this is my first au gifset so don't be hard on me

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oh em gee we really do share a brain!!!! What's your AU like? I bet it's great! (Also I figured out xkit but don't have it on this computer so i'm just spamming your askbox apparently, SORRY, but the plus side is u r gr8.)

Hahahahahaha. So, my plans have never been particularly solid other then the fact that I need, “I wanted it to be you” to be a thing that happens between these two. (Watch as I somehow try to adapt all of my favorite fictional confessions to these two. NEXT UP: OLIVER WRITES HER A LETTER. I AM HALF AGONY, HALF HOPE.) ANYWAY, this is at least partially inspired by jaegermighty and puzzledhats, who were talking about it with me when i first mentioned it in the tags for a gifset from the actual movie.

I was kind of thinking they meet at Queen Consolidated. Walter has asked Felicity with help on a special project of some sort, and when she’s running up to Walter’s office, she runs into Oliver (who is also on his way to see Walter because he wants to discuss something about, idk, maybe Thea’s birthday plans because his mother is forcing him to be involved — Oliver isn’t sure how he’s going to help but whatever). So IDK they start talking about they don’t get along at all, probably Felicity wants to take Walter’s project in one direction and Oliver overhears and thinks he knows a better way to do it. (She probably throws the dropping out of four Ivy League college thing in his face at that?? And then realizes she’s standing in front of the CEO who is also his stepfather and crap, it’s probably not a good idea to do that since he only got back in Starling City a few months ago…)

BUT ALSO, Felicity is a hacker vigilante at night. When Oliver came back from the island and started his own thing as the Hood, he was not expecting there to be another player in town. This hacker vigilante is not extremely well known because she’s never been seen, but she’s actually taken care of a few names on Oliver’s list for him. She’s secretly pretty irritated that this new Hood guy is getting all of this attention — not because she wants it for herself, but wow seriously he’s killing people when it’s probably not necessary and she’s not okay with that. Plus okay there was this one time where they went after the same target and there was this near miss and he saved her life, and goddamnit if that doesn’t piss her off more than anything. She lost her jacket that night, too. She really liked that jacket. She bought a new one, but that’s not the point!

Aaaaaaand also the two vigilantes are battling with each other and she’s trying to coach him to kill less and he’s not sure he’s ready for that yet and damnit why won’t she let him catch up with her so they could talk face to face.

MEANWHILE, Thea helpfully signs Oliver up for some dating service — one where they don’t do real names or pictures — to help him get over Laurel. Felicity is signed up for the same site, just to get her coworkers off her back (she spends way too much time with her computers!!!! if only they knew…), and somehow they start exchanging messages. First about how weird this is, even though the stigma of online dating has kind of gone away (“it has??” Oliver thinks, because he was pretty sure Thea was just doing this to torment him, and he was going to try to figure out how to cancel is account ASAP but then idk he decided her screenname sounded interesting and why not??). Then eventually about anything and everything. She complains about her boss’s son and how irritating he is. He probably drops some lines about how it’s hard finding your place in the world. Eventually, they both start opening up about family and past relationships in a way they hadn’t with other people. Maybe she talks about her father leaving when she was a kid and how alone she felt because her mother was there but not really there (“I don’t know why I’m trusting you with this. I never trust anyone with this!!”), and he talks about how he has a lot of anger towards his father because he dumped a ton of secrets on him and then had the bad taste to die and leave him with the mess (“I watched him die. I can’t tell my mother or sister because it would hurt them too much”).

So then finally the two of them finally agree to meet (Oliver takes Diggle along for backup) and she has some signal for him at the coffee shop where they’re meeting. Oliver gets there and realizes: oh shit. Not only is this woman he’s felt so close to that IT girl he keeps fighting with whenever he’s at QC, but she’s wearing that jacket he picked up the night he saved the hacker vigilante’s life. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

After that Oliver tries to be a little less irritating whenever they run into each other at QC. He even offers her coffee that next week when he “catches” her venting about the terrible blind date who stood her up. Walter enjoys watching this progression, ofc.

And then idk idk I think there’s a lot of back and forth in terms of vigilant-ing and the Hood sort of takes over as the city’s vigilante, but hacker!Felicity helps turn him into the Arrow and still does her own thing because sometimes she’s got the best methods of bringing justice. Eventually Oliver is getting tired of interacting with her on three different platforms (email!him has apologized, probably through some terrible lie about sports bottles or a scavenger hunt or something) and he sends her an email that he knows she’s the hacker vigilante and please meet him on some rooftop because he has the jacket she lost. And there’s unmasking and she says, “I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.”

And then they make out, etc.