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to you, i thee wed (chapter nine)

They didn’t know they were marrying each other until the bride got to the altar. And then panic ensued. Married at First Sight AU.


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The morning air is crisp, an icy wind settling into her lungs as Marinette gazes into the Atlantic Ocean shining brightly from the warm sun. They have oddly been blessed by good weather despite the first snowstorm that trapped them here. Not that Marinette is complaining; Faroe Islands—Vagar, to be exact—has been wonderful and a breath of fresh air.

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It’s nearly midnight and I decided the best thing for me to do was to try making icons, so have some LGBTQIA Dear Evan Hansen teens. Sorry for the graininess, this is my first time trying this and I have no idea what I’m doing.

(feel free to use, just give credit)

Samsara [Part Six]

General Disclaimer

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True to her word, Shachi spends the coming weeks visiting with her father-in-law. The first few days it is because Kanna is still ill. When Shachi asks to see her, Asura lightly shrugs it off.

“It’s simply the weather. This time of year puts her in a sad humour,” he tells her, but from the way his eyes shift, Shachi suspects he isn’t being completely honest. “Besides, you should not exert yourself in your condition.”

Right, because pregnancy means we’ve suddenly become incapable of doing anything…

“I’m with child, not carrying the plague,” Shachi mutters as she walks away, and Sakura can’t help feeling a little pleases that somewhere within the quiet, respectful woman there’s some indication of spunk.

Asura was right when he said how dull it is around the estate in the winter. Shachi can only watch his disciples train so often before she grows bored. Some of them even talk to her now, but she thinks most are still afraid. Taizo makes a beeline in the opposite direction whenever he sees her, which is only right. Asura is more merciful than his brother; Indra would have had the man flayed alive.

On her loneliest, most unsatisfying days she can’t decide whose method of justice she prefers.

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Say it with me:

The showmance edit is NOT SHARNA’S FAULT.

The showmance edit is NOT BONNER’S FAULT.


You do not have to agree with my third point. You don’t. I can be cool with that. But I hope you at least have it in you to agree with the first two. Or even just the first one if that’s really all you can manage. That’s all I ask. 


Considering I adore the Don’t Panic album & era, I made some Alex Gaskarth icons that are pulled from the music videos. The first one is a mint/teal blue color and it does have white splatter as the rest do, it’s just light colored and you can’t entirely see them but they are there. Anyway, enjoy these! - merrikk (like & reblog if you save / use please!!)

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anonymous asked:

I'm close to completing my first novel, and it's about time I start marketing myself on social media. However, my social anxiety is preventing me from doing so. The idea of putting my name and face on the internet is frightening to me. I was wondering if you have any advice on how I could kick my fears to the curb.

You can’t. You just have to do it anyway.

Lots of aspects of the writing process are scary. It’s scary to write a book. It’s scary to edit said book, which at that point in the game will look more like a shit pile than a cohesive novel. And it’s scary to then promote that book, to talk to people, to show your face, to get strangers to read your work. But that’s just how it is. If you want to achieve this goal, those things must be done. So all you can do is clench your buttcheeks, hold your breath, grab a barf bag, and do it. 

a first time for everything..

received the message below from Tumblr, after appealing the censorship of the video i posted yesterday:


Good news: your appeal was reviewed and approved—your video is alive once more! (See how it’s doing at

Sorry about that!

Tumblr Trust & Safety

thanks @staff for restoring my video of my dog in the bathtub.  definitely was not objectionable in any way.

felina-marlena-vasquez  asked:

Do you ever do your own photos? I try my best with an ipad and-or iPhone but it seems as though I just can't do certain things, like take pictures of starts etc. I tried, and all I get is either a full black screen, or when I take a picture of the sun, the whole screen looks like a gritty European noir horror film.

I do! Most of my photos are taken with my phone you’re gonna get a black screen while taking star photos because your phone camera isn’t set up for long exposures! Look in the app store for a long exposure app and invest in a tripod for your phone or rest your phone against something so it stays completely still while taking the picture. Practice taking pictures of simple things at first like flowers or sunsets, take advantage of photo editing apps but try not to over edit them!

Below the cut are 215 gifs of Ni Ni from the movie Suddenly Seventeen. Ni Ni is a Chinese actress, so be sure to cast her accordingly. This is my first gif pack, so the gifs are not very high quality (I did not color or sharpen them) or uniform in size (I tried to stay under 300x300). Some of them will have subtitles since I could not find a version of the movie without them. 

  • Do not use any of the gifs I have made in other gif hunts. Please link here if you make your own resources and want to include mine.
  • You may edit the gifs in this pack (resize, sharpen, color, etc.), but do not claim as your own
  • These were made exclusively for roleplaying purposes.
  • Please like or reblog if using

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“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”