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He’d guessed Draco’s favourite colour correctly the first try.

Truth be told, Draco never had a favourite colour to begin with. He’d never stopped long enough to think about it; it wasn’t as though it would ever be of any value. But, when he found himself sitting next to his loser of a boyfriend — the loser thing wasn’t so true, he loved Harry dearly — and talking to one of the Weasel’s offspring (“After two years of us dating, Draco, is it still necessary that you still name Ron that?”) who called him “Uncle Drake”, he found himself in a little bit of a predicament.

You see, they were colouring to begin with. Draco, with as much grace as a fully grown man could have, had crammed his limbs into a kiddy sized chair to join Harry who was helping the red-head colour a small picture of some miscellaneous magical object. The Gryffindor was dreadful at it, scribbling over the lines in a messy fashion; even the infant could colour better than him. The colouring (or scribbling, in Harry’s case) had eventually spiralled into mindless chit chat about whatever seemed to occupy the mini Weasley’s thoughts, leading to the inevitable questioning of: “Uncle Drake, what’s your favourite colour?”

The child had said it with so much curiosity, so much innocence, that Draco actually found himself thinking long and hard. Fortunately, though, his knight in muggle jogging bottoms stepped in to put him out of his misery, exclaiming happily that it was finally a question he knew the answer to. Draco looked to his lover and waited with his eyebrow raised.

The colour yellow didn’t have any significance until that moment. He’d actually thought of it as quite bland until he saw Harry, a shit eating grin spread across his face, announce definitively that yellow was Draco’s favourite colour. Suddenly, the colour yellow was brighter than before, more beautiful. The way Harry sat there, looking so elated and proud of himself — Draco loved him so much. He never saw the colour yellow the same way again.

Okay so Lance...

This post sparked a headcanon in my head and I can’t stop imaging it now so I’m going to talk about it and develop it a bit more (feel free to add to it, share your opinion about it, talk to me about it, etc)

Considering its pretty much canon that Lance has a big family with the photo we saw in season one I can’t help but picture him with his siblings and cousins having soccer games whenever they’re together. Family gathering or not, I can totally see lance being a decent soccer player. 

Hear me out: 

- Lance plays soccer as a kid since his older sibling(s) did and his parents insisted he try some extracurriculars

- He sticks with it for quite a few years getting pretty good always enjoying it 

- But as he gets older his dreams of being a professional soccer player are replaced with piloting and the Garrison

- Everyone’s crushed when he quits because Lance had the potential to go pro and all his coaches said so

- He doesn’t think about it much and kind of just shrugs when people compliment his soccer skills, Lance doesn’t really believe he’s as great as everyone says he is because of his self-doubt and insecurities 

- Lets be real he’d totally look good in a soccer uniform and I bet he has all the merch of his favourite team including like three jerseys, two scarves, temporary tattoos, and a ball signed by his fave player (Keith sees Lance in a soccer jersey at some point and dies a little inside bc holy quiznak he looks so good??)

- On a particularly bad day when Lance is really missing home and his family Hunk catches on and suggests that they all play a quick game of soccer which totally brightens Lance’s mood

- After setting up two goals in the training room and briefing Allura and Coran about the rules and basic concept (Altea probs had the same sport just with a different name lets be real) they split into teams: Lance, Pidge, Shiro VS Keith, Hunk, Allura w/ Coran reffing 

- It starts off fun with everyone laughing and just trying their best but as soon as Lance and Keith butt heads it turns competitive and all hell breaks loose 

- Pidge being the dork she is doesn’t understand the hype over soccer and only continues to play because she’s enjoying spending time with the group (and she secretly wants to win lol for bragging rights) 

- Shiro is all “Keep it a fair game guys! You’re all doing great! Great pass Lance!” and is just happy to see everyone having fun and working together

- Keith is ride or die with any competition and is determined to take Lance down (while also trying to ignore how amazing Lance is bc I can’t get enough of pining Keith lol)

- Hunk is probably a soccer player too so he’s loving it, he’d be the best defence player omg

- Allura picks it up easily and is wicked good totally kicking everyone’s asses, she goes from ‘innocent team fun’ to ‘you’re all going down mfs eat my dust’ (Shiro is smitten af lol he keeps getting distracted by her flawlessness which makes Lance all “Dude! Get it together I am not losing to Keith!”)

- Coran is the best ref ever and is just cheering for everyone the entire time, he’d probably dress for the part too (omg imagine Coran with the black and white striped shirt, a black cap, and whistle lol

- It ends up a tie because the teams are equally good, also the game goes on for much longer than expected so they all get tired af and just finally give in satisfied with the game

- Coran brings out drinks and they all just chill together settling down; everyone’s sweaty and out of breath, they all have goofy grins 

- Lance quietly thanks Hunk for getting everyone involved and just sighs happily at his space family

- Just imagine it guys

- Also someone should totally draw this

- Just saying…

Sexual Life (Head canon)

ok first of all I want to dedicate this to @tomhstories because, as I’ve already said, they are my biggest smut inspiration

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- Ok at first you guys decided to wait, so that you can get to know each other better;
- But after one month Tom invited you at his place and tried to make everything as romantic as possible;
- I can picture the room full of candles and petals spread on the floor because he’s such a cheesy boy;
- I also imagine Tom (accidentally) setting fire to the curtain, and desperately trying to put out the small bonfire he created;
- When he succeeded you were gone;
- Tom would be so sad and thought he had ruined everything;
- One hour later you came back with new curtains;
- Tom was so relieved that he kissed you with all the passion he had;
- At the end your first time was a fuck on his living room’s floor;
- But generally he’s so sweet and caring, always asking you if you’re ok;
- Since your personalities are pretty strong, you’re both dom between the sheets;
- After workout or filming Tom’s so tired he asks you to go down on him or riding him;
- Going down each other on a daily basis;
- “Darling
- “Princess
- “Angel
- Don’t forget my favourite: “kiTTEn
- Lots of hair pulling;
- And ass grabbing as well;
- “Can I tell Harrison what we did yesterday?”
- “Ghsusbsje TOM WHAT THE FUCK??? No, butthead”
- Tom would tell Harrison anyway;
- Giggly and drank sex after clubbing with your friends;
- One day Tom sees your bruises on your hips and he feels super guilty;
- “Sorry darling, next time I won’t be that rough”;
- “Who told you I don’t like it rough?”
- After this answer his boner hit him in the face;
- Tom groaning in your neck (I’m crying);
- “God, babe. Do that again”;
- Overstimulation (don’t fight me on this);
- I have the feeling Tom has a sort of pain kink, but nothing too hardcore;
- Going around shirtless so everyone (especially Haz and his brothers) can see he got some the night before;
- “I guess I’m just sooooo good at this?”
- Teasing you all the damn time;
- Always treating you like the most sacred relic in the world;
- But sometimes he can get really dom like that you can’t walk the day later;
- So he cuddles you to apologize;
- Even if he doesn’t have anything to apologize for;
- Worshipping your legs: like kissing every inch of your body from the ankle to your tights;
- Biting his lips so hard that you break him a capillary;
- (this last is based on a personal true story ahxhebxje, I’m kinda rough);
- Tom having just two moods: sweet, deep and caring love making in bed, rough quickies or proper fucks everywhere;
- When you first moved he made a list of places where he wanted to take you;
- Kitchen counter, floor in front or the chimney, bathroom sink, shower… (the list is infinite);
- OMG CAN WE TALK ABOUT TESSA??? She would be the best cockblocker ever;
- Like once you and Tom were making out and she was staring at you;
- “I can’t do this with Tess staring at us” Tom said one so the next time he locked the door;
- One day you were having some sexy time after weeks of not seeing each other and Tessa started barking and scratching the door. Tom laughed in the middle of the sex because “Darling, Tessa thinks we’re in danger”;
- Since she destroyed the mood, Tom opened the door to welcome her and the three of you would cuddle in bed;
- Your turns on: looking at him working out, lips licking, lips biting, neck kisses;
- His turns on: wearing short dress, when you tie your hair up leaving your neck expose, eye contact (!!!!! like, this is so important), wearing his clothes, high heels;
- In my opinion Tom loves lace, like pastel lace underwear because he likes looking at you in innocent colours;
- Making out while listening to The Weeknd;
- When he first brought home his Spider-Man costume you are extremely turned on because that costume is so thigh that highlights his toned body;
- Tight riding Tom wearing the costume;
- Taking off the costume took you half a hour because of the defective zip;
- Ok I don’t think that Tom is really into kinky stuff, you would try something new from time to time like handcuff and so on but nothing too extreme;
- Nevertheless your sex life is perfect and I stop here ‘cause this head canon made me tear up :(
- I want Tom so badly;

Fic Rec #3

New weekend, new fics to read!! 

the pink album by suspendrs  @suspendrs

They don’t really discuss how hard it is to be in this situation, or to be doing the things they have to do to continue being together. It’s just something they don’t talk about, and that’s alright. Or maybe it isn’t, but they’ll cross that bridge when they get to it.

Or, a love seven years in the making, inspired by Harry’s debut album.

**I have been keeping up with this fic for a long time and I will add it ti my ‘canon’ Larry fic rec. Read this, guys. 10 chapters on each of Harry’s songs.

if it’s me you’re looking for by eleadore @eleadore

Louis has a bad habit of getting drunk before he confesses–or maybe it’s the other way around. AU.

**I dunno why I waited so long to read this fic. It was great!

I Don’t Wanna Hurt Anymore by offwiththeirheads @hazzabooween

Harry walks a thin line between breaking his best friend’s heart and fighting a losing battle.

**This was so good guys! It is short but powerful!

Never Too Late by dimpled_halo  @dimpled-halo

Harry’s confused for a moment before it hits him: the little boy is signing. Harry squats down to get to the boy’s level again and mirrors the same action.

“Dad?” He inquires. Harry learned basic sign language after having met a fan who was deaf. He made it his mission to learn signing so that he’d be able to communicate with other fellow hearing impaired fans.

The little boy smiles brightly, his tears now long gone. He goes on to extend both hands, palms up as if he’s asking where? Followed by the previous sign which means Dad. Harry smiles to himself at the amazing little guy standing in front of him.

He stands up taking the boy’s hand, “Let’s go find your dad,” he tells him making the motion with his hand.

Just having come out of the closet and recovering from vocal surgery, famous recording artist Harry Styles needs to get away from LA to work on new music needing to prove to his label that his career isn’t over. Little does he know that his life is about to change forever when he runs into an old friend at the city he’s decided to escape to.


give me things to stay awake by embodied @crossnecklace

It’s shitty and it’s counterproductive and it’s self-indulgent, but he lets it become a thing. On Saturday nights Harry goes out and gets so pissed he can’t stand, and when the bartender cuts him off he rings Louis and is in his car within an hour. It’s not a cycle he’s proud of, but it’s also something he can’t resist, and he keeps doing it as long as Louis keeps showing up.

AU. It’s been a year since Louis broke up with Harry.

**This is a break up/getting back together fic. So be ready with those tissues (seriously, you will need them)!!

If It’s Meant To Be (It’ll Be, It’ll Be) by lululawrence @lululawrence

“So, anyway. I’m done here and on my way to the airport. I think I’m expected to be there in the morning, around ten. I’ll let you know when I’m getting close.”

“Sounds good.” Harry pulled back from the window and threw himself onto one of the beds. Once he got comfortable, he steeled himself and then went for it. “It’s been too long this time, Lou,” he finally whispered. He watched as Louis bit his lip and nodded slowly.

“I know,” Louis agreed, just as quiet in return. “We have to swear to never go this long without seeing each other again. Two months is just…unacceptable. I’m gonna go now, but I’ll see you soon. ‘Kay?”

“Yeah. See you. Be safe,” Harry said, far too fondly for his best friend. He couldn’t help it though. It was how he always had been and probably always would be.

They hung up and Harry threw his arm over his face.

“I am so in love with him,” he whined to himself. “Fuck.”

** This fic was so adorable, guys! MUTUAL PINING!!!

We’ll Be Seamless by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (dinosaursmate) @dinosaursmate

Green reblogged an old photo of himself. It was from back in October, a Halloween special. A pulse shot all the way through Louis because this photo was his absolute favourite, and it had taken the rest of the year for him to wean himself off of it.

Green was on his knees, arms stretched out in front of him with his fingertips digging into the surface of his bed. He was wearing a pair of cat ears on his head, his curls falling forward. His back was arched, and in the foreground of the picture, Green’s bum was high in the air, a long, black cat tail sitting neatly between his cheeks.

Louis spends all his spare time scrolling arty nude blogs on Tumblr but amongst them all, Green is his favourite.

**I dunno why I did not come across this fic before because it is GOLD! I love tumblr fics and this was so awesome!! (Also, check out the blog this fic is based on…life changing *cough*)

Like a Bullet in the Dark by Vurdoc  @vurdoc

Prince Harold Edward Styles Lancaster is second in line to the throne of Great Britain. He is also your average Uni student- or he tries to be, anyway.

With a promise from the press (and his father) that they’ll leave him alone for four years, he sets out to be a student at Cambridge, when he meets his very normal, very working class, very handsome suite-mate, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis makes Harry feel more like a person than he ever has before, which might cause some issues later on- ‘cause Harry has a secret that he’s only told his sister Gemma about.

Little does he know though, that Louis has some secrets of his own.

A Will & Kate Au- with a twist.

**This is sorta WIP because the author is writing a series. Saying too much about this fic will probably ruin it, so.. just read it!

Take Me To A Dream by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (dinosaursmate) @dinosaursmate

“Hiya,” Harry said, beaming up at him. “These sandwiches any good?”
Words failed Louis, and he felt his shoulders shrug. “They’re fine for, like, eating.”
Harry paused, mid-swipe of Louis’ staff discount card. “I don’t use my sandwiches for much else, personally.”
Louis sighed to himself, embarrassed. A small smile was playing on Harry’s lips, dimple denting his cheek. God, Louis felt like a bloody idiot.

There’s just something about the new checkout boy that makes Louis lose his cool and act like a complete idiot, which doesn’t escape the attention of Liam or Niall. As much as Louis hates embarrassing himself, there’s something about Harry that keeps Louis coming back for more.

**Erm… same author twice. But both fics are so different! This is FLUFF!!

i want you so much (but i hate your guts) by becauselarry (WIP) @obviouslybecauselarry

AU in which Louis gets accepted to play for the Manchester University Alpha-Beta Football Team. The only problem: Louis is actually an Omega. He is determined to make it big in the football world, though, and he can’t do that bound to an Omega team. With the help of a faked doctor’s certificate and some pretty strong suppressants he is ready to fight for his dream.

That Harry Styles (Alpha, second year and youngest football captain of the A-B team in ages) doesn’t seem to like him complicates matters, though.

**I know its WIP but its so good!! And ENEMIES TO LOVERS! Go and read it! 

i’m still learning to love by stylinsonau (WIP)

“Hello there.” Louis crouches in front of the small child, brunette with light sleepy eyes. He smiles fondly. He looks a lot like his father, but with a little less laugh lines, and frowns, and grumpiness.

The child continues to rub at his eyes, clutching at his little shark before he asks, “Are you gonna be my new Dada?”

Harry stiffens.


An au where Harry has almost everything in the world except for the will to move on.

** ANother kid fic! Babysitter Louis! 

I wanna rec so much more. But its getting pretty long. And DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE A KUDOS AND NICE COMMENTS FOR THE AUTHORS!! 

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!

his name was freddie

lets talk about him

(ill answer more questions abt him later on but this is it for now!!)

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Twilight conversations - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Originally posted by diltons

Warnings: none

Request: Anon: 7, 3, 25 with Jughead Jones please

3. “Oh, love,” I don’t think you know the meaning of sarcasm.“

7. “Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!”

25. “That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand,”

Summary: Jughead and the reader have their weekly movie night.

You love Saturday Nights. Its your movie with Jughead. You guys have been having a movie night ever since you were old enough to sit still through a movie. Eventually, due to time, age and circumstance, you guys starting holding them at the Twilight. When you guys started dating, movie night became date night. Although you hardly ever did something other than watch movies, you always loved spending one-on-one time with your raven haired lover. Tonight was your pick for the twilight. You guys take turns on who picks the first movie at the twilight and then you guys both pick the rest of them. Rocking on the balls of your feet, you search the crowd of adolescents for his iconic grey beanie. A grin breaks out on your face you spot him and eagerly await him so you can both make your way to his “residence”. You were the only one aside from his family to know about his living situation and you constantly kept trying to get him to live somewhere else. He ignores you now when you try to bring it up so you leave him be but you never let it go.

“That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand,” your boyfriend smirks in front of you. Your attention snaps back to him and you smile and kiss him.

“Hello to you too,” you remark grabbing his hand, “can we go yet?”

“Someone’s eager,”

“Yea, well, its my pick tonight,” you grin at him.

“Oh god, with a grin like that, what fresh hell are you going to unleash at the drive in tonight?”

“Its not that bad…” he just quirks an eyebrow in response.

“Its (Y/F/M)!” You giggle looking at him to see his response. His reaction was almost a deadpan.

“Really? (Y/F/M) again?”

“Yes…its been a month since the last time we watched it,”

“(Y/N)… you do realise that we’ve watched that every 2nd time you choose for the last 2 months,”

“So we can’t watch it?” You pout. He just rolls his eyes at your childish behaviour before a smile graces his lips.

“I didn’t say that,” he says turning to you.

“Yay!!” You giggle again, and your boyfriend just watches your childish behaviour in a movement.

“You’re such a child,” his comment is met with you poking your tongue out. You both face where you’re walking and the conversation remains as a comfortable silence until you get to the Twilight.

“Omg Juggy, do you ever clean up?” You remark as you see his shirts strewn across the floor, “like the space isn’t that big!”

“I’ve been busy really lately,”

“Your novel doesn’t count,”

“Who said it was my novel?”

“Well the only thing you do is go to Pop’s, write your novel, shove in a movie every 2 hours three times a night and hang out with me whenever you get writer’s block,”

“I don’t hang out with you just when I’ve got writer’s block,”

“Oh excuse me Casanova, our movie nights are more than enough,” you tease. Again, he just responds with rolling his eyes. You sit down on his “bed” and look around before approaching his desk and picking up the picture of him and Jellybean.

“Hey Juggie,”

“Yes?” He looks up from shoving his clothes into his bag.

“Do you ever miss having a family?” He just sighs before standing up.


“How do you deal with it?”

“Well I found someone who means the world to me and who is both my family and my home,” he answers walking towards you and cradling your face, never losing eye contact. You clear your throat before you make a reply not trusting your words to not betray how much that statement actually meant to you.

“I love you too,” he gains a twinkle in his eye before he briefly kisses you.

“Never said that someone was you,” he sasses with a look you’ve seen many a time.

“Such a romantic! Just take me now,” you sarcastically reply, grabbing his head and passionately kissing him.

“Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me”

“Oh, love, I don’t think you know the meaning of sarcasm.”

“Sweetheart,” he tutts, “I am the embodiment of sarcasm.” He grins before kissing you again. Hearing commotion outside you see that it was almost time for Jughead to put in the movie.

“So the Godfather?” You push him away as he chuckles, putting your favourite movie on.

Yea, movie night with Jughead are always the best.

A/N: I hope you all like it :)

Y/N = your name

Y/F/M = your favourite movie

I’ve Known You All My Life (Part Four)

Sam Holland x Reader

Words: 3,328 (Ooooooh, boy…)

I just want to say that I’m grateful to everyone for supporting this series (it’s a series now! omg). Your comments and messages and likes and reblogs seriously, seriously mean so fucking much to me, it all inspires me to keep going. I can’t accurately put it all into words so thank you all so much. Part Four is finally here and I hope I’ve done a good job and I hope you all like it! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED, SORRY!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

tagging: @trinityjadec, @aussie-mantle, @tiau-man, @cmon-spiderling, @sam-a-holland, @quacktom, @nedslaptop, @wishiwasbffswiththebrothers, @lostholland, @allaroundaddict, @blackstarryroses, @dej-okay, @twinsofia, @neewtmas, @penis-parkerr, @samanthajothomarose, @sunnysmileslife, @confusedascas, @tiny-friggin-human, @empathiccally, @swimmeranxiety, @nvmmendes, @sebenagomez, @the-girl-with-no-plan

(My taglist has grown so much, it makes me wanna cry. I love each and every one of you beautiful people.) If you’d like to be tagged in future parts and in my other fics/imagines, please message me! <3


It’s been three weeks, three long weeks since that fateful day in the Holland household. Three weeks since you’ve set foot inside the familiar halls, three weeks since you’ve sat on their cozy, beat-up couch, three weeks since you’ve kicked Paddy’s ass at his video games (he was thirteen, you didn’t have to let him win anymore like when he was younger), three weeks since you’ve laughed at Dom’s jokes, three weeks since you’ve eaten dinner with your favourite family apart from your own.

Three fucking painful weeks since Sam basically evicted you from his life.

Three weeks since the last time you felt like yourself.

Harry visited you daily since then, making sure you were eating, maintaining your well-being, and all that jazz. It wasn’t any better back at his house either. The hostility that hung precariously in the air was almost choking him, as well as everybody else, even Tessa could feel it.

The Holland twins, who used to love being in each other’s company, were no longer on speaking terms. It was too much for Harry to even be in the same room as his twin brother ever since you ran out the door that day. He was never going to forget the way you sobbed uncontrollably in his arms once your legs finally gave out from how hard you ran just to get away.

Sam had caused that, he was the one who inflicted that much pain on you. Harry wasn’t chummy with the idea of forgetting that any time soon.

“Y/N! I’m here and I’ve got food!” Harry yelled as he opened your front door. He needed to remind you to keep it locked from now on.

The house was relatively quiet as he made his way to your bedroom, Harry knew without a doubt that you haven’t even left your bed yet, and it was well into the afternoon. He rapped on your door twice and opened it. The cool temperature of your room hugged his body as he closed the door and made his way to you.

His suspicions were indeed correct. You were still cocooned in your blankets, eyes damp from the crying you’ve been doing in your sleep. Harry gazed at your serene face, those were the only times he could see you resemble your usual self. Most of the time you were just crying, and most of the time, he was there to catch your tears as they fell.

Setting your lunch down on your study desk, he went over to your bed and lay next to you. You turned to face him, still asleep, and wrapped your arms tightly around his torso.

“Sammy boy..” you mumbled as you slept, just loud enough for him to hear

Harry felt his breath hitch in his throat but he recovered quickly. He wrapped his arms around you and hoped what he thought wasn’t right.

By the time you woke up, the sun had already begun to set, its light bathing the sky in cerulean blues, baby pinks, and gentle lilacs. You wiped the sleep from your eyes and just gazed at it through your window, you desperately wanted to remember how hopeful the sky made you feel.

“G’mornin’, Sleeping Beauty.” Harry greeted you. He was now sat on the floor, one of your old yearbooks in his hands. A small smile managed to materialise on your lips when you saw him, you loved how he took up the sole initiative to take care of you, an initiative you yourself had already given up on.

“Hi.” your voice was still thick with sleep

“Eat.” he pointed at the tupperware sat on your desk

You nodded obediently, rising out of bed, still wrapped in your blankets. You sat on your desk chair.

“I miss your mum.” you stated as you opened the tupperware lid to reveal your favourite meal. Nikki was the best, hands down.

“She misses you too, believe me. She’s always asking me ‘How’s Y/N?’ and ‘When is she coming over again? Hasn’t it been long enough?’” Harry told you as he watched you eat, making sure you ate it all

“Hasn’t it been long enough?”

“Uh,” he scratched the back of his neck uneasily. “I..I’m not sure?”

“How’s Sam?”

The question you’ve been trying your hardest not to think about, for weeks, finally made its way out of your mouth. Did you actually want to know though?  What if he was so much happier now that you were out of the picture? Were you really ready to face that reality?

“Pretty shit.” Harry answered honestly, he tried to ignore the hopeful look that just crossed your face

“He usually just stays up in his room. Only comes down to eat and when Paddy is able to drag him out. He, uh, doesn’t play the piano anymore.”

Harry knew how much you loved it when Sam played, so he didn’t know why that little tidbit of information slipped out. He immediately wanted to kick himself as he watched your face fall, he had to bounce back, and fast.

“Hey, why don’t we head to the park? Have a lie down with nature?” he wagged his eyebrows up and down in an attempt to make you laugh, or smile, or just anything positive

Luckily for him, you nodded, placing the now empty tupperware upon your desk.

The sky was still painted in brilliance as you two reached the park. Harry laid out the blanket and you lay down immediately, letting the heavens completely fill your eyes.

“There’s nothing more beautiful than this.” you sighed contentedly, allowing the calm to take over your senses

“Oh shut up, Y/N,” he pointed his camera lens at you and clicked away. “You can’t say that when I’m looking right at you, you idiot.”

A rather elegant snort left your lips. “Fucking hell, Harry. That’s what you’re going for? No longing gazes and heartfelt poetry about how my eyes remind you of the night sky?”

“Eh, not really my style.” he replied, looking over the photos he just took of you

You snatched the camera from his hands and shut it off, placing it aside carefully. Harry was so fussy about his camera, it was fun to mess with him about it.

“Oi, Y/N. If anything happens to my camera, I will not hesitate to hurt you.” he threatened. There wasn’t a doubt in your mind that he would follow through with his threat but he wouldn’t hurt you hurt you. Harry could never.

“Harry Robert, I think you should stop looking at life through your camera lens and start looking at it through your own eyes.”

He really wanted to take more pictures of you, it was the perfect setting and the lighting was just about to get more dramatic but the wistful tone in your voice and the dreamy look on your face coerced him to lie next to you.

“Can I at least take a picture of the sky?”

You obliged. “Just one shot.”

“I better make it good then.” Harry focused his lens on you just as you closed your eyes. He captured you in your tranquil state against the gorgeous backdrop.

Once he was satisfied, he handed his camera back to you, reminding you to handle it with care.

You two watched in silence as twilight began its graceful descent upon the sky, this was the best you’ve felt in a long time and you wished this moment would never end. Harry wished the same, but for a completely different reason.

The park was close to empty, people have already left to start dinner. A few stragglers were left behind, a group of rowdy boys skipping stones by the lake, a couple snuggling underneath the branches of an oak tree, and a lone boy, just a few steps behind where you were, sitting on the grass with a Blue staffy resting next to him.

Sam watched as his brother slipped an arm around you and winced. This was the first time he’s seen you in weeks and of course he just had to see you and Harry.

He felt his heart crash down to the ground beneath him, he chastised himself for feeling like that. This was the decision he made, and he had to try and live with it.

“C'mon, Tess. There’s no place for us here anymore.” Sam cast one last longing glance at you before walking home with Tessa

Night fell rather quickly, icy chills began to seep through your clothing. You shivered only once but Harry immediately escorted you home, his sweater now keeping the cold at bay. The walk home was silent, you were thinking about what Harry had told you earlier.

Sam wasn’t leaving his room unless it was for food, he stopped playing the piano which was the last thing he was doing before he kicked you out of his life. It was sad but at the same time, it brought you some comfort to know that you weren’t the only one taking it hard.

“Can I be assured you’ll take care of yourself?” he asked you as you reached your front door

“Yes, you can.”

Harry nodded in approval. He still stood there with you, awkwardly shuffling around.

“Did you want your sweater back?” you asked, one hand on the doorknob

“No. No, keep it. I just.. Uh..”

This was weird. Harry was always the more confident, outgoing one, now he was stumbling over his words and blushing like mad. He finally mustered up enough courage to go through with what he’d been mulling over.

Harry leaned forward, praying it would work out okay. You caught on quickly and immediately entered panic mode. Your brain screeched at you and you turned your head just in time for his lips to make contact with your cheek.

Holy motherfucker. Harry Holland.. Just tried to kiss you. Harry. Your friend, Harry.

What the fuck were you meant to do? You threw him a tiny smile before quickly retreating into the comfort of your house. The minute you closed the door, you leaned against it, and sank down to the floor with your eyes screwed shut.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God.” you whispered, burying your head in your arms

From the other side of the door, Harry stood, face in his hands. The rest of the walk home, his thoughts consisted of, “Why am I such a fucking idiot?!” and that one thought that’s been nagging at him every since you and Sam stopped talking. He didn’t want to think about it, he didn’t want to entertain the possibility but the signs were seemingly pointed in that direction.

When he got home, it was dinnertime. All the Hollands (except Tom) were present at the table.

“Harry, love, come on and eat.” Nikki called. Dinner time was a crucial time in the Holland household, you could only be excused if you were sick. Brothers at war and hurt feelings were not justifiable.

Begrudgingly, Harry took his usual seat next to Sam. The air around them was palpable, heavy, and unsettling. Everyone tried their best to ignore it but really, the animosity between the twins has been going on for weeks. Only the sound of utensils scraping against plates could be heard in the silence of the dining room, it was enough to make someone go mad. It was enough to make Dom go mad.

“That is it!” he exclaimed suddenly, slamming his spoon and fork down on the table. The harsh sound made everyone look up, even Tessa raised her head.

Dom stood up and stalked over to the twins, he tapped both their shoulders for them to follow him. They shared a brief, frightened look before scrambling out of their seats. Dom instructed them to step out to the backyard, once they were out, he locked the sliding door.

“Now, you two are more than welcome to come back inside when you’ve sorted everything out!” he yelled through the glass. Dom waved cheerfully before walking off.

Harry knocked on the glass impatiently. “Dad! Dad, come on this is ridiculous!”

When no one came to his rescue, Harry sat dejectedly on one of their lawn chairs, completely ignoring Sam, who was sitting across from him.

“How’s Y/N?” Sam asked, out of the blue

What a stupid fucking question. They haven’t spoken in weeks because of what he did and know the bugger wanted to know how you were doing? Sam’s utter stupidity was beginning to trigger Harry’s infamous temper.

“She cries herself to sleep every night, if that answers your question.” Harry snapped, heat flooding through his ears

Sam immediately shut his mouth, it felt like Harry had just slapped him. Harry was waiting though, he was waiting for Sam to retaliate or say something, anything that would give him a reason to just go off on him. But then he thought about you, and Harry realised that was all the reason he needed.

“What’s your fucking problem anyway?” he began

The sheer venom in Harry’s voice made Sam’s head snap up, he looked at him with his brows furrowed together. He remained silent, just glaring at his twin.

“What’s your problem, Sam?” Harry questioned him again, his voice began to harden. “I still don’t fucking understand how you could’ve said all that to her. You have no fucking idea how lucky you’ve been-”

“I fucking know!” Sam abruptly stood up, knocking his chair down in the process. It hit the ground with a resounding clang, the sound made Harry jump.

“I fucking know I was lucky. I fucking know I’m an idiot. Everything you’ve got to say to me, Harry, I already fucking know! So, how about I tell you something you don’t know?” Sam clenched and unclenched his fists, his heart was in his throat. But he threw all caution to the wind.

“I’m in love with her, Harry. I always have been.” This was the first time Sam ever said it out loud, it felt good. For a split second, until he saw the flames ignite within Harry’s eyes.

Harry lunged forward, tightly balling Sam’s shirt in his fists.

“What fucking right do you have to say that to me right now, huh?!” he shook Sam roughly, his lips were curling into a snarl “What fucking right do you have when you know how I feel about her?!”

Sam pushed Harry off him. “None! Why the fuck do you think I told her everything I did?! It was. For. You, Harry!” he stabbed a finger into Harry’s chest, emphasising on each word.

“It was for you because I knew you had feelings for her, while I was too busy seeing her as my best friend instead of the greatest fucking thing that’s ever happened to my life!”

Sam sank down on the soft grass and ran a hand through his hair. “You’re always.. You’re always besting me, Harry.” he chuckled humourlessly, tears beginning to sting painfully in his eyes

Harry watched as Sam sat on the grass, slowly caving into himself. A strangled sob escaped Sam’s lips as he spoke again.

“With Y/N, I never felt like I had to compete-”

“It isn’t a competition, Sam. It never was.” Harry interjected, looking at his brother sadly. All the anger, all the tension that had been built up for weeks was finally reaching its decline. He joined him on the grass and put an arm around his shoulders.

“It’s just when you admitted your feelings to her, I already knew that I’d lost.” Sam confided. The tears flowed freely from his eyes now, he felt so relieved to be able to release all of his pent up feelings.

“I never wanted to hurt her, Harry. Or you.That’s why I..”

“That’s why you let her go.” Harry finished for him, finally understanding what really went on.

Sam nodded, wiping at his eyes with the back of his hand. Harry let the realisation churn within him. Sam was in love with you, he was in love with you. But he was smart enough to know who you were going to choose between them.

“She’s in love with you too, you know.” he told Sam. It was so painful to admit but Harry knew he was doing the right thing.

The way Sam looked as Harry said it, resembled a deer in the headlights. Harry would’ve laughed if he didn’t feel like someone was squeezing his heart until it gave out.

“You’re clearly fucking with me.” Sam shook his head. What a load of horse shit, right? He saw you two at the park earlier, Harry had his arm around you. It seemed like you two were starting to fall in love.

“I’ve spent every day with her for the past three weeks. She cries over you, she says your name in her sleep and,” Harry took a deep breath, an attempt to soften the self- inflicted blow from what he was going to say next. “And when she looks at me, she’s happy but I know she’d much rather be looking at you.”

The gravity of Harry’s words was starting to dawn on Sam. I mean, he guessed he had to believe that what Harry was saying was true. He was the only one who’d been seeing you those few weeks.

“It’s.. True?”

“Oh, believe me, mate. I really wish it wasn’t.”

Harry really fucking wished with everything he had that it wasn’t true. But it was and he knew that.

“What now?” Sam mumbled, picking off blades of grass and crumpling them in his hands.

“What now is that you don’t fuck up with her any more than you already have or else I swear to God, I will murder you and no one will find you ever again then I am taking Y/N for myself.” Harry replied, voice cracking at the end of his sentence. Fuck. He never cried, never deliberately in front of Sam either. Sam was the big baby, not him.

Harry shoved his fists into his eyes to try and stop the tears from falling but it was no use. The second Sam saw his brother crying, his earlier statement began to make sense to him.

“D-Did you mean..?”

“Yes!” Harry exclaimed in exasperation, his eyes were red-rimmed and he just about hated everything. “Yes, Sam. Go get her, you absolute prat!”

At that, Sam hastily clambered to his feet but not before giving Harry a tight hug that made the air whoosh out of his lungs.

“Thank you, Harry.”

“Oh fuck off, Sam.” Harry replied, smiling at his twin brother despite the tears trickling down his cheeks. “Now, go!” he clapped Sam on the back urgently.

Sam ran to the sliding door and banged on it, Dom finally opened up.

“I hope you two have buried the hatchet-”

“No time to talk! Gotta go!” Sam yelled as he dashed out of the house

He was on his way, running out the front door and through the lamplit streets that led to your house, that led to you. After all this time, Sam Holland was finally going to pour his heart out to you, he was finally going to tell you exactly how he felt.

He felt like he was ready.

Were you?


Part 5

✨ Happy Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day! ✨

I´ve never done a fic recommendation before, but since today is Fanfic Writer´s Appreciation Day, what better day than this to do my first one? I signed in Tumblr so I could read fanfics about BTS and I´ve read so many amazing ones that I don´t even know where to start. I just want to share these with you and I hope you´ll enjoy reading them as much as I did, and feel the things I felt!  


The Blue Coat and Cerruti 1881 (a flash fire) by @yuhdongsaeng - Fluff, Smut & Angst.

Omg, recommendating this incredible story to you guys makes me emotional. It was the first fanfic I ever read in Tumblr. So, what better way to start my first fic rec than with this story! It made me feel a thousand things at the same time, and nearly ten months later, I still feel all those things just by reading the title. The way it´s written, the plot, the characters… They way the writter pictures Yoongi!! It´s everything to me. I have to mention the writer too, Taemi. I know I´ve never spoken with you but you´re amazing girl and don´t worry if you have to take some time to yourself. You will have one reader here forever supporting you and your amazing stories!!

Wildest Moments by @rapmonluv - Smut & Angst.

I´ll be mentioning this writter in nearly every section but I just love her stories too much! The angst in this story keeps me awake every night, it is just B E A U T I F U L. The story is great and the way the writter makes you understand the dilemma inside the head of the protagonist is just amazing. If you want to read a good angsty and smuty story that makes your heart ache, this is for you!

Coming up Roses by @namtoday - Angst What can I say about this story? I love oneshots and I love this writer soooo much. This is her first and only fic, but it is beautiful, and despite being a short story, it makes you feel a lot (I suggest you to listen Coming Up Roses by Keira Knightley while reading this) Rocío, sé que vas a leer esto y por eso te quiero decir que no podías faltar en mi primera fic rec. Te has leído todas mis historias, me has dado tu opinión sincera y me ha soportado siempre que voy por la calle o te mando un whatsapp y te digo “se me ha ocurrido otra idea para un fanfic”. Gracias por todo Kim Namroch 🖤 Pd: espero que esto te anime a seguir escribiendo!


Forbbiden by @btssmutgalore - Smut.

My love for this writter never ends. Her smut is just A R T. I didn´t find smut that amazing until I started reading her stories. So Dee, thank you for opening my eyes to the amazing world of smut <3 Okay, so this story guys… The way she describes Hoseok and the was she pictures him… Oh. My. God. To me, this story is much more than pure smut, it´s angsty and it keeps you at the edge of your chair.

Heartbeat by @rapmonluv - Smut & Angst.

I told you guys I would mention her in nearly every section! But this story… Jesus take the wheel. I´m in love with this story, with the Hoseok the writter creates… Everything! I´m so intrigued with the personality of the Hoseok in this story that I have already re-read it two times!  If you love bad boy stories, motorbikes and black leather jackets this is your fanfic.


Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea by @jungkxook - Smut, Fluff & Angst.

There´s no thing in the world I love more than oneshots, and if you combine it with Jimin and action, fantasy and good adventures… This fantastic story is what you get. My love for this writter is no secret, but until now, my love for this story was. The plot… THE PLOT YOU GUYS! For a moment I thought I was reading George R.R. Martin or something, because the argument and the descriptions, the story, the characters and the fantasy in it… Are just perfect. You have to read this! I don´t give you any other option.


Away from the Sun by @inktae - Fluff and Soft Angst.

I remember the day I read this story. I was so stressed because of final exams that, when I saw that Mariale had updated I just left everything and read it. I completely got lost in the story and its characters and suddenly I wasn´t stressed anymore. She is one of my favourite writers, I just have to read every single one of her stories because they just make feel like I´m inside them and I live every adventure. But this… Omg, she pictured Tae just how I imagine him in real life.

A Handful of Firsts. by @yuhdongsaeng - Angst and just a tiny bit of Smut.

Again, a masterpiece. I just love everything this writter writes, but this story is just amazing. Another oneshot, short but it´s amazing how in just 3.6k she makes you feel all sort of emotions. If you love Tae, you should read another one of her stories:  Looking out For You


First Light by @inktae - Angst and Fluff (ft. Taehyung)

Hotarubi no mori e AU. I hadn´t see the movie before reading this story and I thank God every day for it because I had never read anything that felt… Somehow that pure and innocent. Because that´s what the love between Jungkook and the protagonist is like: innocent and pure and so beautiful it makes you wish you had a love like that. Innocent and pure is Mariale´s writting too, and with it, she makes you feel every word and every character. (I, of couse, saw Hotarubi no mori e after reading this and oh god, it is now my favourite anime movie)

Radio Chaos by @plumblackjeon - Smut, Angst, Racer!Jungkook (ft. Yoongi)

I read it four months ago and my mind keeps returning to that story. It was… Only a word can describe it: overwhelming. The way this writer writes just made me fall in love with the plot and the characters. It makes you feel alive, as if you were drving a car with the windows down and your head out of the driver´s window, screaming into the night´s air. Once again: A R T. (Plus, the smut oh my gadddd)

✨ The Train of Lost Souls by @inktae - Angst and a bit of Fluff (ft. Hoseok)

Omg I just love this writer so much and I can´t help it! The way she pictures our Jungkookie in every story is just A R T. The story, the plot, the characters… They all made me feel as if I was on a summer night contemplating the sky and the stars (if you read it you´ll now why) I just want to say once again how pure and innocent the story is and how beautiful <3 (Plus, you will fall in love with Hobi´s character, and if you love him, you´ll love him twice)

Comfort Inn Ending by @rapmonluv - Angst and the perfect bit of Smut.

Again, this writer. But I told you… She´s just amazing. This story made me cry, I just couldn´t help it. Everything is perfect, EVERYTHING. I just love how each character thinks and how she shows it to the reader. I´ve read it twice and I think that after writing this fic rec I´ll read it a third time! I want to say more about it but i don´t know what because I don´t have words to describe how much I love this story!!

Bad by @thelillzmonster - Smut and Romance.

Bad is just how this story leaves you after reading it. But it leaves you bad because it´s so good!!! I loved every single part of it, every word, every moment. I just love how she pictures Jungkook like a bad boy, mysterious and popular. I love that back and forth relationship he has with the protagonist and I love everything. I couldn´t stop screaming while reading it because it was soooo good! You have to read it!

Reading is the best thing ever and I´m super duper thankfull to all those amazing writers who made me cry, scream, fangirl, clap, shout, feel anger and 1000 emotions more at the same time. Thank you guys, what you do everyday (freely and without wanting anything in return but the feedback from your readers) is amazing. 
There´s a thousand more incredible stories I´ve read and that I didn´t mention here because of space and time. And there´s a thousand more incredible writers out there making our lives a little bit more interesting and adventurous that I didn´t mention here but that I love as much as I love the authors mentioned here.

As a writer myself I know how important the opinion of the readers is to us, so go show some love to all the writers out there and wish them a happy day!

anonymous asked:

hello i just wanted to yell abt this to someone but i feel jake's ig mostly has pics with amy in it. like it's not a conscious thing ?? but one day he's looking through it and he's like omg this is p much all amy with a bunch of !!!!!!!!! dork as captions il

hi!! Come and yell to me whenever I love this!! ️<3 I got so carried away w this and was making notes about it on my phone for ages

SO: okay yes ABSOLUTELY this is the truth and even if he knows he’s doing it he 100% tries to be slick about it/act like it’s nothing at first??? I’m gonna throw in some headcanons that nobody asked for to explain myself bc I’m sad and love this idea so much:

  • Jake’s had an Instagram account since 2011, largely because Gina forced him to open one and be her first follower (which obvs turned out to b the first of thousands)
  • 95% of his posts, to start, are just him doing Stupid-Fun-Jake-Shit! e.g. Splash Mountain / meeting Regis Philbin / eating a mountain of sausages w his dad / him and the squad in a booth at Shaw’s, pulling faces
  • Amy obviously begins appearing on his account LONG BEFORE they actually begin a romantic relationship; and it’s all teasing/mocking e.g.        - A picture of their two desks with the caption “guess who’s the most fun?”  
    - A picture of Amy working hard at her desk, fixated on her computer- looking completely beautiful, though that’s NOT why he took it, duh- with Gina in the background pulling a face at her                                                 - His crowning glory, and favourite Instagram post of all time, AKA the final post of their non-romantic relationship, taken only a couple of weeks before they kiss for the first time; a dim picture he took of Amy giggling like a lunatic in the passenger seat of his car on a stakeout, her face scrunched up as she clings onto her stomach with laughter. He posts it without a caption, unable to justify it- until Charles makes a comment at work about how “the best things in life need no explanation” and he promptly updates the caption to something under the lines of “memorialise this evidence of Santiago finding me funny" 

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toomuchsky  asked:

please. talk about brothers enjolras and parnesse that is so so so compelling omg

Well, if you ask so nicely…. Who am I kidding, oh my god yessssssss, let’s talk about brothers!Enjolras and Montparnasse, okay yes, so:

  • Montparnasse is older
  • (what’s canon anyway?)
  • Montparnasse also never ever lets Enjolras forget the fact that he is older.
  • One of them dyes their hair? Who? No one knows. They both refuse to comment.  It’s the most well-protected secret of Paris.
  • And now, dynamics because holy smokes, the possibilities:
  • So in canon (like, the very very gist of it) Montparnasse is basically an insecure, neglected kid that at one point was told he could be something more and let it get to his head, while Enjolras is entitled, privileged but at one point realizes the failures of that society he’s part of.
  • In the context of them being brothers I imagine that they grew up in relatively wealthy environment, your suburban, white picket fence picture-perfect family.
  • But Enjolras as the younger got a lot more attention, being the favourite, getting spoiled leaving Parnasse kind of high and dry resulting in his issues of feeling neglected and hiding behing a facade of confidence and indifference.  
  • Parnasse was basically left to do what he wanted which made it easy for him to drift into the more criminal spheres partly as a rebellion but also because he could be part of something that was not in any way related to his parents or Enjolras, where he could make a name for himself
  • Enjolras on the other hand was basically your perfect son, smart and well-mannered until he started to well, realize that shit was fucked up and stuff and recognizing the narrow-minded world view of his parents (after realizing he wasn’t straight, becoming friends with Indian!Combeferre and Afro-Puerto Rican!Courfeyrac, etc.)
  • They both rebelled in their own way but their relationship wasn’t exactly great (Montparnasse thinking Enjolras was spoiled and ungrateful, Enjolras thinking Montparnasse was too petty and throwing away his potential)
  • But in the end they both eventually break with their parents, Montparnasse being thrown out after being arrested one too many times and Enjolras after the disaster that as him coming out
  • And suddenly they were basically all they had left from ‘family’ which - despite the difficulties and issues and complex feeling there - makes them incredibly protective of each other
  • So basically they don’t agree on anything ever, bicker all the time and generally don’t really pretend not to like each other because they really don’t - but in the end they’re both loyal af and would kill, die, do anything for the other
  • So yes, I think brothers!Enjolras and Montparnasse is so great because lbr the hilarious-potential is enormous (You’re brothers?! - Unfortunately. - I am older. - NO ONE ASKED YOU PARNASSE) but also because of the incredibly complex, contrary dynamics that are already so amazingly compelling in canon. 
MONSTA X as Best Friends

this is one of my lil’ au’s that i whipped up whilst i was away with no internet. i need to write more mx stuff(: i tried anyway - i hope y’all like it.

(gif credits to the original owners)


Originally posted by wonhontology

(boiii look at u w that bandana !)

  • biggest dad friend you’ll ever have in your life
  • makes sure you’re fed
  • gives you lifts whenever you need one
  • also makes sure you never have to walk on your own.-will fight a mean s/o who he may have had a bitter disliking to anyway bc it’s you
  • basically is super protective of u
  • he is always v sleepy tho, esp if you’re just chilling at your place.but you forgive him bc he’s an overworked dad of 6
  • he is super down to earth and most chill human being in your lifehe is also super dependable, and is always there when you need him
  • he also gives the best hugs – they’re rare but bOI are they worth it
  • is always awkward about you seeing him at shows or watching shows he’s on bc he doesn’t feel like he’s a big idol, he’s just your best friend
  • but you force him to tell you when he’s doing anything so you can shout the loudest
  • most easily mistaken for your boyfriend
  • is a lil’ bit dense at times, and is least likely to laugh @ your jokes
  • doesn’t get sarcasm either
  • he’s also clumsy
  • but apologetic, extremely apologetic
  • he can be a lil’ blunt and straight forward at times but he’s never as bad as the ‘shownubot’ he is v sensitive to your emotions, and is super caring
  • you also see the cute side of shownu
  • him beaming at small animals, when he talks about his fave food or his parents
  • again, far from the showminator everyone sees on variety shows
  • buuuuuuut he’s v difficult to read, thanks to that beautiful but often blank face he has 
  • you also get really flustered when he juST strips??? boicouldunotwearepalswthpls 
  • you look at him awkwardly but he’ll either not get it or be like “what? We are friends?”
  • and you remember your best friend is the most endearingly dad-like human in the world and nobody can change that

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Dating Bang Yongguk (B.A.P)

You are so sweet thank you!!! I hope you like it!
Let’s hope Yongguk is well and happy and will get fit soon but also take his time with his recovery!

  • Y'all prolly knew each other by looks and quick greetings
  • and as Youngjae stated that Yongguk only gets close to people he is interested in I think he’d make some effort to get to know you
  • but omg he said he can’t talk to women
  • especially when it’s about dating because his confidence sinks to 0.0000000001
  • the 1 in the end being a “hi”
  • one time he said he liked your outfit and then blushed thinking about it for the rest of the day
  • but then one magical day your damn laptop broke down while you had some important stuff to do
  • and you went out to get coffee because you didn’t wanna punch a hole into your laptop out of anger
  • and he saw you and gathered his courage
  • like ALL OF IT bc again: he can’t talk to women
  • and he was like
  • ”Hey Y/N, are you okay?”
  • with one of his smiles
  • and your heart fluttered but then you were like
  • ”My laptop broke down -.-”
  • and he was like
  • ”Hey I went to Cyber University I could have a look at it..if you want to”
  • lmao he could have a look at you if he wanted to amirite?
  • So anyways you agreed and he fixed it and then you offered him a meal and you ate and talked together
  • and whoops suddenly it was 11 pm and homeboy had places to go and stuff to do
  • so he got up, ready to leave and you were like
  • ”Hey I owe you”
  • and he just smoothly was like
  • ”If you give me your number we’d be even ;)”
  • so cheesy damn Yongguk
  • but it worked
  • since the members said he has the habit of constantly thinking of rhymes I imagine this to happen:
  • ”Babe”
  • ”Yes?”
  • ”You were my damsel in distress
  • stfu yongguk
  • but other times he’d hit you with dat deep ish
  • ”In our society penalty really just depends on ones salary”
  • ”…”
  • that was you being speechless you were just trying to get a cup of water
  • you’d often ask him about his tattoos
  • or just trace them while you two lay in bed
  • I feel like he’d have trouble expressing his feelings sometimes
  • and I feel like he would write you songs
  • one just for you to hear where he’d say everything he usually couldn’t
  • and you would melt
  • also his ‘I love you’s would be seldom but when he said them he meant it
  • and you knew that
  • he gives his all into music and is very dedicated so you’d probs have to remind him to eat and sleep especially around comeback seasons
  • and you’d bring him and the members food and drinks
  • he’d be so thankful
  • when if comes to kisses he seems like the type to pull you really close
  • one hand on your neck the other on your butt waist
  • and he’d hold you like you’d be his everything
  • honestly
  • you are
  • well making out tho
  • ohohohhohoho boi put the seabelts on it’s boutta be wild
  • you on his lap
  • try to tease him
  • i dare you
  • you probaly’t walk for the next days oopsie lmao
  • sometimes when he was feeling funny as heck he would tease you in public
  • and you’d just glare at him and be like
  • ”I’m gonna pinch your dick off”
  • hickeys
  • but hidden hickeys like on your boobs so when you two change for the day or night
  • he’d see them and shitgrin to himself
  • sometimes when he feels like it
  • or you annoyed him and he wants to have his sweet revenge
  • in the middle of the act while you won’t complain he’ll give you a hickey somewhere visible
  • and it will be summer and you’ll have to wear a turtle neck when it’s 34 degrees out
  • and he’ll just pass you the deodorant grinning
  • and you’ll be out with friends sweatin like a cow and you’re friends will be like
  • … you k?
  • you are not
  • and you just smile and nod
  • sometimes he would break down and tell you all the thoughts he has and the doubts
  • and you would comfort him and probs cry with him
  • hugs with him can be summed up in two words:
  • Pops bear
  • Like he’d envelop you in his arms and pull you really close and nuzzle into you
  • when you two fight he’d remain calm most of the time
  • it’s scary for people to witness
  • it’s contains a lot of annoyed sighs and slightly too harsh movements
  • if it was your fault you’d have to say sorry
  • I feel lik he ain’t bout that 'When you get mad at a girl apologize for being mad’ thing
  • but if it was his fault he’d say sorry
  • if both of you were to blame he’d try to talk it out
  • he is a tol so if you aren’t…
  • he would tease you
  • ”okay I’m going out now”
  • and you wanna go in for a kiss
  • and he just makes himself even taller and is like
  • when you ready come and get it nananana
  • also if you ever happen to wear his shirt damn gurl
  • ”look at small you in my big Shirt”
  • ”that’s not how you use a tent Y/N??”
  • ”haha look it’s a walking shirt wow haha”
  • damn yongguk you’re so funny!
  • not!
  • and then you’d just take it off and run around in your underwear
  • cue needy Yongguk
  • one time you tried to make his favourite food for him
  • sushi
  • you failed and he came home earlier than expected and you just stood there looking at him
  • rice in your hair
  • ripped nori everywhere
  • smoked salmon sticking to the table
  • but he’d appreciate the effort
  • like so much
  • and then you’d just shower together and tbh that’s a good present too :)
  • After you move in together you know who is basically moves in with him?
  • B.A.P
  • P stands for Pabos
  • Pabo means idiot in Korean
  • so before valentines day he’d be like
  • ”anything in peticular you’d like, princess?”
  • and you just say
  • ”nah as long as it comes from heart idc”
  • he made his predictions true
  • he made you chocolate with a picture of you two and gave it to you
  • you almost cried while you two ate it
  • damn Bang Yongguk why u gotta be that cute
  • meeting his family of course
  • they seem as badass as him so you’d be like
  • ”what if they won’t like me? They are so cool and I am not really that cool?”
  • Spoiler: they love you
  • first time seeing his twin you’d be like
  • ”yongguk stay on my right so I don’t accidentally kiss your brother”
  • but it gets better with time
  • it always does
  • going to the netherlands for vacay because he likes the netherlands
  • Overall: he would treat you very good you can’t complain! He sometimes can’t tell you everything that’s on his mind so you’d need to give him that freedom. But when it comes down to it he’s know you are there for him and vice versa. Hugs with pops. Soft kisses and passionate makeout sessions. Thoughtful moments and exchanges over future goals and dreams at night.

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Hey dear nice Works...!!!!! Please Do a RFA (V+Saeran) Celebrating Birthday of MC how will they celebrate Mc's Birthday and what will they Do to make it special??

A/N: I’d invite them all to my birthday party hell yeah it’d be greAT ~Admin 404
I love them all *sobs* ~ Admin 626

-HE’S SUCH A LITTLE KID AT HEART (and i mean in general come on now)
-Goes FULL. OUT. Does not take it lightly at all
-Sets up a day with your friends so you’re out of the house and busy
-And he decorates the house completely!! Streamers, balloons, he even has homemade party hats for the two of you
-He isn’t a master baker or anything but he attempted at making a box cake for you!!! He decorated it with so many colourful sprinkles!
-Remember how he gets a discount from the pizza place? He bought like three larges and the two of you were eating it for DAYS
-He either has homemade presents for you, or he’s saved up a lot to splurge on pre-ordering that new video game you’ve been eyeing for months
-The two of you watch all the movies!! Whatever movie you wanna watch, he’ll sit through. Scary ones? He might cry but he’ll DO IT FOR YOU!!!!

-More of a classy approach to birthdays
-He did attempt to put a party hat on Elizabeth though MC SHE’S ADORABLE LOOK, HURRY, BEFORE SHE TAKES IT OFF
-But he always makes sure to give you one super special one. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry he had custom made because it reminded him of you, or it’s something you’ve had your eye on for a while, you’ve got it
-He’s also super extra, like y’all know how wedding cakes are super big and beautiful and usually really intricate? Yeah so is your birthday cake. EVERY YEAR. but i mean are you really complaining?? It’s cAKE
-Takes you to the fanciest restaurant for dinner, and the two of you dress up for it
-(Yes, MC, you’re wearing the new dress/suit he got you)
-He’ll also try taking you to new and exotic places as a day trip to see all the sights and watch the gleam in your eyes as you learn the history of the place
-Always has the best wine, but on your birthday he pulls out the rare ones, just for you! (Or if you don’t do wine, he finds the best of whatever you like to drink)
-Not to mention you wake up with like 14 dozen rose bouquets strung around the house that morning, all holding a little note card expressing his love for you because he can be cute too, mc

-We all know he’d wake you up by jumping on the bed and blowing that stupid little party blower in your ear until you chase him out of the room
-But chasing him is worth it because when you get to the living room there are so many loose balloons that you can’t see the floor
-Same goes with the ceiling, completely covered in balloons
-Saeran’s just sitting in a chair, in a party hat, looking completely uninterested, but still plays the party blower when you walk in. Saeyoung tries to hide behind him to avoid your wrath you arent a morning person, are you mc?
-The two of you spend a good while just throwing the loose balloons at each other over Saeran’s head who was not impressed, might i add
-Did you know you can get custom images printed onto your cakes? Because he made a collage of the STUPIDEST pictures he has of you and had it put on top
-Anything you want, he’ll get you. Just name it. You want a pet elephant? He’ll dO IT DON’T DOUBT HIM MC
-He’d probably take you out for a drive, too. You could feel the fresh air and just talk about anything and everything. It’s just really relaxing and he wants you to have a stress-free time

-What’s the point of celebrating another year of life in this shitty world now is NOT THE TIME MR. EDGELORD
-But for you…he could manage it
-He doesn’t go very hard at it though because he doesn’t see the real point
-He’ll get a small gift for you- something he saw and immediately thought of you
-He does get a small cake for you, but a freaking tub of ice cream
-Cuddles cuddles cuddles! He doesn’t hide his affection today! It’s all about you, he’ll put his insecurities away for a while
-He’ll moan and groan at the stupid Disney movies you put in, but suffer through them because the fact that you sing along is the CUTEST thing he’s ever seen are you sure it isn’t his birthday
-CUTIE ALERT: he cooks your favourite meal for you! He might have spent a few days trying to find the perfect way to make it, but HE MAKES IT
-He’s also spent all day pushing Saeyoung out of the room because he’s not about to let him ruin your relaxing birthday by bringing in some stupid little party games hes also smacked a party blower into the back of his throat at one point and you felt TERRIBLE but you couldnt help but laugh???

- you know his hoe ass is gonna try to go all out for you
- like he knows you you prefer lowkey but???
- the world needs to know his love for you
- but after the RFA members managed to talk him down from performing a flash mob, he realized he should respect your wishes
- so he struggles and struggles to come up with something that has a bit of flare but is still something you’d want
- and then he remember you one time mentioning you’d never really been on a trampoline before???
- on your birthday (exactly at midnight), he sings “happy birthday” and then hands you a cupcake up with a candle on it <3
- he had you fooled, you thought this was gonna be it for your birthday
- boy buddy ur in for a treat!
- when you wake up he immediately blindfolds
- you’re just like *sigh* “well at least he didn’t jump out of the cake this year”
- omfg when he takes off the blindfold though, you find yourself at a trampoline park??? And he invited your friends (including the RFA ofc) and family!!!
- He roped Jumin into getting the place to rent out the entire area to then!
- Zen didn’t think you’d love it this much but oh my god he’s so happy because you look so happy!!!
- and he finds that you and Saeyoung both love to push into the pit with all the foam cubes anD YOU TWO START TAG TEAMING
- maybe this was a bad idea after all
- but hearing your laugh was all he needed <3
- after that, you all head to a dessert place and you spend the rest of your birthday talking and laughing with the people most important to you with the love of your life right by your side <3

- you only really expected dinner at a restaurant and maybe cake because that’s just how you and jaehee are
- other people might think it’s underwhelming but honestly, what’s better than snuggling up to your s/o and feeling warm and cuddley on your birthday???
- but you’re surprised when you come home to a note that directs you to Seven’s house?
- and when you get there, there’s another note attached to a nerf gun
- “Happy Birthday, MC! The game starts as soon as you enter the house, every man for himself ~ Jaehee”
- it is all out WAR when you enter
- Zen is playing a defensive strategy, he may have shitty aim but hE CAN DODGE ANYTHING WITH HIS DANCER GRACE
- Jumin is already out, he lasted like three seconds he’s disappointed because he thought he’d win with his cat like reflexes
- Yoosung’s out too, he lasted much longer than Jumin but Saeyoung managed to trick him into thinking they were team and then Saeyoung shOT HIM EXECUTION STYLE
- Saeran is lowkey bitter; he steals V’s portion of birthday cake
- eventually it’s just down to you, Jaehee, and Saeyoung,,,
- you run out in front of him and when he’s distracted by you, Jaehee shoots him!
- you laugh so hard when you see the look on his face bc he wasn’t expecting you to sacrifice yourself
- and then you give ya hot gf a kiss because hello, she’s a winner, she deserves all the kisses
- after that, you all head down to Saeyoung’s entertainment room and watch your favorite movies and eat cake <3
- everyone slowly falls asleep, and you’re cuddled up to jaehee and wondering what you did to get someone as amazing her in your life <3

- honestly he’s such a hipster, he throws a birthday for u every year and it always has a theme???
- who does that smh
- this year???
- murder mYSTERY TRAIN THEME OMMMGG (A/N: 626 doesn’t know what she’s doing here, it’s probably all gonna be wrong)
- V gets you a beautiful evening gown and hE MATCHES U  
- he makes sure the gang is ready too, there’s no way theyre gonna ruin it for u (we’re looking at u saran wrap, das right i’m calling u out)
- he takes sooo many pictures, you guys have to confiscate his camera cause hE WON’T STOP
- when you guys get there, it’s sooo much more interactive than you thought it was gonna be???
- you actually can’t tell who’s an actor and who isn’t?? They’re that good
- you all have your own theories about who did it
- V think it was her husband because hello, it’s always someone the victim knew
- Jumin agrees but he’s also suspicious of the daughter
- Yoosung doesn’t know what to think he’s still traumatized from seeing a dead lady even if it was fake
- Surprisingly only Zen got it right???
- but he graciously gave you and V the prize since it a weekend getaway <3
- Pretty sure V threatened him but whatever
- After, you guys head back to yours and V’s place for cake and chilling <3
- you guys end up on the floor in one weird big cuddled mess but it’s so warm (saran wrap says he hates u guys but he’s a little close to Zen so) (okay in 626’s world the RFA is a bunch of cuddlers youguyscantstopme)
- u eventually get up tho and drag V to ur bedroom bc you wanna cuddle with him <3 (and you ignore Saeyoung wolf whistling in the background)

  • oooh boy let’s go
  • taeyong would be such a good boyfriend
  • not huge on PDA
  • likes to keep most of that stuff for in private
  • but he loves holding hands
  • like all the time
  • doesn’t matter how cold it is he says his hand will keep you warm
  • it doesn’t but he rubs it with both his hands and blows on it anyway
  • you don’t have the heart to tell him it doesn’t work so you stay cold but you don’t mind because you like holding hands

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Boyfriend! Winwin

Stand alone continuation to Confession! Winwin

#1 of Boyfriend! Series

Taeil | Johnny | Taeyong | Yuta | Doyoung | Ten | Jaehyun | WinWin | Mark | Renjun | Jeno | Haechan | Jaemin | Chen Le | Jisung

Originally posted by nctinfo

Word Count: 994
Style/ Genre: Imagine- Headcannon/ -
Date posted: 30/07/17

winwin is such a fluff ball i love him

  • so winwin as a boyfriend
  • winwin is really shy but i can see him being courageous for his girlfriend
  • because ever since you came into his life, you were his hope 
  • and the love he has for you is his daily motivation
  • every morning he wakes up and you’re his first thought
  • every time his phone lights up, he hopes it’s from you
  • every time he sees a familiar silhouette at the corner of his eye, he craves for your presence

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Like You

Summary: Its 2019 and there’s a wedding. Phil’s saying something, but Dan isn’t really listening, his mind’s elsewhere…that “where” being ten years ago, in 2009. Angst/Fluff 
TW:  Rating PG-13, Swearing, drinking/drunk

*Winner Of The 2015 Phanfic Awards’ ‘Emotional Wreck Award’*

*2nd Place In 2015 Phanfic Awards’ ‘Best Angst’*

Like You:

2019 Wedding ~

Dan was never really a fan of churches. Sure, he’s been in loads, plenty of family outings from when he was little, school trips in secondary school for religious studies, and some primary school hymn sessions, made sure of that. But to him they always seemed…too quiet? Yes, too quiet for Dan, he needed a distraction: a busy mind. The silence made it impossible to distract your mind from its own thoughts, so that you were forced to look at what was actually floating around in there…and Dan wasn’t a big fan of that either. Why?

His thoughts normally consisted of dark existentialism, a fuckload of regrets, and old repressed memories, which he didn’t really want to revisit…especially as he is supposed to be paying attention to the vicar.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to-“ gathered? What’s he mean gathered, that makes it sound like people don’t want to be here; like they just wandered in uninvited. 

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Big Bang's Reactions to their gf proposing to them but he wanted to be the one to propose


I think this is one of my longest reactions until now. I hope you are all well and will enjoy reading this one because I had a lot of fun writing it. 


I have to study the rest of the day so please wish me luck~ ^^


It’s been four years since your first date. Your first date was awkward and you didn’t want to do it again while it was happening. You were eating dinner at a restaurant and he did give you flowers and bought you a gift seemed like everything he wants to show you was his money. At the end of the date when you told him you are meeting your best friend he knew something was off and he finally had the courage to kiss you. It was a sloppy kiss but after a few weeks, it seemed like those kisses mean everything to you. and now after 4 years you know they do. You always had a dream to propose to your boyfriend and you found the perfect spot to do it. You reserved his favourite Korean gallery and made your own exhibition of your pictures together. You texted him to come there. You were dressed in a white dress with the jacket he wore at a concert once and it was his favourite.

When he came he seemed confused what is going on and why are you here at a gallery at 9 pm. You held his warm hand and walked inside to show him those finest pieces of art. He was very amused and loved what you’ve done. At the end of the exhibition, there was a room full of white roses in the shape of letters. Before you came in you told him to close his eyes. When he opened them and saw “Will you marry me?” and all those white roses he stared at them a few seconds and then looked back at you. He hesitated at first because he already had a plan to propose to you next month but said yes at last. He was impressed and loved your proposal. He was surprised and impressed he will never forget how you proposed to him and told every of his friends how it happened. He was very proud on how much you love him.

“You are proposing to me? I wanted… OF COURSE, I WILL MARRY YOU MY BEAUTIFUL JAGIYA!" 

Originally posted by saliechelon255


These last four years have been quite a struggle for both of you. All his concerts, his work, mostly his work was always the reason you fought and made up again and again. You flew to the US for him and you don’t regret it. All of the hard work was worth for him and you wanted to finally get hard testament. You couldn’t wait to surprise him. You had several ideas of how to propose to him but you decided you will do a big surprise at his studio. You got help from others Big Bang members who provided you with some old GD pictures only they have and they gave you a blessing to propose to him. You told him you are waiting at his studio while he got a coffee. He was on his phone scrolling through some messages when he heard your hello. 

He knew something special must be going on because you were wearing your lucky dress which you also wore on your first date. You asked him to listen to a song you wrote for him. He was impressed and surprised because he didn’t know you also write songs. He nodded and agreed to listen to you live and even record your song immediately. He felt happy and nervous because he rarely heard you actually sing the way you can. Through the whole song there were pictures and videos on the computer and at the end, you opened a box with a ring and asked him if he would marry you. He couldn’t say a word mostly because he wasn’t expecting this at all and his plan for proposal next week was off for a moment. He kissed you and smiled. then he thanked you and promised you will be the happiest woman on this world.
"OMG… Yes, I will marry you… I love you so much my baby~”

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You both wanted to marry as soon as you will be ready and the wedding is really important to you. Since you were a little girl you dreamed of marrying a prince on a white horse in a castle. But Taeyang’s dreams were not in your reach. You thought everything through to find a perfect place to propose to him. At first, you thought it would be amazing to propose under cherry blossoms but you thought it was too cliche and the next idea was to adopt a dog and propose in a park full of dogs because Taeyang loves dogs. At the end, you knew it would be perfect to propose at the karaoke place. It will definitely be a surprise for him because you didn’t like karaoke too much because of his amazing voice that always beat your very average singing.

When he got a call from you to meet at the karaoke he thought you might just be down and want to sing and cry. He was very careful when he saw you and he was relieved when he saw you were smiling. He followed you in and noticed only very romantic songs were on the list. You choose the song 마크툽(MAKTUB),구윤회-Marry Me and he thought it was the sweetest thing you have ever done for him. At the end of the song, you kneeled and asked him to marry you. He nodded right away and smiled of joy. He was very fascinated because of your proposal and he was a bit upset because he also bought a ring and was going to propose tomorrow night. He also gave you the ring that he bought and kissed you. At the end, you spent the night singing all the songs you could.

“Yes! I have a ring for you too~~ I can’t believe you beat me!”

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He was so cute about everything that included a wedding and couldn’t stop making wedding plans. Almost every time you had coffee or tea together and watched anime or just cartoons he imagined new and new plans where will we get married and who will we invite and what dress will I wear. Once it was a beach wedding in Hawaii the next week it was an elegant wedding at a gallery and again farm wedding on a ranch… He had millions of ideas and you couldn’t keep up with him. Because you were tired of just listening to ideas you stole one and convinced Seungri to help you rent a theatre. You told Daesung to meet you at the entrance because there will be a play you will go see. He was on time and couldn’t wait to see a play with you but he had no idea what play was it. 

The seats were empty and you texted Seungri to start the show. On the big screen there was a video of our moments together in those 4 years and all the concerts you’ve been together. Then you went up on stage and wore the costume he wore in The Rum Tum Tugger play, back in 2008 and acted out the scene of that play. He thought you were hilarious in the cat costume and your singing was amazing and funny at the same time. At the end of the scene, you came to his seat and kneeling meowed a few times and then asked him to marry you. He couldn’t stop laughing so he just nodded and hugged you. He was happy and amused by the play you re-created. He realized his plan for proposal was ruined at home when you were talking about where will the wedding be and how many guests will you invite but he let it go because you made him the happiest when you proposed to him.

“Who will be your bridesmaid? Who will be my best man? We will have a big wedding right?…”

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The last 4 years were the best years in your life. Even with small fights, you had together it always turned out you can’t live without each other. While you were studying for your exams he was working and when you had time to yourself you enjoyed it with him. You thought you could surprise him at the Big Bang tour in Japan. But you decided to make it a big surprise by proposing to him. You called GD and the other members were also there just Seungri was on a meeting. They helped you prepare the surprise and it would be in the middle of a concert. Your uncle-Tablo, helped you make a remix of all the romantic Big Bang songs only with Seungri’s lines. You practised all day until you arrived at the concert. Backstage everyone made sure Seungri had no idea you were here. They also changed Seungri’s suit so you could wear his and they gave him a different one. They announced you at the middle of the concert as a special guest. Seungri went with it and acted like he knew exactly what’s happening but he ran to Taeyang and asked him what’s going on. He just told him to stand there and watch.

You came on the stage and the fans were confused. You started singing your remix and slowly walked towards Seungri who was confused standing in the middle of the front stage. When he heard your voice he sat on the ground and just watched the videos on the big screen and even shed some tears. His hyungs came and sat with him and watched the show with him. You finally came to the front stage and held Seungri’s hand. You could see he cried and GD handed you the big microphone. You cleared his cheeks and asked him to marry you. He was in shock and you could see it. Everyone went quiet for a minute until he said “HAI!” and agreed to marry you. He couldn’t help himself but kiss you and the fans went crazy and screamed your ship name and the members commented and congratulated us. Then they continued the concert with GD’s solo and while he got ready you sang the song ‘We belong together’. He was happy you proposed to him because after this he thought his plan was embarrassing. 

“I… You are C-R-A-Z-Y. CRAZY.” 

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RFA+V+SAERAN: If they’re a doodler or a writer

Spoilers: Maybe slight NSFW-ish mention? Again (and most likely always), name reveal! Also, some after story spoilers!

A/N: Omg I left for the night and came back to people actually following our blog, I dunno where y'all came from but i loVE YOU ALL, THANK ~Admin 404



           -IT’S EVERYWHERE

           -His homework? DOODLES! School book? DOODLES! Letter that MC is making him write to his mother? DOODLES!

           -He’ll doodle his LOLOL character, him and MC, or just some random cute animal faces!

           -You know, every single piece of paper he’s ever come across has a star on it somewhere

           -His signature has a star incorporated into it!

           -Takes this habit with him when he graduates and gets a job as a vet

           -“Yoosung, you can’t keep drawing dogs on the patients charts.” “Why not! I work with animals all day!! It works out!” “This chart’s for a bird, not a dog”



           -He works with stories all the time as an actor! It’s only natural to want to make a few of his own!

           -Despite dropping out of school and all, he isn’t half bad

           - Never finished writing an actual story in his life

           -He’s the type to start a story, but lose interest in it fairly quickly

           -You’ll find all the stories and vague ideas written nicely in a notebook or two

           -“ONCE UPON A TIME-” “Zen, please, that line’s so overused.” “But princess :(”

           -Even tries to write his own play a few different times!

           - No, Zen, you can’t play every character


           -As much as she loves Zen’s plays and good literature…

           -DOODLER! (bitch you thoUGHT)

           -She’s always having to rewrite reports for Jumin because she mindlessly doodles all over them when she’s trying to think

           -Another boring presentation done by Jumin, another dozen reports have doodles on them

           -She’ll doodle simple things, like coffee cups, flowers, that water bottle in front of her…

           -She’d rather be dead than doodle little kitties though (Damn Elizabeth)

           -Never keeps the doodles though, so if you see one, you’re very lucky

           -It’s probably when you decide to help her with her ridiculous work load every now and then and organize her papers for her



           -He reads enough romance novels, might as well write his own, too

           -“He trapped her against the wall, carefully tying the silk tie around her wrists as his tongue paid careful attention to her-” “JUMIN PLEASE CAN YOU NOT READ WHAT YOU WRITE OUT LOUD?!”

           -He puts work before his writing though, so he makes sure everything is done before switching gears to write

           -Sometimes he’s in his home office for hours, and you assume he’s just working very hard for an upcoming project

           -You make him some tea, and come in to find he’s typing away on his laptop like no tomorrow

           -“Oh wow, you’re working really hard! What is the project on this ti- Jumin, that’s not work” “Ah, yes, MC, I’m very aware. Would you like to proofread it? Or perhaps reenact the scene?”



           -He’s writing code all day long, why would he want to write MORE?

           -Therefore, DOODLER!

           -You can find pages and post-it notes all around the house with doodles on them

           -Doodles stars, space ships, and kitties!

           -You found a dickbutt on the milk carton once and threatened to throw it at him and all he did was snicker in response

           -“Saeyoung, care to explain why I walked around today with a sticky note with a diCK DRAWN ON IT STUCK TO MY JACKET?” “I was letting people know that your jacket was riDICKulous!” “Get away from me”

           -One time, you gathered all of his doodles of stars and spaceships, and spent the day sticking them all over the ceiling of your shared bedroom

           -He didn’t notice until he came in way after you had fallen asleep waiting for him

           -You know this lil tomato shed a few happy tears once he saw that you had spelt “I love you” in the stars



           -Hello, “a picture is worth a thousand words”????

           -He likes to write little stories for each one of his photographs

           -Usually, he makes a story out of the events that happened on that day

           -Rreeaallllyy good at description words, and can paint a picture in your mind of how everything looked, felt, sounded, he had it ALL

           -If you request it, he’ll take a favourite photograph of yours and make up a story for it on the spot

           -“V, can you add dinosaurs into the story?” “If that’s what you want, sure sweetheart” (help me this is my sunshine)

           -If you’re having a bad day, he’ll pull out some of the stories and help you relive a happy moment with him

           -Sometimes he makes it into a game- He’ll read the description and you have to guess what the picture is of!


           -Okay, this little baby has to be a doodler

           -He’s not very good at expressing his emotions with words, so he finds that doodling helps him to get it out

           -Like Saeyoung, you’ll find doodles in random places, but you’ll realize that from time to time, it’s a game of hide and seek

           -He’ll leave these doodles as clues to where he is, or what he wants

           -Sometimes he’ll just stick a post-it note on your forehead with a face on it to show how he’s feeling

           -Most of the time he just likes to stick the post-it notes on your face to watch you pout at him afterwards

           -A lot of doodles of ice cream cones

           -*Dumps a purse-full of post-it’s with ice creams drawn on them onto the floor* “Saeran?” “Hm?” “Do you….do you want to go get ice cream?” “Well since you’re offering, yes, yes I do.”