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2017 Steter Fic Recs

Kink Menagerie by Triangulum (chapter 7 is my favourite but they’re all hot and smutty good)

Kinktober 2017 things!

Razor Edge of Danger by Triangulum

It starts with Gerard. After the clusterfuck of Stiles crashing into the kanima with his jeep, Jackson’s ‘death’ and werewolf resurrection, Lydia and Jackson go off together, Scott goes after Allison, and Derek, broken and hurt from yet another betrayal and use of his body against his will, takes Isaac and leaves, unable to look at any of them. That leaves Stiles standing next to his battered jeep, arms wrapped around his aching ribs. No one so much as looks his way. Except for Peter.

Silence After Fallen Things by Triangulum

Everyone’s dead. Everyone except Peter and Stiles.

It starts in Beacon Hills, which Stiles isn’t surprised about at all. As far as he and Deaton can piece together before everything really goes to shit, a baby necromancer had tried some shit way outside of his pay grade. Within a few hours of the footage airing of bodies crawling from their graves, reports flood in from all over the west coast of cemeteries emptying. Then come reports from the midwest, the east coast, all the way up into Canada and down to Mexico. But they seem to have realized it all started in a northern California town with an unnaturally high murder rate called Beacon Hills.


Another zombie apocalypse AU.

The Devil You Know by Triangulum

Hell is busy and Peter is understaffed. There are too many evil people being sent down below and there are only so many demons Peter has to torture them with. He needs to reorganize. They don’t utilize group torture nearly as much as they should. Stiles probably has some ideas on that.


Peter is King of Hell, Stiles is his second in command, and Talia summons them for a favor.

Blowing Off Stress by Triangulum (Stetopher)

“Save me,” Stiles hisses under his breath desperately.

Stiles doesn’t know what he’s expecting, but it isn’t for hot stranger to chuckle. He leans forward, lips brushing Stiles’ ear as he says, “All you had to do was ask, sweetheart.”


Save me from this awful dude hitting on me at the bar.

The Hours by Triangulum (Stetopher; love this, especially the second in the series, peter being folded into the relationship like a missing piece of the puzzle)

Chris knows Stiles will tire of him eventually, and why shouldn’t she? He doesn’t know why she’s bothering with him in the first place when she can have someone her own age, someone less damaged, with a long life before them. When he asks her this, she laughs a bit hollowly and says, “I’m just as damaged as you are. What would I do with a bright and shiny boy my own age?” Well, he hadn’t had an answer for that. Until she decides she’s through with him, he’ll give her everything.


Stargent porn that got plotty and sad.

Kinktober 2017 Collection by Twisted_Mind

I tried to resist, but Kinktober caught me. I’m working off this prompt list here.

This is nothing but self-indulgent kinky shit. Mostly Steter, but some other pairings thrown in because why not?

Dig In by red_crate

Peter kisses him just below the navel though, distracting him, then drags his bottom teeth up. Stiles can picture the thin red lines left behind as Peter’s fangs skate from pelvis to sternum.

Home isn’t so far away by Mysenia

It might have been years ago, but Peter remembered the stress that University could bring. So when Stiles called, stress evident in his shaky voice, Peter was all too happy to drop everything and visit his love.

Impulse Decisions by Mysenia

Stiles had very little impulse control when it came to buying gifts for those he was crushing on but he’d put a stopper in that issue years ago. At least, he thought he had.

Dreaming From the Heart by Shea M (bubblebee)

In the dream, Stiles is running.

Rainwater, Morning Dew, Ozone. by brandileeder

When Peter is kidnapped, Stiles is left to come to the rescue.

Peter ends up hard.

With You ’Verse by brandileeder

Stiles is bit by one of the Alpha pack and is turned into an Alpha Were Fox. This is the following story.

A Merry Chase by FairyNiamh

Stiles lead the Alpha on a merry old chase.

driving you (wild) by veterization (this is one of the sweetest fics I’ve ever read; like not the teeth-rotting kind, just the kind that makes you want to smile)

In which Peter drives celebrities around, and up-and-coming actor Stiles Stilinski is his new client.

Sonnet 190 by ladypigswagon

Peter pushes the textbook away from him, rubbing his eyes. Sixteenth century grammar is starting to grate on him, after the eleventh sonnet he’s beginning to loathe the form and everything it stands for. It would be masochism to continue reading.

Peter stands up, reaching up high to stretch his back. He winces when he hears his shoulders pop. He’s been in the same position for too long, he needs to do some exercise, get out of his room. It’s only mid afternoon, he doubts they’ll be any objection from his parents if he goes for a short run, especially if he promises to stay human the entire time.

Scale Tales by Therapeutic_Steter

Connected drabbles revolving around Dragon!Stiles and his werewolf Mate, Peter.

Soothing the Burn by Therapeutic_Steter

Peter is burnt out and breaking down. Stiles notices and offers him solace, along with the one thing he wants most: Pack.

Practice Makes Perfect by Therapeutic_Steter

queensolaire asked: I especially love your BAMF!stiles against fae. Can we have another drabble like that? Maybe this time with some interaction Steter? Or anything with BAMF!Stiles in general xD Thank you and have a nice day! :)

Dance Under the Moonlight by Therapeutic_Steter

Anonymous asked:
Fae!Stiles saving Peter from Pack’s stupidity and washing his hands of them. Please?

Grinds in Second by Therapeutic_Steter

platypusesrneat asked: how about Stiles, pissed about Peter damaging his Jeep because it was sentimental, and Peter, genuinely sorry and simultaneously trying to woo Stiles? (and maybe accidentally making a huge fool out of himself?) thanks once again!

Words Upon Skin by Therapeutic_Steter

Soulmate words were treasured. People spent their whole lives waiting for their treasured phrase, that magic moment.

Stiles had spent his whole life plagued by his words. He wondered just what he could do, to disappoint his soulmate so completely in their first meeting. He had approximately ninety nine self-confidence issues and they were all because of those damned words, printed in elegant script across his heart.

‘Words cannot describe how pathetic you look.’

The Other Husband by Therapeutic_Steter

Tumblr Prompt: You start working with your spouse and everyone thinks you’re cheating because they don’t know that’s your spouse.

If I Never Knew You by Therapeutic_Steter

anonymous asked: Stiles leaves the pack and gets his own life under controll. Has only contact with his dad anymore. He is happy. One day he meets Peter Hale, he knew Derek back than, but doesn’t connect the dots.

Pianist Envy by Bunnywest

Stiles is the piano player.
Peter can think of other things he’d like to see those hands do.
Shame the guy’s straight.

Kindling by rightsidethru

Once upon a time ago, Stiles remembers cool scales: leather pebbly beneath his curious, exploring touch. Once upon a time ago, Stiles remembers the touch of an unfettered breeze against his cheeks, the chilled bite of air far too thin for most to breath easily. Once upon a time ago, Stiles remembers the strong beat of wings beneath his legs, remembers the way his stomach jumped to his throat at a sudden, sharply steep dive: remembers, too, the happy whoop of air leaving his lungs in a breathless cry of absolutely joy as he plummeted back down to earth. Once upon a time ago, Stiles remembers the heat of a forge, the heart—molten at its core—hidden deep beneath this world’s crust, reassuring in its fire—steady beat of a giant heart—against his baby cheek. Once upon a time ago, Stiles remembers that he dreamt of dragons.

Postpone the Funeral by Green

Chris is a hunter who dies under mysterious circumstances. Peter’s the necromancer who saves him. Stiles is the grim reaper who doesn’t mind.

Get the Facts Straight by Udunie

“Is there a problem, sir?” the boy asked him, with a note in his voice that said ‘there better not be.’ Oh. Interesting.

Peter bit back the instinctive ‘Are you sure you’re in the right place?’ on his tongue…

Yeah, no. He wouldn’t be that cliche, thank you very much… he prefered to leave dynamism to the plebs.

“Sti… how do you pronounce that?” he asked finally, making the kid’s eyes go round with surprise. He went red as every single person turned to look at him, and Peter tried to act like he didn’t find it charming.

“Um. It’s Stilinski. Stiles Stilinski.”

Peter nodded and made the checkmark.

This would be an interesting year.

The Murderhusbands of Suburbia by MaroonDragon

A look into the life of FBI Agent Stiles Stilinski and his househusband Peter Hale. A respectable couple living in the suburbs, who may or may not kill those who manage to evade capture by the FBI.

love and madness by sinequanon

Peter and Stiles haven’t seen each other in months when the alphas ask them to meet up to look over an abandoned house. Now, they’re going to be seeing a lot of each other for quite a while to come.

Hale 'O Scream by Divinae

Stiles drags his best friend, Scott to a haunted house.

Library Vigilante

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Content/Warnings: Fluff, second hand embarrassment

Words: 2360

Prompt: Library AU ‘You’re overdue on this book and I want it so I’m tracking u the fuck down’ 

You can request more by dropping me an with an idea or pick a prompt from my favourite prompt lists one liners, 100 kinks, generals, AU’s and holiday prompts :) Hope you enjoy!

“I’m sorry, that book still hasn’t been returned to us yet.” The kind lady behind the desk spoke as she tapped away at her keys, “The gentlemen who has it is going to have a hefty fine when he decides to return it.” 

“He’s gonna have more than a hefty fine.” You mumbled, tapping your fingers off the desk. “How long overdue is it?” You asked, peering over the desk at the screen hoping to catch a glimpse of the name of this mysterious gentlemen. The librarian pulled her screen away abruptly making you huff in defeat. 

“I’m sorry Miss but that’s confidential information, you’ll have to wait until the book is returned or try another library.” She pulled her mouth into a tight line and began typing once again. You needed that book, it was the last one in the series and you were not prepared to pay a whole $25 on a book, not when there was a perfectly good one you could loan out for free. Slumping on the desk the librarian peered at you over her glasses, “Do you need anything else dear?” Yes I do I need that bloody book.

Pulling your head up you put on the best fake smile you could muster and glanced quickly at her name tag. “Susan,” You beamed, leaning ever slightly towards her “I just really need that book. You see, a poor art student like me doesn’t have a lot of money and libraries are where I can enjoy myself without having to pay and -”

“You should always donate some change to your local libraries dear, we have bills too you know.” Your smile dropped momentarily before you realised your face was betraying your annoyance. “Oh yes! I know that only too well Susan, see if you could just give me the details of the man who has the book I want, I could do you a favour and go and collect it.” Susan stared at you blankly, her fingers stilled over her keyboard. “I could be the libraries vigilante if you like.” You laughed, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear nervously. “Like an avenger, only on a smaller scale.”

Susan began to shake her head as you clasped your hands together, “We don’t need -”

“No I know you don’t but see I need that book!” You snapped at her, you’d already tried the other libraries for it when you discovered last week that it was loaned out. Unfortunately for you so were all the other copies. You gave her your award winning puppy dog face before she switched the computer off and placed a sign on her desk saying ‘Out to lunch’. You frowned as you watched her collect her things and move to the room that was reserved for staff only. 

It was completely empty in there, it was your local library that you frequented quite often but never really saw anyone else there. You weren’t stupid, you knew that being the closest library to the local college there was always students drifting in trying to look inconspicuous as they made their way to the first floor history section. Wandering around the place you realised that the place was actually empty, Susan was out back for her 45 minute break and no doubt there were students canoodling upstairs but…You were alone.

Heart racing with sweaty palms, you ran around to the other side of the desk and switched the computer on. All you needed was a name and an address and then you could hightail it out of there like nothing had happened. 

“Okay, calm down, you’re not hacking S.H.I.E.L.D…” You mumbled as you were faced with a password entry system. Putting your head in your hands you glanced around the desk, there wasn’t much save for a photo of a man in a cap and gown and a bobble head of Thor. You snorted, flicking his head as you racked your brain for an idea. Pausing, you began to type.

Books. Password denied.

Avengers. Password denied.

One attempt left. You glanced at the nodding Thor and tried again, holding your breath you typed Thor.

Password accepted.

“Black widow eat your heart out!” You muttered before typing the name of the book into the database. “Susan, we all have our vices.” It had been loaned out for quite a while, the man who currently possessed it has had it for 7 weeks. Who takes 7 weeks to read a book?! You thought while pulling up his details.

Grabbing a pen from a pot you quickly scribbled down his name and address on a piece of paper before switching the computer off again and hightailing it out of there.

It was a warm day so you decided to walk seeing as it was only a couple of blocks away from the library, you were running through the scenario of how the situation was going to go in your head when you realised that it wasn’t quite as far as you had thought. It was a small set of fancy apartments that was just down the road from the avengers tower, you remember the media saying that Tony Stark had built them but no one figured out what for. 

You scanned the list of names next to buzzers until you found the one you were after, “Donald Blake you’re mine!” You whispered as you pushed the buzzer for the apartment above his. 

“Hello?” A voice crackled through the intercom.

“Hi! I’m Donald’s girlfriend and I thought I’d surprise him,” You chirped, “he think’s I’m in California!” This better work.

Oh how romantic! Do you want me to buzz you in?” The voice asked.

You let out a silent prayer to whatever God happened to be listening before replying in a sickly sweet voice, “Yes thank you that would be amazing!”

Moments later you heard the tell tale buzz of the door unlocking, you quickly rushed through the glass doors and into the lift, pushing the button for the 3rd floor. The end was in sight, you were so close to getting the book and if you were honest, the adrenaline from the whole thing was more fun now than actually getting the book. The doors opened as your stepped out and made your way to the only door, steeling yourself you took a deep breath in and knocked quickly.

Picking at the skin around your thumbs you stopped breathing when the door opened to reveal none other than Thor, God of thunder himself.

He looked bigger than you’d imagined. Not that you’d imagined him of course, but he seemed bigger than he did on TV. You swallowed quickly as your checked the name and address on the slip of paper.

You looked up at the confused God, “Hi, does uh, Donald Blake live here?” You asked quickly, glancing at the paper before showing the God the slip too.

His laughter was like a boom, deep and hearty his whole body shook as he stepped aside to let you in. He shut the door behind himself before he led you through to a sitting room.

“Loki!” He laughed, gesturing to a man reclining on a chaise in the window, book open in hand. He was handsome you’d give him that, not in the obvious way like Thor but handsome non the less for a guy who tried to take over New York.

Your eyes locked with his when you realised that Donald Blake probably wasn’t gonna be sharing an apartment with the two asgardian brothers. Loki’s eyes roamed over your form as you stood next to his brother, his gaze was calculating and judgemental but not as cold and icy as you’d thought it would be. There was more indifference really.

“Brother.” He replied eventually, his voice more silky than you’d expected it. His eye’s had gone back to his book once he’d examined you and Thor motioned for you to sit.

“No thank you,” You noticed the younger prince’s eyes snap over to watch the scene unfold. “I’ve actually come for Donald Blake.” Puffing your chest out you turned away from Thor’s amused smile to glare at the raven haired prince who was watching you with curiosity.

“I’m guessing Donald Blake is a fake name, I don’t care. All I know is that I didn’t hack into that stupid computer using your name,” You shoved a finger into Thor’s chest before pausing and smiling, “Susan loves you by the way, you’d make her day if you visited.” Turning back around to Loki you noticed he’d close his book and sat up, your nerves were getting the better of you now as he stood up to his full height.

He’s taller than I thought he’d be.

“Anyway, you’re overdue on a book I want so I’ve tracked you down so you can return it.” Placing your hands on your hips you nodded once, signalling that you were finished. 

Loki’s mouth fell agape slightly before looking off to the side confused. Your confidence and bravado that had spurred you on had left, the adrenaline in your veins was replaced with fire as you felt yourself getting more embarrassed with each beat of silence.

Thor had taken to sitting on the couch that Loki was leaning on, a large smile plastered onto his distractingly attractive face. “You hacked into the libraries system?” Loki clarified.

You nodded. “Found our name and address?”

Oh god.

Came here, let yourself in.”

Oh no.

Knocked on our door and now you’re demanding a book back so that you may read it?”

I sound like a freakin’ psycho.

Thor looked between me and his brother who at that moment in time, had his head cocked to the left and was studying you very intently.

“How did you get into the building?” Thor laughed, taking a swig of whatever was in the bright rainbow coloured mug. 

Oh god now I’m gonna sound insane, officially insane. You thought before clasping your hands behind your back, rocking on the balls of your feet. “There’s a very nice lady upstairs, and uh, I told her that I’d flew in from California to see my boyfriend, Donald.” Thor clasped Loki on the shoulder and stood up taking his rainbow mug and his chuckles with him down the corridor.

You panicked, how could the god of thunder leave you with the god who’d tried to take over your planet not even 5 years earlier? Movement caught your eye as you watched Loki move with every bit of elegance you’d expect from a prince over to a leaning pile of books in the corner. 

He didn’t seem as bad as every said really, watching him move books from the top to the bottom before moving the pile all together to sift through another you began to wonder.

“Which one’s your favourite?” You asked quietly, his hands pausing for a moment before carrying on with their task. You left it there, you’d already made yourself look like a lunatic and didn’t want to annoy the trickster god anymore by asking him mundane questions. 

He seemed to find what he was looking for and straightened up, walking over to where you were with three very purposeful strides. “Here,” He spoke softly, handing you the book you’d come for. You smiled and flicked through the pages out of habit. “It’s this series actually.”

Your smile dropped as you looked up to him, realising that he was answering your question after all. “I rather liked this series, of all the boring books earth has to offer these one’s are rather amusing I suppose.” 

“If you like these one’s then any of the books written by Neil Gaiman would probably suit you,” You let out a breathy laugh as you tucked the book into your rucksack. “His stories are about norse gods actually, and how they -” You stopped as you realised you were babbling again, with a wave of your hand you glanced at the door. “You don’t care, why would you? I should get out of your hair, thanks for the book.” You turned to leave as Thor entered the room again.

Waving at him over Loki’s shoulder you turned back to the raven haired god, “Maybe I’ll see you at the library sometime,” You smiled at him as you pulled the door open, “bring money, Susan says you’ve a hefty fine waiting for you!” You laughed nervously before closing the door behind you. 

Mind whirling from meeting two very handsome gods, you leaned against the wall as you waited for the elevator to arrive. “Book lady!” Your head whipped round to see Thor standing in the doorway to the apartment you’d just exited.

“Yeah?” You answered as you saw Loki glancing nervously between his brother and you, “What’s your name?” Thor boomed as the lift arrived with a ding.

You grinned, “Y/N.” Stepping into the lift you tried to ignore the quiet bickering that was going on between the two brothers. You pressed the button for the ground floor but it wasn’t moving, and the doors wouldn’t close either. Watching as Thor grinned at his brother while talking quietly you began to stroll back over to the pair.

“Not to sound imposing, but the elevator’s broke.” Loki glared hard at Thor once more before watching his brother walk away. 

Loki’s mouth opened and then closed again, looking off the the side you followed his gaze but found nothing of interest.

“You ok Loki?” His head snapped back with wide eyes.

He cleared his throat and nodded, “Would you like to get coffee?” He asked quickly, glancing behind him at Thor who was grinning like a mad man.

Once again you felt yourself warm up as you nodded a bit too quickly, “I think I’d really like that.” Loki’s face relaxed as he grabbed a jacket from the coat stand and pulled the door shut. “You take every girl who tracks you down for books out for coffee?” You teased, taking the stairs with him.

He smirked as he held the glass entry door for you, “Only the ones called Y/N.”

BTS reaction to you requesting to peg them

thank. fuck. finally. someone. asked. this.
pegging is literally one of my favourite kinks and it’s like one I‘ve never tried but I love it sm :(((((

the following content is for mature minds only ;)
requsted by @jiminn-bb: (edited to make sense) my idea was them reacting to y/n asking them if she can fuck them (if you know what i mean like a dildo etc)

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jikook college au + yandere jimin for @mukemaloxx

the more jungkook gets to know him, between study dates and dorm parties, he begins to realize something isn’t quite right with jimin…

(moodboard and au requests)


8x12 | As Time Goes By

Guh, this scene! It feels like a perfect cocktail of my favourite kinks: Sleeping Dean! Sam’s amazing bedhair! Sam hitting Dean awake like a little kid! Purgatory survivor Dean simply curling himself further into his pillow because he knows it’s Sam and Sam means safety! Single layers! Grumpy princess Dean! Bossy Sam! Sam’s huffy chest! Dean’s cute socked feet! Full bodyshots! …


where was their first date ?:
what my muse would do to cheer your’s up:
who wakes the other up with kisses ( and where ) ?:
who would pour water on the other to wake them up ?:
how my muse would wake your’s up:
who would start a food fight while baking or cooking ?:
who would suggest putting marijuana in the brownies ?:
who said i love you first and how ( or when ) did they say it ?:
who would get into a physical altercation over the other ?:
who insists on purchasing a pet together ( and what kind of pet ) ?:
who is louder ( in and out of bed ) ?:
who takes more risks ( in and out of bed ) ?:
who would bring up the word ‘daddy’ first ?
what is their shared, favourite kink ?:
describe their typical kiss:
how my muse shows their love for your’s:
their favourite ways to give affection:
who is more dominate ?:
who sings in the shower ?:
who washes the other’s hair in the shower ?:
who initiates shower sex despite being in a rush ?:
who teases the other under the table at dinner with the family ?
who has the weirder taste in music ?:
who would initiate dancing in the rain ?:
who would be the one to suggest marriage ?:
what would they name their children ?:
who would their children take after more ?:

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you recommend some good mclennon fics that you've read over time? Thanks :)

Oh dear. I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS QUESTION MY WHOLE LIFE. also, it took me several days to answer this because i just kept thinking about the fics i could put here. the fics aren’t in a particular order. ALL OF THESE ARE GOOD. and there are many

Impossible Opening, by beatle_boots

Rating: R
Why is it damn good: Some good old traditional pining!John, Paul being a stubborn bull and thinking “no homo” but still on the way there (he just lives in sweet, sweet denial), tension-filled relationship progression, all the goodies are here.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

If I Fell, by eppic

Rating: R
Why is it damn good: This is actually the fic that got me into shipping John and Paul (along fiona’s drawings). It has stayed as one of my favourites for all these years, for nostalgia or for the quality? I don’t know, but this fic changed my life. Also a warning: After this you’ll never be able to listen to If I Fell without thinking about this fic and having FEELINGS
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

April Fool, by beatle_boot

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Cynthia dies while giving birth to Julian (a whole new perspective of what might have happened), John and Paul take care of Julian like an old married couple, John and Paul become an old married couple. What’s not to like? Includes Paul pining over John, John pining over Paul, Satisfyingly slow build, and Julian being just plain adorable. Aww. Definitely one of my favourites.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Je Ne Regrette Rien, by many authors

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: A multi-author collaboration about the Paris trip; 14 chapters, 13 authors, each taking one day of Paul and John’s two-week travelling. It’s a great thing, and a wholesome story even with the author changing at every chapter. Highly recommend ;))
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

This, That, Drinks And Dreams, by Deux_Lunes

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Okay, so this is one of my ABSOLUTE favs. I don’t know what it is in this that makes me come back over and over again, but. Paul mopes after John’s gone into Spain, and gets drunk, and complains to George, who makes John come over, and it is just perfect. Aaahhh. This fic is like a soothing salvation after a hard day at uni. Read it. Full five points.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

Discipline, by Deux_Lunes

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: From the same author, and, well, dear god. There is basically no plot. Just good old spanking and… well, that’s it. Smut. Perfect.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Ah, Look at All the Lonely People, by Gereiheimer

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Paul is a priest, John is a rich artist. John meets Paul in a god-forsaken village and they kind of fall for each other (”kind of” is underestimating the feelings in this one). I think this is also one of the first ones I read, and I love it still.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

The Japanese Incident, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: Well, of course this fic is here. Never before has porn with a plot been so good. And it is literally just that; Porn. But there’s a plot included, as an extra. Which is wonderful. I could put all of lukinha’s fics here but I’ll restrain myself to my extra favs.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

Roughhouse, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: R (I guess)
Why is it damn good: This is a small fic, but it’s been my beloved one ever since I read it. Funny, and hot in a slightly surprising way. Also hella cute. This is seriously probably my favourite fic, which is funny considering that it’s so…. small. But I keep coming back to it no matter what, and it always brings my mood up. It’s a fic for pure, silly enjoyment <33
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 (x100000)

Black Olives + I Want You, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: hhgnhnnhghngnh I accidentally read these in a reversed order at the first time, and was slightly confused (if you’ve read these, you can imagine). After that I’ve read them in the right order about a million times, and I am no longer confused. I am in love. Remember to check the warnings in these two. Basically BDSM/dub-con/kinky sex.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

Très Beau, by lukinha_jesus

Rating: R
Why is it damn good: This is such a good fic, and cute. It also features French, which always makes me smile smugly (for no reason at all). I think it’s one of lukinha’s earlier works, but it’s still great. Her writing honed excellently over the years, but this is a good example of her potential as a fic writer even before she had tackled all the “good writer’s tips”. Just great fun reading this.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Boy, You’ve Been A Naughty Girl, by Merseysidestory

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: …..Do I really have to say why this is good? Despite the slight off-characterisation of Paul (which is totally fine!), this is a damn good fic. Contains a lot of women’s dresses, John pining over Paul, and being wonderfully oblivious. Also, sex in a chair 👌
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌

Come Together, by Merseysidestory

Rating: NC-17
Why is it damn good: The boys… come… all over… Paul. That’s it. There’s no plot. It’s just sex. I don’t know if I should really put this sinful work on this list, but…. i’m going into hell anyway? SO ENJOY THIS SMUTTY PIECE OF GOLD. remember not to kink-shame me for this
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌 (……… 👌👌👌👌 👌👌👌👌)

Hare Fucking Krishna, by Smilesawakeyou

Rating: PG-13
Why is it damn good: This is a rather new find of mine, which I only recently discovered with all the JP-library building. It’s set around George’s death, and he is… well, basically on his deathbed, and he’s got some unfinished business to sort out with Paul, and it makes you laugh and cry, but it’s beautiful. Definitely on my list of “new favourites”
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

Small Paul’s Singularge Experience, by the_anglophile

Rating: NC-17
Why is it so damn good: This is just a perfectly funny fic. I first read it yeeeeaaars back when it was on LJ, and it just makes me crack up every time. Basically, Paul stays small (Help! Universe), and he and John…. Well, they find ways to have fun with that. In an NC-17 way. haha
Overall rating: 👌👌👌

Lifting Latches/Sending Postcards, by thinkpink20

Rating: NC-17
Why is it so damn good: A classic, a favourite, DAMN GOOD. You just kind of want to…. like…. ugh…. push….. Paul and John into each other’s arms…… and….. UGH-
In all seriousness, just a prime example of how small actions can lead into big ones, and IT HAS SO MUCH PAUL PINING OVER JOHN. I LOVE IT.
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌

And last, but not least…

Wednesday Evening Salons + The Elephant Dance + Too Much Rain, by yes_2day
Rating: NC-17
Why is it so damn good: I don’t know how many of y’all actually know this fic, but it is just… well, I have no words for how great it is. It’s a bit difficult to read the chapters, thanks to LJ’s impossible systems, and then fic might start a bit slowly, but in the end it’s totally worth it. The whole fic is still going on, and it already has about 250 chapters? That’s a lot of chapters for a quality fic. Also, you’ll fall in love with the author’s two OC’s. I know I did and I just scream with delight whenever they appear in the fic.
Basically, John doesn’t die in 1980, and Paul and John entwine in a complicated and difficult relationship, managing to stand through hardship and years, and the fic is written so well that I sometimes forget things didn’t happen that way. Then I get sad. But then I read another chapter and get happy again. And get sad again ‘cos it’s not real. It’s a never-ending circle. I just can’t praise this one enough. (Gotta get it into the library ASAP, but there are…. a lot of chapters….)
Overall rating: 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 + BLESS THIS FIC

Well, that’s all for now. There are so many, and as you can see, most of these (well, all of them) are from LJ. Some of them I like because of nostalgic reasons, but mostly because they are just so good. And I’m a really, really picky reader. Have fun reading!

Kitty Cat

where y/n surprises Harry with one of her favourite kinks.

warnings: smut and kink

this is literally my favourite kink after the daddy kink and it drives me insane all the time. So I decided to write a one shot about my kink :) enjoy! xo ML

Harry has been so stressed lately, he had to do a bunch of promo for his debut album and it exhausted him a lot. His performances were always amazing. He was finally getting the recognition he deserves and all the fans were all excited for him. His solo career was going so well. I was so proud of him.

So since, I was so proud of him I wanted to surprise him. I wanted to show him how proud and happy I was. I adored him so much.

I loved our sex life so much, but I wanted to spice it up a bit. He knew how much I loved roleplaying and knew about my favourite kink but we were never able to make my fantasy come true. You see, I loved dressing up. I loved the idea of dressing up as a kitten.

Harry was on our bed reading a book while I was in our closet on my knees looking for the new costume I bought this week. I grabbed the bag that was hidden between my shoeboxes and coats and smiled to myself. I ordered so many different things last week and I was so happy that I could finally wear them. I couldn’t wait for him to see this.

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Dream Daddy might very well be my favourite game. MIGHT. I have reservations.

I don’t have a dad kink. This isn’t about that. I’m a gay man of an age where men I find attractive around me sometimes have kids. Gay fathers and dads exist. I don’t find this concept funny. I’m someone starved for queer experiences in gaming.

Nobody can seem to answer me: is this game an earnest dating sim for queer people, or a big homophobic joke?