this is my first attempt at animation

‘아주 NICE’ ft mini jellyfish animation

@bamboo-tea & @neojammy first animation attempt I guess???

I’ve never animated anything before in my life (which I’m sure is glaringly obvious) but I stumbled upon this silly draw your OTP challenge thing and I decided I just had to give it a shot with these two nerds.

Uhh this is really bad but I spent forever on it so I’m posting it anyway whoops

I’ve been really getting into soul eater again

and i’ve been wanting to try animating

and i’ve been wanting to gift art

So here is my animation of my friend @pocky-bloo ‘s character Pinokuni transforming into the weapon of her other oc, Jack

This animation isn’t much but i think it went well for a first attempt.  This animation is really simple tbh

anonymous asked:

Chsabina, you're trying draw in anime style? but the animation is crap and the colors are pale... or do you like?

I’m assuming you mean the studio’s animation. Yes, the animation isnt the best, I agree, and the colors are pale but unfortunately we can’t change that… There are some very nice moments, however, especially between Gray and Juvia!

I’m not an artist, nor am I aspiring to become one. I don’t know how to draw, and FT is my first attempt at animating stuff. Therefore, I don’t have my own personal style, however Fairy Tail’s animation and Mashima’s drawing style is relatively simple, so I thought it would be easy to mimic…I’m kinda learning by doing - that works for me.

Maybe at later stages I’ll be able to add my personal touches but that’s not my goal… I am making it smoother than the studio though ^_^

If you think you can offer constructive criticism - by all means go ahead, send me a message! I won’t be offended. 

Thank you for asking!

So because I am an intern I was invited to participate in Cartoon Network’s first ever Animation Jam for OK KO! It was so fun and I got to meet so many great people, both other students and professionals! I only wish I knew how to animate better. Here’s a shot I did for our 15 second animation that my team made in a day! Everyone was so nice about our attempt and Rebecca Sugar said she thought it was charming, which meant a lot to me.

I spent days poring over Richard Williams’ The Animator’s Survival Kit, and as a result, here is my first attempt at proper, frame by frame, hand-drawn animation. It’s still a far cry from anything resembling Disney/Dreamworks/Studio Ghibli animation, but hey, baby steps! If any animators/animation students out there have any critiques, that’d be great!

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