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Goku: “Don’t worry, son. You’ve got all the power you need to beat these guys. Just remember how to fight with your feelings like you did against Cell.”

Gohan: “Yeah… But how?”

Goku: “Just remember about all the people you’re fighting for and how much you care about them. And let that be your weapon.”

Gohan: “I’ve… I’ve missed hearing you, Dad. It’s a shame this one day for you to be back had to get so screwed up, but I’m glad that you’re here.”

I once knew a man who spoke to the stars, and though I heard nothing then I know now that the stars spoke back to him. They told him to honor his adoration for them, so he labored each night to paint their portrait. But when he was finished, the world shouted back at him, “don’t be ridiculous! Stars cannot speak!”

With each naysaying word, weights and chains locked themselves upon him. His hair, once a burning and blazing fire, was now extinguished. His eyes, once blue and lively, were now dulled. A large bandage hugged his head and kissed away the blood that shed from the place an ear once was. Finally, when he could take it no more, he put down his paint brush, and with it, his life.

—  my creative writing teacher had us write a story about a famous person where we weren’t allowed to use their name. I chose Van Gogh.

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In your blind AU who tops and who bottoms? And why do you think so? *your Jikook blind au is my favorite thing in this world*

Jeongguk still tops when he’s blind; as for why this is I don’t know. That’s like asking me why I think Yoongi bottoms in everything.

Imagine it though, their first time together: Jimin would be so patient and loving, reassuring Jeongguk through whispers and cheek caressing. Jeongguk would be afraid of hurting him (because damn, he can’t see), and he just wishes he could see the blush on Jimin’s skin because he feels it. He feels it under his fingertips when he tried to find his face just to kiss him properly. It’s frustrating at first, but it eventually gets easier and then it’s second nature. It’s probably too hot, the sheets are going to need changing, but when Jeongguk presses his face into the side of Jimin’s neck while slowly rocking them together it’s as if there had never been the obstacle to begin with.

There’s really no fucking in their relationship, because every time, after Jeongguk becomes boneless and drags him into his chest for another dusting of kisses, Jimin feels like crying. It’s in the good way, the type where he just feels so happy and loved that there’s no other way to express himself other than the warm tracks on his cheeks: the tears Jeongguk kisses away while they lay there, time itself no longer a concept.

Then, it’s Jeongguk’s turn to cry when Jimin tells him how much he loves him; how it doesn’t matter if he can’t see or not. When he presses Jeongguk’s cheeks between the palms of his hands, Jimin means it and punctuates his sentences with soft, lazy kisses. He can barely stand it when they have to detangle themselves to clean up, but soon enough they find themselves in another complicated knot under the covers, Jeongguk already asleep with his lips pressed to the bare skin of Jimin’s chest.

Jeongguk and Jimin’s relationship is very delicate. They’re built on trust; without trust, they can’t function. Jeongguk trusts Jimin to tell him if he’s doing something wrong, to him and teach him better ways to bring him pleasure.

12:07... happy birthday cris!

okay since i’m not good at editing or making gifs or something that requires any skills i’m just gonna write a long ass paragraph saying how much i love cristiano ronaldo, since he’s literally one of the most important people in my life, even if i don’t know him personally (but sometimes it feels like i do… how cheesy). anyways, i’d just like to start saying how much i admire him and respect him not only for his professionalism but for the honest person he is. i think this is what i like the most about him. of course, like everyone he has secrets and a private life that won’t share with the world, but u can see how genuine he is in every interview or match. he’s not afraid to show passion, anger, sadness or actually anything that he’s feeling. u can see he’s real and if he has something to say he won’t keep his mouth shut and i appreciate that, because it’s not easy to be who u really are when the whole world is expecting to judge u. this is why i think he’s an extremely strong person. if any of the people that hate on him would receive at least the 1.0% of hate he does, i bet u they couldn’t even handle it. and it’s sad that so many people think he’s that arrogant and selfish person the media shows, because there’s nothing further from reality! he cares deeply about his family, teammates and fans. he’s one of the most charitable athletes and just such a pure and good human being that it’s overwelming. i think cristiano is actually one of the best people alive and he doesn’t need to let the media know all the good stuff he does, because those who receive help from him or who take the time to actually investigate before judging him know who he is! and it’s really cool that some people are starting to realise the good person that he is, because he deserves nothing but love and support.

i could honestly just go on and on with the things i love about cristiano, but it will probably take me a lot of time and maybe english isn’t the proper language to express all the things i feel. but anyways, i just want to end this by saying that i’m really proud of everything that cristiano is, and that i will be with him until the end. i can’t imagine myself not supporting him, because i honestly care so much about him and i will be by his side in the good and bad moments. i won’t hesitate to defend him or prove the actual angel he is.

so thank you cristiano for existing, for making me smile every day with ur silly captions on instagram or embarrassing pics, or simply for just being the best footballer on earth. thank you for what you’ve done with real madrid, with football and with the world in general. i hope you have an amazing birthday with those you love, and remember that you’ll always have my support no matter the choices you take. love you immensely.

So overall I had kind of a rough and stressful week. Not horribly awful, but far from my best, and I’ve just been feeling kind of shitty and overwhelmed. 

That was, until I wound up meeting Stephen Karam after seeing The Humans tonight and had the loveliest conversation with him. Not only is he a supremely talented playwright, but he’s incredibly gracious and thanked me for coming to the show, and when I told him I wanted to be a playwright, he not only asked if/where I went to school and if I had any projects I was working on, he made sure he got my name and then told me that he promised in ten years, our roles would be reversed and he’d be talking to me after my own play on Broadway? 

We chatted for a few minutes and after how just spectacularly good the play itself was, I’m so happy and emotional. All of my followers/mutuals who live in NY and are into theatre need to go see this play. I can’t recommend it highly enough. 

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Could you do an analysis of Amedot interactions up to the latest episode, please?

Anon, do you realize what you have done?

I’ll totally do one! A very thorough analysis, it’s going to be multi-part and focusing on all possible aspects to objectively show why Amethyst/Peridot is best for each other. You’ll never be able to shut me up.