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i’m listening to this town on repeat and the song is just so simple and honest and also the smartest thing because Live and Acoustic and Relatable and Close to the audience and also niall’s voice has always been something akin to magic so no surprise here but honestly fuck i’m so happy acoustic simple ballads are my favourite thing 


Sword and Mace of Edward IV 

This civic sword was sent to the Mayor of Waterford by King Edward IV in 1462 along with two maces.

On official occasions it was carried in procession in front of the mayor. The sword symbolised the fact that the mayor’s authority within the city came directly from the king.

The sword and mace are on display at the Medieval Museum in Waterford and has been for over 550 years.

my favourite thing about video games is when you zoom in too closely to a character and their head disappears but you can still see their eyeballs just floating in the air

The Fun Will Never End

I literally cried myself to sleep last night, knowing that my favourite thing in the world was coming to an end. I was hoping it was going to last much longer and I knew that the end was coming eventually but now that it’s nearly here, I’m scared. Even though it’s just under 2 years from now, it feels much closer because once it gets here, it’s gonna hurt. 

Adventure Time has helped me through so much shit in my life and has helped me deal with so much and it made me feel like everything was going to be okay. I was in a pretty bad place and when my friend showed me ‘The New Frontier’ in 2013, i immediately fell in love and it filled that place in my heart that I thought could never be filled. I’d come home from a crappy day and watch it, being able to laugh and smile even though how bad my day was. Adventure Time made it instantly better. Or if I had no episodes to watch, I’d go on Tumblr and look at the amazing fan art and gifs, ship fights, crossovers, AU’s, appreciation posts, fan fictions, screenshots and just all up the fandom’s love for the show, reminding me that it was still there. 

 I learnt that if you feel like you’re alone and have no one, your friends and family will be there to help you out and give you a hug if you’re feeling down. If you’re upset about something, let it out because there’ll always be someone to listen and be there for you. I especially learnt that no matter what, life will always throw something bad at you and when it does, don’t let it throw you off from your game because it will happen and you just have to deal with it and not give up. Keep fighting for what you love and stand up for it no matter what anyone says or if anyone tries to stop you from doing it or from doing what you love. 

 Be weird and wacky as long as it’s you, be who you wanna be and don’t let anyone judge you for being you. Love yourself and be happy for who you are because it’s you. And there’s only one you so why be anyone else? If you’re feeling down, do something you love like going on an adventure, playing video games or playing on your bass. Everyone gets down, no ones perfect even though they might seem like it because everyone’s going through something. Relationships are complicated, in the end you either stay together or realise it isn’t working and go your seperate ways. Don’t judge someone if you don’t know their past or the things they’ve been through. Family doesn’t have to be by blood, family comes from anywhere. And much more. 

 It’s filled with awesome plots, wacky characters, amazing relationships, incredible voice acting, heart wrenching scenes, outstanding scenery, all in a once in a lifetime show. Each character has an amazing personality that you instantly fall in love with and relate to. Every episode fills you with wonder and excitement, dragging you further into an extremely fascinating plot that feels like it can never be spelled out. Or just a random episode that makes you giddy and happy. 

 Even though I didn’t start the series from when it actually started, only half way through, I feel like I did and it welcomed me with open arms with it’s silly jokes, witty adult humour, creative songs, life lessons, dark sides, cuteness and caring nature. Out of all the shows that could’ve been my favourite, none of them even came close to Adventure Time. I don’t know how I’m going to cope without it but I’ve met a lot of awesome people that I could bond over about AT with, starting relationships I never thought I’d have, learning so many things and i was inspired to try out different stuff from this sweet, amazing show that no other show can give me in a lifetime. It’s touched the hearts of so many people and will continue to do so until the time comes. And I’m hanging on until the bitter end. 

 We all love you, Adventure Time and we don’t know where we would have been without you. <3

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Hey folks, I have a bio prof (first year biology, woot!) who told me this morning that mitochondria have three membranes. As in two outer membranes and the inner swirly guys (internal membrane). It could be that I'm misinterpreting this (he's not very good at explaining things) or he's just straight up wrong. Help please!! Also, hooray for Tardigrades (literally my favourite thing ever!)


As far as I know, they are just double membrane organelles, with an outer membrane and the inner membrane which is folded to form Cristae, which give a larger surface area. 

Tardigrades are pretty awesome! 

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Heey~ Sorry to bother, but I'm curious, do you have any Gintama ships?

You’re not bothering :)
Man Gintama is crazy, pretty much everything is shippable, haha. The only things I don’t like (or ever like) are incest ships or things like Kagura & Gintoki.

My two favourite Gintama ships are:

Takasugi & Gintoki
Zura & Ikumatsu

I like other stuff too, like Tsukuyo & Gintoki, Otae & Kyuubei, Nobume & Sougo, Gintoki & Zura, Takasugi &Tatsuma, probably HijiGin and OkiKagu, too…but I can keep going xD Lots of things work well and I just want them to be happy ❤

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Heyllo. What's your personal process of creating/designing/outlining characters? I'm curious~

Um, very bad.

No, okay, that’s not an answer XD

I have a character outline that looks like this:

It varies for each book, though just barely. For example, this one is from Whatever, and in my The Finest Trick outline I have a “psychological state” portion and a “zodiac sign” portion. I’m planning on adding “favourite colour” to this one.

Usually my characters are the first thing that comes to mind, around the same time as an idea for a plot, but just barely, and the character more prominent. I either build their backstory off of their personality ((most often)) or the other way around.

That first “ mark is for their “main” song, kinda. I always have a song for a character, at least the main ones, that I think fits them best. Jen’s is Be Somebody by Thousand Foot Krutch, Darrel’s is Nothing to Lose by Billy Talent. “Words” used to be “Adjectives” but I changed it because I found things like “red” or “whisper” fit better than an adjective to describe a character. The “-” is explaining what the word means, and the last “ mark is for quotes that I think fit them. Example, for Lewis:

Whether they be songs or not ((most often songs, but I have a Shakespeare quote for Jen saying “Hear my soul speak: the very instant I saw you, did my heart fly to your service”)), I add any quote reminding me of them.

Sorry this answer was kind of all over the place… If you have any specific questions on the process, go ahead and send them in XD Those should be answered a lot better.