this is my first attempt at making gifs

So this site I found called Piskel is kind of great, and this didn’t take me very long at all. It’s still super rough, I want to smooth it out and make it prettier, but this was my first try and I really like it so far. Especially considering this is like my… 3rd attempt at both animation and pixel art. 

I was able to make the 14th day of Genoary Challenge: -Geno at UVS studio- What does Geno do while he waits for his part to come in Underverse?

Maybe he’s reading the script, also this is my first attempt making a traditional animation, this is almost a practise because I’m thinking on make a traditional animated scene when Geno appears, as a tribute to the original comic Aftertale.
This Is not as the perfect and unique CQ’s style, but I have time at least for improving the animation :)

Geno by @loverofpiggies
Genoary Challenge by @shinydiamondblog

“It’s a - it’s a two-seater, by the way. I drive, you cook. Sound like a plan?”

Psst… only baby reyes can look that adorkable with the brainwave sensor aka “hair net” on her head, reblog if you agree.

And there he is. The most resilient man in the Commonwealth.

My first attempt at making a “transformer” in MMD. For this, I decided to use Lizasakura’s Funtime Foxy model.
This transformation took an hour to make, including the process of adding all of the morphs that would make it possible. The face, fortunately, was the easiest part because his face is already composed of several rigged mobile plates to begin with. The “robot mode” was made based on a concept sketch I made.
If Funtime Foxy was to be a decepticon, I believe his name would be “Killjoy” or “Laughingstock”.

Credit goes to Lizasakura, RobGamings, AbsentedTangent, and Wiirexu for the Funtime Foxy model.
Transformers ( c ) Hasbro
Five Nights at Freddy’s ( c ) Scott Cawthon


so I wanted to make something special for all of you who have stuck me with for all this time since I made this comic ^^, thanks guys for everything, I think this took about 3 hours today XD (I need to practice gifs more, I’m not sure why the grain is there but for this piece it kinda works XD) RIP ARM FOR MUCH DRAWING XD

yeahh sansster can float btw in case I never said that XD and his head really is that shape (its a long story)

thanks for making me happy guys

(wow that grain looks bad 0-0, eheh well theres my first attempt at a gif for ya lololol)

It’s been a little bit since I posted hasn’t it? Been so busy with the project i’m working on with my friends that I haven’t really gotten a chance. So here’s a gif for you guys :D!!! It’s my first attempt at making something like this so I know it’s not the greatest, but hey…i’m learning, and that’s what counts. I’m probably gonna be doing a halloween pic soon so look forward to that guys :D!!! Anyways hope you all like it!