this is my favourite kink


where was their first date ?:
what my muse would do to cheer your’s up:
who wakes the other up with kisses ( and where ) ?:
who would pour water on the other to wake them up ?:
how my muse would wake your’s up:
who would start a food fight while baking or cooking ?:
who would suggest putting marijuana in the brownies ?:
who said i love you first and how ( or when ) did they say it ?:
who would get into a physical altercation over the other ?:
who insists on purchasing a pet together ( and what kind of pet ) ?:
who is louder ( in and out of bed ) ?:
who takes more risks ( in and out of bed ) ?:
who would bring up the word ‘daddy’ first ?
what is their shared, favourite kink ?:
describe their typical kiss:
how my muse shows their love for your’s:
their favourite ways to give affection:
who is more dominate ?:
who sings in the shower ?:
who washes the other’s hair in the shower ?:
who initiates shower sex despite being in a rush ?:
who teases the other under the table at dinner with the family ?
who has the weirder taste in music ?:
who would initiate dancing in the rain ?:
who would be the one to suggest marriage ?:
what would they name their children ?:
who would their children take after more ?:


8x12 | As Time Goes By

Guh, this scene! It feels like a perfect cocktail of my favourite kinks: Sleeping Dean! Sam’s amazing bedhair! Sam hitting Dean awake like a little kid! Purgatory survivor Dean simply curling himself further into his pillow because he knows it’s Sam and Sam means safety! Single layers! Grumpy princess Dean! Bossy Sam! Sam’s huffy chest! Dean’s cute socked feet! Full bodyshots! …

Jerome x Reader. Step into my parlour.

This is the first of 2 fics off of If you want to check it out. I’ve hardly posted anything but that will change over time. 

This is just porn, bad porn, but porn none the less.

Tags: Alley sex, Daddy kink, Dirty talk. All my favourite things basically. 

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His Favourite Position (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Okay honestly because I’m somewhat obsessed with Sebastian having a hair pulling kink (because who wouldn’t want to tug on those beautiful locks?) I’m just gonna shamelessly get down on my virtual knees and beg for a smutty one with hair pulling kink seb this time If the kink has already served its time, any seb smut will conjure the same reaction of feels, tears, and need for my own personal Sebastian Stan. And here’s a friendly reminder that I love you loads and I hope you have a good day

A/N: I’ve got you, babe. I will always deliver. I will also very readily admit that this was one of my favourites to write. Hair pulling kink, Seb between the thighs- what more could you want? Keep hydrated, kids. 

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So think I’ve found my new favourite kink this week! My husband and I had a lovely little slut we’d started playing with together but after not very long at all she decided she just wanted him. Now I get to sit with his phone making her think he wants her nice tight pussy more than mine, seeing how much she longs for him and receiving so many pics and videos enticing him round to fuck her. She now thinks she’s stolen my husband and gets to fuck him more than I do, but I get to lick his cock clean after every time he goes to her instead of me. I am in wet pussy heaven!!

anonymous asked:

Hey Mama R! It's yo gurl H. I've noticed you've been gone and I've decided to cheer you up with memes and A+ ideas from this blog: the Alien Gee dickscourse, licking Robot Gee's batteries, Fuck Town TM, all aboard the Fuck Bus, and of course, my favourite: wing kinks! -H

Awww Mama R that’s pretty cute. Oh gosh, FuckTown… what a time. 

Wing Kinks though… 

Exo Mtl Have a Biting Kink

Request: Could u pls do a mlt for Exo “Mlt to give you neck kisses/biting kink” Thanks xx Luv ur work, by far my favourite writer 💗

A/N: Can I just like freak out right now like what. I’m your favorite writer? That’s literally the nicest thing someone has ever said to me thank you so much ;-; (also btw this will be ot12)


Kyungsoo (have you seen his mouth though)













Kyungsoo, Zitao, Jongin, Sehun, and Minseok would be the biggest fans of giving and receiving it. I put them as the top half because I can see it being something they incorporate into little things as well, not just sex. Like you’re cooking? Backhug and a little nibble on the nape of your neck. Make-out sesh? Stops for a bit to kiss your neck too. Definitely biggest fans of it within the group.

Luhan, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Yifan would also be very big fans of this. It’d honestly be something they go to to send a message that they’re needy and want some of the good-good luhan i’m sorry. However, I don’t think they’d do it as much as the top half.

Junmyeon, Jongdae, and Yixing are people who would do it if you asked or said that you liked it, but it wouldn’t be their go-to move to get into the mood if that makes sense. Especially Yixing because he’s lowkey scared he’d hurt you in some way. But if you mentioned how much you love it, they wouldn’t be afraid to try.

-Admin Yeonie

[M] Down the Rabbit Hole // BTS’ Rap Monster

Kink: Food Play

[A/N] So I was debating whether I should start a Wonderland or Kink prompt series, and then I thought WHY NOT JUST COMBINE TWO OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS TOGETHER

Tea time, you decided, was definitely your favourite part of the day.

Normally five o'clock would find you sipping on some oolong, lounging around with the Mad Hatter as he poured you cup after steaming cup. Somehow he always managed to have a delicious spread waiting for you on the table- there were eclairs and cream puffs and blueberry scones and little chocolate drops, which the two of you would sometimes feed to each other if you were in the mood. And if you were lucky, the munching of pastries and sweets would lead to a quick but rough pre-dinner fuck that never failed to have you screaming his name.

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anonymous asked:

what type of music do you like listening to and what is your favourite song right now?

I don’t really know what music I listen to but I'l give you some artists;
- the smiths
- vampire weekend
- sundara karma
- the kinks

!! My favourite song rn is thunder clatter by wild cub