this is my favorite television quote of all time

My favorite Oscar memory is, I think, the year that Ben and I won [for Good Will Hunting], which was 19 years ago. I kind of remember all of it and none of it at the same time. We went from watching it on TV to being in the front row. There was no gap year where we got to go but sit in the back, so I think that’s why this first one that we went to was so memorable.

I can’t recall any specific thing except getting up onstage and pushing Ben to the microphone because neither of us had planned a speech, nor had we even talked about it, because we both knew, without saying this to each other, that we would be jinxing it. And then if we didn’t win, we would know for the rest of our lives that we had a conversation about what the speech was going to be. So we had no plan at all. When we got up there, I realized one of us was supposed to say something, and I pushed him, and he came up with a pretty good one right off the top of his head, but I think it involved us screaming out people’s names.

—  Matt Damon

Found this quote long time ago on Pinterest and saw it again just now in my phone. Whatever it is the struggle we’re in, esp. studying: sleepless nights, staying up all night, skipping our favorite tv shows, endless assignments, less time with loved ones, let’s just keep this in mind.

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Nicknames: Chuck, Alex

Height: 5'4" - 5'5"

Time right now: 3:39 PM

Last thing I googled: random birthday generator

Favorite music artist: Clpping, LMM, Twenty One Pilots, P!ATD

Song stuck in my head: Say No To This (cause of a Jamilton version of it)

Last movie I watched: I watched part of The Land Before Time earlier. Last movie I watched all the way through was Aladdin

Last TV show I watched: Superstore

What I’m wearing right now: A yellow Antiques Roadshow shirt and black track pants

When I created this blog: I don’t remember??? Like 2011-2012 but I took a break between 2014-2016

The kind of stuff I post: Hamilton, my art, memes

Do I have other blogs: Two: ask-aaron-birb and alex-trash-can-hamilton

Do I get asks regularly: Not on my main unless I reblog art stuff. I get asks semi regularly on the Alex blog but not much.

Why did I choose this URL: My first URL was capsicle1916 (which I still have a hold of), which was a nickname given to Steve Rogers in Avengers plus my school code, then it became consulting-doctor-avenger-hunter, then I went with trash-sicle because I’m trash and I wanted to keep something similar to capsicle.

Gender: Trans male

Hogwarts house: Slytherin

Pokemon team: Depends which game:

Y: I don’t have anything except a Fennekin because I restarted the game.

Omega Ruby: Blaziken, Azumarill, Goodra, and Vileplume

Moon: Decidueye, Snorlax, Crabrawler, and Toucannon

Favorite colors: All of them

Average hours of sleep: 4-8

Lucky number: 72

Favorite characters: Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Phillip Hamilton. Also Garnet from Steven Universe.

Dream job: Animator

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

Following: … 406

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stuffs about thePurplePanda

Interesting Fact About You:

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Nicknames: Panda, Mirant-a-rant

Star Sign: Capricorn, Rooster (Chinese)

Height: 5′8"

Last thing I Googled: The Phoenix Tapes ‘97

Favorite music artist: All time?! Damn… Tool? Currently; Yeasayer or Tegan and Sara

Song stuck in my head: “Fences” - Paramore

Last movie I watched: The Mothman Prophecies

Last TV show I watched: The Joy of Painting

What am I wearing right now: Oxblood hoodie, blue flats, blue long sleeve V-neck, black skirt, purple ribbed thigh socks, purple tank top, grey bra, black and grey panties.

When I created this blog: Almost exactly one year ago

The kind of stuff I post: Affirmations, transition pics, LGBTQIA pride, body-positive/self-acceptance, social justice, social politics, cute animals, art, music, and things that make me smile

Why I chose my url: Benzene is one of the elementary hydrocarbons. It’s colorless, sweet smelling, highly flammable/explosive, is an essential part of petroleum plastic production, carcinogenic, and the compound that gives gasoline its sweet smell.
So, maybe I’m huffing gas, or maybe I’m making a statement about the demise of our species and planet, as we pollute the air/water/ground with carcinogenic compounds, causing mass extinctions, and likely ending humanity itself. Good times

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Pokémon team: Valor

Favorite Color: Purple, Robin Egg blue

Average hours of sleep: Five

Lucky number: 13

Favorite characters: Ellen Ripley, Max, Frank Deckard, Turanga Leela, I could go on forever…

Dream Job: Early Childhood Educator, Social Justice Advocate, Gender Therapist

Number of blankets I sleep with: I make my bed “traditionally,” I guess; fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet, comforter

Dream fictional character that you would want to be: thePurplePanda
“I just want to be a woman”
- Glory Box; Porishead

Interesting Fact About You: I never lie, unless to protect someone’s safety

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Relationship Status: Single ;w; Artists like me walk the lonely road…lol

Favorite Colors: Lavender and sky blue!

Pets: I have two dogs! They’re both chihuahuas and very very cute

Last Song I Listened To: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Kururingo and sung by Miku! It’s one of my all time favorite Vocaloid songs~ It also inspired one of my AUs hehehe

Favorite TV Show: Regular TV show is Westworld…and anime is definitely Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood :D

First Fandom: Fhfhjsdjfd I have no idea tbh;; probably Pokemon knowing me, but I also remember being really involved with the Phineas and Ferb fandom when I was younger lolol

Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, playing video games, working on animation projects, quoting movies, and spending half of my life on this site lmfao

Worst Thing I’ve Eaten: Oh geez I can’t really remember? But I do remember tasting my dad’s beer once and I almost gagged it was so nasty.
Don’t drink kids, it’s really gross :)

Favorite Place: My own room or the DAC (digital animation center at my college, I’m there more than I am at home lol)

As for who I tag…? Ah ya know–I’m too lazy lol, just whoever wants to do this, go for it! You can say you were tagged by me, ‘s fine ^^))

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What are your favourite quotes or thoughts from HTTYD series?

Yas! Quotes!!! I will admit I absolutely adore quotes. I have the opening to the first How to Train Your Dragon book completely memorized, and the first two HTTYD movies are so quotable you’ll frequently catch me irl making some quotation from them. I’ll plop in some of my all-time favorite quotes from the HTTYD DreamWorks franchise, including quotes from the television series.

Previous favorite quotes posts:

Favorite funny quotes:

  • “Excuse me, barmaid! I’m afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra large boy with beefy arms, extra guts, and glory on the side.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD)
  • “Now, you’re thinking about this all wrong. It’s not so much what you look like, it’s what’s inside that he can’t stand.” - Gobber (HTTYD)
  • “Thank you for summing that up.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD)
  • “Pain. Love it.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD)
  • “Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD)
  • “Gobber, take off your pants!” - Hiccup III (LOTBD)
  • “But you can raise us a ‘spank his skinny ass’.” - Ruffnut (ROB: Dragon Down)
  • “Better stop him – last time the Changewing hypnotized Hiccup, we found him nesting in the rafters of the Great Hall.” “My favorite was when he kissed Tuffnut. I dined on that story for a week!” - Fishlegs and Ruffnut (ROB: The Legend of Ragnarok)
  • “He’s looked angry since the day I was born. But I’m sure there’s no connection.” - Hiccup III (ROB: Animal House)
  • “Oh yeah? Well you know what this is? The size of your brain! Oh wait… that’s better.” - Hiccup III (ROB: Thawfest)
  • “That’s it. Keep talking, Snotlout, as your winning streak goes up in flames… just like your Rings of Deadly Fire.” - Hiccup III (ROB: Thawfest)
  • “Hey Fishlegs! You need some help getting your nose out of Hiccup’s -“ - Snotlout (DOB: Worst in Show)
  • "SLARBLURG! SLARBLURG! NORK NORK NORK!” - Snotlout (DOB: A View to a Skrill Part 1)
  • “When am I not safe? Uhhh… don’t answer that.” - Hiccup III (DOB: The Eel Effect)
  • “We were so close uniting our people. We could have had it all, you and me. We could have been kings among men… and dragons! And now look at us. What have we got, huh? Nothing. Nothing!” - Snotlout (DOB: The Eel Effect)
  • “You broke my heart, Thor. You broke it right in two.” - Snotlout (RTTE: Big Man on Berk)
  • “And finally, the letter ‘s’ has been officially removed from the alphabet. So you’re going to want to avoid words like sword… Severed leg… severed head… cyclone!” - Ruffnut and Tuffnut (RTTE: Reign of Fireworms)
  • “Toothle! Plama blat!” - Hiccup III (RTTE: Reign of Fireworms)
  • “The chicken is not amused.” - Tuffnut (RTTE: Reign of Fireworms)
  • “You’re harder to get rid of than life.” - Ruffnut (HTTYD 2 deleted scene)

Favorite serious quotes:

  • “I know what it’s like to miss someone you love this time of year. But what do we do when they can’t be here for the holiday? We celebrate them.” - Stoick (GOTNF)
  • “No! You wish I was your sister. You think I’d be dragging you all over the jungle if my brother weren’t the most important thing to me?” - Ruffnut (RTTE: Full Moon Rising)
  • “That’s my sister out there, Astrid. And if this goes wrong and we don’t save her… I couldn’t live with myself.” - Tuffnut (RTTE: Edge of Disaster)
  • “They say there’s two ways to be fooled: one is to believe what isn’t true, the other is to refuse to believe what is. Maces and Talons. I began playing with my grandfather when I was just a boy. I always insisted upon being the honorable Viking chief. I could never understand how he bested me time and time again. For years I assumed his skill transcended mine. I believed what wasn’t true. But you see, in Maces and Talons, as in life, the line between good and evil is often unclear. Black and white can become gray so easily. What one soul considers evil another might consider righteous. The honorable chief who fails to see this is found to be the fool.” - Viggo Grimborn (RTTE: Maces and Talons)
  • “Unreasonable men cannot be reasoned with.” - Stoick (HTTYD 2)
  • The lyrics of “For the Dancing and the Dreaming.” (HTTYD 2)
  • “STOP!” “Son!” “Dad, NO!” - Hiccup III and Stoick (HTTYD 2)
  • “No, get away from him! Go on, get out of here! Get away!” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2)
  • “May the Valkyries welcome you and lead you through Odin’s great battlefield. May they sing your name with love and fury so that we may hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla and know that you have taken your rightful place at the table of kings. For a great man has fallen, a warrior, a chieftain, a father, a friend.” - Gobber (HTTYD 2)    
  • “I’m sorry, Dad. I’m not the chief that you wanted me to be, and I’m not the peace keeper I thought I was. I don’t know…I - I was so afraid of becoming my dad, mostly because I thought I never could. How do you become someone that great, that brave, that selfless? I guess you can only try. A chief protects his own. We’re going back.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2)
  • “It wasn’t your fault, bud. They made you do it. You’d never hurt him. You’d never hurt me. Please, you are my best friend, bud. My best friend.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2)
  • “I won’t leave you. I won’t let you go.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2 deleted scene)
  • “Now do you get it? This is what it is to earn a dragon’s loyalty. Let this end. Now.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2) 
  • “We may be small in numbers, but we stand for something bigger than anything the world can pit against us. We are the voice of peace, and bit by by, we will change this world.” - Hiccup III (HTTYD 2)

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1) Nickname: ang, shi, ten, suz, zawa, these are all just short versions of my name lmao
2) Star sign: libraaaaa
3) Height: 5’ 3" or 5’ 4" I don’t fuckin know who do you think I am
4) Time rn: 5:00 pm bby
5) Favorite music artist: Real Friends
6) Song stuck in head: They Say it’s Weird by The Tiny (only bc im listening to it rn though)
7) Last movie watched: oh gosh I actually don’t know…. 50 First Dates, maybe?
8) Last tv show watched: Bates Motel 👌🏼
9) What are you wearing rn: 😉😉😉😉😉a red and white striped onesie…
10) When did you create your blog: October 2015
11) What kind of stuff do you post: shitpost
12) Do you have any other blogs: no, but i’ve deeply considered making other ones before
13) Do you get asks regularly: ya
14) Why did you choose your url: bc my name’s angel and Im a ghost and really like foxes it’s not that complicated guys gosh
15) Gender: really doesn’t fuckin matter does it m8
16) Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff 💛🖤💛🖤💛
17) Pokemon team:….are you fucking kidding me
18) Favorite color: gray honestly
19) Average hours of sleep: fuck dude, a sleep schedule is nonexistent in my books
20) Lucky number: 7 (how classic)
21) Favorite characters: okay honestly there should be a favorite characters tag bc I have way too many and could talk about them for hours, but as of right now, Julian the Janitor from The Orbiting Human Circus, and Big Head from Silicon Valley, they’re my favs bc they react like, and are me if I was put into their show plot.
22) How many blankets do you sleep with: only one I can, NOT sleep with anymore, no no no
23) Dream job: movie director
24) Following: I follow a lot of fucking accounts (1,393)

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name: Peyton

nickname: Pey, Pey Pey, Lil P, P, one of my coworkers calls me Professor

star sign: Gemini

height: 5’ 7"

time right now: 11:54

last thing you googled: OH- (its hydroxide not the word “oh”)

favorite music artist: idk outkast for all time but I’m not sure my at the moment fave

song stuck in my head: none

last tv show i watched: Kimmy Schmit

what i’m wearing right now: One of jordan’s nerd shirts and some dick-me-down shorts

do i get asks regularly: nah, especially not anymore

why did i choose my url: cause I need sleep

gender: a beautiful bitch

hogwarts house: ravenclaw

pokémon team: mystic

favorite color: orange

favorite characters: April Ludgate, Amethyst, Winston Bishop (winnie the bish, the bish with the wish), prismo

dream job: a job that pays decently so I’m not always stressing about money, little interaction with people only coworkers, and NO PHONE USE

number of blankets: I own a shit ton of blankets my dude

number of followers: idk off the top of my head but its not a lot and most of that not a lot are probably fake

I tag @karateprom and @nyxofchaos cause no one else ever does this shit

thanks to @hwfflepwff and @pukwdgies for both being absolute babes and tagging me!! <333

nicknames: my sister started calling me froz lately? i dunno what that’s all about

star sign: aquarius/pisces

height: im? not? sure? if I had to guess maybe 5'10"?

sexual orientation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ethnicity: white scottish

current time: 7:04pm

last thing i googled: “how many riverdale episodes will there be” lol

favorite music artist(s): bastille, florence + the machine, bad bad hats, christine and the queens

song stuck in my head: chained to the rhythm by katie perry

last movie i watched: our french teacher just showed us this really intense thriller? i can’t remember what it was called but it was really good!!

last tv show i watched: riverdale 

what i’m wearing rn: blue skinny jeans and a grey t shirt

blog created: almost a year ago!!

follower count: 77

why did i choose my url: eleanor of house endalay is my true love and she deserved better

gender identity: female

hogwarts house: hufflepuffle

average hours of sleep: 8 i think?

lucky number: 7, 8 or 9

favorite characters: the answer to that could fill a whole novel

dream job: tv or movie director!!

number of blankets i sleep with: one, rarely 2

favorite fruit: cherries

favorite season: winter

favorite book: ????one book???

favorite flower: roses

favorite scent: clean laundry 

favorite color: purple

favorite animal: rabbits! i want one so bad!

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea and hot chocolate 

cat or dog person: both!!

dream trip: honestly so many places, top of the list is probs venice and im also going to aosta again next year!!! i cannot wait!!!

tagging: @fl0ralgf @legreensheep @todds-one-in-particular (pls feel free to do it/not do it/whatever!)

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nickname: alex, anakin
star sign: taurus
height: 5'8" or maybe a bit taller
last thing i googled: chirrut imwe
favorite music artist(s): the original broadway cast of hamilton, pierce the veil, twenty one pilots, fall out boy, all time low
song stuck in my head: all time low by jon bellion
latest movie I watched: rogue one (for the 7th time)
latest TV show i watched: arrested development
what I am wearing: a curious incident of the dog in the nighttime tee, a grey and black flannel, black skinny jeans, vans high tops, a fuckton of wristbands, a black beanie
when i created this blog: not sure exactly but i think sometime in 2014??? idk
kind of stuff I post: star wars, youtube, marvel, other fandoms, gay shit, mental illness stuff, just random text posts idk
do i have other blogs: yeah, mostly saved urls but i have an aesthetic blog, a dark stuff blog, and a parks and rec blog that i don’t use
do i get asks regularly: not usually but sometimes i get really kind anons, but my ask box is always open y'know
why did i choose my url: i mean idk really but it’s star wars soooo
gender: gender? idk her (i’m agender)
hogwarts house: slytherin, but i could be a ravenclaw
pokemon team: mystic
favourite colours: black, dark red, deep purple
favorite characters: hanschen rilow, cassian andor, luna lovegood
dream job: a broadway performer or a comic book creator

okay i’ll tag a couple people feel free to do it even if i don’t tag you tho
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Nickname: i have a nickname from kindergarten that only people who know me irl call me sometimes, and like ppl call me nawreenie i guess 
Zodiac Sign: gemini
Height: 5"2~ bye
Last Thing Googled: exo machine lyrics ashjfgd
Favorite Music Artists: exo, red velvet, glass animals, alt-j, roy woods, frank ocean, dean, the weeknd
Last Movie Watched: i literally think it was xxx the return of xander cage goodbye
Last TV Show Watched: judge judy!!! my queen
What are you wearing right now: jersey and sweats
When did you create your blog: ive been on tumblr since 2013 (?) but i remake all the time so ive had this blog since like december maybe
Do you get asks regularly: not really but i like getting them
Why did you chose your url: jonginnies a bear and he hug me
Gender: cis female
Hogwarts House: ravenclawwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pokemon team: idk i think the yellow one
Favorite color: depends on context but like maroon/orange/light pink
Average hours of sleep: like 6 to 8 maybe
Lucky number: 14 
Favorite characters: like overall? idk probably someone from harry potter
How many blankets you sleep with: 2 in the winter, 1 in the like three weeks of summer that we get
Following: 141

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nicknames: T, leão, n yurio sometimes

star sign: libra

height: 5'3"??? 5'4"???

last thing googled: fuck off ali vine

favorite music artists: frank ocean, kanye west, drake, one direction, ed sheeran, tyler the creator, regina spektor, lots more

song stuck in your head: all i want by kodaline

last movie watched: bronzed

last tv show watched: ink master

what are you wearing rn: nike basketball shorts, a black tee, and socks

when did you create your blog: idk

what kind of stuff do you post: girls and makeup and cities and food

why did you choose your url: its my reaction every time i see harry

hogwarts house: slytherin 🐍

pokémon team: valor

moral alignment: true neutral

favorite color: dark green

average hours of sleep: like four maybe five

lucky number: 8

favorite characters: yuri plisetsky, soot sprites form spirited away, ughggh idk gaara from naruto??? im sleepy let me live

how many blankets do you sleep with: one

dream job: therapist/psychologist. especially to help with lgbt+ people

following: 79 yikes i need more mutuals

i tag: @silkseraph @1girls @boringangel and @gothrights !!! don’t have to do it but i love you!

i listen to your favorite band to feel close to you when we’re apart. i watch your favorite tv shows to know exactly what you find funny, emotional, and exciting. i visit you at work because the days i spend without seeing you are the worst kind of days. i don’t like very many people but i always seem to not be able to get enough of you. you’re in my thoughts all the time and impact my everyday life.
—  i can’t stop thinking about you. i don’t want to.

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What are your top 5 Olitz scenes?

#1 S4 finale cuz I’m still screaming…I mean seriously I have never let out such a long and unintelligible scream and gotten up and jumped around watching a tv show like I did when this scene came up. It was just such an unexpected and welcoming surprise…

#2 The Trail from the bus where Fitz said ‘What kind of a coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up?’ because it’s my all time favorite scandal quote, to the hall scene in the hotel where he tells her to just go in her room, to her going to his room instead and of course their still so fucking hot first time

#3 The scene in the oval after Fitz gets back from the hospital where Olivia says ‘you almost died….don’t do it again” and the way he looks up at her and says “ok”. That coupled with the scene after Big Jerry’s funeral where Fitz is chopping the wood and she comes finds him and pulls him into a hug and he cries agains her. It’s just so beautiful to me watching them take of each other, but particularly her taking care of him because he’s the president and the most powerful man in the world (or would be in the funeral scene) yet she’s the one who is there to take care of him and help him and ugh melting in a pool of my own feels.

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I want our bonding time to be well spent yet simple. Should it be singing and dancing all night to our favorite songs, or discussing all the books we have read from our favorites down to our least likes. Should it be watching our favorite movies and TV shows together in your cold couch while throwing popcorns at each other, or eating hot, instant noodles in a bowl. You should be an incredible foodie, but you should bear with my cookings because probably, I am still learning. Should you be a foodie - and I just know you would - because of you, my dear, I am willing to learn.
—  PM Jensen
Why Caryl Happening Is Important

I read a quote that a guy wrote on Youtube:

“I remember completely assuming Carol died without a care in the world, she wasn’t relevant, didn’t contribute much, and I thought ‘she ran her course.’ When she turned out alive, I decided, maybe she’s more of a fighter than I thought, and started to root for her, see her grow. She is now my all time favorite character, she breaks every stereotype in the industry, and she’s the reason Walking Dead is still one of my favorite shows.” - Luc

Carol is an important character in television history, because she defies every Hollywood stereotype. I’ve always said it. She has short grey hair. She’s older. She doesn’t fit the stereotypes we constantly see in film and television. She upsets people, because she does break a lot of stereotypes and in those people’s minds she’s breaking the rules. It’s so important for her to get a younger guy, the main heartthrob of the show, Daryl. It shows to the world that yes, an older woman with short grey hair IS attractive, strong, bad ass, and can be just as amazing as any other character. Caryl has to go canon, because it defies Hollywood stereotypes and helps to FIGHT ageism and sexism that runs rampant these days in the media and film industry. I hope that Caryl goes canon, because it breaks rules and it FIGHTS notions that encourage discrimination. We need this right now in television, because film and television educates people. Caryl going canon is a big deal for television history.