.the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, esp courage,honour, justice, and a readiness to help the weak

2.courteous behaviour, esp towards women

Courage, honor, justice, what I just talked about describes those things pretty perfectly.

I’d like to talk about honor for a sec though. Let’s look at a pretty famous Gryffindor – Ron. Ron was one of a shitload of children in his family. He outwardly always grumbled about not getting attention or whatever, but as a person, he was all about family. He put his family first, he didn’t gripe too hard about hand-me-downs to his parents because he knew they were trying their best, and he defends people he cares about.

There’s that famous scene (that I’m still salty they changed in the movies) where Hermione wants to answer a question and Snape gets mad at her for it. And he defends her – why ask the question if you’re not looking for an answer?

Ron always, always put his family first. So does Namjoon.

Take this gifset for example. The whole set is great and shows how much he really takes care of his members, his family, but this is what he does when he’s around them and also in front of people. Not all that surprsiing.

But please, please please please pay attention to the first gif. For people who don’t know the context, he was asked if he’d choose going solo or bangtan. He DID NOT KNOW HE WAS BEING FILMED. He could have shown his true colors and said that he preferred a solo career and all the glory, but even when given the chance to be completely open, his heart was still with Bangtan.

Another great example of Namjoon being completely selfless. Everyone here is praising themselves (and they have a right too, don’t get me wrong, you’re all great four for all of you) but when it gets to him, Namjoon says “We’ve always been pretty good.” We. Not I, not me, we. Everyone else is giving themselves some much deserved praise, but Namjoon is stuck on we are good, we’ve always been good.

Also don’t forget how important blood-related family is to him too.

And don’t you dare forget how important you, his extended family, is to him either.

Readiness to help the weak. I mean this goes without saying right?

And if you want to take courteous behaviour, esp towards women, literally, look at their glass-ceiling line in Not Today, that they said they used specifically knowing what it meant. and look who is credited for writing the lyrics! What’s that? It’s Namjoon? Wow, I did not see that one coming.

Speaking of lyrics – talk about having courage. Look at the lyrics he wrote for Reflection and Always.

They can also be short-tempered.

Okay so this doesn’t really apply to Namjoon. But I wanted to include it in there because it fittingly applies to another Gryffindor we know of… Namjoon wasn’t playing around when he sorted these guys. Bonus, here you can observe a hufflepuff and (fond) gryffindor in their natural habitat.

So let’s recap. Namjoon is pretty selfless, extremely caring of his friends and family, a feminist, an outspoken ally for those who are mistreated, and is so god damn intelligent everyone REALLY thought he belonged in Ravenclaw.

Wait a minute, I feel like I’ve heard about this person before… There was another Gryffindor like this, I’m sure of it… it’s on the tip of my tongue…

Ah right. 

I’m not saying Namjoon is our version Hermione Granger, but… that’s exactly what I’m saying.

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Hey Nai so I know last year during hiatus you made sort of like a fanvid masterpost do you think you can link it to me? Also do you have any new ones? It's only been 3 days and the hiatus is already hitting me hard lol

this hiatus already has me on the floor i will never understand how i managed to survive the almost 11 month hiatus between s2 and s3 i already want death.

okay so here’s the old list and i’m going to make an actual kind of proper list this time. or at least try to. let’s see how this goes.

Post Season 4 Fanvids

10 000 MILES

  • okay like… holy shit?? this is so soft and tender and sweet but at the same time it’s gonna rip your heart out and crush it in front of your face so y’know. hope you like pain!
  • (bonus: this person has made a fanvid for every. single. episode. this season. honestly, the highlight of my thursdays were getting up and watching these lmao)


  • omg omg omg omg GUYS my heart hurts this is just so… idek i have no words to describe it, it’s just so great and like most vids on this list, it’ll leave you crying


  • this motherfucking song is the bane of my existence like i just need to hear the first few words and then boom. tears. it’s cool i’ve accepted that this is what my life is right now.


  • i think i’ve said this before but ‘all i want’ is the bellarke song for me. i know the show uses an original score (fuck you tree adams for making me cry with ‘bellamy and clarke’ and ‘i see you’) but this is bellarke for me.


  • speaking of ‘i see you’ SOMEONE MADE A BELLARKE VID TO THAT TOO like bitch have mercy on my soul please this isn’t fair at all who gave you the right


  • i think on my original list i have a video of the same name but LISTEN. the what’s a soulmate bit breaks me every time (is it from dawson’s creek i think it’s from dawson’s creek) and it’s just so so good.


  • okay. okay okay okay okay. this video is almost ELEVEN MINUTES LONG. yes. you read that correctly. eleven. 11 minutes. i cried like 3 different times. i craved the embrace of death. i will never be whole again.


  • i’m saying something alright. that something is ‘yea what the fuck m8.’


  • i wanna set myself on fire it’ll probably hurt less


  • i know that fix you by coldplay is generally overused in fanvids and gifsets and shit but like. ask me if a give a fuck when i’m bawling into my pillow. because the answer is no. i could not care less.


  • this is pretty much bellarke from 1x01 to 4x13 and i’m just here clutching my blanket pointing at my screen going ‘look at my babies! look how much they’ve grown!’ i’m a wreck tbh.


  • this isn’t fair. why do all these videos hurt me like what the fuck.


  • yo fuck you this song choice is… wow. and ouch. mostly ouch. it’s so soft but it hurts so much.


  • it’s cool it’s fine lemme just go outside and scream until my lungs give out hahahaha i’m fine


i’m not gonna go off too much on these because like. this is already getting long. sorry i can’t shut up.

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OHOHOH! Can you please do the “Welcome to fatherhood.” prompt?

For the promp #37. “Welcome to Fatherhood”, and inspired as well by this lovely gifset courtesy of @wholeperson

Sorry I’m just now getting to this, anon. I try I really do, but I’m slow. 

Also I’m southern, and the linguistics are too. Apologies in advance. 


 Gordon County Hospital, GA

9:23 pm

 I lean against the wall of the break room, trying to center my thoughts and calm my breathing. 15 years as an L&D nurse and cases like that one never cease to shake me up. I need a cigarette. My heart is beating out of my chest and my hands are still shaking. It’s just adrenaline, I know.  I haven’t eaten since before I left home and my sugar is in the toilet. {I need food, not a cigarette}, I think as I absent-mindedly rub the patch on my upper arm. {For the kids.} I’m doing this for the kids.  

 A debbie cake and a bottled water later, I pad down the hall to check on my patient. She’s out of surgery now, and it went well. God, just one tiny sliver of placenta can wreak so much havoc.  So much blood…. I wonder what in the hell happened to bring her in in such a state. A home birth gone wrong, maybe? No. She wasn’t even dressed in a nightgown. I guess it isn’t important now. Her poor husband looked about as frightened as I’d ever seen. I think I heard they arrived by chopper?? Not medevac, though.  Important folks, apparently.  They looked like they’d both just come from work, truth be told.  This patient assessment is going to be interesting.  

 When I get to the room the husband (? No ring I see) has exchanged his blood- saturated suit for a set of standard issue ‘dad scrubs’, and is sitting by her bed, studying mom’s face intently. He strokes a lock of hair from her face, leaning in and murmuring something unintelligible. He sits back down in the guest recliner, still holding her hand as he brings it to his lips for the most tender of kisses– once, twice. The gaze on her face is not broken. I wonder if he even blinks.

 He’s cute. Very. I shake my head at my inappropriate thought and proceed to the bedside with her chart in hand and a load of questions to ask. But I really wish I could leave them alone. 

 Flipping back through my notes at the nurse’s station I kick off my crocs and hear my toes crack. I’m only 40.. just, in fact, but tonight I’m feeling everyone of those years.  FBI….Huh. And his name is Fox? Suits him… {Jesus, Susan. Get a grip.}  This one’s clearly taken, old girl. What’s gotten into you? I need sleep, that’s it. I’m getting punch drunk already. This usually doesn’t happen til the end of my shift…

*Clearly* taken.

He never let go of her hand throughout any of the inquiries. He stroked her thumb continually with his, startling and glancing her way from time to time as if hoping she’d stir, maybe thinking she had. I’ve seen my share of jittery new dads– but this one seems, I don’t know, for lack of a better word….. spooked.  Lost. Thrust into a foreign universe and flailing. It’s clear who is his anchor here.

When I asked if he was the father (he’s listed as such on the chart, but I’m required to ask for my notes) his eyes went wide and expressionless, and he looked at her again, as if waiting for an answer.  “Yes, yes” , he repeated, nodding,  testing the words and looking at her. (Looking for permission?) I wrapped up my initial assessment, vitals strong (-ish, her BP could come up a bit), capillary refill: good.  Bowel sounds present. No distension. No hint of fever or infection. All good signs. She could be out as early as a couple of days. Dad sits quietly close by, giving me space to work but not much more than that. His knee bounces with anxiety.

I finish quietly, wash and unfasten from my clipboard the standard pamphlets and literature: birth certificate form, social security, “Getting to Know Your Baby”, “Welcome to Fatherhood”, “Mommy and Me: An Introduction to Breast Feeding”.  I hand them over with a small smile and he glances down non-committedly before placing them on the bedside table. He scoots the chair back close to her side and again strokes the same wayward lock of hair from her closed eyelids, and again, kisses her hand.  The tender expression of adoration convoluted with worry is so profound and unabashed that I find myself staring, my face growing hot, but I thankfully recover quickly and begin to go over her condition, letting him know what to expect when she wakes… she’s a fall risk…she’ll need help to the restroom….call a nurse if you need one…he nods, nods.  I hope that at least some information will give him his bearings, a comfort perhaps, but I think maybe it has no effect at all. He hears me but I get the sense he’s just waiting on her. His eyes plead with her to wake, to tell him what to do. Apparently she’s an M.D. (?! This case gets stranger and stranger…), so she should pretty well know her way around things, at least until they bring the baby in. Parenthood is tricky. No one really ever knows it all.  I think back to the birth of my first daughter. The elation, the fear, the absolutely necessity to have her at my side immediately and at all times.

He hasn’t yet asked to see his son.

Once they wheeled her in for the d&c he took off like a shot to the nursery, shouting questions of where and why over the child with fierce protectiveness but I sense it was more for her knowledge than his need. He was a sentinel, utterly at her service, unconscious as she was, but he was also her proxy in every sense of the word.

He hasn’t been back there since, though.

Baby from what I hear is fine; APGAR was a 9, nuero: solid. Good thing, too. Had his condition deteriorated we would have had to transport him to a bigger facility with a NICU. Somehow I sense that separating these 3 would prove problematic. Thankfully the nurses have been able to tending to the boy here with no trouble. Her milk is starting to come in though, and if she doesn’t wake soon I’ll need to express some for her. Engorgement is a bitch. I need to make a note to remind myself. 

 2:30 am

 Time for vitals again. They’ve wheeled the baby in I see. And now there’s a man outside their room. A broad guy, balding and with glasses, looking stern but exhausted as well. I’m assuming a friend but he looks and acts like a bodyguard. He gives me a polite nod, but a suspicious once over as I enter the room. Dad is still at his station. Wide-awake. He should sleep, if he knows what’s good for him. Ha. Real life is about to hit. Newborn induced sleep deprivation is entirely another animal.

 But, God, the way he looks at her. Utterly besotted. The intensity of his love  is all around him, a thrumming, golden aura, even as his body has begun to sway lightly in exhaustion.

 I hate to disturb them but her BP is still a bit low for my liking. We’ll need to continue pushing fluids. 

 "Hi there. Me again,” I smile apologetically. “Baby boy has joined y’all, I see?“ 

 "Yea, I uh, I wanted him to be here when she woke up.“ 

 I don’t comment that she may very well be out for the next 12 hours or so.

 "Well, the nurses fed him I’m sure, so you should have a few peaceful hours. They mostly just sleep and eat at this stage. And poop.” I chuckle, but the joke falls flat. 

 I need to make sure the baby’s nurse comes back for a diaper check. This guy isn’t ready.  I note the various monitors and change her bag. 

 "Would you like to hold him?“ That gets him to look right at me, with an unidentifiable expression.  He looks over at the bassinet, back to me and his mouth opens, but nothing comes out. He’s blinking furiously.  Bless. Indecision and panic are clear as day in his eyes. But something else, too. He looks…guilty. It’s the strangest thing. I can sense that he wants to hold the baby but feels unworthy.

 He lowers his chin to his chest, pauses and swallows. “Um…no… I… I don’t want to wake him.“  All of my maternal inclinations are screaming at me to hug this poor boy, who isn’t a boy at all. I tamp down the urge, and decide instead to turn my attention to the baby.

 I lean over the to take a glance. They’ve got the room fairly warm so he’s loosely swaddled in addition to a hospital issued t-shirt and diaper. His arms curled above his head, snoozing away. He smells of clean laundry and lavender baby shampoo. What a cutie. Just a dusting of strawberry blonde hair, long lashes of the same shade. He’s got his daddy’s chin. I watch his lips and cheeks mimicking the age-old suckling reflex. Oh heavens. I do miss this. "You won’t, don’t worry. Babies love to be held.  He might even sleep sounder that way.”

 Again he swallows. I won’t push.  

 "Y’all have a name picked out?“ I want to make friendly conversation, because I feel like this guy could use a friend, but mostly I want to leave. I feel awkward and oddly intrusive. Something about his room feels holy and sacred in a way I haven’t encountered before. And I’m trespassing.

 He blinks. As if the idea just occurred to him. "Um, no. No not yet.”

 "Well, never mind that. No hurry. He’s just precious,” I hug my clipboard to my chest and flash a nurturing southern grin, “Congratulations.“ Lord what a drawl. My accent really does get worse at night, especially deep into a shift. But I do mean that, wholeheartedly.  Oh, get ready I think. This love is like no other. 

 His eyes flit over to the baby, who’s begun to stir and whimper and then glances up at me, alarmed. I walk over and place my hand on the tiny human’s rapidly rising and falling belly, and place a firm but gentle pressure there. I lightly jiggle and ‘shhhh…’ softly. He settles instantly and resumes his slumber.

I feel dad’s eyes on me. Yes, he loves this baby. Suddenly the man’s paternal instincts are almost palpable.  And yet he holds back.  I smile over at him again, reassuringly. “See? Nothing to it, “ with a wink. No need for any hardcore parenting truths right now.

 As I gather my things and wish him a good night, tell him I’ll be back in a couple of hours to recheck her vitals but I’ll try not to wake them, in case he wants to rest his eyes for a while.  Something tells me he won’t.

He thanks me routinely and I turn to walk out. At the threshold of the door I hear the plastic of the chair crack and I turn around, wondering if he needs anything.  His attention isn’t on me, but the baby, walking over to the clear bassinet and peering over. He hasn’t touched him yet, only gazes down at the newborn with earnest curiosity that quickly blooms into boundless wonder, and finally, an expression of such heartbreaking devotion that I feel my eyes begin to burn and a lump lodges behind my throat. I freeze. He gently mimics, exactly, his movements from earlier. He strokes the baby’s face, no hair to move but along side his cherubic cheek just the same. Then places a finger in the baby’s palm, which instinctually grips his father’s outstretched digit. He leans close, so carefully close, and places an impossibly soft kiss on the tiny hand, lips trembling.

 “Hi.” He mouths.

 His face begins to crumple slightly and he gathers his entire bottom lip in his teeth, desperately trying to contain what’s so obviously a flood of emotion.

“Hi.” He says again, now a strained, high pitched whisper.

Feeling like an interloper,  I make my exit as quietly as I can and scurry down the hallway.

 The whys and how’s of their appearance at this lonely small town facility are inconsequential, really. They are just parents now. New parents. With vast, phenomenal, uncharted waters lying ahead of them. And yet, something tells me they are well equipped for such territory. Call it experience, call it optimism, call it hope, call it what you will.

{Good luck you two}, I think, walking toward my station and yearning for my shift to end so as to return to my own two sleeping babies at home. 



Unfinished Symphony

Suits100 prompt #71 - Harvey finds a letter from his father.

(Main) Pairing / Character - Mike Ross/Harvey Specter

Gifset by @loyalty2waystreet

Writing by @novemberhush

Word count - 3,654

Thanks to the amazingly talented, wonderfully supportive and endlessly caring @loyalty2waystreet for surprising me with this gorgeous gifset at a time when my motivation was waning. I absolutely love it! It really inspired me to keep going and I’m sure you will all agree with me when I say how beautiful it is.

Thanks also to Aqua and Erin for undertaking to organise the Suits100 event in the first place, and to whoever originally submitted this particular prompt. I hope what I’ve done with it doesn’t disappoint you too much!

He had first found the letter when he’d went to clear out his father’s place in the weeks after his death. It was a rented apartment, the family home having been sold off following the divorce and the proceeds divided between Gordon and Lily. Harvey could easily have kept the place on, but it had never meant anything more to Gordon than a place to hang his hat and rest his head. It had never been ‘home’ to either him or his eldest son and Harvey therefore held no attachment to it. All he cared about was the parts of his father it housed.

The record collection that had inspired Harvey’s own and which was even more extensive. His saxophone and other varied instruments. All the memorabilia commemorating a life soaked in music. Photos, ticket stubs, posters. The hat his father swore had been given to him by Thelonius Monk himself. These were the things Harvey cared about. Not the four walls that surrounded them.

Gordon’s will had been straightforward enough. All his money was split evenly between Harvey and Marcus, except for a few small bequests here and there to a handful of old friends and charities close to his heart. As for everything else, well, there were some items of sentimental value left to Marcus. Their grandfather’s watch, for example. (Harvey didn’t mind in the slightest. It wasn’t to his taste and he’d always hated the old buzzard anyway.)

There were a few other things, but the bulk of it, mostly musical in nature, went to Harvey. Marcus raised no objections, never having shared his father and brother’s love of music.

And so Harvey had found himself spending a weekend packing up his late father’s belongings, all his worldly goods, the mementos of a life, tucked away safely in boxes to be transported to Harvey’s condo. Donna had offered to help, Marcus and Jessica too, but this was something Harvey had felt he needed to do alone. Which meant there was no one there to witness him stumbling across the envelope in the desk drawer, addressed to himself in his father’s flowing handwriting. No one to hear the way his breath caught in his throat or see how his hand shook. To glimpse the tears he blinked back.

He sat there for a full half hour, just staring at it as if he could divine its contents without actually opening it, but eventually he’d carefully peeled it open and extracted the letter inside. The letter that began:-

To my dear son, Harvey,

Hey, kid. If you’re reading this then you’ve either been snooping in my desk or I’ve gone to the great Blue Note Café in the sky without telling you all the things I should have told you when I still had the chance, all the things I’ve put in this letter. And as you were never much one for snooping I’m guessing it’s not looking too good for your old man right about now…

And that was as far as he got before the tears refused to be blinked back any longer and the dam broke. The letter was put back in its envelope, never read beyond the first paragraph, once he was all cried out. Whatever his father wanted to tell him, Harvey wasn’t ready to hear. He wasn’t ready to hear what he felt sure was his father’s final goodbye to him.

Life went on. Harvey’s career flourished even as his personal life became one long string of meaningless encounters with anonymous strangers and the occasional hook-up with Scottie whenever she was in town. The firm was his unit, Jessica his general and Donna his trusted second-in-command. Louis was Forrest Gump. With less gumption. Harvey didn’t see what more he could need.

And then one day another anonymous stranger walked into a hotel suite, dropped a briefcase full of weed at his feet and soon Harvey didn’t know how he’d survived this long without him.

Now, six years later, that blue-eyed stranger was no longer a stranger, but Harvey’s loyal lieutenant and junior partner in the firm. Mike Ross, ex-con, attorney at law and all-round bleeding heart. He’d also just taken it upon himself to pack up Harvey’s old office and transfer everything into his new one, recently vacated by Jessica, apparently. Or at least that was the only explanation Harvey could come up with for why he came to be standing in what he could have sworn was still his office, looking around and wondering just what in the hell had happened to it and all his things.

“Mike, what the fuc-”

“Relax, Harvey, your stuff is fine. I just moved it all into your new office, seeing as you were never gonna get around to it, so I could take possession of mine.”

“If there’s so much as one scratch on any of my records, rookie…”

“I know, I know, you’ll feed me to the fishes, yadda yadda yadda,” Mike said, rolling his eyes with a smirk and leaving Harvey nostalgic for the good old days when he could intimidate the kid with a single look.

Before he could try out any more threats, though, Mike reached into his inside jacket pocket and produced an envelope.

“By the way, I found this when I was packing up your records. It fell out of the sleeve of one of them. Thought it might be important.”

He held the envelope out for Harvey to inspect, but he didn’t need to look to know what it was. His father’s letter. Hidden away inside one of his favourite records, never forgotten, but pushed to the back of Harvey’s mind along with all the other things he didn’t want to deal with. Like his feelings for the man sitting in front of him. The engaged to someone else man sitting in front of him, Harvey reminded himself. But one emotional crisis at a time, right?

“It is important,” Harvey croaked, voice suddenly thick. When he didn’t elaborate further Mike cocked an eyebrow at him as if to say Go on, I’m listening.

With a sigh, Harvey gingerly took the letter, staring down once again at the familiar handwriting.

“It’s a letter my father left for me,” he murmured. “I found it among his things after he died.”

Mike’s eyebrows shot up. “Jesus. That must’ve … Christ, I mean, I bawled my eyes out when Father Walker gave me one of my old childhood books that my parents had written a message in for me, but this … he left you this, knowing he’d be gone when you read it. That must’ve been pretty intense, finding it like that.”

“Yeah,” Harvey agreed.


Silence fell between them then, but Harvey knew Mike well enough to know that mind of his was far from silent.

“Spit it out, Mike. I know you’re dying to know. It’s okay, you can ask.”

Mike hesitated for a second, an aborted denial hovering on his lips, before giving in to his innate curiosity.

“What’s it say?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t get beyond the first paragraph,” Harvey replied, a wry smile on his own lips.

“What?? Why not? Come on, it can’t have been that bad. Loving parents - and by all accounts that’s what your dad was - don’t leave their kids letters telling them how disappointed they were in them or how they never wanted them to begin with. They tell you how much they love you and how proud they are of you. Why wouldn’t you want to read that?”

Harvey shrugged. “I didn’t always give him reason to be proud of me.”

“Bullshit!” The vehemence in Mike’s voice startled Harvey, causing him to jerk his head up and stare at Mike as intently as he’d been staring at the envelope.

“You can’t seriously think your dad left you a list of all your faults and misdemeanours, Harvey, come on.”

“No, I know, you’re right, it’s stupid. I guess I … I …”

“You weren’t ready to say goodbye.”

As usual Mike had cut straight to the heart of him in a way only he could.


“Are you ready now?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready. I know it’s a letter, but this feels like the last conversation I’ll ever have with him.”

“Maybe. But I’d lay odds on it being one you’ll feel better for having.”

“You think so?”

“I do. And you wanna know something else? I’m jealous of you right now.”

Harvey’s forehead creased in confusion. “Jealous? Why the hell would you be jealous?”

“Because I’d give almost anything for one more conversation with my mom or my dad or Grammy. This is a gift, Harvey. Open it.”

Nodding, Harvey did just that, but stopped as Mike got up and began to walk away.

“Where are you going? Aren’t you going to stay? Don’t you want to know what it says?”

“Yeah, and you can tell me when you’re ready. If you want to, that is. But this is a conversation between you and your father and it should be a private one. I’ll be at McGinty’s nursing a whiskey. There’ll be a glass waiting for you if you want to talk afterwards. Or not. We can just sit and drink. But right now it’s father/son time and I don’t want to intrude on that.” He strolled towards the door, turning before he left to add with a smirk, “Besides, I’m pretty sure your pride can’t handle me seeing you cry like Louis after sex.”

Harvey returned the smirk with one of us own. “And how do you know Louis cries after sex, rookie?”

“Please. It’s Louis. Of course he cries after sex. And before. And durin-”

“Okay, okay,” Harvey interrupted, rolling his eyes. “Just have the scotch ready, wiseass.”

“Aye, aye, Captain,” Mike retorted, standing to attention and saluting.

Harvey huffed a laugh before a thought struck him. “Hey, not that I don’t appreciate it, but it’s late enough as it is. Won’t Rachel mind you dragging me to some faux Irish bar to sit around drinking cheap scotch all night while the patrons get misty-eyed and sing songs about the homeland while you try to get me to spill my guts?”

Mike stilled, the smile faltering on his face before falling away completely.

“No, Rachel won’t mind. She won’t even know. She’s staying at her parents’ place for a while. We, ah … we’ve decided to take some time out from our relationship.”

“What?? Since when?”

“Since I suggested we postpone the wedding. Again.”

“Mike, I … I don’t know what to say.” Well, that wasn’t strictly true. His heart had a few suggestions. Like, Please tell me it’s over for good. And, Tell me you don’t love her. Or, Am I the reason you keep postponing the wedding? Please say yes. But something stopped him from saying any of that. Harvey told himself it was his honour, because wishing the end of someone’s relationship was almost as bad as physically interfering in it, but he suspected at least part of it was cowardice. He didn’t want to hurt Rachel, true, but he didn’t want to risk Mike’s rejection either.

“You don’t have to say anything, Harvey. It’s on me. I’m the one who can’t commit to her.”

“Why not?” Harvey asked, the words out of his mouth before he could stop them. His heart applauded even as the rest of him quivered with fear. The question hung heavy in the air between them and Harvey fell back on his favourite fail-safe to defuse the tension - humour.

“What? You get a better offer or something?”

Mike didn’t crack a smile. He didn’t laugh. He didn’t even blink. He just stood there and looked at Harvey, long and hard, a searching, scrutinising look on his face that left Harvey feeling stripped bare.

“Not yet,” he finally replied, voice low and hoarse. And with that he was gone, leaving Harvey with more questions than answers. He suddenly wished he had that drink in his hand already. That thought reminded him that he already had something in his hand. His father’s letter. Foregoing the scotch for now, he sank into the nearest chair, took a deep breath, and began reading.

To my dear son, Harvey,

Hey, kid. If you’re reading this then you’ve either been snooping in my desk or I’ve gone to the great Blue Note Café in the sky without telling you all the things I should have told you when I still had the chance, all the things I’ve put in this letter. And as you were never much one for snooping I’m guessing it’s not looking too good for your old man right about now…

I’m sorry to do this to you, son. I should have told you all these things face to face, but somehow I never got around to it, and now the doc is telling me my old ticker ain’t doing too good and it feels like there’s so much to say that I don’t know where to begin.

First things first, I suppose, so let’s get the obvious out of the way. At least, I hope it’s obvious. I love you, Harvey. And I’m proud of you. I’m so, so proud of you. I think you know that. Jesus, I hope you know that. I hope I told you that enough when I was alive. I hoped it showed in everything I did and said when we were together. I think you know. I think you know.

Secondly, it wasn’t your fault, you know. You know what I’m talking about. Your mother’s infidelity. I know that as far as the rest of the world is concerned you appear to lay all the blame for the break-up of our marriage at your mother’s door, but you don’t fool me. I see the little boy, hiding behind his anger, using it as a shield to deflect attention away from the fact that he wonders if it was his fault, wonders if he did something to drive her to it. You didn’t. It. Wasn’t. Your. Fault. There was nothing you did to cause it and nothing you could have done to prevent it. You were a child when it started. Hell, for all I know it started before you were even born. But I do know this - it was not your fault. Okay? You didn’t make her cheat. Get that through that goddamn head of yours.

And stop beating yourself up about being the one to tell me about it, too. Truth is, I think I always knew, deep down. I just didn’t want to admit it. I knew your mother was unhappy and I turned away and pretended not to see. Because I was afraid of losing her. I loved her, and I wanted her to be happy, and she wasn’t. And that made me feel like a failure. But instead of letting her go, I clung on. I told myself it would be okay. If we could only make it to Thanksgiving we’d be okay. Or to Christmas. Or your birthday. Or our next anniversary. But I was kidding myself. When you love someone, and they don’t love you back, it’s never  okay. It’s soul destroying. But keeping someone tied to you when you know they’d rather be free, that’s killing the person you love, slowly but surely. A little part of your mother died with every passing year and I did nothing to stop it. I did nothing to help her.

I pretended that all she needed was a little space from time to time. So I agreed to tour with anyone who asked me. I told myself that she missed me as much as I missed her when I was on the road. But her voice on the other end of the line was always cold when I called. Except when we talked about you and Marcus. She always loved you two. Her beautiful boys, she called you. You remember that? Her beautiful boys. But you were mine, too. My beautiful, proud, stubborn, hard-headed boys.

But it’s that pride and stubbornness and hard-headedness that has me worried now. (Not about Marcus. I know he’ll be all right. He has Katie and your mom and if anything good came from him being sick before it was that it taught him it’s okay to reach out to people when you need them. You, though, I’m afraid the only thing you’ll reach for is the scotch.)

You see, I’ve been talking to your mother. Her and Bobby both. I should have told you that. I should have told you it was all right to forgive her. To love her. But I was scared. Scared you’d think me weak for forgiving her. Scared I’d lose your respect. But it wasn’t fair to either of you. Maybe nothing I said would have made a difference, but I could have tried. So much time you’ve lost. Time you could have spent repairing your relationship. And now I’m gone and you’re going to need someone, Harvey. And if not your mother, who?

I know you won’t lean on Marcus. You take your role of big brother far too seriously to allow you to do that. There’s Jessica and Donna, and even Louis, of course. But you won’t open up to them. You won’t let them see you weak, even though they’d never judge you for it. And you know I like Scottie, but you need someone who does more than just challenge you, Harvey. You need someone you can let yourself be weak around. Someone you don’t have to appear strong to all the time. But to do that you’d need to let someone in, and that doesn’t come easy to you, kid. I guess you can blame your mother and me for that. You heard me talk about our great love so many times, and you saw the truth of that love, how it only went one way, and now you doubt it could ever be any other way. But it can, Harvey. It can. You just have to be open to it.

And here’s the thing. If I had it to do all over again, I would. If I could go back in time to that first night we met, I wouldn’t change a thing. I would still ask her if I could take her home. I wouldn’t walk away. I wouldn’t know how to. Because I don’t regret your mother, I could never regret her. And not just because she gave me you boys (although, of course, I’d never give you up for the world). I’m not good with words, but I’ll try to explain.

Before Lily most people were just … white noise. There’d been other women before her, but they were nothing more than background music. Easy listening. Safe, comfortable, predictable. But Lily, oh, she was a blues song and a country ballad. Soul and jazz and gospel. She was rock and roll and she was Beethoven’s Fifth. She was ‘Ode to Joy’ sung by choirs of angels. My lullaby. My national anthem. My requiem. She was it all. She still is.

Some people are their own magnus opus. A great work in and off themselves. I think your mother is one of those people. But most of us are works in progress. Unfinished symphonies just waiting for the right one to come along and complete them. Your mother completed me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t return the favour. She didn’t need me to.

You pretend you’re one of the ones who truly don’t need anyone else to come along and help them compose their life’s song, Harvey, and maybe you even believe it. But I know better. I know you. You’re the sweetest tune I ever produced, kid, but you’re an unfinished symphony. And somewhere out there there’s someone with all the right notes. You just gotta find them, and when you do - let them in.

Maybe it’ll be love at first sight, like me with your mother. Maybe it’ll take a little longer. But you’ll know it’s them when you find yourself breaking every rule you ever made for yourself. I swore I’d never fall for a groupie, but five minutes with your mother and I was already planning the proposal.

I would have went anywhere with her, put her above everyone I’d ever known, given up my life for her. Hell, I’d have even given up music for her if she’d asked me to. When you find someone you’d give it all up for, you’ll know. And you’ll understand why I never stopped loving your mother. It was beyond my power to do so. But even if I could’ve, I wouldn’t. Because your mother was the most beautiful song I ever heard and no matter how it ended I wouldn’t have missed a single note for anything.

You’ve never been afraid of anything in your life, son. Don’t start now. Don’t be afraid of loving someone. Life’s too short, take it from me.

I love you, Harvey. Never doubt it.

All my love,


Harvey let the letter drop to the desk in front of him as the silent tears that had been threatening to fall all through his reading of it finally found release. For maybe the first time in his life he understood what people meant when they said crying could be cathartic.

When he had pulled himself together enough to talk he didn’t even hesitate as he reached for his phone and hit Mike’s number. His dad was right. He was Harvey goddamn Specter and he’d never been afraid of anything in his life. He wasn’t going to start now.

“Mike? Hey, listen - how soon can you get to my place? The scotch is better there and I have an offer I’d like to run by you…”

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hello new friend please talk to me about rebecca/nathaniel from CEG


i’m high key in r/n mode right now. i’ve watched ‘josh is the man of my dreams, right?’ an embarrassing number of times in the last week (like…at least once a day help i have a sickness)

aaaaaaaaaannnyyyway, this means i have a lot of thoughts. let’s go chronologically!

  • first of all, their instant attraction to each other (and i don’t even mean ‘let’s have intercourse’ type attraction necessarily – more like the way they’re drawn to each other in general) fills my heart. nathaniel’s known rebecca for, like, five minutes before he starts being jealous and snarky about josh
  • and let’s talk about josh…nathaniel’s introduction happens during the episode where josh and rebecca get together for real for the first time in the series. they have a legit, both-people-understand-this-is-a-committed-relationship relationship and it’s EXTREMELY new. yet, rebecca practically isn’t paying any attention to josh because nathaniel is the only thing on her radar.
  • sure there’s the whole ‘my friends could get fired and i need to help them’ angle, but also? when she’s in bed with josh all she can talk about is nathaniel himself and how he’s dumb and plays water polo etc. so part of her fixation is definitely about the man and not just about the situation.
  • moving on to the next episode, they only have one scene together, but nathaniel’s still jealous and definitely bending over backward to get her approval/attention. (pls see this gifset for an absurd thing he says to her in their one scene and its hilarious implications)
  • more importantly, though, this episode is full of hints at their similar issues. binge eating when upset. unhealthy relationships with parents. how deep their misery goes once you break away bits of the front they put up.
  • so by the time we get to ‘josh is the man of my dreams, right?’ these two have a really interesting connection that’s bubbling beneath the surface. it’s barely been touched on, but there’s something there
  • which, of course, EXPLODES when we get to see their chemistry. everything from the interested-in-your-boobs stare to ‘i like to saturate the wood’ to the way they slowly inch closer together when they’re sitting on the elevator floor crackles with that chemistry. it’s SO GOOD. honestly, i can never be very articulate about it because it just works for me. there is no way to explain you just gotta *gestures at this episode* LOOK at them. don’t you feel it???
  • and we definitely have to talk about ‘let’s have intercourse’ because i love the choreography so much. it’s suggestive, but never in a vulgar way. it’s all so pretty and i’m 100% about that #aesthetic
  • PLUS (this the last thing i have to say about this episode…….for now) have you ever seen a man YEARN so obviously as nathaniel plimpton the third when rebecca tells him she’s getting married in two weeks and he sTARES OFF AFTER HER?? 
  • i swear his expression is torture
  • ugh, wait, one last thing - THAT KISS
  • okay so now we’re up to ‘is josh free in two weeks?’ and WHOO BOY i am here to tell you that this episode almost knocks out ‘josh is the man of my dreams, right?’ as my favorite rebecca/nathaniel episode. IT’S THAT GOOD
  • first we have (sad, unstable) rebecca casually referring to nathaniel  as ‘foine’
  • but more importantly there’s the scene where nathaniel’s trying to do work and he just…can’t focus because all his brain has to offer is rebeccarebeccarebecca. he’s suffering and i LOVE IT. especially because he’s so lost in thoughts of rebecca that he talks to himself out loud in his office and then seems so shaken? it’s incredible how rattled he is to feel something for her
  • and not just a sexy something! the fact that ‘i never even wash my hands’ makes it into his flashback montage and not, idk, rebecca on top of him reads to me like he’s just as attracted to her ability and professional acumen as he is to her heavy boobs (dense like dying stars)
  • i’m gonna let my tags about THIS SCENE do all the talking because i have nothing else to add a.klbnsd;glb
  • just kidding, i will repeat one thing: he wanted to see her so bad
  • AND THEN much later in the episode, he’s the one she chooses to open up to about her dad not coming to the wedding and how that hurts her feelings.
  • what does nathaniel do with this information? HE GETS HER DAD TO FUCKING SHOW UP i’m-
  • please enjoy this gifset of them hugging
  • while we’re on the topic of the hug, can we talk about his surprised smile and the fact that nathaniel probably hasn’t received many hugs, like, at all?
  • which brings us to the season finale. their moments are few and far between, but they say a lot….mostly about nathaniel. rebecca has other shit going on.
  • anyway, nathaniel coming to her rehearsal and all but begging for rebecca’s attention? again, he’s suffering and i LIVE FOR IT
  • and finally!! the solidarity he shows for her when he won’t give her dad his plane and calls him a dick!!! he is on her side 100% and lsdkfnb;dsgl SEASON THREE IS GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE 

that, um, got out of hand but i have one last thing. if you like fic, i have written this one-shot here.

and i’m in the process of writing what will probably be a three-part little thing and there are plans to include some classic bed sharing so…get hyped!

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I was wondering if you had any thoughts on Mick Rory's speech patterns? (If you've already answered this in another post then sorry!). In particular I think (at least I've noticed it once or twice) that he sometimes doesn't use contractions and as a result the sentence comes out a little awkwardly (ex: in his first episode he says "what *are* you talking about" instead of "what're" and the result stresses the word "are" a bit) Idk, it could just be the actor's way of talking?

Mick Rory’s speech patterns are a fucking nightmare to parse. Honestly. I’ve been trying to pin them down since The Flash season 1 and they’re a goddamn moving target. A big part of why is because they changed his speech patterns for Legends (along with his characterization, a little bit, and Len’s). 

Dominic Purcell has also said in an interview that he didn’t hit his stride with Mick until they were filming the first Legends’ episode, and that’s when he really came to understand the character and when it fell naturally into place. So that’s bound to have affected his speech patterns some. It also doesn’t help that his accent occasionally drops and his Australian side slips out (I always laugh when it happens; it’s been happening more on this season of Legends).

But okay. This got crazy freaking long so I’m putting it under a cut. 

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After seeing some sorting headcanons that I found blatantly inaccurate, I decided to make my own post about it and you can find the gifset here with quotes to illustrate my sorting headcanons. In addition to that, here’s a short explanation for each character.

Leslie Knope: Gryffindor

I think Leslie might be a hatstall because she has characteristics of several houses, but in the end, I’d sort her in Gryffindor over Slytherin because she never seems completely fine with her sneaking around. She doesn’t really like having to use these methods in politics, see her conflicts against Jamm. She likes a good life of doing her absolute best, of helping people around her, of defending people she loves. I think it’s very easy to sort the bravest lady of the show in the house of the brave.

April Ludgate: Hufflepuff

April is an extremely loyal person, that’s literally one of the characteristics Donna gives when she describes her spirit dog: she is fiercely loyal to her pack. She also expects the same in return and gets awfully mad when she feels slighted on that regards. April values kindness and generally helps people a lot more than she gets credit for (see my April Ludgate positivity project for some examples of that), for exemple listing up her friends for all sorts of prizes and awards and hooking them up with hot people. She’s also been shown to have a strong sense of justice.

Ann Perkins: Gryffindor

I could have put Ann in Hufflepuff as well because she’s a very loyal friend and she can be open-minded, but in the end, looking at the whole of her storylines, I think that what stands out for Ann is her evolution into a much more self-possessed lady, someone who takes no shit. Think of Ann in season 1. Would that Ann have decided to have a baby on her own and to move to a completely different state and to make a whole new life? I think Ann learned to be more brave, to take more risks, even when she needed some help, and that’s why I put her in Gryffindor. Also she’s a total badass.

Andy Dwyer: Hufflepuff

Next question, please? Andy is a huge puppy of love and kindness and tolerance and loyalty. He never has a bad word to say about anyone, he’s always the first one to help even without anything in return, he’s the best husband ever, and he loves eating and being a homebody. He’s 100% Hufflepuff, through and through.

Ben Wyatt: Ravenclaw

I’m not denying here that Ben is brave, or ambitious, or loyal, but what stands out to me is that Ben always values knowledge. For the Harvest Festival, he was their “numbers guy”. He always corrects people when they make mistakes, even tiny ones (“that’s not how respect is spelled”, etc.). He is known to stare into the camera incredulously when someone says something either completely out there, or inaccurate. He’s very down-to-earth which, in my mind, is a certain type of Ravenclaw, the ones who are here to learn and who are serious and boring.

Ron Swanson: Hufflepuff

I don’t think there’s any other house for him. Ron is the absolute picture of Hufflepuff. If Andy represents the bubbly quirky Hufflepuff, Ron is the reliable serious Hufflepuff. He works hard at work worth doing (woodworking, for example), he is extremely reliable, he shows a great deal of kindness towards the (few) people he loves, he is actually pretty tolerant (what with being obsessed with personal liberties, he’ll accept a lot of things as simply a matter of choice), he’s also very loyal. Look at how heartbroken and upset he was when Leslie and him didn’t function properly. Ron is totally a badger, guys.

Donna Meagle: Gryffindor

I’ve seen people sort Donna into Slytherin a lot, and while I can see that, because she definitely has personal ambitions, I think Gryffindor fits better. Donna lives her life to the fullest with little thought about the consequences. She’s extremely daring, as seen through her atypical dating life. She has a very high self confidence and should be a role model for us all.

Chris Traeger: Hufflepuff

Chris is by far the most positive person on this show and it really shows. He is just a huge bundle of kindness, open-mindedness, tolerance, fairness and hard work. He works hard at what helps other people, he is always there to support his friends but has a strong set of morals (justice is part of Hufflepuff’s house traits). Chris is very selfless and supportive, which fits very well into the Hufflepuff mindset, too. 

Tom Haverford: Slytherin

Tom is sneaky, cunning, he has no limits as to how far he’s ready to go to achieve his goals. He is extremely ambitious and has no problem stepping on other people sometimes. He can manipulate people like no other and loves gaining personal power and fame. I frankly don’t see how you could sort him in any other house.

Garry Gergich: Hufflepuff

Garry is really kind of like Andy. He’s loyal to his loved ones, he’s always ready to help. He is also very open-minded, a doting father and husband. You can always count on him, he’ll do all the mindless work. Have you counted how many times Garry is just there, helping, with no retribution? That man is a model of kindness for all of us. He just likes a simple life with a loving family in a peaceful environment. He is badger through and through.

fandoms and addiction

this post is specifically about the graceland fandom but just to be clear all fandoms are shit and this can apply to any show/movie/etc where a character struggles with addiction, so listen up please

how the graceland fandom treated mike warren’s drug addiction will never cease to downright baffle me. everyday i see people reblog my gifsets with tags such as:

and i really have to say, as a former “scruffy druggie”/”pill head”/”junkie,” all this is getting pretty old for me. when mike’s storyline first started, i was excited because i love mike and i was finally going to see a great character that i relate to a lot go through the exact same thing i had and i knew the show would handle it well (and it did; in fact, mike’s addiction is the best handled addiction storyline i’ve ever seen in anything), but how the fandom treated mike during and after this storyline really shocked me. i can not tell you how annoying (and frankly, sometimes triggering) it is for me to constantly see stuff like “lmao whose fault is this mike” and “see what happens when you do drugs?” and “mike warren: the ultimate bad boy doing drugs” (as if he wanted to be like this??) and even just dealing with urls like @savemikewarrennfromhimself2k15​ and @mikewarrensjunkieeyes reblogging and liking my stuff. here i thought we were past the basics of blatant violent ableism (such as victim blaming, slurs, and mocking), and then there’s the entire aspect of how sexualized mike’s addiction is (more on that later)

so i guess what i need to do for this fandom (and anyone who happens to be reading this) is to set up some guidelines/basic manners on how to talk about a character struggling with addiction, since nobody seems to know that yet:

  1. don’t call him a junkie/addict/pill head/etc. if you have never struggled with addiction, you don’t get to use those words. people who have struggled with addiction can use that if they want to as a way of reclaiming the word, but not you; they are not your words to use. you say “a person with a substance abuse problem” or “a person struggling with addiction” if you need to refer to them in that context. read up more on how not to dehumanize people 101 if that’s a concept you struggle with
  2. it is not his fault. none of it. addiction is a mental illness, and mike was already canonically neurodivergent before s3. nobody sets out like “you know what i really want to do? I think i’ll become addicted to painkillers. that sounds like a fun thing to do. i don’t know why more people don’t go get addicted to drugs.” mike literally says that he only kept taking the pills because he wanted to get back in the field but he was still in a lot of pain after his near death experience and then he felt so ashamed of himself later on when he knew he had a problem but couldn’t stop himself, because without the pills he couldn’t function. and yet, for weeks i had to watch the fandom making fun of him, because something about that is hilarious
  3. here’s a post where tumblr user @mcreary tags a gifset of mike during the scene where his coworkers hold an intervention: “#mike was so shitty this entire ep” while the only things he did in the episode were: crushing and smoking oxy and blacking out for two days, going through withdraw and being humiliated in a big intervention in front of all his coworkers (including the person that tried to have him killed), and then sobbingly apologizing to his friend when she calls him out for using and says “this isn’t what you want with your life. you never let anything beat you. what are you doing?” if you want to know why i especially have a problem with that tag, refer back to #2 and consider the fact that withdraw feels like your skin is peeling from the inside out and makes you say stuff you don’t mean because you’re simultaneously dealing with the shame and self-hatred of knowing you’re addicted (similar to the shame and self-hatred involved with an intervention), the physical agony of it, and an actual mental illness that affects the chemistry of your brain in addition to the pills that affect the chemistry of your brain
  4. we know that mike is a child abuse survivor, that his father was an alcoholic, and that he has ADHD. all three (abuse, family history of addiction, and neurodivergence) are known to make people more susceptible to drug addiction, plus after everything mike goes through he keeps taking the medication (and then self-medicates) because “i just needed to get back to work. i needed to stay upright.” and yet. for weeks people just made fun of him, because it’s just a common, okay thing to hate people that vulnerable
  5. now: the sexualization of mike’s addiction. i get it, everybody thinks aaron tveit is hot with a beard. i understand, i really do. however, there are other ways of expressing that than calling mike ableist slurs or referring to his “hobo junkie trash aesthetic.” and as far as the simultaneous infantilization and sexualization of mike (“oh my poor baby” and “junkie mike is so hot” coinciding so often), mike is a grown (neurodivergent) man. neurodivergent people already deal with being treated like children and like we can’t take care of ourselves without you jumping in wanting to baby him and “save him from himself.” also please stop referring to aaron tveit with a beard his “hobo look.” homelessness and drug addiction are not aesthetics for you to exploit
  6. i’m not even going to get into the fact that half this fandom still ships mike with paige, the person who: psychologically and physically abuses him, threatens and manipulates him, tries to make him have sex with their superior so he can get that superior to give paige something she wants, is directly responsible for his almost-death, shoves him to the ground a few days after that murder attempt doesn’t quite work but he’s still in pain and in recovery, and repeatedly makes fun of him for “going crazy” during his addiction/when he’s desperately trying to understand why he’s still alive when he thinks he doesn’t deserve it

in conclusion: please stop infantilizing, objectifying, blaming, and making fun of mike for his addiction. i know that nobody, especially fandom, cares about addicts (or male abuse victims…), but please try not to make your hatred so blatant


Arrow + Olicity + song lyrics  
Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Val’s choice of song) listen to the song [ here ]
especially made for my beautiful sugar princess: olicityalways

For all of the Olicity shippers out there, you can find the first gifset I made [ here ]

Before my followers end up having a heart attack and thinking I’ve swapped ships that’s not the case here - I would quickly just like to point out to all of my lovely followers and everybody who’s part of the Arrow fandom that I am 100% a diehard Lauriver shipper, always and forever.

Although, a sweet friend of mine, olicityalways who I’ve been following for a while now has been going through a really difficult time and words can’t explain how truly upset I am for her. I can’t offer much since it’s a really painful experience, but what I wanted to do was at least give Val some sort of happiness in her life. Val is honestly such a heart of gold along with many of my other lovely ladies I know here.

Oliver and Felicity make Val happier than ever, and because I already knew this I sent her a quick little message telling her that I’d make her an Olicity gifset with a theme of her choice. Val came up with two ideas, one: A Fifty Shades Of Grey AU that’s based strictly on Olicity, secondly: A gifset that includes lyrics from the song “Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do” Since I have enough time on my hands I decided to make both gifsets for Val.

This is not something I would normally do, but as a giffer I tend to stay neutral with what I gif in general. I can pretty much gif any character/pairing/setting if I put my mind to it. I know all of my amazing followers are so wonderful, and I’m not pointing fingers out to anybody here, but to the entire Arrow fandom I’d really REALLY appreciate it if you don’t cause shipping wars on a gifset that I made for a dear friend who’s going through a hard time. Please don’t lower yourself to the hate and be kind to Val because she’s honestly as sweet as sugar.

I will tag Olicity as part of this post, and #olicityedit because at the end of the day these are two brand new gifs that each and every one of you will probably love, so please don’t feel I’m just claiming your tag with these two gifsets. That’s never my intention, I’m just staying friendly, supporing a friend and posting a gifset in the tags appropriate.

If you delete my captions to this post, I can’t stop you, that’s out my control - but fair warning that this is the only time I’m putting this message out on the post. I won’t be repeating myself on why I made these two gifsets.

I really hope you like these two gifsets Val! They’re especially for you. I wish only good things in your life and I truly hope everything you’re dealing with heals in time. You’re such a beautiful soul with a kind heart. Never change babe! <3333

ericusrexlovesartinallforms  asked:

Have you written any Sterek AU bodyguard stories? I like the gifset a lot 😊

I haven’t but here is a little rec list of bodyguard!Derek fics for you :)

All fics are complete.

A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel by lupinus & uraneia (21k, E)

Stiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas. Well, they would have if it was legal.

In which Stiles is the president’s son, Derek is his bodyguard, and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rights.

Or in which uraniea and lupinus combine meeting the Hales, President Papa, waking up married, fake/pretend relationship, First Boy Stiles, and bodyguard Derek into one fic.

Strike Softly (Away from the Body) by qhuinn (35k, E) 

Derek is a bodyguard and Stiles his spoiled, resistant client.

if your color’s blue by HalfFizzbin (1k, Teen)

It’s election day, and America is about to make a choice between the openly-bigoted Governor Argent and the liberal, werewolf-sympathizing Senator Stilinski.

Nowhere Man by 1lostone (76k, E)

When Stiles leaves Beacon Hills, he does it without a backwards glance. For two years he is happy on the other side of the country- until someone targets not only him, but his daughter.

Unfortunately, the asshole bodyguard his dad hired to make sure he gets back home is none other than Derek Hale. And that's really not very good for either of them.

Not the usual form of Payment by Anachanee (99k, E)

John Stilinski has been brutally killed and Stiles Stilinski finds himself thrust to the head of the American branch of the Stilinski Clan at the age of eighteen. The mobster family that operates mainly in central Europe, but had branched out to America with one very talented Claudia Stilinski, who had secured the market of central California (San Francisco, Brentwood, San Jose). She was succeeded by her husband and now her son.

When his enforcer, Isaac, brings him Derek Hale as compensation for his family’s debt, he’s not quite sure what to do. The Hales were a successful family who had worked with the Stilinskis quite successfully over the last decades. Now they are offering their son instead of money. Though Stiles is still learning the ropes of this mob business, he’s pretty sure that THAT’S not normal!

Stiles ends up using Derek as a bodyguard which is probably not what you’re meant to do with a rival family’s son, but Stiles is making this up as he goes. And despite him being a mobster, he still has some dignity left.

(Polly’s note: This one is actually inspired by one of my other AU’s)

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Hello lovely, I would love to hear why you ship Steve/Bucky! I don't really have any ship preferences in Marvel and am sort of feeling out where I want to go

Oh boy. 

*cracks knuckles*

I didn’t consciously choose to ship Steve/Bucky. It just sorta happened. Mostly because I have eyes and ears and I saw Cap1 and Cap2, but anyways—


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Alright, it’s late here, I just finished a 12 hour shift at work, but just to make that clear; people in my ask, I see you, and I feel you. I have a gazillion upset messages about last night’s episode, and I get it. Now, I barely had time to breathe this week, let alone time to watch TV shows, but I figured I could at least take 5 minutes to watch the crucial scene, so that I at least know what I’m talking about when I try to comfort you guys. Also, I know that by now many others have tried to do the same already (comfort you), but seeing as messages have been streaming in all day, apparently some of you still want to talk about it to me specifically.

As for the first issue that seems to be bugging you guys; is it or is it not a reverse crypt scene?

It is. As in; technically, the same rules apply. Cas wasn’t himself when he beat up Dean, Dean is clearly not himself when beating up Cas. People smarter than me (so basically 95% of the world population) have already analyzed this to death, but one of the most accurate posts about this, you can find here [x] (credit to livebloggingmydescentintomadness ) I agree with this post, because even though it wasn’t ideal, it was technically a reverse crypt scene. Minutes before, Dean murdered an innocent kid. Yet five minutes later, he can’t bring himself to kill an angel who is far from innocent, has done wrong in the past, and has ‘betrayed him’ in the present.

And there is the difference; the kid isn’t personal. Dean can’t find himself to care in that moment, because he is caught up in his fury, and he wants revenge. He just acts, he doesn’t feel. But Cas, Cas IS personal. He has to love Cas on some level, otherwise he wouldn’t have hesitated to kill him after the ‘betrayal’, (even if Cas did it because he thought he was helping Dean). But Dean did stop. And here is the thing; I think that people had high expectations for a reverse crypt scene, especially for the dialogue, and the show pretty much let all of us down when it comes to that. But when looking at the basics (pointing you to this gifset [x] ) at the end of the day, Dean stopped. Because Cas asked him to. With a simple ‘please, Dean’. That was what it took. Dean is out of his mind (clearly), but even in this wild early stage of him no longer being able to control the mark, you can already see that killing Cas isn’t that simple for him. He doesn’t kill Cas, basically only because Cas asks him to stop, keeping in mind that Cas doesn’t even fight him. Now where oh where have we seen that before? Would it have been that simple if Cas was just his ‘war buddy’? Considering that Dean just murdered a completely innocent kid, I don’t think so. It took more than just that.

Putting that aside, I got a lot of messages about how this scene is much more cruel than the crypt scene, especially when looking at how things end for Cas. And I agree with all of you, because this is what I have been saying for ages now; The balance in this relationship on the show has been lost for too long. In general, all Cas does is give, give, give, and all Dean does is take, take, take. And so, I can understand why this scene was the final straw for a lot of people. Especially when comparing it to the crypt scene, because there was some sort of resolve there, as in; the connection was broken at once, Dean and Cas have a brief but civilized conversation, and Cas acknowledges that he was in the wrong (albeit out of his control) and heals Dean. But the difference is that the curse isn’t instantly broken in this case, therefore this resolve isn’t there, and a lot of people (me being one of them) are bothered by it, even more so when considering Dean and Cas’ recent history.

From the way Cas talks and acts, there are two things that we can conclude; ONE: He will never take Dean out even though Dean asked him to when he was still in his right mind (also confirmed when Cas doesn’t do anything to hurt Dean when Dean attacks him), and TWO: He’s planning to stick around forever. No matter how bad it gets. No matter how long Dean will live and cause chaos. Cas literally says that he will stick with Dean until the end.

And so I get it, because this is getting pretty much ridiculous. If by this point you still have doubts that Castiel is head over heels in love with Dean Winchester; I am not sure what show you’re watching. Therefore, as a fellow Cas!girl, I get why a lot of you are pissed off. Because Cas is giving his everything for a guy who hasn’t cared for him in ages. Yet he is still here, and his entire existence is being affected by his feelings for Dean. (I’m labeling it ‘feelings’, but if you still want to call those feelings platonic, I’m having a hard time agreeing with you.)

That episode once more proved; he’d die for Dean, and he could never bring himself to hurt Dean, not even for the greater good. Yet he never EVER gets anything in return for his trouble, and I have to agree that it’s unfair, and quite frankly, how the writers are treating Castiel’s character as of late; it’s breaking my heart.

As it’s breaking yours, I can tell from the messages in my inbox, as well as the posts that I see on my dash. If you ask me, some ‘giving back’ from Dean to Cas is way overdue. This scene? It means nothing if Dean doesn’t finally acknowledge all the things that Cas has done for him and has given up for him in the past few years. The MoC story line isn’t finished yet, so if the resolve is delayed because of that; okay, understandable. But if this resolve (and all of Cas’ sacrifices) won’t be addressed yet again, I don’t know what to make of this show (and their relationship) any longer. The Cas we’ve learned to love isn’t dumb. He wouldn’t be as stupid as to keep giving everything for someone who doesn’t give a shit about him.

So if this whole Dean/Cas thing isn’t addressed ASAP, what on earth would still motivate Cas to stick with Dean in season 11? Or 12? Or however many seasons are going to follow? It wouldn’t make any sense, so if Cas doesn’t die in the season finale next week, I honestly wonder how these writers are going to keep avoiding this.

TL;DR I fully understand why this upsets a lot of you, and I agree that (no matter what you make of the scene) you’re upset about how Cas’ character in general is handled. It’s time to bring back the balance, or to let Cas be free from Dean…

S3E13 Intrigue

There’s something about the final scene of the S3 finale that’s been bugging me and I wonder if anyone is up for some discourse about it. The part where Octavia kills Pike, we see her sword go through Pike and Clarke, not once, but twice. 

They show it first when Octavia stabs Pike; the sword goes through him, then Clarke — just Clarke, not Bellamy — while the two are holding each other, out-of-focus, in the background. The second is when Octavia pulls out the sword. This time, Bellamy and Clarke are in focus, but not touching anymore.

This could be: (1) a metaphorical killing of Grounder!Clarke, (2) foreshadowing, but foreshadowing what exactly, I don’t know. OR (3) nothing of value and I’m reaching haha!

BUT I do think the choice to frame the shot this way was not an accident. It happens pretty quickly and we’re most likely focused on the fact that the world is ending and Octavia just murdered Pike. But the first time I watched this episode I was like oooh did they just.

There’s a post by @rosymamacita where she answered the following question from an anon:

When Bob said Bellamy and Octavia’s relationship takes a turn we won’t expect, it got me wondering. Do you think - seeing how Octavia turned against Bellamy - could Octavia ever do something that would make him turn against Octavia (in this case sort of give up on her or something that would turn him away from her?)?


Please tell me they’re not gonna have Octavia attempt to kill Clarke in S4. Maybe just backstab? Because she’ll be with another kru? Then after that, redemption arc for O?

*sigh* I’ll just hold on to Rosy’s words from the aforementioned post: “I think that Octavia will go through her own hell, and we should expect everything painful with that and the Blake siblings, but ultimately, Bellamy still loves her and I think his love will bring her back.”

Since the pilot, the narrative has consistently shown us that the interrelationships between Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia are important. In this GIFset, I made fun of how Bellamy and Clarke seem to be getting closer as the siblings drift apart. But see, Octavia does play a huge part in Bellamy and Clarke’s progressive relationship. She was there for major Bellarke developments (e.g. The Hug™, bonfire scene, Lincoln’s torture and resurrection) and was the reason for some epic Bellarke moments as well (e.g. Mt. Weather irradiation, Hakeldama confrontation). Also, Clarke and Octavia were friends before Bellamy and Clarke were.

Clarke understands that Octavia plays an important role in what makes Bellamy who he is and respects that. And in fairness to Octavia, she understands that Bellamy has formed a bond with Clarke (”Well, there’s something I thought I’d never see”) and accepts it. I think both women have processed their feelings regarding this, but Bellamy not quite (”Did you do this for your sister or because it was the right thing to do?”). The man only ever does things for other people but is in a perpetual redemption arc jfc. My Bellarke heart wants to say something here, but I’ll save it for another post.

Anyway. I don’t remember where I was going with this. There is a plethora of Clarke-Bellamy-Octavia moments littered throughout the seasons. And I am very interested in what path they’ll take for season 4. Has anyone written meta on this in particular? I would love to read it. 

Any suggestions or thoughts? :) Also let me know if it’s weird to tag you on this @forgivenessishardforus @dropshipkingandqueen

Anonymous said:

Don’t you think that it would send a better message if at least one of the main female character’s happy ending did not involved getting a man? Regina would be so great for that! I get that people are expecting the lead (Emma) to be paired up in the end, Snowing is, well, Snowing and Rumple and Belle is Beauty and the Beast. But Regina? The redeeming former EQ? Why does she need a LI? Show that a woman can have a happy life without a man! ‘Good woman’ =/= wanting to be only a wife and a mother.

Okay, no! No, no, no, no. This ask makes me go eww. Before you get offended, let me explains what is very wrong with this reasoning and how you can very much offend people with this. First, full disclosure: I identify as Asexual. I’m pretty sure, I’m aromantic too, but that’s harder to assess in yourself. So obviously, I do believe that being single can be a happy ending. It is my happy ending for sure.  But no, I do not agree with this ask whatsoever. And if you have an ace of spade woman finding this idea all kind of wrong, you know you need to think things through a bit more than that.  Have you noticed that the one person you want to make an example of happens to be the one and only WOC main character on the show? Because Regina is the one tiny bit of representation this show has. All the other mains are white. All of them. Regina is the only exception.  Now, this show is racist. Let’s not kid ourselves. It is. The treatment of POC in this show is very very wrong. They either die or disappear.  And even, Regina’s portrayal is informed by racism.  First of, they have one WOC and she is evil. It is literally part of her character’s title. The EVIL Queen. And the good guy she fights against is a rich white girl called Snow WHITE. The reason she fights against her was because she was forced to be her nanny and to marry a rich old white man. Still, Regina’s anger is dismissed (even though it echoes the anger of a lot of WOC who had to be nannies to white children during the segregation). So that’s bad. Then, Regina is hypersexualised. That’s a problem for a lot of WOC who are seen as sexual object and fetishised to an extreme that white women do not know. That makes them more vulnerable to sexual assaults. It’s serious and it’s important. But the show has Regina in clinging clothes that show off her breast (even when she is in armor we have to see her breast) and ass.  And the fans encouraged by the show, hypersexualise her some more. Seriously, how many gifsets are there that focus on Lana’s body parts as if she was a sexual objects? A lot. Meanwhile, gifsets of Emma, Snow, and Belle rarely focus on their breast and ass. But then the show does not put them on display to the extent it puts Regina. The show does a lot of things wrong with Regina. A lot! This show is racist.  But one thing it doesn’t do wrong is to give Regina the chance at a beautiful romantic life.  Regina is not like me. She is neither asexual nor aromantic. The opposite was shown all the way back in season 1. And the show deals with that part of her in a rather good and healthy way. It doesn’t buy into the racist stereotype of the strong WOC who needs no man. Cause yes, that’s a racist stereotype that a lot of WOC characters get thrown at. The Sleepy Hollow fandom can tell you all about it. With posts like this “Abbie is a strong woman who needs no man. Why does she need to have a romantic plot?” How about you stop that racist reasoning right there and allow romantic plotlines for other characters than the straight white ones? How about that? WOC have the right to be portrayed as romantic and sexual in healthy loving ways just as much as white women. But when they are, they keep on being shit on. They have the right to be the heroine that is loved and adored by someone. They have the right to be special in that way to someone and to feel the same way about that person. It’s a beautiful story they have just as much a right to as the white female characters.  So no, I do not agree that the one character that show a bit of representation should be the one who gets thrown a “strong women need no man” storyline at. It’s not feminism at all to deny a romantic/sexual character the chance to fulfill that side of themselves. It’s not feminist to tell women they should not have the right to make the choice for themselves to be a wife and mother or not. If they want to be that, then good for them. They are going out there and getting it no matter what people think? Well, that’s very much a feminist choice. It’s a choice that Regina made. That’s very much feminism. The “strong women need no man” stereotype is not at all feminist. It’s just another way to judge women and reduce what they can be and what they can feel and desire.And it is no coincidence that it is liberally applied to characters whose sexuality bother people like WOC.  Even your 70 years old grand-mother get to want to go on a date if she wants. She gets to have sexual desires and want to have them fulfilled without shame. It’s not feminism to tell her she should be a strong woman and be alone and happy about it too.  And it is not feminist to tell your friend she shouldn’t put a profile on a dating website because she should be happy alone. You can be happy single and if you are good for you. But the majority of sexual and romantic people feel lonely alone and want someone. And if an asexual aromantic person like me can empathise, then please stop shaming women for having desires they want met.  Regina is sexual and romantic. She is happy fulfilling this side of herself. Deal with it! Meanwhile, if I had to guess at characters that are like me, I think Elsa and Archie represent me better. Neither has shown the slightest interest in either romance or sex. They find happiness in other relationships like I do (Anna, Geppetto, Kristof, Pinocchio, Emma etc.) And in careers they love (Queen vs Therapist). So there are characters whose happily ever after seem to look like mine. And the show does that without any racist stereotype by frustrating the desires of the one WOC it has in the name of some faux-feminism.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a wife and a mother. So no, there would be no lesson learned in crushing Regina’s dream of both. She is not only a mother or a lover. She is a freaking Queen, a witch, a friend, etc. Wanting love and motherhood does not make her a good woman, but it doesn’t make her a bad one either. The show doesn’t buy either message. It makes bad women mothers as well as good ones. Wives are good and bad. And single childless women can be both as well. It only says that if you want sex and love, then you have every right to hope for those without feeling shame. And that regardless of your race. That’s not a bad message at all. Now, making Mulan end up alone, that would be a very bad message about race and queer identity. Let’s hope they do not do that and give her a happy ending that includes sex and love.  So no, it wouldn’t be a better message. It would be a racist message that stifled an important side of Regina’s identity in the guise of feminism (but really racism).   Hope that answer your question. And I hope that made you think twice before sending asks like this to people who have ships that include WOC characters. Maybe you were unaware of the full repercussion of what you said. But now, you’re not.