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Yes, I do occasionally smile when I take pictures 😅😅
Really sick right now and my head feels like it was hit by a bus. I’m trying to brighten my mood by getting into my favourite fall activities though, so hopefully that helps a little.🍂 Tonight included reading a signed copy of The Wise Man’s Fear, courtesy of one of the best friends in the world, and sitting by the window with a candle lit beside me. I decided that since I’m sick I could save my studying for tomorrow and instead drift away into the incredible world that Patrick Rothfuss has created. 😍

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Do you have any idea where i could find drarry fics featuring learning/knowing a second language? - I tried your parseltongue tag but it wasn't really what I was looking for and I'm not sure what to search for? (love the blog btw :) I've found pretty much all my favourite fics on here so thank you)

I have some French speaking Draco if you want. :)

Date Blindness by Cheryl Dyson (24k)
Harry thought he was perfectly happy until Hermione decided to set him up on a blind date.

Number Seven by Sara Holmes (265k)
Harry already has two children, an ex-wife, annoying colleagues and an international crime ring to deal with. So when Draco Malfoy reappears after eight years AWOL in France, of course Harry is going to leave him well alone…Right?

Say Anything by megyal (8k)
 Draco has a crush on Harry and tells him in French.

Against All Odds by momatu (53k)
Beauxbatons is hosting the first ever Quidditch Summer School for children from all over Europe, and Harry has promised to enroll Teddy as his birthday present. Meanwhile, Draco is stuck in his office, putting together the first ever Quidditch Summer School for children from all over Europe during, when he should be enjoying summer holidays.

Crossing Lines by Ren (47k)
While investigating a ring of smugglers, the Aurors receive a tip saying that the European Express is being used to move contraband across state lines. To solve the case, Harry has to unmask the smugglers and find the hidden contraband before the luxury train reaches Bulgaria. Draco Malfoy is also on board… but that’s just coincidence, isn’t it?

Abraxan Wings by khalulu (14k)
AU following the confrontation in the bathroom, which in this fic takes place around the middle of year 6. When the Sectumsempra curse severs a nerve at the base of Draco’s spine, he loses some abilities he may never recover. It isn’t the end of the road, though – just the beginning of a major change of course. A mostly serious but not gloomy coming of age /romance /adventure story, featuring the Room of Parole, Mme Maxime, Rosemonde the flying horse, and Harry Potter on sax.

Un Noël très parisien by @femmequixotic and @noeeon(14k)
When Draco crossed paths with Auror Potter at a political function in Paris, he was not expecting their former animosity to change into something rather more intriguing. But he could be certain their casual flirtation would not last more than the night, couldn’t he?

All Is Dust That Is Not His Heart by Lomonaaeren (3k)
Draco is a Beauxbatons student. Fleur is therefore the rightful Champion of the Triwizard Tournament. Who is this upstart Harry Potter, who insists on intruding where he doesn’t belong?

The Princess Thief by olimakiella (31k)
Wednesday morning, 10:00 a.m., Musée du Louvre; the open exhibit of Leonardo da Vinci is suffused with smoke. Sully Wing Security has shut down the La Chapelle Exhibition Hall and ushered the public out, holding them on the ground floor. Security is praised when the smoke clears and everything is still in place. Crisis averted. Later, when they notice the young man on the security cameras exiting through the Pyramid with a casual grace and a small black canvas bag, they call the Police Nationale…

Any Instrument by @dictacontrion (131k)
Draco Malfoy wouldn’t go back to England for anything less than an exceptional case. Being asked to figure out why Harry Potter can’t control his magic might be exceptional enough to qualify.

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for my third masterlist of album lyric connection tags i decided to use my favourite album of all time, the story so far’s ‘under soil and dirt’ and there are #133 lyrics that can be used as connection tags for any sort of connections that you feel suit best. please like/reblog if you found this useful and let me know if there’s an album you’d like me to make one of these for!

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Oh Aria - how beautiful you are!😍🦁 She is one of my favourites and I’m so happy you fans love her too!😁❤️ And great news! I’ll be bringing a limited number of her open edition #FineArt #prints with me to #NYCC!!🙀🎉💖 I’ll only have 10 with me on New York but don’t fret because she is available on my estore!🛍😚💋 See you soon #NewYork!!😃✨ ❤️ #camilladerrico #popsurrealism #poppainting #popmanga #artwork #popculture #anime #artist #comic #manga #convention #nyc #lion #heterochromia #openedition #painting #oilpainting

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what is your favourite danfiction?


Unbroken and Endless (Sequel to Unbroken) by the wonderful and talented Breanna (aka on Wattpad as secretlyhomicidal)
Note: This IS NOT a spon or anything like that quite the opposite, she’s one of my Senpaiis it’s genuinely one of my most favourite things so if you want a really gripping ReaderXDan Howell, that is your way to go :)

You won’t regret it :)

my favourite part of my day is right before bed when i make a giant cup of tea and put on fuzzy socks and crawl into bed to get all cozy and every !! fucking !! night !! that i do this i always picture luke following suit and even nudging me before we start watching something on netflix, asking “y’doin’ a facemask tonight baby?” (facemasks are quite often part of my nightly ritual tbh) and just feeling so cozy and content with luke and our routine and life and just sigh (▰˘◡˘▰)