this is my favourite video on the internet


i found my favourite video on the internet

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my new favourite video of the internet lol

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8 PM Okay I’ll just read one more chapter then get a good
night sleep for that chem test tomorrow

12 AM So maybe not a full night of sleep but I’m at a really
good part right now so I can’t stop

3 AM ……Welp…. I’m still not tired so fuck it

6 AM Ugh. Why do I do this to myself every single time?
Tonight I will go to bed early.



One of my favourite videos in the internet.

What’s this?! A tag?!

I was tagged by @shingeki-no-dead-otp, Thanks!

Answer the questions, and then tag some people you want to get to know better.

What’s your nickname? Sugi, heichou, Neil, *shrugs* they’re could be others?

Favourite colour? Blue, Green, Black, and Purple

Last song you listened to? Zant’s theme from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Favourite TV show: Various Anime, House M.D, Law and Order SVU

First Fandom: ?? Hard to determine…maybe Sailor Moon but that was way before I was using the internet.
Hobbies: watching Anime, reading manga, drawing, blogging, writing poetry, listening to music, karaoke, playing video games,

Currently reading: Tokyo Ghoul manga, gotta get back to my other manga

Worst thing I’ve ever eaten: tuna fish, I hate it

Favourite place: Jankara karaoke

I tag: @aisuryuu, @atomicpomegranate, @peachymess, @erurink, @slitheringupyowalls @timeto-explode only if you’d like to do it

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thelostcharming*tumblr*com/post/128162630407/sizvideos-korean-restaurant-for-singles-video IMAGINE YOUR OTPS!

ahh okay this is my favourite video on the internet and I honestly imagine this to be BabeRoe.

Babe goes in because the food is free and he could never say no to free food so he thought what the hell anyway. One less thing for him to think about when there’s a free dinner being provided.

And Gene goes in because he’s practically being dragged by the server and he has just finished his 16 hours shift in the ER so he is understandable kinda not really aware of his surrounding so he gets rope into the restaurant and he starts to eat this really nice brothy chicken noodle and out of the sudden the panel in front of him slides open and there’s this cute ginger guy who makes this “WOAH!” sound after he presses the button for “Would you like to have a companion?”

And really, Gene thinks he’s imagining things from the lack of sleep because there’s no way there’s a bright sunshine beaming at him but Babe opens his mouth and says, “Hello.” grinning too wide that his cheeks turn a shade pink and Gene stutters out a quiet “Hello.” back and Babe starts to ask him a lot of questions and then they part way after they exchange phone numbers!


get to know me: ten favourite musicians ≡ tori kelly
i had to stop trying to copy what was already being done. that’s when it kind of clicked for me that i needed to stop searching for my identity and just let myself develop as an artist first. then i started posting videos on youtube and it was just effortless. 

Comet: what’s your big dream?
i want a fursuit 😩💯👌💦😂👀😩💯😩💦👀
jk i wanna design video games that may one day be played by some of my fave youtubers like jack, mark, felix…

Andromeda: do you consider yourself social?
its kinda weird for me because im super social with complete strangers like in the store but would rather die than talk to anyone at school and have trouble keeping connected over the internet so it depends i guess

Orion: what is your favourite month?
september bc its my birth month but also its the beginning of autumn and thats my fave season so

Deneb: have you ever been out of your home country?
nope never but as soon as possible im getting out of this hellhole

Pluto: what time is it right now where you are?
4:50 pm!! or 16:50 uwu

Rigel: have you ever gone on a rollercoaster?
a long long time ago at indiana beach i rode a few, but other than that no bc theres jackshit in indiana and im broke

Saturn: any pets?
yep!! i have a mini poodle/chihuahua mix doggo named faline, a rescue kitty named george, two fancy rats named pepper and cinnamon, 4 chickens, a rooster, and 2 turkeys!! so many…

Gemini: favourite song?
right now its “go tell aunt rhody” from the resident evil 7 game bc im obsessed

Milky Way: who’s your oldest friend?
i dunno!! probably one of my mutuals on here but i dont know which one is the oldest sorry umu

Pulsar: what do you hope to do in the next ten years?
move in with my boyfriend, transition in relation to my gender (cut my hair, top surgery, stuff like that), have lots of pets, and just generally be happy bc right now i would rather be dead than alive

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what happened with dan? why are people angry at him?

he’s been talking about making a video that’s a “long time coming” for roughly three weeks now. so today he posts an internet support group (which a small portion of the pandom despises for some reason). and some people have taken to social media leaving hateful comments bc they expected a ‘coming out’ vid or somethn

So I discovered ‘That Poppy’ and it’s amazing and you should all look it up. It’s an incredible net art project about internet culture, celebrity culture and the pop industry. I love how eclectic it is: a parody of how youtubers act towards their viewers and the ‘i’m like everyone else, but i’m myself’ rhetoric of youtube/celebrity culture, sometimes it pokes fun at internet culture (pastel colours, eccentric food taste, AestheticsTM) and sometimes it’s a representation of how pop artists/celebrities are exploited by their label/PR/management and how their persona is constructed and destructed by them. I’ll link some of my favourite videos:

Charlotte Interviews Poppy (what an interesting and remarkable question that no one ever asked me before)

I’m On the Floor lolz

I Know Who Famous People Are !!!!!

I Don’t Even Like Poppy (internet at its finest)

What Does It Mean (You + Opportunity = Success)

I’m Not Lying to You feat. One Direction

Who Is Cinderella (if the shoe fits, wear it)


honest to god this is still one of my favourite videos the internet has ever blessed us with


At this point I can say with certainty that this is my favourite video on the internet.


this is my favourite video on the internet, I have the whole song memorized

Trisha Paytas and Leafy

I don’t normally do stuff like this but this is really meaningful to me. You all know that leafy made a video on Trisha and her 100 layers of cum video and the main point was he called her a pig. Now obviously the video is slutty and she even acknowledges this fact. The point is leafy called her a pig.

I think he needs to think about what he says before he puts things out there on to the Internet as he has such a large fan base. One of my favourite points Trisha made was “if you think I’m ugly then how may other girls feel about that, it can really damage their self esteem” (summarised)

This point is very valid and I’m happy that Trish is old enough and capable to take criticism as if this was a younger girl, this could really have hurt them. Again I feel that Calvin needs to think before he speaks as he can seriously end up hurting someone with his comments, even if it is just a joke.

Now I love leafy and I love Trish, I hope everything works out and I’m super happy Trisha knows how to deal with this type of hate and criticism as it really is crazy how people are attacking her insta because of this stuff. She seriously does not deserve it.