this is my favourite photo of her omg

Ch 447: Precious ^_^

It’s nice to see her amongst other guild mates. Really highlights that Juvia is a fully fledged FT member and she has a very big family to support her now….But…

Seeing her with these people just brings me so much more Joy!!! ^_^

And look at her standing there so sweetly, surrounded by the majority of the main characters! ^_^

Nyaw, I’m very happy something like this was drawn. It’s a wonderful panel. It’s just so nice, it’s like it’s….

A PHOTO! YES! This looks like a proper photograph! And with Gray and Juvia in the middle, I’d love to see this in a frame, standing peacefully somewhere in their living room ^_^

This was a good chapter, but this is probably my favourite panel ^_^

(And omg, Laxus!!!)

a collection of some of my favourite comments on nicki minaj’s instagram photo of her with jack white:

  • “nicki nd a fan”
  • “does he eat rat poison? he looks creepy”
  • “who the fuck is the twilight fan next to you”
  • “this guy is like a gay”
  • “he looks like he slammed his face in a flour”
  • “he is a woman wearing mack up”
  • “is that wax museum”
  • “he look like baking soda”

I know everybody’s probably getting pretty tired of all of the Snow White and The Witch posts but…

My grandparents came round to my house with this very special package!! OMG SNOW WHITE IS SO MUCH MORE GORGEOUS IN REAL LIFE! AND THE WITCH IS SO INCREDIBLY WICKED LOOKING! Seriously, the stock photos do these beauties absolutely no justice at all, they’re definitely one of my favourite designer sets. Snow Whites face is so sweet and innocent and the way that they’re interacting in the box is breathtaking. Plus, Snow White doesn’t have messy hair or backwards feet, and the hag doesn’t have red dye on her forehead! So all my worst fears didn’t come true! They’re number 5,833 out of 6,000!



I was tagged by the lovelies @malikaesthetics and @befourjavadd to choose 9 of my favourite zayn photos and this is probably the hardest decision I ever had to make (its liking asking a mother to choose her favourite child lol) so these are 9 of my fave zayn photos from 1000s, plus that extra gif because its literally my favourite thing ever, he looks so soft and precious :)

I tag @0xyzen @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow @otpsoulmates @zaynfeatliam @zayniepaynie @shiningdistraction @brightziam @zlanet @zayntoxicateme @zaynispureperfection @stressedangel @verseziam @liamstolenboxers @solo-zarry and anyone else who’d like to do this (if you’ve already done this ignore me)  :)