this is my favorite thing i've ever seen

nuttyrabbit  asked:

On a scale of 1 to 10 how furry are you for Amelia I'm like a solid 7 or 8 right now

Probably a 7. I mean, she’s just fucking amazingly designed and so well animated? LEGS???? The only thing keeping her from getting a higher score in my books is that I generally don’t like furries that have “hair”. It’s a concept I just can’t get past for the life of me. 

But G O D I could gush about the way she’s animated. Her expressions - her little smiles are just??? How can you not be smitten?? 


Favorite BDJ moments in Something Rotten! (Brian’s final SR! performance countdown 4/10):  7 - Right Hand Man (Part Two)

“There’s no problem that’s too big;
when you’re married, that’s the gig.
So don’t be a sexist pig!


Person Of Interest | Favorite episode [1/?] - IF-THEN-ELSE

“Chess is just a game. Real people aren’t pieces and you can’t assign more value to some of them than to others. Not to me…not to anyone. People are not a thing that you can sacrifice.”

My favorite thing to do while clothes shopping is to find a “Cecil outfit”.

Nobody can convince me Cecil wouldn’t wear this.

Hip as heck.

“Throwback Thursday with Christine in Phantom of the Opera! “Past the point of no return…” This was my favorite costume!❤️“ (From Kiara Sasso’s open Instagram)

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