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making new clichés by @canonicallyanxious

❝ “Anyway.” Even smiles, a small, rueful curve of his lips. “She also asked if there was someone new. Naturally.”
Isak’s heart isn’t sure whether it should be rising or falling right now. He isn’t sure, either. “Is there?” Isak says. “Someone new?”
Even’s smile melts into something softer. Something unbearably sweet. “No,” he says. “Not someone new.” ❞

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Hey I'm just gearing up for end of year exams and your site is amazing!!!! Thank you so much for sharing all these cool printables. What shows do you recommend? For after exams of course :) Alice

Hellooo! Ah, thank you so much :-) I am really happy they’re helpful. It is lovely to know that I can help students through the difficult time of exams with them! My favourites are:

  • Game of Thrones - if you aren’t watching this already, you have too! 7 seasons of twists and turns. Honestly, my favourite show.
  • The Office (US) - absolutely hilarious! I love this kind of humour, definitely another favourite.
  • Supernatural - recently started this, it is pretty good so far! Lots of people recommended it to me!
  • Most Popular Girls in School - a stop-motion YouTube series about Barbies. Don’t get me wrong it sounds weird but it is hilarious. If you don’t mind a lot of swearing, it is fantastic. I look forward to every Tuesday when the next episodes go up!
  • Parks and Recreation - similar set up to the Office but just as good! Amazing actors, great plot and just lovely series!
  • Pretty Little Liars - a good mystery series but does drag on slightly!
  • Riverdale - I really enjoyed this as it came out earlier in the year. Lots of big plot twists! It seemed to be a little bit similar to PLL with some hints of Gossip Girl! I’m excited for what is to come in season 2.
  • Desperate Housewives - I remember sneaking downstairs as a child to watch this through our glass doors! Once I was old enough to watch it, it was so much more intense to the snippets I’d seen. Totally recommend it.
  • Stranger Things - Netflix really amazed with this one. I love it so much. Such an interesting plot, a great cast and I’m so excited for season two!!!
  • The OA - a very weird but compelling show. I couldn’t stop watching.
  • American Horror Story - an untraditional show but good nonetheless. Definitely has some seasons better than others but good overall.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - another hilarious show! I love Andy Samberg :’-)
  • Orange is the New Black - amazing Netflix show. One of their best in my opinion. The actresses are fantastic. Incredible story and really thought provoking whilst full of humour.
  • How To Get Away With Murder - I’ve only seen the first season but it was really good!
  • Catfish: The TV Show - I love this show. Nev and Max are great hah!
  • Gossip Girl - honestly since a gem of a show! Plus Nate Archibald is such a cutie!!!
  • Ghost Adventures - I love paranormal shows and these guys are so funny!
  • Bad Education - such a class show! I love the humour - I’ve watched it three times now.
  • Skins - I used to think this was big brother for teens but I was very wrong hah! Similar to AHS in set up but really gripping.
  • Arrested Development - another funny show! It isn’t a favourite but I still enjoyed it.
  • Teen Wolf - I have mixed feelings on this, I enjoyed it but it seemed very obviously “here is another bigger, more evil villain to fight next season”.
  • Superstore - only starting watching this recently but it is great! I’m still on the first season but I love watching it whilst I have breakfast!
  • Hotel Hell - Gordon Ramsay is absolutely hilarious and I love anything to do with him :’-)

Good luck with your exams xx

Noragami week 2017, Day 1: Favourite Episode // Sketch

I loved episode 7 of Aragoto way too much to not sketch my favourite moments!! There where so many amazing shots but here are my favourites.

(This was actually a project I started six months ago. When I found out about noragami week, I just came back to it and added the Yato and Yukine on the left and Yukine on the top right. Just an fyi!)

Do not repost! :3

My favourite part

Of 3x06 was Jamie fastening up his buckled boots. Two reasons

1. Those buckled boots do things for and I am only human

2. They are so JAMMF, prior to Claire’s return he’s wearing his shoes, he looks totally different to any variation of himself we knew before Culloden. After Claire returns, we see a little bit of that old Jamie. The real JAMMF. Whether they were supposed to mean anything or it’s just a case of Terry liking those boots as much as we do, but it really stood out to me.

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If I could put together a team for an adventure or fighting the apocalypse, I would choose like this:

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Yato! He is a real God!!! He has great fighting skills.(Actually the best) He genuinely wants to be a good person/God, so he is very selfless always. He is adorkable and cute, but can be really dark and dangerous too. His weapon turns into a cute boy. I want a God on my adventure team.

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Dean Winchester! He already fought every apocalypse imaginable! He would know what to do. He has an awesome car. He is friends with some demons, which comes handy if the apocalype has to do with demons.He is an Aquarius, which is good because I am one too :)

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L! He is a genius detective. He has so much money and resources to solve any case or find solutions for anything. He knows how to contact people that could help or have the skills that might be needed. He is introverted and a bit of a deadpan snarker, so I think we would get along. He is the top 3 of the greatest detectives in one person, so I want this detective on my team!

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Stiles Stilinski! In a town full of supernatural creatures, he was still the most interesting character. He is smart and funny. He is loyal and will fight for what is important. I would put my trust in him.

This would be my personal adventure/apocalypse fighting team! Any thoughts? What would yours look like? (This was just for fun, but this would be the team!)

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I love your blog! It's so lovely and comfortable! I like this characters i my favourite is black hat because it's so evil and cute too! Stay awesome😊

Why thank you! All of us work hard to bring you wonderful people quality content. ^^ And yeah, Black Hat’s my favorite too XD wonder if that’s obvious. 


Rules: list ten of your favourite characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people.

I was tagged by @justkeeponthegrass!

Wow, this was tough because I had no idea how to define “favourite.” Some of these are forever loves, some are current obsessions… in alphabetical order because I can’t really rank them… also, many of them are from canons that don’t really have a fandom… and interestingly, though I love a lot of male characters too, if you force me to choose my favourites apparently they’re almost all women.

Arya and Sansa Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones) Tied because I can’t really choose one and I love them the most when they’re together. While I like them in the books, a big part of my affection for these two comes from the actors and how well they manage to portray a deep-rooted, complicated but still loving sisterhood.

Chrisjen Avasarala (The Expanse) Edges out Bobbi Draper & Naomi Nagata from the same canon only because she’s older and older women in SF are still incredibly rare. Also, I would kill for her ravishing TV wardrobe. 

Jamethiel (Chronicles of the Kencyrath) A Chosen One who doesn’t want to be and who brings disaster with her wherever she goes. It’s not a character type you see written as a woman very often. 

Jessica Jones I am always here for cranky, foul-mouthed, reluctant heroes, as long as they’re women (see also: Jyn Erso). Unfortunately, that’s another rare female character type.

Laura Carroll/Princess Laura (The Secret Country) Laura is basically me as a kid (bookish, physically and socially awkward, has very strong Opinions she’s too shy to voice often) so it was pretty much a given that I would love her.

Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights) Actual role model, and I don’t mean that facetiously. Of course she’s not flawless but she’s an admirable parent, spouse, teacher, and mentor.

Tenar of Earthsea Reading The Tombs of Atuan was one of the first times I encountered a girl I recognized in the fantasy genre. Though I know the later books in the series aren’t universally popular, I’m so glad that Le Guin brought her back as a mature woman.

Vanye/Nhi Vanye i Chya (Morgaine Chronicles) Loyal, stubborn, desperately tries to be honorable even when all the choices are bad, a brave man who thinks of himself as a coward… hmmm, maybe I do have a type…

Wonder Woman/Diana of Themiscyra My first and formative superhero, in the shape of Lynda Carter. She’s everything a goddess ought to be. (I was simultaneously so thrilled and terrified about the movie that I almost couldn’t bear to watch in case it was awful.)

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The Wedding 

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“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”


The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.


I am determined that nothing but the very deepest love would induce me into matrimony. 
                             Pride and Prejudice (Part 1 of 6)