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Honestly, I'm glad that they haven't JUST made Yang recover. Like, as a viewer, I have PTSD myself and I've been so impressed at how they tackle the issue - mainly with Yang but also with the rest of RWBY. It feels so real and her being strong, while still fighting a daily fight is one of my favorite things I've ever seen. Tbh, I think RWBY handles some of the most accurate portrayals of a lot of hard topics I've seen in a while.

I feel the same thing about Ruby too. Like it’s so easy to relate to someone who is dealing with a lot but hides it all. Like Lindsay mentioned in an episode of Always Open how Ruby has things going on in her head, but she’s pushing them down and trying to stay positive and I get that. Not everyone is comfortable opening up about how they feel, especially for Ruby who was with JNR and like…they’re her friends but she’s not as close to them as she was with her team or her family. You can tell how happy Ruby is to see her uncle when he shows up - he’s familiar and makes her more comfortable. 

One of RWBY’s strengths as a series is subtleness and it has to be because the episodes are short and volumes are short. There’s no time to blatantly explain what everyone is feeling so you have to take the small things and figure them out. 

It’s something that makes me laugh when a group of people are so upset because “clearly ____ is feeling this and I wish they’d have explained it more!” but like…if we all agree they’re feeling this way then why do they need to explain it? The point was made and understood.