this is my favourite friendship in this series

Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 3/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Mentions of Sexual Abuse,  mixture of fluff and angst throughout the series, homophobia

A/N: Listen to THIS beautiful piece whilst reading !! (right click on the video and press loop!). This isn’t my favourite part, but enjoy some Richie and Bev friendship time!

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 |

Richie tossed and turned, the storm outside loud and frightening. The sound of the wind swishing through the air in ripples was very ear-splitting on this very night. He could barely sleep on this dark; cold night, too many thoughts were swirling inside of him.

His curls were matted against his pillowcase and his legs were tangled between his blanket, in order to get comfy. Which wasn’t working very well.

Richie smiled as he remembered the memories of today, how him and Eddie were reunited. Sure, it wasn’t the same as it was. But who says it can’t be in the future?

A sigh left Richie’s chapped lips as he began to settle into a dark abyss of sleep.


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What I Read This Week

I had a great time reading this week!

#FREEWHALESFROMBUTTS by cuttlemefish, Mature, 3.8k
It’s just another day at Martha’s Vineyard for Katsuki Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov. On break from Yale and Harvard respectively, Yuuri and Viktor are ready to fall back in love and look good while doing it (or so Yuuri thinks until he discovers that his boyfriend wears pastel shorts with whales). Or the plotless (rich) preppy fashion AU inspired by some anons on Tumblr who decided we should discuss the horror of Vineyard Vines pastel whale-print shorts. #FreeWhalesFromButts 

I. Am. Screaming. I loved this fic, it made all my rich kid/Ivy AU dreams come true. Thank you Wrath for showing me this fic when I needed it most. #blessed #FreeWhalesFromButts

Raison d'Être by cutesudon (vityanikiforova), Explicit, 12k
President Nikiforov of Russia has a few weaknesses: premium rye vodka, an attention span of 30 minutes, and a torrid love affair with the Japanese Prime Minister.

You all HAVE to real this. Seriously. So, so incredible. I loved every minute of reading this. Such an amazing fic!

Don’t You Know That’s the Way Love Comes? by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Gen, 15k (WIP)
Deputy Director of the Parks Department Victor Nikiforov gets the surprise of his life when the city government gets a visit from a pair of auditors.

As always, this pic is BOMB! Loved the update, and this pic in general. SO funny, cute, and light! Must read!

Smile, Open Wide, Let’s See What’s Inside by stanzas, Teen, 13k
“You should propose with a tooth instead of a diamond on it,” Yuri suggests out of the blue, and sighs when the game character on his screen falls off and dies again. He’s stuck on level 86, and his death count is in the low thousands. Not that Yuuri’s keeping track. “It’s romantic.” “That might be one of the most repulsive ideas you’ve ever shared,” Yuuri tells him, without looking up from his phone.

The sequel to the infamous (and amazing) dentist AU!! I loved this fic a lot, if you liked the first fic you MUST read this update! :D

28 Tuxes by vodkawrites, Teen, 25k (WIP)
While planning his 28th wedding, Yuuri begins to wonder if he can ever find love for himself.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD OMG!!!! This fic is so amazing, the last update KILLED me! I loved the movie, and this fic is even better. I can’t wait to read the final chapter!

“Be My Sex Coach, Victor!” by lucycamui, Explicit, 42k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki has always been his own worst critic, and a series of unfortunate short-lived relationships has him convinced that he flubs things more in the bedroom than out on the ice. So, of course it would turn out that the ridiculously charming Russian he’s matched with online is a pornstar. But perhaps, a ‘professional opinion’ is exactly what Yuuri needs…

I can’t believe how funny, sexual, and emotional this fic is!! Every update is amazing and I seriously can’t even believe this fic is real LOL You’ll never know how much you need this fic in your life until you read it! Check it out!

My Boy Builds Coffins by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Explicit, 9.5k (WIP)
Yuuri’s always dealt with a lot of (pun not intentional) grief about the family business, so much so he’s given up on making many friends or finding romance.But during one morning Starbucks rush, he meets a light-haired, blue-eyed man in dark colors and manicured nails who just might prove him wrong that no one will be able to get past his job.

Already a favourite of mine. Such a different AU that I was not expecting to love but I am so pleasantly surprised!! 

The Katsulanont Guide to Surviving College (Rice Cooker Required) by xylophones, Teen, 4.2k
A friendship told through three hamsters, a rice cooker, and the resurrected trade-and-barter system.

Such a fun and easy read. I love college!Yuuri and Phichit! 

Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts by Reiya, Explicit, 167k (WIP)
Part 2 of the Rivals series and companion fic to ‘Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches’. One small change alters the course of both Viktor and Yuuri’s entire lives, throwing them into a bitter rivalry that spans across many years and creates a world where they both tell a very different side to the story.

no. nope. i…. i am dead.

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

M/M romance recs

Here’s a list of my favourites! Organised by genre, with very broad summaries. All of them have HEA, all the m/m romances are the central ones. 

Names in bold have POC protagonists, names in cursive have disabled protagonists (be it physical disability, mental illness or chronic illness). In series with multiple couples, it’s usually one or more.

Feel free to ask me about triggers for any of them!


  • Soldier’s Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian

Disabled regency war vet aristocrat decides to hang around a self-proclaimed ex-criminal helping those who need help. Said ex-criminal tries not to be charmed, ends up catching feelings instead

  • The Lawrence Browne Affair by Cat Sebastian

Confidence artist grows a conscience and angers dangerous people, so he needs to pose as a secretary to a scientifically minded, but eccentric Lord. Really beautiful portrayal of people on autistic spectrum and anxiety.

  • The Ruin of a Rake by Cat Sebastian

Posh and straight-laced gentleman has to help a famous scoundrel aristocrat to restore his image after a raunchy novel supposedly based on his exploits gets published. Contains ridiculous amounts of adorable kittens, tasty pastries and also wonderful portrayal of chronic illnesses

  • Sins of the Cities by KJ Charles

Trilogy set in victorian London, during the horrible London Fog of 1873. Three wonderful and diverse couples (one is half-indian with dyspraxia, one is non-binary, one was born with partial arm, one is near-sighted), murder mystery, fake mediums, lost earls, intrigue! It’s so good 

  • Wanted, a Gentleman by KJ Charles

A delightful and frankly hilarious regency romp through British countryside. An unlikely couple of men need to travel to Gretna Green to save a young girl from potentially dangerous marriage. One of the protagonists is a black ex-slave merchant and the book touches upon his experiences (very respectfully!)

  • Society of Gentlemen by KJ Charles

A Society of gentlemen who like other gentlemen, centered around Lord Richard Vane and his friends and acquitances. Set during the radical uprising during the Regency, it has everything- friendships and families, sedition, intrigue, bookstores and good wine, valets being the mightiest strategists and amazing lovable radicals. This trilogy is honestly my favourite thing EVER.

  • Think of England by KJ Charles

Wounded during the Boer war, seemingly because of treason and betrayal, Archie Curtis sets off to a countryside mansion to get to the bottom of the matter. Completely unprepared for the task, he teams up with Daniel da Silva, the elegant jewish poet, who is much more capable than he seems. Absolutely delightful <333


  • Whyborne and Griffin series by Jordan L. Hawk

The adventures of a shy sorcerer linguistic nerd, his detective husband, the most badass lady archeologist (the actual love of my life) and more, as they save the world from otherworldly beings bent on destroying it. Will make you cry about found families, strong and wonderful friendships and broken people finding strength in each other. Has magic, archeology, monsters, reluctant travels, lesbian warrior fishes and the best ginger cat in the world.

  • Hexworld series by Jordan L. Hawk

Turn of the century New York witch detectives and their familiars must fight to uncover a conspiracy plan to change the world. Really amazing worldbuilding, the magic system is very cool and it will make you furious about the treatment of familiars. The familiars are, generally speaking, fucking hilarious.

  • A Charm of Magpies by KJ Charles

Filthy-mouthed dominant earl falls in love with a stubborn and heroic wizard, together they create magic. A lot of people want that magic though, and it gets ugly. First KJ book I’ve ever read and I fell in love instantly. Has two more books set in the same universe with different protagonists and those are also amazing. (Rag and Bone is the one with black protagonist)

  • A Death by Silver by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold

University-era friends need to figure out their confused emotions, while investigating a murder that brings out bad memories. Very good and soft, with even a better sequel

  • Downtime by Tamara Allen

When in London for a case, FBI agent gets sent back in time to Victorian London. While there, he finds out magic is real. Decides that since he’s there anyway, might as well investigate who Jack the Ripper was. Very sweet and soft

  • Restless Spirits by Jordan L. Hawk

A medium and a scientist bent on proving said medium to be a fraud get chosen to be in a contest to prove which side is better. They end up having to team up to save lives of people around.

  • The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by KJ Charles

Journalist and writer Robert Caldwell has been a close friend and lover of ghost hunter Simon Feximal for years and has been chronicling their adventures. Now, he finally writes the true story of their life together. Warning: this book will absolutely ruin you for years to come. You will be a mess whenever you think of the book and you will enjoy every second of it.

  • Green Men by KJ Charles

Set in the world of The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal. Only few years after WW1, Britain is still recovering from the war. Having lost an entire generation of youth and most of the sorcerers the country had, those left are completely unprepared for what’s to come. Wonderful characters, the softest romance I’ve read possibly ever and beautifully melancholic. Best KJ book, in my opinion.


  • Shadow of the Templar by M. Chandler

FBI agent and his team are tasked with catching a famous international art thief, they end up kinda sorta accidentally adopting him instead. One of the funniest series I’ve ever read, honestly.

  • Cut&Run by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban

The incredible adventures on an unlikely pair of FBI agents go from enemies to lovers. Includes serial killers, undercover luxury yacht trips, tiger trafficking, drugs, marine buddies and one of the genuinely best character developments I’ve read. Warning, the first book is a bit shit. The rest is absolutely incredible though.

  • The General and the Horse-lord by Sarah Black

Retired ex-military lovers need to figure out what to do with their relationship, now that they’re civillians. A soft look at older gay people still figuring out their sexuality.

  • The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

Neil Josten is on the run from his mafia murderous father and gets signed up for a professional college sports team, while people are still after him. It’s a really powerful emotional journey, but contains a large amount of a very triggering content, so be safe please.


  • THIRDS series by Charlie Cochet

FBI like team consisting of shifters and their partners must investigate conspiracy and threats against the new shifter population. Ridiculously hilarious at times, absolutely heartbreaking at other.

  • Deep Magic by Gillian St. Kevern

A story steeped in welsh folklore, with beautiful mermaid princes and knights who will save them. Shows the power stories have to change our lives. Plus it’s free so what are you waiting for?

  • Psycop series by Jordan Castillo Price

A medium detective and his partner investigate a series of supernatural crimes. People are horrible, corporations are horrible, ghosts are horrible and lbr, everything is kinda horrible, but it gets better.

  • Wriggle and Sparkle by Megan Derr

The adventures of Lynn the Kraken shifter and Anderson the unicorn shifters, their detective careers, and their life together. Honestly adorable. And when I say adorable, I mean sparkles-on-rainbow-filled-cupcake kind of adorable. Also, Lynn’s gender-presentation is fluid and it’s absolutely wonderful.


  • Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat

Prince gets betrayed and sent as a slave to his sworn enemy, they end up working together to save their countries and fall in love. The best enemies to lovers example. Has amazing and complex politics, unreliable narrator and great worldbuilding. You’ve probably already heard of this book, but if you’re worried about triggers, please ask someone who actually read it, because there’s a lot of misinformation flying around.

  • Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling

The fantasy series of your dreams. There is ancient evil being revived, war is coming, everyone is bisexual and the kingdom is ruled by an ancient line of warrior queens. Everyone is wonderful and charming, characters are complex and the story will make you laugh and cry.

  • The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek

Western-style world, where gods are reborn as humans, and one of them tried to control the whole world. It doesn’t go exactly as he planned.

  • Lord of the White Hell by Ginn Hale

Teenage genius inventor gets accepted to a prestigious boarding school in enemy territory. His room-mate might be demon-possesed and there’s some evil magic lurking around.

  • Champion of the Scarlet Wolf by Ginn Hale

Somewhat sequel to Lord of the White Hell. Disgraced noble travels to a faraway country, where he saves an injured dog. Turns out the dog isn’t just a dog, magic is everywhere around them and there’s a witch war coming.

  • Fairytales Slashed vol. 1 by Megan Derr

A collection of gay fairy tales. All kinds of stories with all kinds of characters (my favourite one is the one with the jester <333)

  • Dance with the Devil by Megan Derr

Adventures of half-ghost detective, his demon husband, imp partner, witch colleague and a vampire. Really cute and intriguing, with mysteries and conspiracies.

  • Dance in the Dark by Megan Derr

Set in the same universe as Dance with the Devil (there’s an entire series). Human son of a dracula becomes a detective, moves out to the city to help others, and gains a lover who only visits him in the dark.

  • The Rapier Brothers by Megan Derr

A collection of short stories centered around swordsmen. Three different couples, three really cute stories. Love it.

Top 20 All Time Favourite Fics

Contains muliple ships and fandoms. 
Sterek, Destiel, FiKi, Bellarke, Olicity, McShep, Malec, Hictooth, Bagginshield. 
I should just mention I’ve read all these fic’s MULTIPLE times, like stupid amount multiple. 

1. The Best Years of Our Live, My Ass - ireallyhatecornnuts
Destiel. I read this fic all the time, it’s fanstastic. Love all the family elements, the plot is great, the relationship is cute and totally them. It’s just a perfect fic. 

2. Divided We Stand - KouriArashi
. Also another I’ve read mulitple times, it’s just so good. I could read this a thousand times and never get bored. This is one of the greatest fics (and series) I’ve ever read. 

3. Cornerstone - Vendelin
. Read mulitple times, always amazing, always makes me smile and cry and gives me all the feels. It’s sweet, accurately describes mental illness, it’s got steamy sex scenes and is a little heartbreaking. All you need in a fic. 

4. Angels Among Us - Vaerin
This is always such fun to read. I love all the Asgard chapters, love the chimera, all the squabbling between Angel parents. All The Wing Love! It’s full of fluff and a bit of heartbreak, but it’s amazing! 

5. Our Lives Are Changing Lanes - grimm
I adore this fic, it’s so sweet and I love me some Single Parent Derek Hale. His daughter is a mini version of him and I love Stiles trying to win her over. Also the dates are adorable, and Cop Stiles is amazing! 

6. Hitchups - AvannaK
. One of the best thing’s I have ever read! It starts in the middle of the HTTYD movie, from there it just takes off! Hiccup and Toothless travelling around, growing up, learning to fight and all the mystical creatures! This is just as good as the movies! 

7. Cas, You Had A Baby? - allthebeautifulthings9828
Cas stealing a fledgling and raising it with Dean is perfection. Then they make this little community of baby angels and get the safe, happy life they always deserved. It’s beautiful. 

8. As Luck Would Have It (I’m Already Smitten) - Whisper91
A Perfect Dom-Sub universe. It’s fluffy, perfect amounts of the BDSM universe, and some interesting plot. Love all the Hales and the pack feels. The Liam and Derek / Stiles scenes are too cute! Still a WIP but it’s amazing! 

9. How Dean and Cas Got Fake Married - allthebeautifulthings9828
Clearly this author know’s how to write amazing Destiel fics! While I do kinda wish there were some sexy times, the fic is still amazing without them. I love them living a normal-ish life while still kinda hunting. It’s just great, okay?

10. The Boy and The Beast - Dira Sudis
Derek stuck as a wolf is my favourite. The kind of season 1 retelling with Derek actually kind of earning Scott’s trust, and totally dating Stiles is amazing! 

11. Nightfall - Leletha
. Hiccup got taken as well as Valka. Feral Hiccup not knowing he’s human is amazing. All the dragon talk and how much Hiccup and Toothless adore each other is so cute. I just love this fic, okay? It’s amazing! 

12. Convenient Husbands - Annie D
I just love creature Cas. He’s so snarky and sassy and Dean is happy (which should be canon, he deserves some happy). I love how they interact with each other and the Roadhouse sounds awesome! 

13. Raven Feather, Lion Heart - KiliDurin
Feral Kili is amazing, Fili being all princely is great. The Durin family is awesome and I love all the dwarven culture. Also, friendly warg is everything! 

14. Max Two ‘Verse - heartsdesire456
omg, this series is so freaking cute. Alec adopting baby Max, then Magnus adopting Max and Alec. Max is adorable. I love seeing the Lightwood-Bane’s growing into their little family. It’s sweet and just everything good you could want! 

15. Opposites Attract - goldenlionprince, liddie
This is one of the sweetest fic’s I’ve ever read (and re-read). It’s so fluffy and so unbelievably adorable. Plus, Punk-ish Fili is amazing! 

16. Raising Madison Series - MrsHamill
This series is so great. I love dad!Rodney, and Sheppard is such a good step-dad. The series is all family feels, and amazing Atlantis life. 

17. I’m Not Asking Much Of You - emmylou
This is my favourite Bellark fic. It’s so sweet, and I love the fake-relationship, it’s also kinda sexy at points. Hello, Bellamy giving Clarke a lap dance, then vise versa. Also love the Clarke Raven friendship. 

18. What Happens In Vegas… - redtoes
I’m not super into Arrow anymore, but this fic has always been amazing. It’s refreshing to see a fake-relationship that isn’t incredibly angsty. It’s sweet and has a good plot, all around great. 

19. Convincing A Hobbit - seekerluna
I don’t read much Bagginshield but this is so freaking amazing! I love courting fics, and the drawven and hobbit courting rituals are amazing. Also Fili and Kili being adorably childish. 

20. Settle Down - wearing_tearing, whatthehale
I love mpreg fics, and Daddy!Derek is so cute. Love their building relationship and merging of the packs. Everything is sweet and adorable. 

So there you have it. My All Time Favourite FanFictions! 

A-Z Book Recs

I’ve been AWOL for a while on booklr while I finished up at uni, but now I’m back and to celebrate I am giving you a WHOLE 26 BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS by doing @macrolit‘s A-Z of book recs! Click on the links to read me reviews! Here we go:

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green- his best book in my opinion, showing a generation of young people that it’s perfectly okay not to be a genius.

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson- a poignant and beautiful poetic memoir of growing up black in America.

Court of Mist and Fury (A) by Sarah J Maas- the second in a series but a fantastic read of overcoming loss and trauma while kicking serious ass and saving the world.

Dream Thieves (The) by Maggie Stiefvater- also the second in a series, but the best one in this quartet of friendship, magic, and history. 

Eragon by Christopher Paolini- somewhat of a pastiche of high fantasy but still a fabulous read.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell- a great college-set read for the Potter generation about overcoming anxiety, finding your voice, and making new friends.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn- a gripping twist-filled crime thriller. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling- my favourite of this phenomenal series!

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai- an inspiring non-fiction account of an incredible life. 

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte- my favourite classic novel, very accessible and perfect for curling up with in the winter!

Kite Runner (The) by Khaled Hosseini- a fantastic and emotional panoramic view of Afghanistan.

Little Princess (A) by Frances Hodgson Burnett- my favourite children’s classic!

Martian (The) by Andy Weir- OMG THIS IS FABULOUS GO READ IT

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen- the protagonist is the original fangirl and this short classic is so worth your time!

One by Sarah Crossan- get ready to ugly-cry, a perfect YA verse novel

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie- a beautifully intricate novel set in Nigeria. 

QI: The Book of General Ignorance by John Lloyd- I’m somewhat of a QI nerd and this book of fun facts is interspersed with jokes from the show!

Room With A View (A) by EM Forester- a gorgeous novel from the early twentieth century.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo- a fantasy novel combined with a heist novel with brilliant characters! Go read!

Tar Baby by Toni Morrison- set in a sultry, humid atmosphere, romantic, dark, and full of beautiful writing, I highly recommend. 

Under the Hawthorn Tree by Marita Conlon-McKenna- a children’s book set in Ireland during the famine in the mid-nineteenth century.

Voyage of the Sable Venus and Other Poems by Robin Coste Lewis- a poetry anthology celebrating the black female body and reclaming beauty.

Wrath and the Dawn (The) by Renee Ahdieh- the first in a duology.

Year of Lear: Shakespeare in 1606 (The) by James Shapiro- a non-fiction in-depth look at the context of one year in the life of Shakespeare.

I don’t have one for Z, can you recommend one? 

Fics written since Sherlock series 4 aired:

In light of it being Sherlock positivity day, and also because I need to update my Guide to (My) Fics page anyway, I thought I’d make a post. I understand how hard series 4 rocked our fandom and how a lot of people felt the need to stop reading fic or found themselves unable to read ir or create it. That’s totally fine, I get that. But my (self-appointed) duty in this fandom has always been to fix: fix Reichenbach, fix series 3, and I’ve been continuing along those lines with series 4. Here are the fics I’ve written since series 4 began to air: 

1. These Four Walls
Posted: January 3rd, 2017
POV: John
Pairing/rating: Gen (background pairing of John/Mary, hints of John/Sherlock), mature
Length: 1,590 words
Summary/notes: Written after The Six Thatchers aired, this little story is just a look into what John must have been thinking during the episode. Just as after series 3, my fixing had to start with John, whose behaviour I found incredibly problematic throughout this series. This is just a little look at his frustrations and feeling of entrapment during TST

2. Exile
Posted: January 4th, 2017
POV: Sherlock
Pairing/rating: Gen (background pairing of John/Mary, hints of Sherlock/John), mature
Length: 4,247 words
Summary/notes: Also written after The Six Thatchers aired, this story goes with These Four Walls. It’s Sherlock, after John has pushed him away following Mary’s death, descending into a pit of despair as he contemplates having failed John and thereby losing him forever.

3. Where My Demons Hide
Posted: January 10th, 2017
POV: John
Pairing/rating: John/Sherlock, explicit
Length: 13,825 words
Summary/notes: Written after The Lying Detective, this is the first story I wrote wherein John apologises to Sherlock for his behaviour during that episode, specifically for the hospital beating. This story also shows John going back to Ella and trying to work through his feelings regarding Mary’s death, his own drinking, what to do about his child, and Sherlock.

4. A Satellite Out of Orbit
Posted: January 15th, 2017
POV: Ella
Pairing/rating: Sherlock/John, mature
Length: 6,512 words
Summary/notes: Also written after The Lying Detective, this story is a companion story to Where My Demons Hide. Told from Ella’s POV, it shows her meetings with Sherlock as he descends into drug use and despair over John, and his obsession with Culverton Smith. However, it bridges the first story and shows Sherlock and John coming in together afterward, too. I had such fun writing Ella in this little series!

5. Now That the Dust has Settled (We Can See the Stars)
Posted: January 13th, 2017
POV: Sherlock
Pairing/rating: Sherlock/John, mature
Length: 4,352 words
Summary/notes: Yes, so I wrote this one before A Satellite Out of Orbit, but I wanted to post those two together! This is the second of the three stories I wrote between TST and TLD! I had no idea what was going to happen in TFP, but I wanted to write something that was vague enough to gloss over those events and show a potentially happy outcome for Sherlock and John anyway, just to give us all a smattering of hope for the future despite our dread of TFP. We all thought that either Mycroft or Rosie might die in TFP, so I left out any reference to either one of them completely in this! It was written deliberately aiming to still function regardless of what happened in TFP, and I kind of think it still does, if you don’t ask too many questions about Rosie’s location, lol.

6. A Case for Domestic Propinquity
Posted: January 29th, 2017
Pairing/rating: Sherlock/John, explicit
POV: Sherlock
Length: 32,370 words
Summary/notes: My first post-series 4 fix-it! After His Last Vow aired, I sat around trying to digest it for about an hour, and then I buckled down and started writing Deductions of a Lesser Mind, which is a John POV, and I then posted the following day. But The Final Problem left me feeling so flat I wasn’t ever sure I’d want to write again.But I did. It took me a few days to get going, but this story is my first of what I can only assume will be MANY attempts to fill in the holes and fix the wrongs of series 4. This story focuses primarily on the after-effects and damages of series 4, rather than trying to unravel the mysteries of the events themselves. It focuses on getting Sherlock and John together at last, what to do about Rosie, how Sherlock’s family is doing after everything went down, etc. It opens with Sherlock and John repairing Baker Street and with it, their friendship. It also contains one of my favourite first kisses. 

7. Hell Hath No Fury
Posted: March 4-6, 2017
Pairing/rating: John/Sherlock, explicit
POV: Vee Holmes (Mummy) and John
Length: 53,170 words, 3 chapters
Summary/notes: If A Case for Domestic Propinquity was about mainly getting Sherlock and John together, this story was meant to go back to the series and dig into some of the inexplicable events therein. Divided between Vee Holmes (Mummy)’s and John’s perspectives, it’s almost a dual story that eventually joins. Vee’s parts look specifically at the Holmes family history: what, exactly, happened to Sherlock as a child, who or what Victor Trevor was, how the memory drug TD-12 is related to all of that, Uncle Rudy’s role in it all, and how all of that effects the current situation. John’s story looks at he and Sherlock cautiously rebuilding their domestic life together, all the while feeling as though they’re being watched. They are, and while working on a string of kidnappings around London, Rosie is also taken – by someone who is not as dead as she should be. It’s a complex, complicated plot, and devastating in places. Some parts of it hurt to write. Nevertheless, it ends as it should.

I wrote this story for my friend @totallysilvergirl, one of the absolute rocks and mainstays of my life.

8. From the Bottom of the Well
Posted: May 7th, 2017
Pairing/rating: John/Sherlock, explicit
POV: John
Length: 36,079 words
Summary/notes: My next point to tick off on my list of things to address regarding series 4 was the straightwashing of Sherlock Holmes via Irene Adler, and the imagery of John Watson being chained to the bottom of a well was just too perfect to resist. This is the leitmotif of the story, with John suffering recurring nightmares about being in the well again, all the while feeling the parallel keenly as he watches Irene Adler re-enter their lives and attempt to seduce Sherlock beneath his very nose. This is a story about John Watson learning to break his own chains at last.

9. Bridging the Ravine
Posted: June 11-13, 2017
Pairing/rating: Sherlock/John, explicit
POV: Sherlock
Length: 58,931 words (3 chapters)
Summary/notes: After all the previous fixing, I wanted to take a little break. I’ve never deliberately written a known trope before, but this one time I thought I would indulge, and wrote a going-undercover-as-a-couple story. In this story, Lestrade gets Sherlock and John to go undercover at a retreat centre that offers relationship counselling for same-sex male couples. My newest kink since series 4 aired has been to get these two some therapy, so this was a lot of fun! I loved creating the retreat centre, Ravine Valley, and I loved making these two finally talk! Honestly, I can’t think of the last time I enjoyed writing a story as much as this one! Between the spa services, the five-star chef’s menu, the physical setting, etc, it was just a nice world to be immersed in. Plus, I wrote a record number of original characters for it! I was really pleased that people liked them so much, too! There were, in total, 21 OC’s in this story, about 14 of which were fairly important to the plot! Fun times. I particularly adored writing the first kiss in this one, too! I’m currently writing a sequel to this.

So there you have it! It’s been rather difficult to be a fan of BBC Sherlock since series 4 aired, but we’re still here, we’re still writing and creating and meta-ing and talking and that’s a beautiful thing! <33333333333333333333333

Top 10 anime guys

Thank you @lexinthymia for tagging me again! I wanted to limit this to one character per series; it was hard but here we are! Also, I will admit that some of these choices are not only based on the anime these character were in, but also what happened to them later on the manga (if the anime stopped at a certain point). I probably went into more detail about each of these guys then I needed to and their will be some spoilers for certain series, but I love talking about them!

Honourable mention who didn’t make it on to the list: Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul), D (Vampire Hunter D), Karou Hitachiin and Tameki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Germany (Hetalia), Ling Yao (Fullmetal Alchemist), and a whole smattering of characters from BLEACH.

10. Kiyosama ‘Crow’ Senji - Deadman Wonderland

Originally posted by kaizoku-niiichan

Senji’s the biggest badass in the whole series and had some of the best fights. I love his character arc and how he basically become an older brother-figure to Ganta; their friendship has become on of my favourite BROTPs ever. It also helps that he’s voiced by Patrick Seitz, one of my favourite voice actor of all time.

9. Vash the Stampede - Trigun

Originally posted by kaworubunga-surfs-up-shinji-kun

There are very few characters that can be badass one minute and an absolute goofball the next without it feeling jarring to me. Vash is one of these few, and he’s brilliant because of it. All of his actions, whether they’re serious or comedic, make sense to his character - his mystery and loneliness is as much a part of him as his eccentricities and obsession with donuts. And he has a awesome character design to boot!

8. Johan Liebert - Monster

Originally posted by yuzuqi

Johan is such a masterfully crafted character, to the point where you can feel his presence even when he is off panel/screen. He’s present in everyone of the character actions, the puppet master behind the scenes. There’s also his intriguing relationship with his twin Nina, which brings out the very few sympathetic parts of him. He’s low on the list because I haven’t  finished either the anime or manga yet, and while I definitely don’t ‘love’ him in any sense, but he’s somehow both captivating and distrubing all at once. I can’t wait to see how his character unfolds.

7. Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist

Originally posted by paperlittlegirl

I had a hard time choosing between Edward and Ling Yao, but in the end I chose Ed because of how much development he went through. He’s inspiring in a lot of ways, with his steadfast determination and his relateable moral dilemmas, and he’s also one of the few characters that can be badass one minute and an absolute dork the next without it be jarring or taking away from his character. The bonds he shares with everyone only made me like him even more likeable and relateable, especially his relationships with Al, Winry, and Ling.

6. Levi Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin 

Originally posted by immanime

Levi has been through so much tradegy and loss. I can’t get over his past as a child (the fact he stayed by his mother’s bedside to the point where he tarved himself and was wearing her shirt, it makes me tear up every time) and with Farlan and Isabel (the emotions he diplayed after their deaths…oh God). His more recent development in the manga was amazing to see: he smiled at his comrades, learned more about his past, and the explosive rage he showed when he lost one of the dearest people to him had me in shock and awe. Also, the animation they put on this guy in both seaons is jaw-dropping a lot of the time.

5. Shigeo ‘Mob’ Kageyama - Mob Psycho 100

Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

My second son! Mob is the heart and soul of this anime: he’s such a kind, likeable, and gentle character who only wants to fit in, make friends, and get the attention of the girl he likes. What I love most about Mob is his will to better himself whichever way he can and the hard work he’s willing to put into that goal. He doesn’t rely on his psychic powers to make friends, but as a result of not fully embracing that part of himself and fearing his own abilities, he haa emotionally hindered himself; it makes him incredibly sympathetic to me (I cried with him when he unintentionally tore the school apart and I cheered when he was reunited with Ritsu).

4. Ayame Sohma - Fruits Basket

Originally posted by fewtruevillains

This man and his glorious antics. Oh, Ayame…we go back a long way. Everything about this guy is just hilarious: his past as the student council president, his spontaneous displays of affect and drama, and his innuendos with Shigure. He never fails to put a smile on my face whenever he’s on screen! However, his serious moments are great too: they added a lot to him and I was 100% invested in his character arc and development (i.e. trying to reconcil with his actions made in the past and reconnect with his younger brother Yuki).

3. Makoto Sunakawa - Ore Monogatari!!

Originally posted by barragedanon

This guy is the very definition of ‘bro’. I love how supportive and caring he is towards Takeo. Heck, one of the highlights of both the anime and manga is the friendship between Suna and Takeo: Ore Momogatari!! is one of the rare shoujo series that actually focuses on another type of relationship outside of the main romance. I sense a genuine, platonic love from him to Takeo and vice-versa, and enhance both of them as character and the story as a whole. There’s also the fact he’s perceptive of those around him, often able to tell what kind of person an individual is, and his placid, calming attitude is a nice change of pace for what I usually find in shoujo male characters.

2. Guts - Berserk

Originally posted by casca-chan

Oh, Guts…Like a lot of character on this list, I love Guts for the fact he’s gone through so much tragedy and still strives forward. Why he’s higher on the list is because his tragedy is still ongoing but he’s moving forward growing as character in such realisitic and painful ways. He has a horrowing, painful past even before he got to the Band of the Hawk, and even after the events of the Eclipse, his life has been anything but a happy. He’s such a deep, magnificently-crafted character, and the closest I’ve seen to a ‘character become a real human in all of anime. Every emotion he expresses feels so real to me ( I have cried for him more time then I can count and I have no word to describe how I felt watching him suffering during the Eclipse), and of course this is helped tremendoul by Miruma’s incredible art. I wish I could say SO MUCH more about him, but we’d be here all day and this post is long enough as is. I wait freverently for the day he finally confronts Griffith!

1. Toshiro Hitsugaya - BLEACH

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Well of course I was going to my fictional son at the top of this list! Okay, in all seriousness though, it’s been a weird journey with Toshiro. I started off being indifferent towards him, but when he revealed other facets of himself through the relationships he had with others (in particular his bond with Hinamori), I really started to like him. And now here we are, eight years later and I love this little guy so much that, as a fan of his, I am so proud of how far he has come. He’s one of the most selfless character I’ve seen, willing to put anything on the line for those he cares about and push himelf to his limit to become stronger…and he’s only a kid (by Shinigami standards)!! I could go on all day about him, but I’ll leave that to my other posts where I’ve talked about his character and development. He, along with Momo, holds a special, nostalgic place in my heart.

I tag @sakura-warrior, @herprettysmile, @ishiyo, @xxhanabifireworksxx  and @johnnysjoestar if you guys want to do this :D

Isn’t it absolutely wonderful when you’re watching a really good series and then suddenly you’re pleasantly surprised by the gay? Lemme tell you about this series I’ve been watching called “The Librarians”… It has EVERYTHING, the smarts, the magic, the charming and complex characters, a heavier focus on plot and character development rather than ships, it has healthy relationships, friendships between all of them, comic relief, plot twists… You name it. And then there is my favourite character, Cassandra. Who I tried not to get attached to because she had a dead sentence from day one. But god was she hard not to love… And I shit you not, end of the third season, not only does she kiss a girl, she kisses a vampire girl on the day she was supposed to die and yet survived. Talk about inverting “bury your gays trope” BLESS this wonderful show

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fav same age kakasaku fic recs? I remember reading one where Sakura time travels and ends up with kakashi in his Anbu years and he waited for her as she had to travel back to the current time and omg my heart hurt after reading that one. Actually just any fav fic recommendations would be awesome!! I feel like I have devoured everything already...

i actually had to think really long and hard about same age AUs. like, i know that there must be some, but i can’t for the life of me remember anything offhand. as such, i’m paging @itslulu42, my Queen of KakaSaku Knowledge, for help.

i think that the fic you’re thinking of might be In Case of Blue Scroll by Leola Majora (FFN), but i feel like i’ve read another fic with a similar premise as the one you’ve described above. When You Were Young by LittleMoonLover yet (FFN) is another “sakura travels to the past and meets a young kakashi” fic. Roads Untravelled by Pariscores (AO3FFN) is also a same age AU.

i’ll admit that i don’t think i’ve read any of these 3 all the way through, but that’s mostly because i’ve the attention span of a goldfish sometimes, especially for ongoing fic, which i never remember that i can, you know, follow.

(i’m guessing that if you’re here asking me you’ve probably read my own 2 time travel fic things becomings and never weres and untitled time travel short.)

it’s weird, i feel like gen swap AUs are more popular than same age AUs? to be fair, that could be the lovely folk’s of @ksanon artwork and @beyondthemoor‘s Soulmates (AO3FFN) giving me the impression that there’s more quality gen swap stuff than there actually is.

other, non same age AU, recs behind the cut

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thetruerarkher  asked:

I absolutely love the hair in that hnk thing, tell me more about it before I commit, please.

of course! houseki no kuni is an action/fantasy seinen about a group of genderless gemstone beings who must fight off attacks by the moon people seeking to abduct them, but the plot intensifies VERY RAPIDLY from this premise to touch on themes of identity, memory, grief, heritage, and how your physical body affects your experience of consciousness. it lures you in with fun slice-of-life shenanigans and the attack-of-the-episode format before diving into one of the most devastating arcs i’ve ever experienced, treating action scenes and quiet moments of heartbreak with the same powerful drama and gravitas, and from the v.a cast list it looks like the anime is going to get there this season.

i assume you’re asking about the anime, but there are currently only 60 or so translated chapters of the manga, so it’s a very quick and very addictive read (and the plot in the current ongoing arc is seriously gearing up)! regardless, here’s a quick, non-spoilery list of the things i personally love about hnk:

  • starkly evocative art style that lends itself perfectly to both serene, eerie atmosphere and biting humour.
  • the manga’s use of light/dark is particularly beautiful, and i think the anime’s use of cgi combined with hand-drawn detail is really charming!
  • the gorgeous shattery gem body horror aesthetic.
  • a sprawling yet distinct cast with intense, complicated relationships encompassing the full range of friendship, rivalry, mentorship, partnership, admiration, resentment, longing, desperately stubborn love…
  • so many cool worldbuilding and backstory hints to explore, and you’re constantly reevaluating what you think you know.
  • the voice acting and the ost in the anime is just superb.

so please give hnk a chance! it really is one of my absolute favourite series. and feel free to ask any more questions if you have them, i could honestly talk for hours about pretty much any aspect of hnk!


This will just be me saying everything I loved about this movie:

- Firstly, Pennywise. Holy fuck. I had goosebumps whenever he was on screen and have never smiled so much in my life at I have when seeing the way Bill Skarsgård portrayed this character. He was funny, incredibly creepy, weird, and just unbelievable. I still can’t get over what this character was like. I can’t get over what they did with him here. It’s the best character I’ve seen on screen in years and was everything I imagined and hoped and more. His voice was creepy as hell and his body and contortions were out of this world and really told the audience that they were watching no ordinary clown or monster but something that does not belong in the natural world.

- The Losers Club.

-Richie Tozier was the highlight and is my child and I will protect him with all my might.

-I’m fiercely more aggressive when it comes to protecting Eddie Kaspbrak than his own mother (yes, I love and cherish this sweet boy that much).

- Beverly Marsh deserves the world and more for what she puts up with and deserves the losers in her life.

- Mike Hanlon is a lover not a fighter, he couldn’t even kill a sheep and for this I love him.

- Bill Denbrough. Just Bill Denbrough. Give this kid a fucking break dear Lord.

- Stan Uris is too good for anyone, even the losers, and they don’t deserve him.

- Ben Hanscom. This boy had me in tears when Henry hurt him, and then tears of joy at seeing my boy defend himself and his friends and the girl he loves.

- Derry. This town and location they filmed felt so beautiful yet you could sense the disease and ignorance that the town gave off. It felt like Pennywise itself, something out of the ordinary and hiding more beneath it’s surface.

- The fears. Every one of these kids saw things that terrified them and that actually felt like real fears that kids have. Mike is scared of the fire that killed his parents. Beverly is scared of her own home life. Bill is scared of what happened to Georgie. Stan is scared of a woman in a painting in his home (which also links to his OCD in a small way). Eddie is scared of disease and it’s so clever how they use placebo to both describe his physical diseases in his real life and how he sees his fears in Pennywise (and how he can overcome both placebos). Ben is scared of the way people died in photos of old Derry incidents. Richie is scared of clowns, which is obviously shown through how he uses humour to cover up real life horrors and how clowns symbolise both the humour and the horrors.

- The humour. My God this is without a doubt the funniest horror movie I have seen in this century. The last great horror comedies were the old 80s classics, this film will no doubt go down with the classics itself.

- The individuality. This film knew it wasn’t the original or necessarily the book. It was an adaptation that also chose to be it’s own movie and make itself original and individual whilst also creating the most Stephen King movie I think I’ve ever seen adapted. It screams King in every scene.

- The production. The directing of this movie was astounding and was half the reason this film succeeds, the editing was on point and the sound editing and soundtrack were so pleasing and satisfying to see in this sort of movie.

- Lastly, the story telling. This movie wasn’t just a monster movie with kid heroes, it was a coming of age story that tells you about these characters and their real life, about their struggles, their religion, their families, their responsibilities, their hardships and it tells it through a beautifully woven story about friendship, love, terrors, growing up, and defeating your demons.

Guys, it lived up to every expectation and more. It was infinitely better than what I could have ever asked for or hoped for. The book is my favourite book of all time, I wasn’t overly keen on the mini-series albiet enjoying some aspects of it like the flashback scenes and Tim Curry being a good laugh on screen, but this film executed a flawless, new classical horror that will no doubt become a favourite not just for fans of the book and mini-series but for fans of horror, fans of film and fans of a spectacle happening right before their eyes.


The Fox and The Hound (Part 1/5) (Sirius Black Series)

************************************** Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Not requested! I actually thought of this on my own! “The Fox and The Hound” is one of my all-time favourite Disney movies! Also just to be clear I don’t own the title!
Warnings: Swearing maybe?
A/N: I’m bored and thought of this. Also! This part is kinda just the beginning so let me know if you’d like a second part! Summary: Y/n is the fifth marauder and is best friends with Sirius Black and James Potter. What happens when friendship turns to more? (I suck at summaries lmao)
************************************** ~First Year~ Y/n Y/l/n dragged her oversized bag onto the Hogwarts Express. She quickly sat in the empty compartment closest to where her parents were standing on Platform 9 ¾. She sighed, suddenly realising that she wouldn’t be seeing her parents until late December. She glumly waved at them. Her parents, both purebloods, waved back. Her parents had always been extremely strict over who she could and could not hang out with. Which, of course, meant that she couldn’t hang out with any Muggles or Muggleborns. Y/n, however, was always interested in Muggles. She was broken from her thoughts when someone cleared their throats behind her. She quickly turned her head to see a raven haired boy with round glasses and a quite attractive boy with long brown hair and grey eyes. She smiled. “Hello! I’m James and this is my best mate, Sirius. We were wondering if we could sit with you? This is the only partially empty cabin.” The raven haired boy, James, smiled brightly at her. Sirius gave her a small smirk and waved. “Oh! Of course!” She agreed happily, hoping to make some friends on her first day. “I’m Y/n, by the way!” She smiled at the boys. “Is this your first year?” Sirius spoke up for the first time. “Yeah. Is it yours?” She asked, grinning from ear to ear. “Yup!” Both the boys nodded happily. Suddenly, the compartment door opened, and a boy with sandy blonde hair and scars on his face stood sheepishly smiling in the doorway. “Hi! Um. M-my n-name is Remus Lupin! Can I s-sit w-with you?” He asked shyly. Y/n smiled, patting the seat next to her. “Of course! I’m Y/n, and this is James and Sirius.” She pointed towards the two boys, who greeted him politely. And so began a long and amazing friendship between the three boys and Y/n. ~Fifth Year~ Y/n groaned, awoken by yells. “Y/n! Wakey wakey!” Her roommate, Marlene, yelled. “Fuck off, Marlene!” Y/n groaned, burying her head into her pillow. “Come on, Y/n. It’s almost time for breakfast.” Lily, her other roommate, spoke softly. “Thank you, Lils.” She smiled sleepily. “Yeah Y/n! Gotta get up and go see your man.” Marlene smirked. “Who is that, again?” Y/n’s eyebrows rose. “Sirius, dummy!” She said, exasperated. Y/n rolled her eyes. “We’re just friends, Mar!” Y/n said, making her way to the washroom. After showing and cleaning up a bit, Y/n walked back out to the room she shared with the girls. She quickly dug through her wardrobe to find something to wear. She was going to hang out with the boys today, since she didn’t have classes. She settled for a grey jumper, some black muggle jeans, and a pair of boots. She quickly said her goodbyes to her roommates and ran off to the boys room. She smiled at the portrait on the wall and quickly gave the password. She stepped into the messy Marauders dorm room to find James, Sirius, and Peter still asleep and Remus sitting on his bed reading a book. “Hello Mooney!” She greeted. He smiled at her. “Hello Red!” He greeted, using her nickname. The Marauders all had given each other nicknames after they became animigas. Sirius was a dog, his nickname was Padfoot. James was a Stag, so his was Prongs. Peter was a rat, so his was Wormtail. Remus was a werewolf, so they all agreed to call him Mooney. And finally, Y/n was a fox, so her nickname was Red. Y/n looked over to the boys still asleep in their beds. Sirius was cuddled up to his pillow whilst James was drooling all over his. She smiled and walked over to James. She pulled all of the blankets off of him and grinned when his eyes shot open. “Red.” He whined. “Come on, Jamsie! We have things to do! We’re going to Hogsmeade today! Get up!” She smiled and walked over to Sirius. She gently pulled the pillow from his arms and started roughly hitting him with it. She developed a crush on the infamous Sirius Black in third year when he hexed Lucius Malfoy for bulling her. If it wasn’t his looks that made her fall in love with him, it was his personality and how strong he held himself, even with all his family issues he was able to smile and laugh along with everyone else. Which was something Y/n admired. Y/n laughed as Sirius sleepily grabbed the pillow from her and through it to the ground. He grabbed Y/n’s arm and pulled her down onto the bed with him. She giggled. “Sirius. It’s morning! We need to wake up!” She gently pushed the hair out of his eyes and smiled. “No.” He whined, snuggling his face into the crook of he neck. Her fingers found his soft hair and began running through it. Her eyes became droopy until she finally fell into a deep sleep. “Aw! Look! They’re adorable!” “Remind me again why they aren’t dating?” “Because they are both so oblivious.” Y/n was awoken yet again by voices. “Go away.” Her voice was muffled by Sirius’ chest. Their sleeping position had changed completely. Now, Y/n’s face was smushed into Sirius’ chest as his arms were wrapped tightly around her waist. “Good morning, love.” Sirius’ eyes opened slightly and looked down to his best friend. She smiled. Her feelings for Sirius Black were growing stronger an despite what she thought, he loved her too. The end! Let me know if you guys want a part two! Maybe their trip to Hogsmeade? This was only the first part and I have a lot of ideas for further parts if you guys would like! Update: Part 2 is up now!

Just some Warrior cats sketches that I did

Some designs based on @climbdraws @softbounce and @fruitpaw

My Favourite character:

I love Jayfeather way too much, and yes it was hard deciding between him, Yellowfang and Tallstar. But Jayfeather is so grouchy and relatable in the way that he is annoyed by everyone babying him, he is my favourite character for so many obvious reasons, he’s so grouchy and every POV section with him is just so much fun to read.

He’s a blue ticked tabby here

My favourite couple: 

I know it’s not confirmed in the book, and heck I have only just started reading it, and this couple is by far something that is different, new and should be done more in warriors, I am sick of seeing the exact same tropes for these couples, so Tallstar and Jake’s relationship is so fresh and new, and I absolutely love it, also because of the fact that it’s gay cats, and there needs to be more of them in this series

Tallstar is totally an Oriental, and Jake is totally an abyssinian

My favourite Leader:

Close tie between Tallstar, Crookedstar and Bluestar, but I really do love Blackstar, especially in the later series, he is strict but he actually knows what he is doing, he is also really loyal, and I don’t know, he’s just really great compared to Firestar, Leopardstar and Onestar…. his death however, is absolutely hilarious 

Blackstar is a thai cat because realism

Favourite badguy:

Hey look it’s the only female badguy this freaking series has to offer, and I actually love her, I am sick of the ‘broad shouldered tabbies with amber eyes’ so I love this Torti/calico (whatever you see her as) because Mapleshade is so different to the other dark forest cats

That one character who deserved more screen time than he actually got:

Redtail, I love @warriorsredux simply because he had more screen time, it was amazing, but here I put my own design down for him, he is totally a can cat in my mind, I don’t know why, his name would make more sense, and the fact that calico toms are infertile, I was thinking of going by redux’s style but I have always loved van redtail.

My favourite trio:

yesssss, this entire series of warriors gave us the best trio of friends ever and I mean, all of them have such different personalities but they work so well together, none of them have any crazy powers or part of any prophecy (minus firestar) but still, look at them, their friendship is pure and I love how much they look out for each other :D

Firepaw is an abyssinian, Ravenpaw is just a bi-colour and Greypaw is a grey ticked taby

I really should draw more warrior cats stuff :P

I can’t find words to express how brilliant this movie series is.
It’s colorful, the backgrounds and the animation are really amazing, the characters well made…
But what I loved the most about the three Cars movies is that they have this beautiful net of relationships among the characters. Each one of them.
From the simple romantic couples (Sally and Lightning, Flo and Ramone…), to friendships (Mater and Lightning, Guido and Luigi…) and the almost parent/child realationship between Doc and Lightning.
And how our favourite red car then switches roles, becoming himself a sort of “father” (a guide, at least) to Cruz.

And not only is this net big and complicated (for the movies have a lot of characters in them), but it also grows and changes! Characters take new roles, build new relationships… all of this without getting tangled up in poorly written things!
They did a really great job.
Lyrics are from Owl City’s “not all heroes wear capes”

ID #27706

Name: Dylan
Age: 21
Country: South Africa


I’m not usually good at talking about myself but anyway here goes nothing:

* Currently a 3rd year accounting student at university

* I struggle with anxiety and I’m usually pretty awkward and it does take a while for me to get comfortable, I am a really good listener though

* Definitely a nerd and a fan of Marvel, HP, Star Wars and gaming

* I unfortunately can only speak English and Afrikaans (I would like to learn Italian and Dutch)

* INFJ - Virgo (I’m pretty into astrology)

* LGBTQ+ supporter

* I love nature and animals, plus I have dogs

* Music is an important part of my life, my favourite artists include Ben Howard and Alex Clare but I’ll listen to and enjoy almost anything

* I like watching movies and especially series; some examples of what I enjoy: GoT, BBT, Suits, New Girl, Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt

* I’m not artistic but I really appreciate and enjoy art works

* I want to read more, I enjoy HP and anything written by F. Scott Fitzgerald

* I watch a fair amount of cricket, football (soccer) and motorsport - I’m a bit of a car and tech guy

Anyway… I’d like to start a long term friendship and learn about other cultures, countries and languages to one day travel and maybe even emigrate to (particularly Europe and the U.K. - though definitely not required)

The Fox and The Hound (2/5 (Sirius Black Series)

************************************** Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Not requested! I actually thought of this on my own! “The Fox and The Hound” is one of my all-time favourite Disney movies! Also just to be clear I don’t own the title!
Warnings: Swearing maybe?
A/N: I decided to make a second part since the first got so many notes! Also! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged! Tagged: @thebookgeeek Summary: Y/n is the fifth marauder and is best friends with Sirius Black and James Potter. What happens when friendship turns to more? (I suck at summaries lmao)
************************************** Y/n struggled to turn over while in Sirius’ grip, but finally managed to do so. She glanced over to a small alarm clock sitting on the nightstand beside Sirius’ bed. 12:34. Y/n groaned. “Come on Sirius! We’re not gonna have time to go to Hogsmeade if we keep laying around all day!” She pulled his arms off of her waist and stood up. James and Remus sat on the floor playing Wizard Chess, and Peter was no where to be seen. Not that Y/n minded, Peter always seemed like a creep to Y/n. Y/n quickly straightened out her outfit and hair. “Come on, boys!” She fussed. James and Remus stood up and put the chess board away. Sirius groaned and stood up, pulling on a pair of jeans, a white t shirt, and his legendary leather jacket. He ran his finger through his hair to style it a bit. “Pushy, much?” He linked arms with her and skipped out of the room. “Padfoot. You look like an idiot.” Y/n giggled, watching his skip. Chuckles were heard from behind them. Remus and James shook their heads in amusement. “Look! There’s Lily!” James exclaimed, pointing at the redhead who was walking a little way ahead of them. “Lily!” Y/n called out, Lily stopped and turned around. “Hey Y/n!” She greeted, smiling at Sirius, who was still skipping. “How are you?” Y/n asked, smiling at the girl. “I’m fine. Where are you off to?” She asked, pointing down at Y/n’s outfit. “We’re going to Hogsmeade. You could come if you’d like?” Y/n offered with a bright smile. “I’d love to, but I’m already going with Severus and Marlene.” She declined. Y/n nodded. “Well, we’ll see you around!” She said goodbye and continued walking out of the castle. Soon enough, they arrived at Hogsmeade. Y/n pulled the three boys into her favourite shop, Honeydukes. After buying a tom of sweets. They decided it was time to leave. “Where to next?” Remus asked, popping a chocolate frog into his mouth. Snow was beginning to fall on the ground around them. “I know. Let’s go to Three Broomsticks and get some Butterbeer. That should warm us up.” Sirius suggested, taking Y/n’s ice cold hands into his, attempting to warm them. “Bloody hell, Y/n! You’re freezing!” He quickly pulled her into the Three Broomsticks. “Hello! We’d like 4 Butterbeers, please!” James smiled brightly at the waitress. Sirius, noticing how cold Y/n still was, took off his jacket and draped it around her shoulders. “No Sirius! You’re going to get cold!” She protested, shrugging the jacket off. “Y/n, please, I insist.” He fussed over her. “Fine.” Y/n settled. Soon, their Butterbeers arrived. Y/n automatically took a drink from hers, only now realising how truly cold she was. Sirius laughed lightly beside Y/n. She looked up at him with curiosity. His thumb gently swept across her top lip. She laughed, hanging her head down in embarrassment. “You’re so adorable.” Sirius muttered. She felt her face heating up even more. There was no way she would ever have a chance with Sirius. But, a girl could dream right? Remus and James had been watching their interactions with a mischievous look in their eyes. “Excuse us. We’ll be right back.” James said, pulling Remus away from the table. “We have to get them together!” He whispered excitedly. “Sirius is madly in love with her!” He continued. “Well, she’s madly in love with him.” Remus declared, smiling. “So, you agree. We have to get them together!” James exclaimed. “I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?” Remus said, laughing a bit. “Okay! We can get Lily, Marlene, and Alice to help too! I have the perfect plan.” James spoke mischievously. And so, the two boys perfected their plan to get their best friends together. Part 2! Let me know if you’d like a part three! Update: Part 3 is now up!

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if you could only watch 5 anime series/movies for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Omg the fact you narrowed this down to movies AND series made this super hard lmao but ok here goes:

1.       Castle in the Sky – I’d have to include at least ONE Ghibli, right? This is an old favourite, it’s really charming and beautiful. Every Ghibli film is iconic in its own right but this one is special to me because it’s also my dad’s favourite, and I love the soundtrack (Carrying You…aaaa). The depiction of genuine platonic love/affection between the two leads is SO GOOD like that shit is my jam I s2g. More guys and girls being good friends without any annoying romantic subplot please and thank you! (Also, Sheeta’s high-waisted floaty pants outfit is my favourite thing ever)

2.       Kids on the Slope – this series is SO timeless I will watch it again and again and fall in love with these children all over? My favourite stories are actually those with no fantastical or dramatic element to them, that don’t try to do too much or be anything more than they need to be, you know? It’s about a small cast of highschoolers in 60’s Kyushu trying to navigate their way through school, friendship, romance and figuring out what they want to do in life. It’s so moving and heartfelt but not overdone and reminds you to cherish the times you spend quietly in your youth with people you love. :’)

3.       Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – lmfao ok I just said my favourite stories are quiet, small-cast, low-key and undramatic but this is THE TOTAL OPPOSITE. It really surprised me! I didn’t think it’d be my thing at all but DAMN LOL I GOT SO SUCKED IN for some reason. Technically it’s amazing (the character/mecha/background design is WOWOWOW) but the characters themselves are SO GOOD. They’re filthy, despicable and so corrupted because of war, but you see their human sides and realise they’ve turned out that way through no real fault of their own. Legit everyone has blood on their hands omfg…it does a great job of portraying people believably despite the fantasy setting, particularly the children? They’ve had to grow up far too fast, being child soldiers, but there are moments that remind you they’re still kids. It also impressed me w/ the way it addresses polyamory/bisexuality/queerness without being fanservicey? The relationships are so incredibly fucked up and make me bite my nails haha

Anyway this series is a godless hellride but reminds me that well-done design, soundtrack, (and most of all) characters and worldbuilding will win me over regardless of premise. It also made me realise some very important things when I was considering giving up drawing and wondering whether I even liked anime/animation anymore, so it’s special for deeply personal reasons too.

4.       Kuroko no Basuke – DON’T LOOK AT ME LOL I had to throw at least ONE sports series in here and I pick one of the trashiest, but damn I love Basuke?! SO MUCH?! It’s hugely self-indulgent but you know what, fuck it I LOVE SELF INDULGENT STUFF life is too short to be serious all the time! It’s so silly but makes me laugh and root so hard for my boys, plus um?? ALL THE LADIES IN IT COULD PUNCH ME IN THE FACE AND I’D THANK THEM.

The soundtrack is amazing and honestly…it’s ridiculous on the surface but also a Very Good Time and my favourite life motto ever is a quote from one of the characters during a tough training arc.

5.       God I should probably put a Makoto Shinkai film or an old classic like Akira in here but you know what. SAINT YOUNG MEN LOL it’s just so unbelievably pure and funny and feel-good I watch it every Christmas season and laugh out loud without fail each time. Jesus and Buddha being roomies in Japan for a year whilst they take a break from heavenly duties, being mistaken for Yakuza in the hot springs, shopping for their flat and trying to convince the landlady that they’re not actually NEETs…please watch it it’s SO FUNNY

Anyway there you go! I love so many series though that are wildly different so it was hard to choose but I think I picked a good variety were I stranded on a desert island…you probably didn’t want a small essay but I actually like when people explain a little bit about why they like things heh (also so I could procrastinate on freelance lol)

James Potter Mini Series - My Brother’s Best Friend (Part Two)

Pairing: James Potter x Reader
Word Count: 2226
Blurb: Rosalind Black has always thought James Potter was cute, but that never mattered because he was in love with her best friend. Although, it seems that everything has been changing since her and her twin Sirius Black ran away from home and found themselves at James’ house.
Author’s Notes: This series is one of my favourite things I’ve written



Based off this ‘Would Include’

I breathed in the smoke from the Hogwarts Express, this year was going to be different. I wasn’t sure why, but I just knew it would be. Maybe it was the fact that I now had no parents to touch base with (not that they ever really thoughtfully replied to me before), or it could be the fact that my friendship with James has become stronger. That was a good thing, I now classified him as a friend, which was a lot more progress than a few sentences. James was a nice guy, he was actually pretty funny when you got to know him.

“Ready for a new year?” Sirius asked placing his hand on my shoulder as we both stood before the train.

“Well really it isn’t a new year, it is a new school year, though.” I pointed out making Sirius roll his eyes.

“You know what I meant.” He said taking my trunk and walking off. I never had to worry about my trunk, Sirius always looked after it for me. It was things like this that made me think he was a good brother.

I looked back at Mr. and Mrs. Potter hugging James. They told me not to call them that, but it felt weird. I sighed. Staying at their house over the holidays felt like a dream. A really good dream where you never want wake up and when you do wake up, you spend the next week thinking about it. They took really good care of us, they fed us and gave us shelter and water and great company. James was also quite the entertainer.

I would never really be able to thank them enough for what they did and I hope they know how thankful Sirius and I are.

“What are you looking at?” James asked me standing beside me. I suddenly came out of my trance.

“I-I-I don’t know.” I trailed off, not wanting to tell him I was watching him say goodbye to his parents.

“Are you ready for sixth year?” He asked starting to walk to the train, I followed beside him.

“No, not at all.” I laughed kicking the ground slightly with my feet.

“Yeah, me neither, but I am happy to go back to Hogwarts.” He replied carrying his trunk behind him.

“Yeah, so am I.” I agreed as we stepped onto the train. We continued talking as we went to find the others, who I hoped had already found a compartment

“Found them.” James smiled at me as he walked into a compartment. I smiled back and walked in to find Sirius, Remus, and Peter sitting on one side of the compartment.

“You could’ve waited for me, Siri.” I rolled my eyes at Sirius using one of the many nicknames I used for him.

“Yeah Siri, you could’ve waited for me too.” James mocked me, sticking his tongue out at Sirius. That made me giggled and blush slightly. Sirius scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“You were taking forever.” He complained dramatically. James and I sat opposite them.

“So how were your holidays Moony?” James asked ignoring Sirius. I zoned out after that, I started thinking of Lily. Although Lily didn’t approve of The Marauders we were still best friends. It was okay though because I didn’t really approve of Severus. He just didn’t seem right and Sirius convinced me to not like him. That does sound horrible, but I’ve made up my mind.

I should probably go find Lily. It is the first day back and she will probably want to tell me all the exciting things she did in the summer. And I will have to tell her how I spent it at James’. I could just imagine her reaction to that. I probably should go find her, but I really can’t be bothered and I don’t really feel like reliving the beginning of the holidays. My thoughts were interrupted when the compartment door opened.

“Hey, can I please sit in here? I can’t find Severus.” It was Lily.

“Lily!” I exclaimed as she smiled at me.

“L-Lily, how are you?” James stuttered standing up. We all looked at him as he turned pink and sat back down. He sat down in the middle of the compartment. Although I don’t think he meant it purposely, him sitting there meant that Lily would have to sit next to him.

Lily looked at me as a sort of ‘help’ look, but I didn’t know what to do. James was too busy looking down at his lap, too embarrassed to make eye contact with anyone. She sat down before she replied.

“Well Potter, if you must know, I am good, better now that I have a compartment,” Lily said making James look up at her and smile. Lily gave a small smile back.

A weird feeling formed in my tummy. I knew it was jealousy and I hated myself for it. It was just that James and I had become so close over the holidays and I had almost forgotten how smitten he was with Lily. I knew it was going to take some time to get used to it again.

“So how was your holiday Lily?” I asked leaning my head out a bit as I couldn’t see here because James was blocking my view.

“Yeah it was really good, I have to tell you something really important.” She beamed and winked at me and I knew it had something to do with boys. “How was yours?” She asked as everyone looked at me. I caught James’ eye and he smiled sympathetically at me.

“It was pretty below average,” I said slowly sighing at the end of it. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion before replying.

“Oh, you’ll have to tell me afterward.” She was hinting at the fact that the boys were listening very intently to our conversation. I breathed out a laugh and noticed James was still looking at me. Usually, his attention was all on Lily when she was in the room. Especially when she was sitting next to him, which wasn’t very often.

“Yeah, it would be good to have a private conversation with you. You know, without four prying ears.” I emphasized looking at the four boys individually before laughing. Lily laughed as well and I saw James look at her, but it didn’t look like how he usually looked at her. I thought it was quite odd but pushed the thought to the back of my mind.

“Well, it’s not like you’re going to find another compartment,” James said innocently.

“Well, it would be good if we could at least sit next to each other.” I pointed out making Sirius snigger.

It took James a moment before he realised that he was stopping me and Lily from sitting next to each other. As soon as he realised the compartment burst into laughter.

“Well, I guess I’m not moving now,” James said in mock defense.

“Come on James don’t be like that,” Lily said, still recovering from the laughter. I think everyone expected James to give in and move, surprisingly he didn’t. He instead smirked, crossed his arms and shook his head.

“You’re such a dork.” I said, “You look like a child.” I stuck my tongue out at him and he mimicked the action.

“Come on James, just move.” Lily pleaded, still slightly giggling.

“No,” James said holding his head up a bit.

“Please James, we haven’t seen each other in forever.” I exaggerated. He looked at me with one eyebrow raised. I raised one of mine back at him and we stared at each other for a bit. I don’t really think I expected him to move, so that was why I was shocked by his next action. He sighed and stood up.

“Fine.” He grumbled. It took me a minute before a realised what he did. I smiled at him and thanked him. I expected him to get Lily to move to the middle so he could still sit next to her, but he was facing me and I took that as a way of saying he wanted me to move. So I moved in the middle and faced Lily.

“Finally,” I exclaimed looking back at James who had quickly started a conversation with Sirius.

“So why were your holidays so bad?” Lily asked

“Do you really want to know?” I said giving a fake sort of laugh.

“Of course I do!” She exclaimed and I smiled, I was happy I had Lily.

“Ok, but I’m warning you, it is a long story,” I told her, she nodded and waited for me to go on. So I told her most things that happened in the holidays. I told her there was some family drama at home and Sirius and I had no choice but to leave and the first place Sirius thought of was James’ house. I, of course, left out some quite important parts, but Lily didn’t need to know about it, no one did.

Lily looked quite distressed once I finished telling her the story.

“Sorry to ruin the mood.” I joked, trying to laugh to get rid of the awkwardness. “So what about your holiday?” I asked, desperately trying to change the subject. Lily hesitated, but then told me about her holiday. She found this cute boy who thought she was also cute. The only problem was, he was from America and it just wouldn’t work out. I laughed when she finished her story, only something like this would happen to Lily.

For the rest of the train ride, Lily and I talked and it felt good to talk to someone other than James or Sirius. Of course, talking to them was very entertaining and I liked talking to them, but it was still nice.

The train reached Hogwarts and I couldn’t contain my smile. I was happy because I got to talk to Lily and I was smiling because I was finally home. All the students were rushing past me, it was very noisy. I barely heard Sirius when he called out to me.

“Rosie! Rosie, come on, everyone is going in.” I ran a little to catch up to him. I smiled bigger once again as he carried my trunk. Sirius was a great brother.

We got in and sat in The Great Hall. I sat next to Lily and was very surprised when James sat next to me.

“Hey.” He said nudging my shoulder.

“Hi,” I replied nudging his back.

“I can’t wait to eat. I’m starving.” He groaned throwing his head back a bit. I laughed and nodded my head agreeing with him. Our conversation was cut off by Sirius talking to James.

I continued talking to Lily while we ate, but I was a bit disappointed to know that she was meeting Snape after dinner.

The boys added me in on a few conversations and even Lily was talking which was progress considering she hated them. Although I had had a shitty break, the school year was off to a good start and I couldn’t help but smile to myself.

Dinner finished and Lily left me to find Snape. I was walking a bit behind the Marauders when James looked back and saw me alone. He stopped walking with them and waited for me to catch up.

“Where’s Lily?” He asked and I giggled a bit. Of course, he would ask where she is.

“She went to go see a friend,” I replied, purposely leaving the Snape part out.

“Please don’t tell me it was Snape.” He groaned.

“It wasn’t Snape,” I said nodding my head.

“It’s not nice to lie to friends you know?” James giggled and I couldn’t help but suddenly get a bit bashful. James had never called me his friend and as pathetic as it sounded, I was really happy. Last year James and I only spoke short sentences to each other, but now we were friends, as he said it.

“Hey, I didn’t completely lie,” I pointed out, “I nodded my head to show you I wasn’t lying.”

“Ok, whatever.” He scoffed laughing along with me.

We talked until we got to The Common Room.

“Are you going to go up to your dorm?” He asked me as we walked in. Sirius, Remus, and Peter had already sat down at their usual lounge near the corner.

“Yeah, I’m a bit tired and I’ll probably just wait for Lily.” I replied, “Are you staying down here?” I don’t know why I asked, I already knew the answer.

“Yeah.” He replied as we both still stood near the door.

“Ok, well good night James.” I smiled at him as we walked away from the door.

“Goodnight Rosalind.” He smiled before going over to sit next to Peter.

“Goodnight guys,” I said to the Marauders before going up to my dorm.

“Goodnight Rosie,” Sirius said while the other two boys mumbled a good night.

I walked up into my dorm, got ready and put my pyjamas on. I flopped on my bed and I couldn’t help but smile really big into my pillow. Thankfully, none of the other girls were here. Things were going surprisingly well so far and I hated myself for thinking this, but I deserve a good school year after a really shitty break.

Should you watch Stranger Things?

Should you start ‘’Stranger Things’’

If you have any doubts on that please Don’t. If you wanna spend your time with the various feelings from joy to sadness,tense to peace you can definitely check this series out.

As a vivid fan of 80s since the first episode I can’t take my eyes of the clothes and themes. I have the pleasure of osts and little references from movies and cults. It makes you want to rewatch it again and again.

Personally I couldnt find any flaw other than Winona. Children actors are beyond the expections. Will makes you believe the supernatural story with his acting talent. You can 👀 that much talent in one time in so rare movies or series.

Dustin doesnt need any compliments. Dustin is fan favourite since the beginning. Beside He created one the best on-screen chemistry with (spoiler) Steven. It was completely unexpected but this cute badass pair climb into my number one shipping , even though I am a hardcore Jancy shipper. Each children plays big roles on the story

As character development It satisfies you. One of them discovers the world , the other discovers love and so many characters discover new things about themselves. You can find many values inside these characters. From friendship to loyalty It gives you many lessons. For sure It is a fantastic fiction story with many questions. Even trying to solve them is so fun

(Spoiler) Jancy also needs another place in my writing. I have watched  many romantic movies and series but very few of them impressed me that much. Between friendship and trust finally They could find each other. I dont know how to explain but at first I had thoughts Jonathan could be the most lame character but he proves the otherwise. I can give an applause to Charlie Heaton He made the think he is the lamest and ugliest character then the most charming and handsome character in this world.

My another favourite Jim, the father of six. Probably the most troubled character from the past shows the best strenght out of everyone. In some ways He reminds me Jack from ‘’Lost’’ ( early seasons) . Leader, sensible,saviour,the only person in the town who can think everything

Anyway Start watching  #StrangerThings now