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If you don't mind, may I ask about your thoughts on Wonder Woman, please please? <3

most of my thoughts are [HUMAN EMBODIMENT OF HEARTEYES EMOJI] and are a nebulous mass of how amazing it felt to watch diana kick ass and be beautiful and be kind. and how much I love ww1 stories where the underlying theme is “IT’S ALL A BIG MESS, EVERYONE SUCKS TO A GREATER OR LESSER DEGREE” and how impressive it was that they somehow managed to get some idealism out of it anyway. 


I will comment on what was probably my favourite small moment, which was steve talking to the german chemist at the gala. because we so often get presented with ‘spy’ characters and we accept it because they have this label of ‘spy’ or else they’re just…shooting people and being a more charming version of themselves, james bond style. but this was an intelligence agent doing his damn job, ie. making a quick, efficient connection with a stranger and hijacking his way into their trust by directly targeting their personality and weak spots. it didn’t feel charming. it felt tense and unsettling and authentic.


Little previews of my piece for the Siblings artzine! feat. my favourite space twins Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker ofc (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  

This anthology celebrates sibling relationships, rivalries and stories from all kinds of media, and pre-orders are open from now until July 31 - check it out and grab a copy here because there are SO MANY incredible artists sharing their love and talent in this zine <3

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HEY EVERYONE! I have recently hit 1.5k (1.6K NOW OHMYGOD THANK YOU) followers and I am so blessed and grateful for all of my followers. Thank you for deciding to follow my blog and be apart of the princessdany family <3

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WHAT~WHAT~WHAT?!?!? (^O  [  ] O)^ what is this NOT KYLUX content?!?! LOL! LOL! LOL! XD well~ brace yourselves followers… i’m going to start doing my best to post different stuff at least once a week! (-^ __^-) this is suppose to be my drawing blog, not JUST a kylux blog! so… i’m gonna try not to be afraid to do that! (O wO) <3 if you’d like to blacklist future content that isn’t kylux i guess i’ll tag it with “pidgy likes stuff”??? so yes! no need to fear if you’d like to avoid other stuff! (-^ w^-)

anyway! (O vO) before ever coming to Tumblr i had spent the entire season one run of the anime Osomatsu-san laughing my ass off with my friend every episode!!! we’d call each other up the second we’d finished watching it and just laugh till we cried! XD Some of you might recognize this as the art that was my original banner when i first started out here!!! anyway~ my friend’s favourite brother was Karamatsu and mine is Ichimatsu! So i made this because of our love for them!!! <3 <3 <3 i used the exact color pallet from the show, hence the bright blue line art! (-^ O^-) i can’t wait to re-watch it all before season two! <3

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First of all, congratulations Amanda!! I'm so happy for you💗 <-- (that's my favourite emoji btw) and don't even bother to rate my desktop theme. I'm still trying to figure out how to make it better but coding it's kind of confusing tbh :/

Ohh thank you so much, Paula <33

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comment: Paula, I love you <333 you are always so kind and i’m so lucky to be your mutual 

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Message to tumblr oldie artists

Hello tumblr. mongreldog here, artist of an ongoing cartoony comicy universe/setting thing called REZQ.

If, like me, you are old (by tumblr standards – 32 at the moment) and still pursuing drawing, music, writing, whatever as a hobby, and feel crap about some of the amazing young talent racing past you all the time, I have a message for you. I guess this doesn’t just apply to older tumblr ppl, but older people are less likely to be able to realistically subscribe to the FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS narratives of other tumblr posts on the subject (”go to art college! spend 18 hours a day drawing!” – i have a full time job, sorry!!)


1. DON’T GIVE UP. Unless you stop enjoying it, in which case drop it like it’s hot (see, I told you I’m old). There’s a tendency, in our generation at least, to think that as you get older, you have to “grow up” and let go of things that don’t earn you money. Don’t do it. Keep going. This is a new generation and no matter what your parents might have thought about still drawing cartoon dogs as grown-ass adults, that doesn’t apply to you. Don’t feel like it must. In fact, if you have a full-time job that is unrelated to your dreams and aspirations (as is the case with most employed people) it’s even more important that you don’t stop, so that you don’t go insane.

2. DO IT FOR YOURSELF, not for fame, success or even to build a career (unless that really is your long-term goal, in which case, knock em dead). Do it because there’s a thing that you want to see created that doesn’t exist yet. That is the reward. You created something you wanted to see. Or got close, and you’ll get closer next time. Don’t let yourself get bitter about the absence of any other reward (again, money, fame, 14,827 notes on tumblr). Remember that no matter how successful someone else seems to be, everything is temporary. The most famous cartoons/songs/novels/whatever always continue to jostle for position with hundreds of thousands of others of famous texts, and in the end, the relative number of people who really care about any cultural work is small and transient. When it comes down to it, nothing matters except that it made you happy/satisfied/proud.

3. NOTICE AND APPRECIATE the people who stick with you, and SUPPORT their own work when they post it. I think there was a time, years ago, where I used to get frustrated where only the same 3 or 4 people would fav/retweet/reblog my stuff. Now I recognise that that’s because my stuff has made an impact on those people, they like it, and often, you’ve got things in common. Again, if they’re artists, look at their stuff; go out of your way to do so. It’s likely that even if you don’t realise it at first, they are doing things that share themes, feelings and goals with your own. Some of my favourite artists are people I’ve discovered this way.

This is getting long so I’ll leave it there – but I try all the time to remember these three points, so that I don’t find myself thinking “what the fuck am I doing?” when I’m drawing this stupid guy all the time:

30 Questions Tag

Tagged by the wonderful @yumebaah! Thank you <3

1. Nickname: Rinny, Rin Rin, etc. you get the point lol

2. Gender: Female

3. Star Sign: Virgo

4. Height: about 162 cm

5. Time: 4:47 PM

6. Birthday: August 26th (IN A FEW DAYS!)

7. Favourite Bands: BTS, CNBlue, Fall Out Boy, Vixx, BTOB, Gfriend

8. Favourite Solo Artists: Kehlani, Ailee, Demi Lovato, DEAN, Christina Perri, 

9. Song stuck in my head: Constantly the Elmo theme song, don’t ask why I am a literal child

10. Last movie I watched: Despicable Me 3, again I am a literal child

11. Last show I watched: Fight My Way (such a good drama)

12. When I created my blog: uhhhhhhhh January of 2015 I am guessing????

13. What do I post: All the Jungkook ships, BTS info, random stuff I find funny or interesting

14. Last thing I googled: my height in centimeters lol

15. Do I have another blog: Yes! @yoongook is my sugakookie themed side blog.

16. Do I get asks: Yup I do! I love getting asks :)

17. Why did I choose this blog’s name: Demi Lovato’s song Confident and I’ve always strived to be confident in who I am so my url is like a reminder to myself

18. Blogs I’m following: 204

19. Followers: Currently 3,327…I really need to get that follow forever finished.

20. Favourite colours: all shades of blue, light purples and pastel greens

21. Average hours of sleep: in the summer right now, probably like 9-10 hours lol but during school like 5-7

22. Lucky number: 8!

23. Instruments: PIANO MY BABY

24. What I’m wearing: a t-shirt and lounge pants

25. How many blankets I sleep with: only one

26. Dream Job: anesthesiologist, or immunologist sounds cool

27. Dream Trip: I really wanna go to Japan, Taiwan is cool too, maybe Korea?

28. Favourite Food: Sushi is my life, BOBAAAAAAA, fruit cake (the kind with fresh fruit not the dried stuff, I refuse to call that fruit cake), this Vietnamese pancake dish balled Banh Xeo

29. Nationality: Chinese/Vietnamese

30. Favourite Song Now: Either Gangsta by Kehlani or Waitin For You by Demi Lovato

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hi!! i was wondering if you have any fic recommendations or any fic favs of iwaoi?? I've read quite a few but was wondering if you had any personal favs? (also i love your art never stop pls <3)

Well I made a fic rec not too long ago, and the fics there are still some of my all time favourites! It can be found here!

Now. There are so many great fics out there so I decided to try and find some of my older favourites (or just some that had slipped my mind). Here:

  • Why Am I Here? - (multi chapter / complete / ~14 400 words) Oikawa as a yoga instructor! Some nsfw themes and some daisuga on the side. (This is the first part of a whole series also called  Why Am I Here? )
  • paper cranes - (one-shot / ~2300 words) This one. THIS ONE. I seriously think this one is really adorable, just because Iwa-chan is such a sweet boyfriend! One of my recent absolute favourites. Kuroo and Bokuto is in it too!
  • Spring - (one-shot / ~1200 words) This one is really funny and domestic!! Also some nsfw themes.
  • warmth - (one-shot / ~1600 words) Domestic fluff!
  • favourites - (one-shot / ~1500 words) AAa this one is really sweet. Oikawa is my perfect child.
  • Room for Improvement - (one-shot / ~2900 words) Established relationship!! They have really cute dynamic. It’s really sweet!
  • warrior’s blade - (multi-chapter / ongoing / ~18 100 words) This is a wonderful haikyuu!! quest au!!! There is also some daichi/yui on the side and it’s all perfect!

Meet my new pony, Blue Hawaii! Based (if not completely obviously) off one of my favourite cocktails, the Blue Hawaiian! Also Elvis’ “Blue Hawaii” is one of my favourite movies :’D She’s still just a rough design, I’ll work out her details later <3 Get ready for a barrage of cocktail-themed characters, coz this gal’s feelin’ summery (and the G1 Tropical Ponies were a massive inspo, I want them all *^* )

So since I’ve been on here for more than a year and a half now and I wanted to thank all of you for the time, I decided to make my first ever follow forever! First off, some people I wanted to thank specifically, but y’all are amazing!

@kilewoodwork​ Livi!! You are amazing and my twin sister living in a time zone ten hours from mine, but still it seems like I know you. I can come to you with anything, and you’re just one of the best friends I’ve made on here! I’m really glad I met you through this project. Also you’re an amazing writer (I’m not trying to hint at The Secret and that you should continue it, nooo). *sends hugs all across the world* Love you!!

@ninazcneik​ Simi I still remember how we started talking when we screamed about the would-be friendship of Celeste, Marlee and America on a post that must have been such a pain to everyone’s dashes lol. I like talking to you so much, wouldn’t want to miss it!

@celestenewssome Lucrezia, you were one of the first Selection blogs I followed, along with Therese I think. I’d come to you to scream about keadlyn (ouch still not over it) every day. And I loooove your Italian accent :D

@wut-a-duckie Tara your blog is still the ultimate goals to be honest, it has always been. I was sooo happy when you first said you like my blog, that was about a year ago? Anyway it’s good to be talking to you, you’re amazing. You make the best edits, too tbh.

@hopetinu Phoebe I’ll bombard you with news about my crush if anything happens, thank you for the advice you’re giving :D Yours is also one of the most beautiful blogs on here!

@pranksterprongs Kelly you are the best beta reader I have ever met, sadly I’m currently writing in german and you can’t read it! I still have to continue your story, it’s amazing and I still don’t have the time grrrrr. I haven’t forgtten about it thought, and we definitely need to talk more often!

@hermionegrangcr​ Jennifer thanks to you I have this amazing theme now (check it out guys!) and my blog isn’t the mess anymore that it was half a year ago, so this is a huge thank you for you, please feel hugged!

@ravenclaver @eadlynmydear @the-selection-bitch @prince-consort-lolz and everyone else in the Selection OC network, we were having such a great time imagining Ashton’s Selection, it was one of my favourite tumblr projects ever! I hope we can all stay in touch lovelies <3

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I thought I’d put together a post of all different Runescape blogs to help newer blogs find more people! I remember when I first made my tumblr and I was hardly following anyone for a while because I couldn’t find anyone! So I’m gonna make it a lil easier and put some blogs into certain categories! I really hope this helps! Obviousily I will be tagging all the blogs I mentioned, and on some I will be giving a little discription of their blog, I am following all the blogs that I mention so I like them myself :3 xxx

This is definatley a post for those trying to find other Runescape blogs, I really hope you find some from this!

If I did not tag you in this, please don’t’ be offended! I follow over 600 different Runescape blogs so it’s a little difficult keeping track! ;’)

I have Definitely missed a ton of people, but I will be constantly adding to this, don’t worry! xxx

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I finally finished my Sherlock fanvid! It turned out to be a celebration of Sherlock’s funniest and cutest moments and just another reminder why we’re so crazy about the show and our lovely and eccentric consulting detective. And because he’s such a spoiled brat, the theme song is my all all time favourite The Fallen by Franz Ferdinand.

Please watch it! It’s funny… Promise ;D


I’ve been stressing over a report all day, so I thought I’d finally take a break and share my new babies. This is (apart from the Warboss obviously) my Ork Kill Team: Da Nuka Troopas. Hopefully they’ll krump some butt when I trot them out at my FLGS.

The idea is that they’re all Fallout themed, namely Fallout 3/New Vegas just cause it’s actually one of my favourite games and settings ever, hence the Nuka Cola signs and little stars and stripes (and the Pipboy on the Deffkopta, dubbed ‘Da Hurtyburd’). The team is led by Shrapnull (Big Choppa) and his Nobz and backed up by some boyz (two of the very similar looking ones wearing Vault 108 Jumpsuits for reasons…). The Deffkopta is going to appear from behind and shoot some dudes before, probably, bursting into flames and crashing.

I’ve just ordered all the stuff I need for my Inquisition Warband, so I should really work on them, but at the same time all the rumours of Orkz getting an update soon has made me excited to expand these guys into a whole army. I still have my collection of Snakebite Orkz that could be stripped. I’m thinking of turning my Squigadon (made from a Stegadon) into a two-headed 'Brahmin’ Looted Wagon or Trukk. Also, painting my Shoota Boyz as 'Outcasts’, and maybe getting a Deff Dredd to turn into LIBURTY PRIME would be the next order of business.

But as I say, I really need to slow down haha. I have way too many projects already. Speaking of which, I’ll post my Mordheim Witch Hunters after painting the Witch Hunter Lord and hired Elf.