this is my first collage omg


And here is the two page collage of G/t Halloween!!! I loved seeing everyone’s outfits and drawing them! I’m sorry it looks messy, this is pencil sketched and my hand smudged a bit omg so sorry. I really hope ya’ll like it! And if I missed anyone, I am terribly sorry and please message me?? I’ll do a third page for missing people?? I’m sorry if I do, tumblr has been glitching on me and didn’t show a lot of pictures for me even if they were tagged properly. Sighhh tumblr -.- but again, I still hope you enjoy!

First page: @dtv-art @novorehere @aryn-the-breadbrain @microchin @dont-stop-belibean @cutiepie-tro @tinyhuglover @tiny-james @not-your-everyday-smol @tiny-taker @pockette-sized @princessmacro @tiny-blue-jay @featherpantsgt @gt-kindii @colossal-cuddles @tiny-sin @guardianzm @anoka-kon @scarfofsilver @ittybittyidiot @iwantallthecookies @a-touch-of-gt @macrophilicutopia @tabooleek @arsonicace-blog

Second page: @thebrigeedadraws @pythonpie @rocko-newjeans @pizsospa @tiny-rook @gt-flufftimes @giantesskisses @big-fluffy-dragon @punkx3love @amayagt @lil-ot-tair @the-resizer @miniature-mischief @miniature-knight @swickyinmypocket @sunnydliteart @sviolet13 @alexcutecolly @acesgtblog @langur-lifandi-dauetha @radonodera @so-very-small @kingofconsumption @kuberish @jessipetit @the-borrower-flint @squishsquoosh-senpai @tinygreenjacket @gentlegiantdreamer @blooddrippingsmiles @sebas2137

I added one more picture to the collage, it was extremely necessary 🙈😍💕

Can you see the PERFECTION in this picture?

First Haruka looking at Makoto with lovely eyes, is like his saying: I love you so much, you’re an angel, thanks for been part of my life

And then we have the two awesome man that do their voices! OMG! Look at Tatsuhisa looking at Nobunaga, is like his screaming his love with a gaze, one only gaze and i feel like a storm of feelings 😭❤💕 it’s a shame that they’re not a couple, but I can assure you, their bond is real and deep.

Makoto and Haruka, Tatsuhisa and Shimazaki what a perfect duo….

Love is in the air 💙💚✌


Hey taylorswift we saw you on the 24th June in Manchester! We had the most amazing day ever (the best day of my life so far!) we had signs of the Cheshire cats and were sat in block 108 and especially during ‘you are in love’ it looked like you were looking directly at us!! You also favourited the Manchester evening news tweet and our picture (8th pic in this collage) was the main and first picture that came up which means that you’ve seen our outfits OMG😱😭 we hope that one day, we can meet you finally and thank you for everything you’ve done for us and PLEASE COME BACK TO ENGLAND SOON🇬🇧 I love you SO much,

Hey guys!! I’ve reached 500 followers so here goes my first official follow forever! I’ve compiled a list of great blogs below! Please please check them out! They’re all great people! Mutuals are bolded!

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