this is my first attempt at making gifs


it will be good (2017) 

Im sure aat least one other person thought of a Over the Garder Wall crossover with Night in the Woods when we all saw mae dawn the witch dagger

((compression made it look a… bit more creepy actually, ill try to make a smoother version of this in the morning, its my first attempt in a perfect loop animation after all))

you have to click the image to make it work somehow

Princess Emma “I may be a Princess, but I shall not ruin my hair and I am unafraid of ticks.” Swan

Emma “The entire kingdom may be looking for me, but I’m not going to make any attempts to hide my face.” Swan

Emma “God, she still likes the hood guy.” Swan

Emma “Regina, Regina! Look what I’m wearing!” Swan

…because Emma is totally not jealous and she totally didn’t put on her hood in the first scene after Robin Hood’s return for no reason, what are you talking about?


They were young.

In the midst of war they decided to marry. To surrender all their years with each other. Was it too fast? Could they have made the biggest mistake of their lives? Perhaps. Perhaps down the line it wouldn’t work out.

But he looked into her eyes. Imagined this scenario happening a hundred times fifty years into the future. He could see it, clear as day; a future memory existing right now, hovering between them.

And he knew that despite their youth, marrying her was something he’d never regret.

– James Potter, excerpt from a story still unwritten