this is my favorite sweatshirt

The Artemis Fowl books advocate for the environment, deal with misogyny in the workplace and the need for feminism, and has some of the best character development arcs like ever over the span of eight books. Also, there’s magic and fairies with guns and time travel and a whole lot of sarcasm and really no downside to reading them

Sweatshirts are probably one of my favorite things in the world, like am I wearing a bra?
Probably not cause I’m a guy, but the mystery is still there, y'know?

Deadpool, probably

There is nothing more comforting to me than autumn.

I love how short the days feel and the crispness in the air that follows me home. I love knowing that after a long day I will be going home to climb into my favorite sweatshirt and make myself a hot cup of tea. I love curling up on the couch and watching Charlie Brown or Where the Wild Things Are or some movie that just screams “childhood nostalgia!” I love wearing socks that hug my feet just right and keep me warm. I love how my house always smells like cinnamon and apples and the windows are always opened just a crack to allow for the autumn breeze to stream in. Better yet, the light rain may pitter patter against the floor. I love hunkering down into bed underneath three blankets and feeling as though I could simply sink into the mattress. I love that feeling of coziness that surrounds me.

Best of all, I love that feeling of comfort that autumn brings.

Essays in Existentialism: Clothes

Can I have a little fic where Clarke always steals Lexa’s clothes and Lexa doesn’t really mind because Clarke always kisses her to shut her up about it when she asks, but then Clarke steals Lexa’s favorite SnapBack and Lexa will be damned if she gets away with that one. (I absolutely adore your writing, by the way)


“Is that… is that mine?”


“I haven’t seen many lawyers sporting a Mets sweatshirt lately,” Lexa leaned against the counter and surveyed the comfy girl across from her in the quiet of the shop. “Even their own lawyers root for the Yankees.”

“Oh, yeah, uh,” Clarke swallowed and looked down to verify that she was, in fact, wearing a stolen piece of clothing.

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Please don’t fall in love without me

Word count: 1.3K

Summary: Tom is out with friends a lot, the reader feels a little hopeless about it

Warnings: A bit of negative self talk, angst and fluff, 2 or 3 swear words

Note: This was kind of based off of what I like saw when I listened to I Can’t Fall in Love without You by Zara Larsson. The story isn’t based on the song, more just the feeling of it if that makes sense. Enjoy!

You set your phone onto the bed sheets that pooled around you. An arm was thrown over your eyes as sobs raked through your body. One text. Sorry darling! I’m meeting with Zendaya and Haz tonight, I’ll be home later. Love you. You scrolled through texts only to read the same message with a different wording over and over again. It was two weeks since you two had actually hung out together. You knew it was utterly stupid to be jealous, and you loved Zendaya with all your heart but come on. Zendaya is beautiful, funny, good at dancing, unbelievably nice, and overall just perfect. What could you give to Tom that she couldn’t?

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sleepy Widowmaker is my favorite thing on earth like

napping in sweatshirts twice her size after missions because even though she’s a sniper her heart restricts her from doing excessive amounts of exercise and she gets tired really easily

catnaps against Reaper’s shoulder. he just huffs and grumbles but eventually he’ll sleep too and they’ll wake up with Sombra sprawled out across both of them

falling asleep literally anywhere. dropships? yep. break room couches? you bet

she’s so tired please let this woman rest

Stealing Hoodies

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 500ish

Warnings: fluff, being scared, a small sexual innuendo right at the end

Summary: Tom’s favorite hoodie goes missing and he knows exactly where it went.

A/N: inspired by his latest live stream. On another note I have 5 different wips open rn that I SHOULD be writing instead of this one.

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“Hey, Y/N?” your boyfriend called from upstairs in his room, “Are you perhaps wearing my hoodie?”

You actually put on the hoodie when you got out of bed while Tom was in the shower, not really asking him. What can you say, it looked super comfy lying on the floor after he threw it off last night. It was like the hoodie was the embodiment of heaven when you put it on; super soft, small enough that you were swimming in it, but big enough to still have it cover half of your hands when standing, and it held the scent of Tom that made you feel at ease.

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BTS Reaction Seeing Their S/O Sleeping in his Sweatshirt

Request: Hi~ could you please do a BTS reaction to them finding their S/O asleep in their sweatshirt?

Namjoon: Would turn into a smiling mess because wow you look so cute just asleep in HIS sweatshirt.

Taehyung: I totally see him taking a picture of you when you’re just hugging onto your pillow while wearing his sweatshirt.

Hoseok: Would want to cuddle with you because of how adorable you look and he just goes !!! because this is the first time seeing you with his clothes on.

Jin: “They’re wearing MY sweatshirt!!!!! oK act like you don’t notice Jin,”he says to himself and just kisses your forehead and sleeps next to you.

Jungkook: Pretends to be whiny about it like ‘why are you wearing MY favorite sweatshirt??’ But lowkey likes seeing you wear it and purposely lives it behind when he’s on tour.

Yoongi: Exactly like Jungkook like wyd wearing hIS stuff?? bUT it somehow ends up back in your closet again when just before he leaves to the studio. (You’re not sly Min Yoongi)

Jimin: Would deadass wake you up just to tell you how much he loves seeing you wear his sweatshirt. Lots and lots of kisses wowowowow!!

youtube - jack avery

warning: none


you and jack had been dating for quite sometime now and you guys were finally ready to become public with your relationship. since you had a lot of subscribers on youtube, you decided to make a video addressing the fact that you aren’t single anymore and haven’t been for a while.

“hey guys! welcome back to my channel and today i have a very special guest: jack avery!” you told your viewers as jack popped into the frame.

“hello everyone!” he smiled into the camera. his smile gives you butterflies.

“so as you can tell by the title, i’m not single anymore. this dweeb stole my heart,” you pointed a jack who pretended to be offended.

“i am not a dweeb,” he pouted, crossing his arms over his chest.

“anyways, we’re going to be tell the story of how-” you got cut off by jack leaving wet kisses all over your cheek. “will you stop? that’s disgusting.”

you pushed him off and wiped your cheek with your sweatshirt sleeve. wet kisses were definitely not your favorite.

“is that my sweatshirt?” he commented.

“yes, it is. can we get back to the video please?” you asked, wanting to get the video over with. you were already nervous about the reaction of fans.

“not before i tickle you first.” he tickled your sides and neck causing you to scream in laughter.

“jack, jack, JACK! i swear to god i will straighten your hair while you sleep!” you remarked. he threw his hands up in defeat.

“i just love you,” he put an innocent smile on his face.

“basically, it all started when i was with my friends at six- what the hell are you doing?” you asked jack who was playing with your hair.

“i want to braid it.”

“you are annoying.”

“i know,” he smiled and kissed your lips when you turned to look at him.

“we were at six flags and i was taking pictures with you guys when jack ran into me-”

“correction: you ran into me,” he stated.

“no, i don’t think so,” i told him.

“let me tell the rest,” he said and hopped back to your side. “so of course, y/n was shocked by how hot and amazingly stunning i am and asked for my number.”

“you asked for my number, dimwit!” you laughed.

“i do not recall,” he laughed as well and then pressed his lips to yours.

“we are never going to get this video done, are we?” you asked through the kisses he was placing on your lips.

“nope,” he smiled and broke the kiss.

“remind me not to film with you again.”


Take Care of You Part 3

One Month Later

“Noona,” Seungcheol calls for my attention at the other end of the bar, “You’re cut!” I frown at his words, glancing at the clock on the register I see that it is only 10.

“Not yet kid! I have two hours left!” I snap back with a pout and continue serving the customers at the bar. There are plenty of people to serve and with there being only three bartenders for the whole restaurant we are pretty busy. Jun chuckles next to me when Wonwoo, another bartender, joins us from the back. “What the hell?” I whine.

“You are being set free, enjoy the rest of your night off,” Jun encourages, pushing me towards the kitchen where my things are.

“No! I have been getting really good tips tonight, I’m on a roll.”

Seungcheol glares at me with his hands on his hip, “Our heads are going to roll if we don’t get you out of here.”

Realization dawns upon me, prompting me to scan the restaurant and spot the cat eyed man sitting in a far booth with his brows raised. I puff my cheeks and pout at him but he just taps on his watch, a silent signal between us. “This is so unfair.”

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