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passion. sunrise. growth. scars. trust. loss. future.

Author: arekxandura (tumblr) / quilliariya (
Rating: K+
Warning: contains spoilers.

Author’s Note: starting this series for Gruvia week! a reincarnated Juvia who can’t remember Gray has always been one of my most favourite AUs, and I have no idea why. Hope you guys like it!

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he just wants her to remember the past that elluded her reincarnated mind.

“Fairy Tail was—no, it still is—our home.”

 “Juvia wishes she could remember,” the girl told him, tugging the ribbon attached to her school uniform. “But all Juvia really knows is growing up in an orphanage with Gajeel-kun.”

“Didn’t he tell you about Fairy Tail?” Gray prodded.

“Juvia supposes he mentioned it once or twice.” Juvia sighed. “Perhaps he stopped because Juvia had no idea what he was talking about.”

“Fairy Tail was a guild in our past life in the other world.”


She looked terribly confused, and Gray mentally cursed at Gajeel for not explaining it as soon as the iron dragon slayer regained his memory. “It’s a shared memory between all of us. Professor Makarov, Lucy, Erza, Natsu, Mirajane, Cana—everyone. It’s the life we led before we reincarnated into ourselves again. Here. In a different world.”

“This is a different world from our past lives?”

Gray nodded. “In our past life, there was magic. I was an ice mage. You were a water mage.”

 She looked like she didn’t want to believe him, but when the blue-haired girl’s eyes widened, Gray wondered if he had triggered some sort of memory. 

“Juvia is a swimmer,” she admitted. “She has always loved the water, for some strange reason.”

 “Do you like the rain?”


 “Juvia loves the rain.”

 He flashed her a smile. “That’s good.”

 A light red dusted her pale cheeks. For a moment Juvia blinked at him, as if she was trying to remember the memories taken away from her.

 “Tell me more, Gray-sama.”

 The afternoon was spent in deep conversation.  He told her about the rain that plagued her entire life and their very first battle. He told her about Tenrou, the way she had convinced Meredy to take their side. He told her about his Deliora, Ur, his father, Avatar, Zeref, E.N.D..

She listened with rapt attention.

There was something familiar about the way she responded to his stories. It was as if he was taken back in time, and he was sitting beside Juvia Lockser, recalling his adventures with Team Natsu in the comfort of a cozy house they called theirs.

 “Juvia is sorry she doesn’t remember.”

 “It’s a slow process,” Gray said, shaking his head. “Your memories will return soon.”

 “What if Juvia can’t remember because her past self wanted to forget?”

 I live for the ones I love!


 “But what if she did, Gray-sama?” Her eyes looked pained as she looked at him. “What if did?”

 He stared at her then, unable to respond.

 Juvia sighed. Noticing his discomfort, she shifted the conversation. “What was Juvia like, Gray-sama?”

 You were a strong mage who loved your friends.” Who loved me.

 Your love was a slow burn.

Gray could almost see her eyes burst into flames whenever she had declared her love for him, shining like the sun she had longed to see. At first, he didn’t understand her wild proclamations, her gifts, her overflowing love for him, and in general—her.  

Juvia laughed softly, locks of blue rolling off her shoulder as she shifted her position. Tilting her head to the side, she stared at him in curiosity. “Sorry, that must have been an awkward question.”

“It’s alright,” Gray replied, his eyes narrowing.

She was eccentric in her own way. Juvia could fend off females who he couldn’t care less about. Juvia could hide behind a pillar just so she could watch him from afar. Juvia could make regular days anniversaries he’s never even heard of.

But Juvia could also light up a room with her smile. Juvia could make him feel the warmth he had craved ever since he was a child. Juvia could spread butterflies in the inside of his stomach, making it lurch and churn whenever she was around.

“Juvia is sorry she can’t remember.”

“It’s okay.” Because you’re alive.

He remembered the way her flames began to lick the tips of the iceberg called his heart. Which was ironic, because she was a mage who specialized in manipulating water.

A memory forms in his mind. He had just been told that the water mage had sacrificed herself in order to save Cana.

Gray had taken a seat beside her in the hospital bed, dropping the flowers Lucy had told him to give the water mage.

“Hey,” he said almost guiltily. Juvia was new to the guild, and here she was, lying on one of their beds. “You alright?”

“Juvia is doing great,” she told him. There wasn’t a hint of sarcasm or malice in her tone. A smile was growing on her lips, and she beamed at him, as if the pain she was feeling was non-existent. “Juvia is happy Gray-sama came to visit her." 

She was lying on the bed, her water body suffering because it was  electrocuted and yet she still had the audacity to grin just because he graced her with his presence. This selfless girl who was willing to sacrifice herself just so her friends would survive—

 Juvia’s short hair fanned out on the pillow in light waves. Her pale face was slowly regaining its natural color (thanks to Wendy, no doubt). The blue in her eyes stared at him, hoping to elicit a response.

None came.

She still looked the same. 

The current Juvia raised an eyebrow at him. “Gray-sama?”

“Sorry,” he said dismissively. “I just remembered something.” Juvia nooded in understanding, and Gray continued, smirking, “You know, you used to call me Gray-sama back then too.”

 Her cheeks were once again dusted with red. “Perhaps some things never change.”

 He fell silent before he decided to bypass his own defenses. 

“You fell in love with me back then.”

His own cheeks were starting to burn, but it was a detail he felt she should know of. Gray’s  looked at her, watching her face contort from confusion to realization. She looked away from his scrutinizing gaze.

He spoke before he could stop himself. “You died because you wanted to protect me.”

She opened and closed her mouth, at a loss for words. He pushed on, recalling memories stowed away in his mind. Memories that gave him nightmares. Memories that left him yearning for her in the middle of the night, eyes filled with tears, arms seeking the familiar warmth of the water mage.

 “There was an ice wizard. His name was Invel.” Gray looked away, catching sight of Natsu petting his cat, Happy (which he had been told numerous times not to bring to school, but of course, Natsu was Natsu). “He conjured a spell called ‘Ice Lock’ that turned us against each other. ”

 He returned his gaze towards Juvia, and she motioned for him to continue.

 “It was a chain that linked at a collar that was wrapped around our necks.” Gray frowned. “It was either I kill you, or you kill me.”

Everything was a haze of water and ice, and the ground was covered with their blood. Of all the things Juvia didn’t want to do, Gray knew it was to hurt him.

“I attacked, you attacked. It was a mess.” He sighed. “I remember you shouting that your body was far too small for the overflowing feelings to ever be imprisoned in it.”

She spoke. “Juvia didn’t know she was capable of having that kind of passion to a person she loved.”

“You told me that words couldn’t express how thankful you were to have met me,” Gray said, almost bitterly. “Then you killed yourself so I could live.”

For a long time, none of them said a word. 

She broke the silence. “Did you love Juvia, Gray-sama?”

Dark eyes met sapphire. Juvia was still hoping. Even in her new life. He broke their gaze.

 “I did.”

 “Even though I killed myself?”

 “Well, I kind of died with you.” 

If You wish Upon a Star

Words: 1.6k+

Chapter 1: Their Story Starts

“Gryffindor!” The hat bellowed and as the last syllabus echoed into nothingness, there was silence in the hall, till Principal Minami started clapping. Other applauses followed, but Eli took no notice of it, whipping off the hat as she made her way towards the tables filled with colours that was honestly too bright for her eyes.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the girl from before, giving her a gentle smile like when they first met in the carriage. Unsure with how to respond, Eli corked her head away, stealing another glance after she passed by the Slytherin’s tables. The smile on Nozomi’s face was gone, replaced with one that was mildly hurt, before Yazawa took her attention away from the newly declared Gryffindor.

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“But the war had touched her.  She’d changed, and she’d known she was changing.  The war had revealed a hidden part of her soul.  She alone, of all of us, she alone liked it.  Loved it, even.  She had enjoyed the fight.”

day [1/30] → fave of the original six

Rachel Berenson

This was a really, really hard choice.  When I was a kid, I loved Cassie’s books and Rachel’s books the most.  Honestly, if I had a choice, I would go for one of theirs over the boys’, because I was a stupid kid who wanted more female narrators/warriors kicking ass and taking names.  Now that I’m older and I’ve done a complete reread of the whole series, I just… there are so many reasons to love all of them, equally, and the best part is that the reasons are all different.  I have so many feelings for each and every one of these characters; it’s actually ridiculous.  

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