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Christmas Songs Challenge!!!

I’m close to 1000 followers and I thought “How about something Christmas-themed to celebrate?” And that’s what I’m doing. As is a challenge due for Christmas, I’m launching it now, so you’ll have time to write it!

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Jaspidot Dance: A Little Breakdown



Okay, so let me start off by saying that this is hands down my favorite fusion dance EVER, canon or fan-made or otherwise. Not even the Sardonyx fusion dance can top this one on my list (though I love that one to pieces!). So in honor of the artist/animator and one of my favortie SU ships, l’m breaking this down into my favorite screenshots and giving them all a proper fangirling. 

Also some songs I thought went pretty well with this dance (and some I may or may not have spent hours trying to find the perfect sync with this exact gif):

So the opening frame already tells us we’re about to get into something awesome. We’ve got Peri and Jasp over here getting their swag on, getting  a taste for the beat and what not. 

And Jasper is actually nodding her head in time to the beat - although it’s a lot easier to see in the gif - and I don’t know why but I always just grin a little at that point? Like she hasn’t quite gotten herself into the dance yet but she’s getting a feel for Peri’s rhythm and I really like that.

Then we get Peri on her tippie-toes and it’s so cute and badass at the same time because you know she’s about to thrown down in this fusion. She’s spreading her arms like “AIGHT BITCHES LET’S GET IT STARTED UP IN HERE,” though she hasn’t quite thrown herself into the dance either at this point.

I like how Peri curls up her legs and crouches in preparation for the next step. Here we also get to see the quick paces and deer-like motions that really characterize her in this dance. The both of them are gathering up steam in this frame, and Jasper has this look that tells me she’s sizing her partner up here like “Does she have what it takes? Can we even sync up? Is she my equal?”

And the next frame Jasper’s face says “Oh yeah my babe’s got this.” Peri’s almost-flying motion is wonderful here. The pose and the way she closes her eyes are amazing. She looks lighter-than-air and she carries herself in the same way. Whatever inhibitions she might have had are pretty much gone at this point, and she’s trusting in herself to carry through the moves and in her partner to catch her if she falls.

Little tight spin here, and you can really see the ballet inspiration for Peri’s moves shining through in these next few frames. Another thing I love at this point is that Jasper never quite touches her. Part of it to me feels like she’s letting Peri take the lead here, trusting the little lady to guide them into the fusion. (Which also makes sense if you dig into the background of this artist’s fusion.) At the same time her hands are always ghosting just a few inches from Peri, almost like she’s saying “I’m here if you need me to be.”

Peri just looks so peaceful and at one with herself here. The smooth curves of her body and the sweeping motion of her steps give a wonderful sense of freedom and movement to her. And Jasper’s smile is just downright adorable here.

This is the first time in the dance where I can really feel Dravite,their beautiful fusion-ed self. Peri leaning forward at that angle almost feels like she’s gathering up the tempo and impetus for the transformation. And if you’ll notice they’re getting closer and closer as the dance proceeds, almost like the two of them are spiraling inward and gathering up all of Dravite’s chaotic energy and badassery into one place. 

Jasper finally makes contact takes the step to reign them in for the moment of fusion. Her smirk there is wonderful. Like she’s saying “OH HELL YEAH WE’RE ABOUT FUCK SOME SHIT UP IN HERE THIS IS AWESOME BRING IT ON!” (Plus there’s that part of her we know likes to be in control, and she’ll be damned if Peri takes the show away completely.) Peri falls back like she has given everything she has into this dance. She’s emptied herself of every other thought and feeling and is ready to submit herself - happily? - to their greater whole.

The moment just before they faze into each other is probably my favorite frame in this whole dance. There’s just such a great deal of intimacy and happiness in this one scene. This is the first time where they make eye contact at all. Peri finally opens her eyes and with an almost nervous smile it’s almost like she’s asking “Heh, how’d I do?” Jasper’s expression - half-closed eyes, the genuine smile - says “You’re awesome and beautiful and I love you and I’m having so much fun with you.” And the way they hold on to each other is just so gentle and sweet? There’s that instinctive, unadulterated joy just before the fusion, and it’s the most tender moment between them before they finally join.

 Is it just me or are they leaning in for a final kiss here? Either way, it’s the cutest silhouette! 

And with a resounding BAMF! we welcome the resident terminator herself. All that build-up and tension comes together in one crazy giant woman. I can’t help but reminded off the moment Sugilite comes together for the first time and the ground just shakes with her presence and weight. I feel like Dravite here would be the same way.

And we finish with a badass hair “fluff-woosh!”

Over all I just love this dance so much. I could watch this one gif for hours and not get tired. I notice new little details every time, and I just fall that much more in love with this fusion and dance. thesketcherlass, you’ve done such an amazing job here. I think so many of your feelings and headcanons for these two can be summed up in the Dravite dance. Mine certainly are! All the tension, passion, and just plain fun Jasper and Peridot have together couldn’t be clearer than it is here. Wonderful work, A+++, 10000+/10, would recommend and all that jazz, and you should be proud. Thank you so muc for your precious self and this treasure to to the fandom. :D