this is my first attempt at making gifs

Im sure aat least one other person thought of a Over the Garder Wall crossover with Night in the Woods when we all saw mae dawn the witch dagger

((compression made it look a… bit more creepy actually, ill try to make a smoother version of this in the morning, its my first attempt in a perfect loop animation after all))

you have to click the image to make it work somehow

Princess Emma “I may be a Princess, but I shall not ruin my hair and I am unafraid of ticks.” Swan

Emma “The entire kingdom may be looking for me, but I’m not going to make any attempts to hide my face.” Swan

Emma “God, she still likes the hood guy.” Swan

Emma “Regina, Regina! Look what I’m wearing!” Swan

…because Emma is totally not jealous and she totally didn’t put on her hood in the first scene after Robin Hood’s return for no reason, what are you talking about?

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Hi everyone! Recently I saw a post by @lilyevians about how there should be a penpal network of some kind, and I’ve taken it upon myself to try to put one together. This is my first attempt at a network, so please be patient and bear with me!

thepenpalnet is a safe space to share anything and everything you want. You can tag your posts #thepenpalnet and your post will be reblogged onto the network page!
   You’ll be assigned a “penpal,” whom you can tag in your edits, poetry, etc, and who will tag you in theirs. Your penpal is also an internet friend to chat with whenever. (I know making friends on the internet can be nerve-wracking or awkward sometimes, and this gives you an excuse to make a new friend.)
    (Also, I might create a discord/groupme chat eventually!)

Here’s what you have to do:

- mbf the network ( @thepenpalnet ) and me, the admin ( @whizardwheezes )
- track the tag #thepenpalnet
- reblog this post (likes don’t count, sorry)
- fill out the form at this post: (please answer all the questions; the more you answer, the better I can pair you with a suitable penpal!)
- send the network ✨ with the url you entered with
- be patient! Results will come, and most people will be accepted to the network :)
- this post must get at least 29 reblogs so that I have enough people to pair up!

Entries will close on April 30th! (I might reopen them again after that)

Thanks so much, and I hope you join us!

I was able to make the 14th day of Genoary Challenge: -Geno at UVS studio- What does Geno do while he waits for his part to come in Underverse?

Maybe he’s reading the script, also this is my first attempt making a traditional animation, this is almost a practise because I’m thinking on make a traditional animated scene when Geno appears, as a tribute to the original comic Aftertale.
This Is not as the perfect and unique CQ’s style, but I have time at least for improving the animation :)

Geno by @loverofpiggies
Genoary Challenge by @shinydiamondblog


 It was the first time Callie saw her, really saw her since she came back to Seattle. The night had just began, street lamps on coming alive on queue, people slowly allowing themselves to stumble and smile as alcohol soared through their veins. It was a normal Friday night. 

Callie sat at the bar, memories of her days as a resident at the hospital nearby causing a smile or two. The laughs that boomed from a woman across the room made her twitch and sigh and wish she had stayed at her new home that night instead of coming to a dirty bar. 

 When bladder began to twitch, her fingers let her glass slip from shaky fingers onto the flat surface while her legs carried her to the bathroom. 

 It wasn’t long before she stood in front of the all too familiar bathroom, the dirty mirror in the dirty bar bathroom at the dirty bar highlighting the tired lines under her eyes, eyes that widened when stunning blue caught her attention. 

 She turned around, words suddenly foreign and stuck in her throat. 

 “Calliope,” Arizona breathed taking a step forward. They were close, each inhale and exhale felt by the other, each heart beat thumping hard enough to see through layered clothing and tension so fragile that just a word could break the moment they shared. 

 Yes, it was this moment that Callie had seen Arizona, really seen Arizona since coming back to Seattle. The stolen glances, forced smiles and lack of touches all led up to this moment, their moment. 

 They had so much to say, so much to say. 

 “Calliope,” Arizona said again taking another step closer. Callie could feel the heat radiating off of Arizona and it took everything in her not to grasp it, nourish it, take it all in to warm the chill that leaked down her spine. “You look really pretty.” 

 Their past; the good, the bad, the brilliant kisses, horrible words, tasteful kisses, emotional pain. It all hit her full force, the world stopping just for this moment. 

 Despite the distance that separated them, they had found each other, and Callie was going to make sure they would never lose one another again. 

One-shot #4

Pairing: Spencer Reid/ Reader

Summary: [REQUEST] “…A Spencer Reid/Reader one-shot where the reader would knock at Spencer’s door one night, looking hurt, scared, and pale. Then she tells him she was attacked and that it happened near her house so she is scared to stay there alone.”

Warnings: I don’t know if this needs to be stated, but the attack scene included, just so you know before you read.

Word Count: 2,372


     "… Still craving your kiss, I’m longing to linger till dawn dear, just saying this, sweet dreams till sunbeams find you, sweet dreams that leave all the worries behind you, but in your dreams whatever they be, dream a little dream of me…“

     I hummed along to Ella Fitzgerald’s voice as I walked through my kitchen, dancing slightly as I came to the curtains to close them. I turned away from the curtains and went to the sink, swaying to the familiar sound of the music as I began to wash the dishes.

     ”… Stars fading but I linger on dear, Still craving your kiss…“

     Suddenly, the sound of a door slamming in the house caused me to jump, and I froze as the music went on. My hands began to shake under the running water as my grip tightened on the handle of the pan I was washing, and I slowly reached up to turn the water off. As soon as the sound of the water was gone, I turned around, keeping my back pressed against the counter as I looked around the kitchen and living-room from where I stood.

     I noticed the lights in the hall across from me go out, and my breath caught in my throat as a the intruder stood in the hallway, coming slowly into the living room, their hand already reaching for the light switch. I looked them up and down, taking in what I could of their appearance. I had too many friends that worked in law enforcement to forget that this was going to help in the long run. If I made it out of this. As I tried to stay focused on the man, my head began to fill with questions, and my body began to tremble as he made his way towards the light switch.

     He was wearing a maroon baseball cap. Who is he? A large, dark denim jacket. Why is he here? The was dried painted splattered up the sleeve. How do I get out of this? He was tall, taller than my friend, Spencer. That would make him at least 6'2”. Run. Why aren’t you running? I couldn’t make myself move as the man switched off the lights, and darkness filled the house.
I was trying to think through my every move as I finally stopped shaking, and adrenaline began to kick in. There was a counter between us, and he had been in the living room. I need light. I’m across the kitchen from the light switch, but does he know that? How well does he know my house?

     Slowly, the music became louder, and I knew he had to be standing next to the stereo, closer to the kitchen light switch than I was. If I ran for it, he would be faster for that. The front door was down the hall across the living room. He was closer to that as well. Upstairs wouldn’t be a good idea.

     “… Gotta keep dreaming leave all worries behind you, But in your dreams whatever they be…” The ending of the song came closer, and I noticed that he was singing along. Quietly, and deeply, before he began to move towards me. My grip tightened on the handle of the pan, and I only hoped that this would be enough to fight back with. I turned quickly, hoping not to run into anything in the darkness, and trying to find my way closer to the back hallway. My hip hit the kitchen table, and suddenly, he jumped forwards. I swung, but he grabbed my hand, and the pan fell, ringing as it hit the floor, and I flinched. Strong, rough hands. From what I could see in the dim street light coming in through the curtains, he had something in his other hand. I couldn’t tell what it was until he brought his hand up, and the blade of his knife shone slightly in the hazy light from the covered window.  

     I yelled, bringing my knee up quickly and slamming it into his stomach. He grunted, attempting to keep his grip on my wrist, but I used my other leg, kicking him in the shin before pushing his arm with my free hand. His hand slipped from around my wrist, and I ran. He came after, tripping me and causing my to fall to my knees on the living-room floor. As quickly as he could, he pushed me over and began to crawl on top of me. I screamed, and his free hand instantly went to my throat, the other holding the knife against my side. I pushed my shoulders backward, attempting to alleviate some of the pressure of his hand around my throat, and fighting back as well as I could. His hand loosened around my throat, and I took this as  chance to scratch at his face.

     I felt his knife press roughly against my side, but ignored the pain of the blade as I continued to fight back. He tried to grab my wrists, and I worked my leg upwards, setting my knee against his chest and pushing him off of me. I could feel the blood against my skin from where he had used the knife against my side, and I gasped for breath as I scrambled to my feet, kicking at him as he was still on the ground. Once I got up, I turned instantly, falling against the wall until I could turn on the lights, and I ran into the hallway, running for the front door.

     Suddenly, I felt my heart drop. Please, let my keys be on this table. I ran to the door, opening it and turning to grab my keys, but they were gone. A sob escaped me as I remembered setting them in the kitchen when I had first gotten home, and I ran out of the front door. I went towards the shed in the back yard, attempting to catch my breath. I glanced over my shoulder, seeing the man run around the corner behind me, and I ran. I dodged between the shed and the house, running through the back door, which I knew had to be the way he had initially gotten in. To my luck, I was right, and the door was unlocked, I stumbled in, slamming the door behind myself and locking it.

     “… You gotta make a promise, promise to me, you’ll dream, dream a little dream of me.”

     I gasped for air as I ran into the kitchen and grabbed my keys, as I ran towards the front door I heard the man scream, slamming his fists on the back door window. I ran outside, getting into my car and pulling out before I had even shut my door. I didn’t look to see if the man was in my mirror as I went. I knew there was no way he had made it around the house before I had gotten in the car and left, and I didn’t care about anything else but getting away.

     Before I even knew where I was going, I parked outside of Spencer’s apartment building, and I took what felt like the first breath I had taken in all night. I got out of the car, my entire body trembling as I walked up, staring at the floor until I reached his door. I raised my hand quickly, knocking frantically and waiting for an answer, not even trying to keep myself from looking over my shoulder as I waited. I could feel a burning under my skin up my neck and face, from where I had been slammed into my living-room floor, and I only hoped that it wouldn’t bruise.

     Suddenly, the door opened, and I jumped, my eyes instantly filling with tears at the sight of a familiar face. “Y/N?”

     I looked up at him, and when my eyes met his, I could see the concern on his face. I knew I was shaking, I had to look like a complete mess, but I didn’t care. “Reid.” His name escaped me sounding more like a sob than a name at all, and I rushed forward, collapsing into his chest as tears began to run down my face.

     "Y/N, what is going on?“ He wrapped his arms around me, but pulled away slightly to look at me. “What happened to you?” He moved, his hand gently framing my face.

     I couldn’t speak correctly, much less did I know how to explain what had happened. “There was,” I took in a shaky breath, and he waited patiently, “he was in my house.”

     The concerned look on Spencer’s face instantly turned to understanding, and he clenched his jaw, leading me to his couch. I shook my head, pulling away from the couch, and he looked at me in confusion. “Bathroom.” I mumbled, and he nodded quickly, walking with me. I leaned against the counter, pulling myself up to sit on the bathroom counter, trying to catch my breath.

     He waited silently, watching me carefully until I looked up at him to speak. “Reid, do you have bandages?” His eyebrows came together, and he bent down, opening the cabinet and pulling out a kit of bandages. I glanced at myself in the mirror, and my eyes widened at the sight of the deep blue and purple bruises already forming around my neck and up the side of my face. I looked down at my wrist, which was still sore, and noticed that the same colors were beginning to appear there as well.

     "Why do you- Y/N-“ He was cut off as I slowly peeled my shirt away from my side, holding it above the cut that the man’s blade had given me, flinching slightly at the feeling of the fabric being pulled from the dried blood. It was only a small cut, but it was deep enough to cause a slight aching pain, and I clenched my jaw as I tied my shirt out of the way, and Spencer began to open the kit, pulling out bandages and rambling to himself.

     After we finished cleaning the cut, Spencer gave me one of his sweatshirts to borrow, and I sat down in his living-room, pulling my knees up to my chest as I sat on the couch, leaning against the arm. Reid was pacing, his hands running through his hair. "Reid, sit down.” I spoke quietly, staring at the floor and waiting for him to sit in the chair across from me. “I need to tell you everything before I forget.” I spoke, knowing that shock was the only thing keeping me from responding with tears and sobs.

     When he finally sat down, he took a deep breath. “Okay,” He started, “Tell me everything you remember.” He spoke, and I nodded slowly.

     "Well,“ I started, "I know it was a male. About 6'3”, with a broad build. He was wearing a maroon cap, with a dark blue denim jacket. There was white paint splattered up the sleeve. The left sleeve, because he turned that arm towards me when he turned out the lights. He had been in the house before I had gotten home.“ I stopped, taking time to breath and stay calm, "I know because the front door was locked, he had come in the back, but when he attacked me he came form the front hallway. He turned out the lights there first. Then he turned out the living-room light. I was in the kitchen, washing dishes. he had to have been wearing heavy boots, because I could hear his footprints even when he was walking across the carpet in the living room when he went to turn up the stereo I had playing."I told Spencer everything I could remember, and then fell silent, staring at the floor again.

     Reid walked over and sat down beside me, trying to be a comfort. But he was silent, and his eyebrows came together as I began to laugh. "Who does that?” I asked, “Who evaluates the stranger that had broken into their house? Why didn’t I run?” I looked up at him, and his face was blank. “I spend too much time around you and the other agents.” I joked, and he shook his head.

     "You don’t need to try to find the humor in this, Y/N. There isn’t any.“ He spoke, and I leaned into his chest, smiling softly as he wrapped his arm around me. "You have to deal with this.”

     I nodded simply, hugging myself as I leaned against him. “It’ll come.” I mumbled, and I felt his arm tighten around me slightly. “But for now, I just don’t want to go home.”

     I felt Spencer move, “I should call Morgan and the rest of the team. They will want to help you. Garcia is going to be a mess when she hears about this-”
     "And so she won’t.“ I cut him off, reaching out and grabbing his shirt to keep him from getting up. "At least not until the morning.” I spoke, and he looked down at me, his eyes filled with worry. “Please.” I begged, pulling slightly on his shirt to keep him from going anywhere, and he settled into the couch again, his arm tightening around me again.
     After a while of silence, I spoke again. “I just don’t get it.” I mumbled, and Spencer looked down at me. I was laying down on the couch now, my head on his thigh. “My neighborhood was so safe for the longest time, but these last few years-” My voice drifted off, and Spencer shook his head, running his fingers through my hair gently. His eyes were scanning my face, and I knew he was looking at the bruises.
     "Don’t worry about that Y/N. Like you said, we will figure this all out in the morning.“ He whispered, and I nodded softly. "You need to get rest. You can take my bed-”
     I shook my head, “I don’t want to be alone.” I cut him off as we sat up, and he hesitated before nodding simply. 
     "I understand.“ He spoke simply, and I thanked him as we walked to his bedroom.
     "Thank you.”


Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to send me feedback, whether it be in an ask, a message, or anything else! I really appreciate any and all feedback, and I would also like to mention that requests are ALWAYS open! Again, thank you so much! Much Love, X.

Wanted to practice making gifs. Needed an idea for said gif. First thought that I had? CRYING HANZO. I don’t know what it is about me needing to hurt my favorite characters, but it just happens. Not to mention that the gif is kinda choppy and I maybe shouldn’t have tried simulating a sudden inhale with the shoulders, but it was my first attempt.


A friend I showed the unfinished product to asked me why Hanzo would be crying and this was my first thought:

So, after way too many attempts, and thanks to @thenightling​​ who gave me the link to a good gif-making site, I should have finally managed to make the silly gif I’ve wasted half of my morning for. Bobby’s interrupted walk in the bts video was simply too cute not to gif it.

Assuming that this gif doesn’t create any more problems, I’m going to delete the first post I made on the matter :)