this is my favourite submission by far

Galra Guard: What the hell are you doing?

Lance: The Vulcan neck pinch?

Galra Guard: No, no, no, stupid, you’ve got it much too high. It’s down here where the shoulder meets the neck.

[Lance changes hand position]

Lance: Like this?

Galra Guard: Yeah!

[guard falls to the ground]

Lance: Thanks.


After a little over four and a half years, Felidae is still probably the favourite of my Charr, and definitely my prettiest lioness. She’s not the biggest fan of humans, but she’s pretty much ready and prepared to go save Divinity’s Reach when that patch drops. :)

She also wants to say thank you to all of you - nearly 840 followers now! I’m in a bit of a tight spot as far as real life circumstances go but I’m slowly saving up for a giveaway, though it’ll be smaller than my last one. <3

“Less is more”: a musing on the acting in SKAM

Posted on behalf of my actor anon, who doesn’t yet have her own blog:

Acting and actors appear in many shapes, sizes, and abilities but since SKAM presents itself as a drama series, I’m gonna focus on that regard. Also, this is my experience as an actress who clearly prefers dramatic acting, but it could be different for other people ;).

My experience in acting classes when I was younger is that you start out envisioning a character and making that as stereotypical as possible. You need to be a nerd? You push down your shoulders, start to hang back a little, tuck in your chin, slouch, put on glasses. A businesswoman means a straight back, shoulders straight, head up high, a strong position, in heels and direct eyes. Now that’s fine if you spend your time on a theatre stage; it won’t work on a camera unless you’re performing sketches. You look weird. Film is all about the less is more, especially so in regards to dramatic acting.

What I think what makes dramatic acting so different from comedic acting is the level of energy. In comedic acting, it’s all about timing, about sharpness, about being quick on your feet. That’s a little bit different in dramatic acting; you don’t want to make people laugh, you want to make people feel. And the most effective way of making people feel is to make it as realistic and natural as possible, because that’s what they react to in real life as well. You don’t spend energy necessarily on timing, but on making your body feel the emotions you’re supposed to portray. That doesn’t mean method acting per se, but to make it as real as possible it’s the easiest to try and make it feel real to you yourself, the actor.

This is where SKAM comes in: it’s praised for its realism. Now that’s mostly said for the storylines, the themes, the writing. But it’s also certainly the case with the acting. First and foremost, the reason why the actors are so good as they are is because of their age. The stories they portray are things they might encounter in real life, so it’s easy to tap into those emotions. Having 25 year old’s portray high school students doesn’t work because they are so far removed from that time, no matter how in touch with your youth you might think you are. You’ve simply changed too much since your high school years. Another strength is, I think, the level of trust between the actors themselves and the actors and Julie Andem. From what I’ve read in articles and interviews, is that Julie really cares about her actors and the stories they portray. I’d love to see her direct, because from what I see (especially in season 3 and most of the emotionally-driven stuff in the other seasons) I feel like she really takes the time with the actors to get them to their comfort levels and discusses what exactly the intent is in the scene. Why does he react that way? Why is she just taking this and what feelings does she feel at that moment? This way the actors know what both are feeling in the moment, and they can play around with that, and trust each other. Look, you can have chemistry with another actor right away, but trust needs to be build. If I’m doing this, can I count on you to give me your best shot and vice versa? This is important to do, because if the trust’s not there it is noticeable. You need trust to make it realistic, because (and this is the last reason of SKAM’s realism) SKAM relies on quietness. On the moments between dialogue. Fifteen seconds of lying in bed, looking up at the ceiling and really feeling that this is not gonna work out and how will I ever say that to him? On the other actor in the scene to trust you that you will finish your line, not interrupting to fill up that silence. On a girl that cries out of frustration on a bed, with her friends laughing outside that room, with no dialogue whatsoever. You can feel her happiness when she sees the facebook notification, and you feel relieved. That video of non-dialogue scenes by @reasoniwantyoutostay is a masterful expose of some of those moments in season 3. Silence is not awkwardness: it’s realistic. That is why SKAM is great. Less is more; they give the actors the chance to act, not just to say the lines.

 So those were basically my general ideas on the acting in SKAM. Once again, these are my opinions. I’d love to discuss. I might in the future write out my favourite scenes on a separate blog. Cuz I need to talk about Tarjei’s eyes (in a non-creepy way) and Lisa’s underratedness. 

This is my fan art of the characters in wolf song. I drew red in my own style and I drew the wolf in more your style. I love character design of the characters and I love the animation. I did draw this a while ago but I’m still new to Tumblr. These are by far my some of my favourite drawings and I’m really proud of it. Hope you like it.

danyedit: I love it! Your art style is really cute, makes Red look even more innocent ;o; Thanks so much for sharing, definitely feel proud because these are great! c:

tomasyri  asked:

Hi!! I love your art, and it's inspired me to do a few myself!! What would you say is your favourite one you've painted so far?

Sorry for the delay, this was a really difficult question! There’s no way I could choose just one, so here are a few of my favorites. I also love to hear that some of you are painting your own cards as well! Maybe some of you would like to share ;)? Ooh, maybe I could do a guest submission day or something??


{April 8th, 2017}

Day 8| What’s your favourite book?

My favourite book is by far The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I’ve read and reread this book at least four times, and watched the movie two times. The story just draws you in and all the characters are so realistic that it’s impossible not to love them all. In Grade 8 I had to write a novel study on this book, and got a perfect grade. I used the novel study as a submission to an arts high school I was applying for and it is one of the reasons I got accepted into the Literary Arts department. This book will always hold a special meaning to me.

Help my partner loves stargazing and I bought us a telescope so we can look at our favourite constellations and drink tea together under the stars when she gets back… shes so far away, but when we both look up, we can see the same constellations and I think about her cute face and gorgeous starry smile and eyes and I fall for her more, help!

Hey Spooks! Remember me? I’m Opera from the stream yesterday. I said I’ll make you a fanart. So yeah, There you go Zombie friskkk!! I love your all art Spooks. You are a very good artist. I want to be a good artist like you one day just…one day. Anyway, keep up awesome work! (You inspired me a lot! Zombietale is my Favourite AU Thus far) :)


@opera25 Ahh it’s super cute Opera, thank you so much! And yes, never stop drawing! You can only get better, friend! :D


A couple pictures from pre-transition, my favourite from the start of my transition but before HRT, and my favourite pictures of myself so far (including one with my sisters 😍)

I officially hit one year on HRT the other day and I’m feeling confident as hell. 💜

Here’s to another year of progress 😊


Omgggg you look so good! Thanks so much for sharing, this is so inspirational <3 Congrats on one year!!