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It's one am and I have spent roughly the last hour reading your work and HOLY SHIT YOU ARE AMAZING I hadn't really read any Hamilton fics before now and damn I am happy that yours were the first I read because they are so good. I love the au you have and cannot wait for an update on your ao3 story because shit that is so good I started crying a couple times. Also LAFAYETTE IS SUCH A CINNAMON ROLL I LOVE HIM okay that's all 😘😘😘

OKAY SO OMG how can I even describe what a kind and amazing message this was to wake up to this morning?! Like this honestly means the world to me that you so enjoyed my writing this much and it feels so, so surreal. Thank you so much for reading my stuff and for taking the time to write me this absolutely amazing message! I’m just gonna stare at it for a few more minutes, oh my gosh. <333 (also Lafayette is the biggest and sweetest cinnamon roll and I love him so much too omg)

I try and do a rough color-block of each character’s color color palette before I start lineart when it’s a piece with multiple characters. It’s mostly to see where everyone’s body is in relation to each other so I don’t start lining the wrong legs onto the wrong body.

But I liked how this sketch finally came out so here you go.

Man hands on misery to man, it deepens like a coastal shelf. Get out as early as you can, and don’t have any kids yourself.

This be the verse by Philip Larkin, last words of Count Olaf in The End

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How did television get to shittier shit (it was already shit so...) in 2 months?

I don’t know what happened this television season. Was it like a bad batch of coke that all the writers shared or what??? I’m just so confused as to what the fuck happened in every writer’s room this year. 

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Hey, since you are a huge Jared Leto fan and Joker fan, I was wondering what you felt when you heard that JL was going to play Joker in SS?

Very good question! Might need a little backstory lol

I first fell in love with Jared when I was about 7 or 8 years old after seeing the music videos for “The Kill” and “From Yesterday”. I thought he was the most beautiful human being my young self had ever seen. Over the years as I got older, I kinda forgot about him because, funny enough, I watched The Dark Knight for the first time and was introduced to the Batman universe plus I fell in love with Ledger. 

When the news was first announced that Jared was cast, I (somehow) missed it. I didn’t find out until the first picture was released. Annnnnd from that day on my obsession with Jared was reignited full force and I’m even more in love now than I was as a kid ❤️❤️❤️

“You are the ocean’s gray waves… destined to seek life beyond the shore, just out of reach…”
“Why do I have to be gray waves? I want to be the ocean’s blue waves!” Sophie pouted. “My hair is blue like Mama’s, not gray like Daddy’s!”
Siegbert chuckled. “Better listen to the little princess, Shigure, or she’ll punish you.”
“Anything to see you smile little princess,” Shigure smiled, mentally corrected the lyrics, and sang them out loud again. Sophie smiled at this, and closed her eyes, content.

i want an AU where as azura’s kids siegbert and shigure get flashes of memories as princes in the far off land of nohr and they see memories where sophie is the last vallite standing, so they do everything they can to make her smile all the time in the modern world, since they failed to do so in the other world


Kamisama kiss🎋🌸💕

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