this is my favourite video on the internet

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Hey I just wanna say that I really admire the way you can just... put yourself out there on the internet, and talk about your feelings and insecurities and stuff. As someone who kinda struggles with talking about their emotions and stuff that's really cool to see. Plus the Sanders Sides videos are probably some of my favourite on the internet right now so... yeah 👍🤗 Also your friends are all adorable and I love them.

It took a bit to start doing but it’s really therapeutic and it’s absolutely lovely hearing back from YOU guys and getting all the support for doing so!! And my friends are absolutely lovely, aren’t they?? I’m honored you love the videos!!

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hi! top 10 moments the world was certain yuri plisetsky was adopted by katsuki yuuri and viktor nikiforov maybe?

Top 10 Moments The World Was Certain Yuri Plisetsky Was Adopted By Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov:

10) The time when Viktor and Yuuri picked Yurio up after he went to Moscow to see his Grandpa to take him back to St Petersburg and Yurio’s grandpa was very grateful to them for making sure his Yurochka got back safely and the internet was like ‘his grandpa approves of them which means they have all been adopted into the family’

9) A picture on Viktor’s Instagram of Yurio’s cat and their new puppy playing together captioned ‘the family are all getting along well’

8) A picture on Yurio’s Instagram which was a selfie of him trying to practice while Viktor and Yuuri were making out on the ice at the Russian rink captioned ‘I hate my life’ and everyone was like ‘well no-one likes to see their parents doing PDA so fair enough’

7) A point when a reporter was invited to the Russian rink to see how the skaters trained and saw Yuuri giving Yurio a lunchbox full of homemade food because ‘eating is important for someone your age and you can’t keep on skipping lunch to practice’

6) A picture on Yurio’s Instagram of a bowel of Katsudon captioned ‘Katsudon is the best’ and since his preferred name for Yuuri was very well known all the comments were like ‘which Katsudon are you talking about, the food or your favourite parent?’

5) The multiple times, after both Yuuri and Viktor were eventually retired, where they showed up to Yurio’s competitions with a banner with his name on it and acted like the classic most embarrassing parents-at-their-kids-football-game that anyone had ever seen and the internet loved it

4) A point where during a video clip someone caught Yurio yelling ‘you’re not my dad’ at Viktor and Yuuri and everyone collectively decided that they were and he was just in denial

3) A time really early on in Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship when all 3 were competing and everyone though it was going to be really bitter between them and Yurio but instead they were both cheering him on from the side-lines like in episode 8

2) At Viktor and Yuuri’s wedding where they tossed the bouquet and Yurio accidentally caught it, looked absolutely horrified and chucked it away immediately while yelling at them both

1) During one of the World Championships when Yurio had to skate on his birthday, Viktor and Yuuri surprised him at the end of his free skate by giving him his present there and then even though he had thought everyone had ignored his birthday in favour of the competition. Their present to him was a new kitten and it was the only time anyone in the world ever saw Yurio looking like he was about to cry, even though he vehemently denied it later.

The Girlfriend Tag

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Imagine: You and Dan decide to give the fans what they want, and cute video of the internents favourite couple

A/N: I know this isn’t any thing about marvel but I couldn’t help myself, I’ve been watching all of Dan and hil’s videos and getting so many feelis. I just had to. Also I really should be doinf my German coursework, bit too late, Dan is more important

Warnings: Some swearing, implied smut but just fluff really

Word Count: 1955 (got a little carried away)

“Hello internet” Dan starts off with his iconic opener

“Today, I am joined by the wonderful Y/N, who you may also know as my girlfriend!” He exclaimed, giving out a laugh as your cue to jump into the camera view.

“Hey guys” You giggled, getting comfortable next to Dan

“Now you may be wondering what original video I have for you today, and let me tell you, it doesn’t get more original than this”

“We are doing the girlfriend tag!” You almost shouted, causing Dan to let out a rather loud groan.

“Jeez, lets tone it now my channel isn’t used to your happy attitude just yet” He joked, covering his ears

“Just because you literally only have the feeling of embarrassment, doesn’t mean I can’t be happy” You fire back, sending a smirk in his direction.

“Oh God, too much sass. I want Phil back” Your dork of a boyfriend joked

“Shut up, we kind of have a part of Phil with us now” You explained

“Really how so?” Dan played along

“Well, he did do the questions for us to answer”

“God knows what kind of weird stuff he has put in here; I don’t know if you guys have noticed but Phil is like obsessed with sharing our relationship with others. If he isn’t taking sneaky photos of us and tweeting them, then he is jumping into a room when we are together doing a live stream of us.”

As Dan continued to talk about his best friend, you couldn’t help but admire his perfect features. His big, wide smile that would light up a room. His unusually large dimple that you found so adorable. How he is constantly touching and checking if his hair looks okay, which of course it does. And his dark drowns eyes, that you could stare into for days.

“..Y/n?” You were abruptly ripped out of your thoughts by Dan waving a hand in front of your face

“Sorry” You blushed, red staining your cheeks as you realised Dan caught you staring at him and will most definitely keep this part in his video, because, well let’s face it, a bit of an arse.

“What were you so caught up about?”

“Just admiring the view” You jokingly sent back and big wink. Now it was Dan’s’ turn to blush, whist also letting out a laugh

“That was so cringe, I might just have to take it out of the video.” Dan spoke to the camera; he was definitely not taking that part out.

“Right so to start this video I’m going to put my hand into the hat and pull out a question. The questions are basically letting you guys know even more about our relationship and hopefully teaching us a bit more about each other” Dan explained.

“Ohhhh can I go first?” You excitedly asked. You couldn’t help it, there was something so fun about doing a video with your boyfriend.

“Of course”

You dove your hand into the hat, grabbing the first folded piece of paper you felt and pulled it out.

“Alright it says, ‘Where was our first kiss?’” For the second time you felt your cheeks heat up.

“I’m going to be so red this whole video, reckon you could like put a filter on me to make me look better?” You joked, however it wasn’t such a bad idea.

Dan laughed, before saying

“So do you want to answer or me?”

“You do it” You always loved hearing Dan talk about your relationship

“Alright, I remember it was our second date and we were just hanging in the living room eating pizza talking after just finishing up on the X-box. I was so nervous, just thinking about leaning in and possibly facing rejection and ruining it all. But then you made a joke out about anime and I knew I had to do it before someone else snatched you away” Dan smiled at the memory, you beaming right back at him.

“Then he just leant in and kissed me, obviously I didn’t turn down that face and now here we are two years later” You finished, butterflies erupting in your stomach at the fond memory.

“OK, next question” Dan stuck his hand in the hat rather ungracefully causing a few questions to topple out.

“Shit” he mumbled, throwing back three in the hat and reading out the remaining one on the floor.

“Finish this sentence ‘My girlfriend is a complete…..’” Dan stopped to think for a minute, you couldn’t help but anxiously wait for what he was going to say

“…..twat” He finally spoke. This caused you both to simultaneous burst out into a fit of laughter, clutching your stomach you couldn’t be surprised at what Dan said, it was so him. You knew Dan loved you with everything he had, it was very obvious. You guys didn’t have a mushy gushy relationship, it was more full of lots of jokes and banter, you guys were basically best friends,

“You are such and arse, why am I dating you?” You tried to sound upset, but the smile that you couldn’t wipe off your face gave it all away.

“You loveeeeee me really” He rather obnoxiously sung

“Actually Babe, I’m secretly in love with Phil and I only come round to your house on the chance that I will see my one true love” You lied, not helping but feel a bit weird by saying you like Phil, who was basically like a brother to you.

“That’s just mean, and a little gross” He complained

“Yeah I know; I have no clue why I said it” you giggled

“Right, my turn” You plunged your hand into the hat, pulling one out to read.

“‘Who wears the pants in the relationship?’ Ohh that’s hard” You thought.

“I know my answer” Dan said confidently

“Really? Alright let’s say our answers on three. One, two, three.”

This caused both of you to say ‘me’ at the same time.

“You’re kidding me right?” You said in disbelief to Dan

“What? Love, I’m always making the decisions”

“Babe, I literally always have to order for us at the cinema because you’re ‘too awkward to talk to new people’”

“Alright, alright I’ll give you that one, no need to share all my secrets on my channel”

Dan took out another piece of paper from the hat, causing yet again one to fall out.

“God, it’s clear to see who the clumsiest one of us is. And that’s hard because I could fall over standing still” You poked out at Dan.
“Leave me alone, you are so mean. So it says, ohhh this is interesting, ‘who is more jealous’?” Dan read.

“Ohhh, that is” You both took a minute to think about it, recalling moments when the other has been jealous. Most of these moments resulting in some seriously fun times together, and just by looking at Dan and the lazy smirk he wore you knew he was thinking about them. You kicked him in the shins, under the view of the camera causing him to jump a little, then answering.

“I feel like you get jealous more often, but it’s not as intense as when I get jealous.”
“Hmmm, yeah I reckon that’s fair to say.” You repeated, it wasn’t hard constantly having beautiful girls running up to your boyfriend, telling him how hot and sometimes the daring ones flirting with him. However, it had happened a few times when we were hanging around with Dan’s friends and one flirts with you, he gets mad.

“We only have a couple questions left” You sadly exclaimed, not wanting this video to be over.

“Let’s hope we haven’t saved the weirdest till last then!” Dan deadpanned

Grabbing one of the last pieces of paper you unfold it and read,

“‘what do I find really fun, that no one else really does?’” You laughed lightly at this weird question, thinking Dan would need a while on this one.

“You watch pimple popping videos” He answered straight away. You sat there with your mouth hanging open, a blush adorned on your cheeks,

“How did you know that? I always try to keep it on the down low” You exclaimed, shocked and slightly embarrassed that he knew

“Sweetheart, we’ve been going out for 2 years, we’ve been living together for 1, there is little that I don’t know about you”

“That’s kind of creepy and really cute at the same time. I knew I chose you for a reason” You hummed

“I’m not some Pokémon woman, don’t objectify me like that” He fired back

“Shut up and read the last question. Because as much as I love doing videos with you I need to cook us dinner, and get it done so it’s ready when Phil comes back from visiting his family.

“Aw look at you, you are literally the only reason we have survived this long. Anyway, here we go and I won’t knock out another question this time.” He took his time in dramatically picking out the question.

“Oh for god’s sake Phil, he’s such a child. It says ‘when did the two of you first sleep together?’”

A deep shade of red engulfs your face and you looked over at Dan with your mouth wide.

“What the hell, he did not just ask that?” You said shocked.

“Yeah you’re right, I’m joking. Lol” Dan admits, handing over the question for you to read aloud.

“It says, ‘Who/When fist said I love You?’ Now that is a cute question” You cooed, recalled that cherished memory that you held very close to your heart.

“Well, I don’t want to spill all the beans about our relationship just yet, so all that you guys will be knowing is that, Y/N said it first. Maybe we can do another gushy relationship story about that some other time. But for now that’s it.” Dan finished off the video and looked at you to continue.

“Thanks guys for watching hope you enjoyed it, and if you did please subscribe and request some more ideas of what we can do next. Byeeee” You finished

“That was so much fun” You turned to Dan, who was already lovingly gazing at you.

“You know I love you right?” He spoke

“Of course, and you know I love you too, so much” You replied inching your face closer to his.

“You know when you told me you loved me, when we were just lying in bed cuddling watching Breaking Bad, I think that that’s the happiest I’ve ever felt.” He confessed. As much as you loved the banter and jokes in this relationship, nothing felt better than Dan confessing his feelings to your, he really did complete you.

“I was so nervous that I had said it too soon, but I’m so glad one of us plucked up the courage to say it” You murmured, now lips a mere centimeter away from each other.

Dan quickly closed the gap between the two of you and soon had his hand on the back of your head pulling you closer. Automatically you brought your hands up to caress his cheeks and you two shared one of the most passionate kisses in your relationship.

Dan gently pushed you back onto the bed and slipped his hand down to your waist, when you suddenly remembered something.

“Dan the camera is still on!”

“Oh fuck yeah, thank God it isn’t a live stream” He jumped up to turn the camera off, leaving it on the side to edit later.

But he only had one thought on his mind now. You. Jumping back next to you on the bed you two finished off what you had started


This is probably my favourite video on the internet… (Its only 30 seconds!)

GloZell shows why cultural representation is so important without really meaning too. 

The Perfect Gift - Sebastian Stan

Hello internet! Lately I’ve had lots of inspiration but couldn’t get the right words to write so this one shot is a little unsure. Still. enjoy!

                                SEBASTIAN STAN X READER

Summary: you just have the perfect gift for your husband.

Warnings: implied smut, shitty writing? idk


It has been exactly two years and eight months since me and Sebastian got married. Before that day we had already talked about our future as parents, we love each other so much and the idea of having a family together warms our hearts in a way impossible to explain with just a few words. In the last two months we forgot a little this baby thing, mostly because we both had a strict filming schedule and barely saw each other already but, at the same time, we never stopped trying when we had the chance to share an intimate moment after a long time apart. Therefore, two days ago Sebastian arrived to celebrate his birthday with me since I had just come home from work a week or two before him and I couldn’t be more excited to tell him that yes, I’m pregnant.

I never thought it would be so easy for the two of us after hearing stories from friends or doctors that had told us that if we ever started trying, we had to be really patient. Luckily, it wasn’t like they said and now I’m still a little incredulous about it. Being the freaking gift master since I was little, I immediately took the chance to give this amazing news as a present for Sebastian’s birthday. He’s clueless so it’s going to be a wonderful surprise. It has been a really difficult decision to decide which is the best and most creative way to tell him but after hours on internet watching pregnancy reaction videos, I have made up my mind.

This morning I have already woken him up with sweet kisses and his favourite brunch, mostly because I have left him sleep a little more. After eating in bed, I persuade him to follow me in the living room of our house to open his present. He has his child-like smile plastered on his face as soon as he hears the word -present- and I can’t be more excited to know that this time I’m sure I’ve scored. I tangle our fingers together as I get him out of the bed and pull him with me into the other room; Sebastian chuckles excitingly the moment he sees the little red box on the coffee table in front of the couch and I bite my lip to contain the happiness.

”Sit on the couch while I get my phone, I wanna remember this moment forever’’I say to him and he grins even more, his mind probably wondering to what the heck I got him that can be so dirty. I try not to laugh as he winks at me with a wiggle of his eyebrows when he sits on the couch and put the phone on the table to record the reaction.

“Admit it, it’s a pair of handcuffs’’ Sebastian laughs and I mirror him.

“I told you, after last time, you won’t see handcuffs ever again’’ I get the present in my hands and put it in his lap after pressing ‘record’ “Now, open your gift.”

Sebastian looks at me for a second smirking then proceeds to open the little box in his hands. It’s something I won’t ever forget what happens next: his brows furrow for a second as he sees the object, then he gets it in his hands carefully and reads the words written on it.

My Dad is a Hero

It takes a minute for his brain to load. His head snaps in my direction and we look in each other eyes. He knows but he’s not sure enough to say it.

“Wait.. are you- are we pregnant?”his voice is a whisper, almost trembling as his baby blue eyes are full of hope and joy. I nod mumbling a -yes- and he immediately wraps his arms around me “Oh my god, Oh my god. I’m gonna be a dad.. I’m gonna be a dad!”

His eyes are glassy and a few hot tears escape but I’m right there to wipe them away as I cradle his face in my hands to give him a short kiss on his cherry lips. He hugs me tightly to him again as he rocks the both of us happily, tears of joy streaming down our face.

“Happy birthday, love” I whisper in his ear and that’s the exact moment that I fully understand that I have hit jackpot.

Some News that might be good

I know, yeah, you Might or might not be wondering: “Uh.. were’nt you gonna stay away from Tumblr, and move on in life?”

I was plainning to, as you can read in my apology and update posts from some weeks ago; but huh, I guess that wont be like it anymore.

I watched an old video of my favourite youtuber, DrossRotzank. The video is called “La gente Molesta de Youtube” (Youtube’s Annoying People) and its not in his channel anymore, I found it reuploaded by someone else. It made me think a lot about my own Internet experience, its not a lot different of what he described, and in his own terms, I lost the battle by letting those annoying people make me stop posting here, and even deleting my blogs.

Deleting my blogs made me lose all of my old drawings (or at least it made me lose track of em,, since I also ruinned my computer, with all my files, Im using my brother’s) And it made me lose what I had been building for so many time; A Fanbase around me and my art. . And by losing that, I lost the love and support of more than 30k people. I will have to start almost over again. At least I will try to not make the same mistakes I made when I started.

But I also learnt some good things when I was away, as my friends said, I needed a break, to think things out, and to get help. People who “hate” me seemed so many and so strong back then, but now I truly realize that theyre nothing compared to those who loved me.

So yeah, Hello!! I’m back from my Mental Rehabilitation, my Break, whatever,,

I dont think I’ll keep using this blog tho, since I made myself a new username and all, I dont want to waste it, so, I’ll just freely give it,

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this is my favourite video on the internet


my new favourite video on the internet

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Hi, new fan here. Discovered skating through YoI *pls don't kill me for this* and I tried to follow the last competitions. I've seen people say the anime is realistic because Yuzuru beat Yuuri's score from the anime and I was wondering if that might be considered true? How many people came close to that kind of score? How can someone tell when a program is complex or not? Help is much appreciated ^^

Hi! I will try to be magnanimous and not to kill you, or at least to give back the body to your family, okay?

Well, what can I say? real figure skating is more crazy than any anime could aim for, so it was an easy win ;)

If you, or any other new fan - from YoI or not - wants to try and learn where Yuzuru’s FP at Helsinki scored what it scored (and if it should have scored more, but that’s another story), if you want to see what a complex program is, just today it was released this video that saves me a lot of work into answering :P

And since I’m here, I’m using this post and the sharing of this video to answer some other old asks.

Anon asked:

What do u believe yuzuru should have gotten for his LP at worlds 2017? I do think he was very underscored then sadly :(( thank youuu !!

I’m pretty much on same line regarding GOE bullets met. I’ll let you do the sum and you can add whatever PCS you’d like!

Anon asked:

I see a lot of people on the internet saying that they don’t like H&L because it’s boring or that it highlights yuzu’s weaknesses etc etc. but I actually think it’s my favourite program of his. watching it done perfectly at worlds, how he just hits all the nuances of the music so well, it really does give you chills. seimei was amazing but H&L is so intricate and touching, i don’t understand why so many people dislike it.

I watched SEIMEI live once (GPF15) and H&L live twice (GPF16 + WC). SEIMEI is undoubtedly an easier program to get. It uses a more dramatic music, it’s louder, it’s basically a 4 and half minutes long movie (or theater representation).

H&L is totally different. It’s quiet and its dramatic tension comes from within, not from without. It’s a program that I think it NEEDS to be seen live (or through fancams, at least), because Yuzuru skates it with his whole body, any gesture, any movement has something in it. Sadly with official ISU feeds this often gets lost in non-sensical close-up, probably because cameramen are people who never watched nor skated once in their life.

Anon asked:

If it had been simplified it would not have been a new world record. And all I have seen are people (commentators, former skaters, coaches, etc) say it was really complex, and they know what they’re talking about, so those people who said that probably don’t know much about figure skating at all or really dislike Yuzu and want to badmouth him…

Had it been semplified, people wouldn’t need this video to understand it, I guess ;)

Who wants to share it with some selected people asking please to count their transitions there? ;)

Anon asked:

So few +3GOE for Yuzuru’s Free Skate :O (lots of +2 though but still). I really don’t get it, the jumps were amazing. Especially the 3A-combos seemed a bit underscored to me? Will the judges only give him high GOE if he does 3A+3T? And what does he need to do to get full GOE for 3F??? I really thought he deserved +3GOE on his 4L and 3A in the short as well…(that 4L was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen^^).

The video is up there, the bullets are listed up there, anyone can judge with his/her own eyes. As to the whys, I guess we can only ask judges themselves why they routinely decide to ignore guidelines :)

Anon asked:

H&L being called ‘one note’ and highlights how much Yuzuru looked down a lot. Your thoughts? and welcome back, would love to hear your experience in Helsinki :)

Very late, but thank you for the welcome back! I’ve shared lately my thoughts re Hope & Legacy, but I’ll just add that anyone who think that Hope & Legacy - music wise I’m not even speaking about the program - is “one note”, well I guess they don’t listen to a lot of (good) music in their life. Hearing, like all other senses, needs to be trained, after all ;)
As for the “looking down”, i can only point to the video above once more.

ID #28395

Name: Joyce
Age: 16 (in August)
Country: Canada

Well hello, I’m Joyce and I hope to find some new friends. Communication is not one of my strong suits, but I’m hoping to improve by talking to more people.

I’m pretty much obsessed with watching tv shows on Netflix and would love to find people to talk about it with. Some of my favourite shows right now are Hannibal, How To Get Away With Murder, Mr Robot, The Flash, and Lucifer. I also occasionally watch anime, I used to watch them a lot but not as much anymore.

I also enjoy reading, especially fantasy and thrillers. I also enjoy reading manga and comics. I try to write poems and draw sometimes, I’m not really good at it though ahaha. I waste my time browsing crappy memes on the internet.

I also play a lot of video games. Not hardcore or anything just casual. I play both pc and console games.

I love music and singing. My favourite genres are rock and indie. I also play piano and is learning to play guitar.

I’m an LGBTQ+ supporter and very open minded.

My preferred methods of communications is online either through email or any other social media like Line, tumblr, etc. Don’t be afraid to leave a note and contact me.

Preferences: Ages 14-20. Any gender is fine. Preferably open minded and have similar interests.

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i 100% appreciate dan's work and the effort he puts into his stuff but let's get real for a second. ISG is getting old and he's running out of ideas. that's just a fact, it's obvious. ok it was a funny video sure but reading a bunch of random emails and coming up with a joke (always self-deprecating and not very original, let me just say) isn't a very hard thing to do. There are youtubers out there who post every! single! day! and have interesting and entertaining content, unlike dan.

i agree that isg isn’t the most original content but you gotta understand that the reason he makes them is that there are tons of people who genuinely love those videos. it’s the same thing with the sims, a lot of us active phandom members might be sick of it but that’s still their most popular gaming series overall, and so of course they’re gonna continue making them. the internet support group is very well received among the majority of his viewers, particularly in the youtube comments + the fact that he gets thousands of emails. and, really, is this any less original than the neverending q&a videos other youtubers make?

isg def isn’t my favourite dan content, but i don’t think it’s right to say he’s out of ideas (you’ve seen his list, he clearly isn’t). he uploads other stuff as well, it’s all ok, we can survive some isg once in awhile 

Happy birthday Daniel.

Happy Birthday to Daniel Howell. I don’t know if I will ever meet you. So I’m putting my chances that maybe one day you will see this. Who knows maybe I’m just sending this out into the endless void that is the internet. Either way, I need to thank you from the bottom and top of my heart. 

You have helped me get through some hard times. Now you didn’t personally hold my hand or talk me through things. But your videos absolutely did. When I was laying in my university dorm awake at night it was always you and Phil that I turned to. I’m sure it has something to do with your soothing posh British voice. But those videos about how you nearly blinded yourself. Or how you talk to yourself. (A personal favourite) were the only things that could seem to make me laugh. I would actually be excited to get up in the mornings because I would listen to The amazing book is not on fire audio book on my way to class. I would literally be walking in the -40 dead of winter laughing to myself from the two of you. 

When I was finally ready to pull myself out of the pit of crappy mental health and crappy people surrounding me, it was yourself and Phil that helped me remember the happiness in the world that I thought I would never find again. So thank you, Daniel. For being a positive sunshine in this sometimes grey world. Even if your ascetics would peg everyone to believe otherwise. Oh and once again. Happy Birthday. You’re a year closer to death or some self-deprecating thing like that.

I hope you get spoiled like crazy for your birthday. @danielhowell  

Much love, Ashley Katherine.

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Do you have any other Ben headcanons, he's one of my favourite Pastas :)


He wants to meet Joji and Ian. (FilthyFrank and Idubbbz)

When you think of that kid who rages while playing COD that’s Ben. Ben is that kid. 

He loves Gudetama.

He contemplated going to Anime Expo in his Link Costume and seeing how many people freak out.

He’d probably be a gamer on youtube if he didn’t drown.

He watches Jeffree Star videos with Laughing Jack.

He does a weekly reading of ‘What Dirty Things Are In Jeff’s Internet History’

His favorite disney movie is the Aristocats

His favorite artist is Jordan Persegati


Hey! My name is hritika and im 17 years old.
I absolutely love books, shoes and clothes! But mostly BOOKS! I’m an over enthusiastic person when it comes to things that i like, so don’t mind if i write in capital letters sometimes lol.

I like Liza Koshy, various types of music and movies. I usually read fictional and fantasy books. If you’re a reader, be ready for tons of recommendations from me.
Some of my favourite tv shows are the 100, 13 reasons why, the originals, and pretty little liars.

I’m an introvert and basically have no friends irl so i want an internet friend! My social life is pretty much non existent and I literally have zero friends who i can actually talk to. I’m just looking for someone who i can talk to about anything and share music and YouTube videos and memes with! Hoping to hear from you! Lots of love and hugs!

Tumblr : you-know-whoo
Email :


this is one of my favourite videos on the internet. seriously. 💘

ID #51047

Name: Ellie
Age: 15
Country: Canada

Hey! My name is Ellie(obviously), and I am looking for an internet friend or someone to help me run my fanfiction blog haha. Anyway, my hobbies are reading, writing, science related things, video games, music, photography, and baking. I am involved in many fandoms, my favourites are Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Teen Wolf, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Phandom! Also, I am a huge space freak! I know a lot about space, so if you like space that would be awesome. You don’t have to like it to message me though. Music has a huge role in my life. I listen to TØP, Coldplay, FOB, P!ATD, Imagine Dragons, AC/DC, X Ambassadors, and alt-j. I play some instruments too, piano, flute, guitar, and the recorder (my school basically forced that upon me at a very young age). That’s really it, if you have any questions message me!

Preferences: 14-16