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The Wedding 

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“So: how’s the steak, kids?”
“10/10, Sir!”

“biggest fan”

for @yoianniversary //I think yuuri’s mom is such a sweet and supportive character //// probably yuuri’s first and number 1 fan <3



season 2 of the twin au, episode 5! in which adrien gets injured (in more ways than one) after a fencing tournament goes wrong, felix takes over daytime chat noir duties, and marinette finally gets to meet the nighttime chat noir she’s heard so much about from bridgette!

the concept of chat jour and chat nuit is adopted from this fantastic twin au fic! adrien takes the day shift and felix covers at night, as do marinette and bridgette - and despite all the publicity ladybug and chat noir get, in the dark it’s harder to tell paris is being protected by different people.