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People are fighting over Big Bang and EXO comebacks and I’m sitting here happy and grateful for both groups for even making a comeback

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I made several attempts at linearting these over the course of two days but my tablet keeps acting up and my hands are cold and hurt a bit so I ended up only getting frustrated so have these unfinished Kallus sketches for now ;-;

(I firmly believe he deserves a lot of the shit he might have to face from now on but I LOVE REDEEMED/SORTA REDEEMED VILLAINS, it’s my favourite trope in the world, so yeah.)

A Bit of Confession

When I see people in the Naruto fan base hating\bashing on Haruno Sakura, I feel quite insulted (T-T)
Not only cause she’s my favourite character but also because Sakura inspired me so much, and we act very similar…

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I don't know if you know but Mark, Tyler and Ethan where on the YouTube Rewind!


Honestly i am fairly disappointed in youtube rewind this year. I legit knew not even 1% of the youtubers there and there was way too much going on.

The gamers bit was my favourite (obviously) but they could have done SO much more with it. The gamers bit felt a little bit rushed which is really sad to see bc they’re such a huge part of the platform. It truly made the filmmaker side of me angry because they could have done SO much more with it!

Tbh though i had high expectations because last years youtube rewind when Mark was introduced is possibly one of my all time favourite moments in the history of any video ever. It was just perfect.

            yooo for right now until I find the perfect voice cast for Ry, this is what his voice sounds like ( cry is love, cry is life ).

shrimpson-boys follow forever!

I’ve been wanting to do a follow forever for quite a while so, here it is! These are my favourite blogs, definitely recommend checking them out and giving them a follow because they’re all wonderful and will be a blessing to your dash! 💕

💖 @anything4memes 💖 @awhellye 💖 @cancercreww 💖 @cancercroo 💖 @cancerousminds 💖 @chloe-burbanks 💖 @daddydvbbbz 💖 @daddyjoji 💖 @ehwaddup 💖 @filthyfuckingfaggot 💖 @filthy-tokyo 💖 @filthyt0kyo 💖 @fiojay 💖 @gay-sprinkles 💖 @gayjoji 💖 @ghostlyian 💖 @ghoulishjoji 💖 @human-cake 💖 @idubbbzgirlfriend 💖 @internet-cancer 💖 @jinglejoji 💖 @jojiangelemoji 💖 @jojifranku 💖 @joji-pls 💖 @jojisvlog 💖 @k-k-ko-kohe 💖 @lewdjoji 💖 @lgbtqjoji 💖 @maxfoemoe 💖 @maxmaxmaxmoe @nopejoji 💖 @pinkguyjoji 💖 @punkjoji 💖 @rare-joji 💖 @rattspit 💖 @whydubbbz 💖 @screaminghere 💖

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Can you rec some of your fave phan blogs? I need to follow some more and you're one of my faves :)

awww thank you so much :’) i have solo many favourites the list would go on and on but here are some: @sugarplum-howell @tinybeanlester  @hohomotherfuckers @muralhowell @phiru @howelter @darkphannie @glowinghowell @cringe-attacks @rosylester @bitesizedhowell @ukulelephil @oops-phan @softestdan @lavenderlester @fuckinlester @amazedphill
there are so many people i still want to include but this answer would be too long, sorry :( but holy shit these guys are amazing and you should follow everyone of them

hi let’s talk

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I used to listen to Call Your Girlfriend a lot back in 2012 but I hadn't heard it in years. Then it played in that scene and I could not get over how perfect it was, especially from Isak's pov abt Even. and when they were locking eyes and I??? Iconic

Right??? When I first saw it I was completely completely blown away. It might sound weird but even after the kissed, hugs and the sex scene I STILL think the dancing scene is my favourite! The chemistry was just so apparent ahh!!

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omg the svenskevitser. love them. some of those are the same as norgeskämt (like the jesus one), see also: how do you sink a norwegian submarine? you swim down and knock on the door. why does the norwegian have his hands in his pockets? he's embarrased that his fingers are different lengths. why do norwegians live in round houses? so they don't have to vacuum the corners. how do you sink a norwegian submarine again? you knock on the door and they'll open and say "i'm not falling for that again"

HAHA ME TOO it’s so weird though seeing all my favourite jokes but with Norwegians as the victims instead 😂

What’s the most positive about Swedish women?
Their pregnancy and HIV tests

Why don’t swedes eat spaghetti?
They don’t have long enough dishes

Why did the swede drown his computer?
He wanted to wash the Windows

Do you know why all the swede jokes have been getting worse lately? The swedes have started making them themselves

The Swedish plane was approaching Gardemoen and the operator said “please state your position”. There was a short break before the swede responded “I’m the captain and I’m in the front…”

Did you hear about the swede that brought binoculars to a funeral? He was burying a distant cousin.

Why do swedes look up at the sky and smile during lighting storms? They think they’re being photographed

HAHAH they’re so bad but they’re so bad they’re funny!!

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Who are your favorite Olicity writers?

Hey sweetie! Sorry for only answering now. I’ve been recovering from surgery, so doing anything really that’s more than just reblogging was a bit of an effort.

I must say the Olicity fandom is really one of the most talented fandoms I’ve ever had the priviledge of being a part of. They take writing to a whole new level and because of that, there are so many incredible fics and writers.

I’ll share a few of my current favourite fics and include the writers for you, so you have a whole range to chose from. (Side note: If I leave anyone out, please please forgive me - you guys are truly all awesome!)

Current WIP Favourites:

-  A Soul lost at Sea by @tinaday3w
-  An Unexpected encounter by @hope-for-olicity
-  Bound to you by @bindy417
-  Green Arrows and Silver Screens by @diggo26
-  Pieces of Always by @dust2dust34 and @socaffeinated
-  Softly comes love by @mel-loves-all
-  Some things are meant to be by @pimsiepim
-  State of the union by varellanoemo (sorry I don’t have her tumblr handle, but I added the link to her AO3 account)
-  Time for a Story by @smkkbert
-  The Predator @supersillyanddorky06
-  These lovely years @sophie1973

Favourite Writers:

-  @tinaday3w
-  @mel-loves-all
-  @bindy417
-  @mel-loves-all
-  @pimsiepim
-  @supersillyanddorky06
-  @jbuffyangel
-  @dust2dust34
-  @socaffeinated
-  @quiveringbunny
-  @dettiot
-  @callistawolf
-  @smkkbert 
-  @storyteller0311
-  @laurabelle2930

There are many many more, but these are the ones that have left their mark
Happy reading!

Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Trixya) Chapter 6 - Yorkie

A/N: Hello again friends! We’re getting pretty close to the end of this fic and I think this may actually be my favourite chapter so far. Katya keeps her promise, and we find out what brought Trixie to San Junipero as the truth is revealed about the town and it’s residents…

(Bit of a weird one in terms of trigger warnings. Basically; character death - but not really - and a brief mention of homophobia)

Yorkie’s Chapter 6 “This one is a ride, have some emotional songs” Playlist:

For Everything A Reason - Carina Round
Technicolour Beat- Oh Wonder
Hold My Hand As I’m Lowered – Noah & The Whale

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