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For me, music is something that moves me at a given time. I’m one of those people; I go through periods of music. There are certain songs that I hear and I can remember a specific period in my life, ’cause usually when I’m stuck on something, I get stuck on it for a while. And then I find something else. And then I just listen to everything in the meantime. I remember there was a phase, like, Jeff Buckley—actually, during The Invisible—I listened to him for a month straight, Grace over and over.
—  Margarita Levieva
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Season 5 Episode 9

I was late to TWD and although one of my favourite scenes was the ‘I’m okay too’ scene which was very powerful. Wasnt Michonne practically confessing her intrinsic connecion to Rick? I digress.

It was the ‘Don’t you want one more day with a chance’ scene that made me think Rick was into her just a smidgen!!!! It seemed like Michonne had just rediscovered being part of a group again when they had back to back losses. Bob, Beth and the potential home Noah led them to. It thought she was having some sort of panic attack or just stressed but she was having a moment. She didn’t want to go through losing people again or continue wandering aimlessly. She knew what losing Andre did to her and she didn’t want to go back to being gone.

She started off proposing that they rebuild Noah’s neighbourhood which would have been a tall order. Then she came up with Washington. Her voice was rising and shaky with emotion as she made the case. Her phrase was ‘don’t you want one more day with a chance’.

And afterwards Rick was silent for a little while, then he said ‘we should go’. Michonne and Glenn both turned away, thinking he was saying no. Disappointment clearly on her face but accepting his decision.

And then adds, ‘let’s go to Washington’.

He gave her what she wanted. And Glenn’s face told the story best. (couldnt get a pic of it) Couldn’t believe his leader was going with Michonne’s suggestion. The look was of incredulity! That he had considered her needs and her feelings.

And so it began, by the time they met Aaron the scene was set for a Michonne takeover. She became the Persuader-in-chief. She knew he would follow her lead. He knew he would follow her lead and he told her as much in 5 x 16

His face  - How whipped am I ? Fromm

And the rest is history (in 7 x 08)

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Mitsumama, Kasen, and Ichigo try to teach you how to dance (they fail; you break your foot). What is their teaching style like and how do they react to you getting hurt? Special bonus: How exactly did you break your foot?

This ask made me a little too excited. My favourite manga at the moment is Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High’s Competitive Dance Club! and I’ve been trying to read Welcome to the Ballroom though I don’t like it quite as much. The summary of my rambling being: I’m weak for ballroom dancing. So I’m going to be a little specific and each boy is trying to teach you a different standard dance because screw the basics and I feel like going overboard with this.

Also, more on topic, we’re just saying the sword boys know how to dance in the first place somehow. Coming up with ways for the foot breaking was surprisingly difficult… I tried.

Gosh I over did this.

• After asking a lot and wearing you down he convinces you to let him teach you to dance. He thinks the fox trot will be fun and easier on you since it’s slower than most standard dances.
• He doesn’t really communicate too well on how you should move, more relying on you following his lead and having a laugh.
• Just when you’re getting the hang of it he tries to make you turn. You are completely thrown when he tried to change it up, you fall back tripping over nothing. The sudden panic making Mitsu lose his grasp on you.
• Your whole body weight seemed to crash down pointedly on your off positioned ankles, it was obvious as you fell it wasn’t right. He instantly panics, apologies spewing from his mouth just as quickly as his pleas to get a doctor.

• With him it was the other way around, you asked him to teach you to dance. He’s clearly both flustered and excited you asked him. He decides pretty quickly he’ll teach you to tango, his own elegant way of being a bit flirty.
• He’s a good teacher. Takes him time, corrects you when you seemed to absently forget what to do. His insistence on being as close to you as possible probably doesn’t help.
• You both get a little too swept up in the moment you didn’t noticed the panicked call of Gokotai till it was too late. You had tried to separate quickly to get out of the way of his cubs which were energetically running past for whatever, while Kasen managed to only slip a little, you stumbled completely forward trying to avoid stepping on them and came shuddering down to the ground.
• Kasen could quickly tell by the look on your face your awkward fall had done something wrong from the pained look on his face. He did his best to comfort you as an incredibly guilty Gokotai ran to fetch help.

• You two had just been watching a movie with some of his brothers, when he noticed a ballroom dancing scene seemed to put a sparkling in your eyes. He stands up and holds a hand out to you, offering to teach you to Waltz. Its next to impossible to say no with all his brothers urging you on.
• He clearly knows what he’s doing, and teaches you well, though admittedly a little awkwardly as even he is embarrassed with all his brothers paying attention to you rather than the movie.
• It was completely accidental when a shout of surprise came from Hakata and Shinano in the corner who had been playing with marbles, them unfortunately coming right for you, tripping you both up. Ichigo’s momentum sending him forward onto you.
• He scrambled off you as quick as he could, your pained groan not helping but the damage was already done. He and literally every one of his brothers there were incredibly guilty as a result and fussed over you, apologising and trying to talk about getting you medical attention.


you and me, we make each other better, we may not be perfect but we’re perfect together~♡


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

has anyone ever considered that mitch marner is always energetic and happy bc he’s playing for the fucking Toronto Maple Leafs? like it’s literally his childhood dream come true like he grew up watching and idolizing these guys and now he gets to skate around and make faces with Bozak and hug JVR and stuff like do you understand how happy that must make him he literally gets to play great hockey with these guys he’s always supported like wow