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I think I know what my favourite thing about Yuri!!! on Ice is. It’s not the animation, or the plot, or the characters or the ship. It’s not Victuri being canon. It’s the message it sends to LGBT+ people. That we are normal, and we are accepted, at least by the people who make the show.

YoI presents us with a gay couple, who are allowed to just be normal. They aren’t treated specially. There is no moment in the show where being gay is treated as anything other than completely and utterly normal. Every character in the show treats Yuri and Victor like they and their relationship is normal. They accept it and go back to what they were doing before. There is no moment where being gay is treated as being a bad thing, no moment of ‘this is wrong, but we’re both men’. And more than that, both Victor and Yuri are allowed to have lives and personalities outside of being gay. They are just two people who fell in love. And while yes you could argue that not confronting bigotry is an issue with the show, I think that for YoI not confronting it is a strong point. There are so many shows and books that do that, that recount the struggles of LGBT+ people. Yuri!!! on Ice is one of those shows people make posts requesting, the happy queer comedies that are here to make us feel good where being gay isn’t the joke and is just a facet of the character. YoI does that. All while sending out one powerful if subtle message that can be received by Queer and non-Queer people alike.

That LGBT+ People are normal.

Imum Coeli  - The Fourth House

One of my favourite things to look at while reading a chart is the 4th House because I find it so fascinating in how much it reveals about the family situation and learned habits of a person.

The Fourth House otherwise known as the Imum Coeli, represents the home, family and early development. It can tell us a lot about the themes present in a person early life.

While the sign on the house cusp will tell us about the nature of the home, the planets (or lack thereof) will show what energies fed the power of that house.


Aries in the 4th House: A youthful exuberance was present in the early years of childhood and the person kept themselves quite active and busy. They took on responsibility but shook it off just as quick whenever they wanted. They may have spent most of their time outside playing rather than staying inside. In some cases, Aries on the 4th House cusp denotes an aggressive or violent theme in the home.

Taurus in the 4th House: Security and a firm sense of home was an important value kept as a child and ‘home’ often feels like presents and gifts to and from loved ones. This person may have enjoyed making things to make family members happy. 

Gemini in the 4th House: It is common for those with Gemini on the 4th House cusp to have moved around a lot and not have stayed anywhere very long. Reading and intellect were important in the upbringing of this child and are commonly considered to be comforting. It’s also very common for the child to not have formed many real bonds with family.

Cancer in the 4th House: Cancer is the corresponding sign and so is most at home. This child felt protected and nurtured. Family was a shared priority and roots and tradition are quite important. Children were taught a lot about the importance of home but may not have been taught to be ambitious with their career.

Leo in the 4th House: This persons home gave life to creativity and fun. Attention was important in this child’s life and it is likely they were the center of this. A downside to this could be that their parents were too much play and no work. Children may have been spoiled or “fed with a silver spoon”.

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my favourite thing about yuuri’s character is at the start you expect him to be this stereotypical shy, anxious, awkward 23 year old who idolises viktor and doubts himself.

but. BUT.

you soon find out that he’s quite a theatrical, fun and dramatic guy; he isn’t scared to snap at viktor from time to time, he doesn’t get embarrassed when performing emotional routines because he’s been doing this for a very long time, he’s dorky and unashamed when it comes to selfies and photos in general, he gets along well with (most) the rest of the top men’s skaters.

really, he’s just full of so much life and he’s a great character.

Confessions of a Selfish Artist:

One of my favourite things about being a self-employed artist (that doesn’t rely solely off of art sales to survive, that is) is that if it sells, Yay! I have money! I can buy food and cat litter and more art supplies! and if it doesn’t sell, Oh well! I get attached to my paintings too easily and I secretly wanted to keep it anyway. It’s a win win. 

my shop -> :)

Also I should have up some new Woodcut Woodland Animal paintings sometime next week! If you want to leave me suggestions for animals to paint I’d love that! 

My favourite thing about the new episode is that Viktor only enacted on his promise once Yuuri started showing potential and looked like he actually deserved/wanted Victor to be there.

So likely, Viktor wasn’t forgetful when he didn’t enact on his promise with Yurio, he was waiting until he peaked and actually went to him willingly/wantingly

or he totally didn’t care. lmao, get rekt Yurio

one of my favourite things about Green Day’s music are the transitional songs (Brain Stew/Jaded, Jinx/Haushinka, Holiday/Boulevard of Broken Dreams etc.) that they always do because honestly it just adds such a nice flow to the albums

My favourite thing to do is tell goreh that there is no such thing as a “War on Christmas,” and then for good measure wish them a Happy Holidays.

I did this last night and the results were hilarious, but what I heard in return was even more hysterical. The man I was talking to started telling me a story of his trip to Morocco during Ramadan and how he insists his children “see the world” and understand people, and how they had no problem wishing their host families a blessed Ramadan.

Sure, but that’s because YOU’RE IN A MUSLIM COUNTRY WHERE THE NATIVE INHABITANTS ADHERE TO ISLAM. Canada is not a Christian country. The indigenous peoples of this land were not (and largely still are not) Christian. Christian dominance is a fact that colonial mentality is still very much alive in today’s day and age. The fact that people are crying over Christmas not being the ONLY festive holiday being acknowledged in this country that is made up of 94.4% settlers that all come from different faith traditions that ALSO have their festivals and holidays during this period shows that they are not ready to let go of colonialism.

What he said to me next was even more rich: “Why can’t you just wish me a Merry Christmas and I can wish you a…….I wish I knew what to wish you…..but yeah.”


Saying Happy Holidays is not an attack on Christmas; being asked to share space you disproportionately take up is not oppression.

missandeyblack  asked:

Hey, I came across your channel the other day via Moonsign's fanfic profile, and I've been binge watching your videos ever since... You guys are honestly so adorable and I love your videos to bits! Are you planning on doing anymore Casting Moonshadows skits? These are honestly my favourite things ever x

Thank you!! ^w^ ❤ there will be one more CM video before the year is over~ !

anonymous asked:

Aaron my favorite thing about you is that I feel like you have a Strong Opinion about everything. Everytime I brush my teeth I think of that 'do you put water or toothpaste first' post and the fact that you made me rethink my life choices

I literally have not once, ever, found an issue that I do not have a Strong Opinion about. I care so much about everything that it physically hurts me. If I say I don’t care about something, I am literally lying directly to your face. Well, upon occasion I ‘don’t care’ about something, but I feel so strongly about my state of indifference that it’s almost like I care, you know?

But thank you for appreciating my neuroses. What other people have called “intolerable”, “unbearable” and “so fucking annoying” (and that’s just my close friends), you’ve decided is one of your favourite things about me. You’re a good egg, anon.

wow i gained a lot of followers for the past hours! 

hello to new followers! my name is corina! i draw a lot and i love spider-man, and i love combining my two favourite things together.