this is my favorite sweatshirt

The Artemis Fowl books advocate for the environment, deal with misogyny in the workplace and the need for feminism, and has some of the best character development arcs like ever over the span of eight books. Also, there’s magic and fairies with guns and time travel and a whole lot of sarcasm and really no downside to reading them

sleepy Widowmaker is my favorite thing on earth like

napping in sweatshirts twice her size after missions because even though she’s a sniper her heart restricts her from doing excessive amounts of exercise and she gets tired really easily

catnaps against Reaper’s shoulder. he just huffs and grumbles but eventually he’ll sleep too and they’ll wake up with Sombra sprawled out across both of them

falling asleep literally anywhere. dropships? yep. break room couches? you bet

she’s so tired please let this woman rest

leppardbowie  asked:

34,39,50 😁

34 (tell us about the stuffed animal you kept as a kid. what is it called? what does it look like? do you still keep it?): when I was five, my grandma gave me a classic-looking teddy bear (light brown, doesn’t really look like a bear) and I named him cuddles. he was 75 cents at a garage sale (we cleaned him obviously). and yeah, he’s on my bed right now.

39 (what color do you wear the most?): probably gray, it’s my favorite color and I have a lot of gray sweatshirts

50 (what’s an odd thing you collect?): there’s this restaurant about a half-hour away from my house and on the edge of amish-country-ohio called der dutchman. they have this amaaaazing breakfast buffet and if you’re ever in columbus for some reason then tell me and I’ll take you but anyway they always had this machine that would dispense little bouncy balls and you would play a little game with them before it would dispense them and I have like 60 in a jar (collected by me, my sister, and my brother ok not just me)

thanks for the ask! *hugs extra tight because david/blackstar won all the grammies he was nominated for and I’m in a good mood now*

AHH OMG @delia-the-snail tagged me to do this question challenge thing where I answer the questions they wrote and then write my own and tag other people to do them and it’s 10:30 at night and I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. If you were the weather, what kind of weather would you be?

-I would definitely be like….springy weather? like not cold but not warm and sometimes rainy??? like ‘yay i can wear my favorite sweatshirt without being too cold’ weather????

2. Favorite way to spend an afternoon?

-doing nothing haha

3. What’s something made your day recently? (like just a stand-out positive moment or funny thing?)

-Probably whenever I get to see Austine tbh. Or when I get to see McKenna.

4. What stories did you like to hear as a kid?

-I really love stories that my family relatives tell about like the past…like my grandmother tells me how she used to have a dog and her mom would want her to give the dog a bath so she would stuff its mouth full of dog bones and then ran him upstairs and put him in the tub and just the way she talks about it is so funny lol. I also love hearing stories about when I was a kid and the stupid crap I used to do lol.

5. Last song you listened to?

-Um hmm I think ‘Hootie Hoo’ by Outkast.

6. Which do you like better, fortune cookies or horoscopes?


7. Imagine you’re “best man”/”maid of honor” at your fave character’s wedding and give a general idea of how the bachelor/bachelorette party would go down.

-I’m gonna do my own characters from my comic book so I think that when Notoria and Almadel get married, their “best man” people (since they’re both girls idk???) would probably be Phenex for Notoria and Asha for Almadel…and I think that Notoria’s bachelorette party would be really neat and calm with like finger sandwiches and tea and Almadel’s would be like….running screaming through the streets of town at 3 in the morning with torches????

8. What film genre do you like best and why?

-Honestly I Really Like Rom Coms and I Am So Sorry. Like I love the early-2000′s rom coms, I think they’re hilarious. Like looking at me you would never think ‘that bitch is into rom coms’ but hell yeah man.

9. Invent a new type of food, it can be delicious or gnarly af, your choice

-Uhhh I have no idea lmao that’s such a good question!!!!!!

10. Describe an ideal location, real or imaginary (like just a place you’d enjoy visiting or have already been to that you like)

-Um I’d have to say Clearwater Beach in Florida. Literally the most gorgeous place in the entire world and I wish I was there right now. Also the Cold Spring I went to in Mexico that I forget the name of!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Oaxaca in general was gorgeous and I miss it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11. What artist(s) do you feel most inspired by?

-I love this question. I am honestly inspired by like everyone and everything and my tattoo artists I go to a lot are very inspiring, like I am obsessed with traditional tattoo style and the way that artists manipulate it. My favorite style is definitely Kurt Brecheis’s and I am so happy to have his work on my skin, and I like the way he thinks about things and the way he designs things. I also love Christina Hock, also a tattoo artist who I had the pleasure of getting tattooed by in New York! She has a really interesting style and her colors are incredible and she has such a wide range of abilities but they all still look like her work to me and I love them. 

As far as traditional museum artists go, I love Salvador Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and a whole bunch of others. I also love woodcut/linocut artists in general, they’re all really heckin cool.


1. How do you sleep at night? (no for real)

2. What is the funniest story you’ve ever been told?

3. How do you cope with bad things going on in your life?

4. Do you have a dog and if so tell me literally everything about them and also give them a pat on the head and tell them I love them and support them.

5. How many fingers do you have?

6. If you could go back in time to meet yourself, what age would you go to and what would you tell them?

7. What’s your phone screen background atm?

8. Why did you pick the URL name that you did?

9. What’s ur favorite meme (if u say pepe i will destroy you).

10. Put everything you did today in order by how cool it was, 1 being lame, 10 being rad as heck.

11. Do you know how to format things in MLA format without looking at that bogus website they gave us in 9th grade?

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Nickname: Tori, Toro, different variations of that
Star sign: Aries
Height: 5'4"
Last thing you googled: why am I shrinking?
Fav music artist: I don’t really do favorite music artists, but I love Panic! At the Disco and Ashes Remain
Song stuck in your head: I actually don’t have one rn O.O
Last movie you watched: I am currently watching Frozen. Idk why I don’t like this movie-
Last to show you watched: Bizzardvark
What are you wearing right now: My favorite shorts and my mum’s sweatshirt
When did you create your blog: Autumn of 2015 O.o
What kind of stuff do you post? Not including reblog, most of my stuff is just stupid comments about my life xD
Do you have any other blogs? Yea, a few ^^ ask if you wanna know them in but gonna list them
Do you get asks regularly? No, though I’d love to!
Why did you choose your URL? When I chose this URL I had really been wanting to go to Hetalia Day and was waiting my dad’s answer. Hence me, the Hetalian, wishing on a star
Gender: Female!
Hogwarts: Slytherin!!
Pokemon team: I have actually never played Pokemon Go so
Fav colour: Orange and Green mostly
Average hours of sleep: Generally about 3-4 though on rare occasions when I’m just too tired I might get 7
Lucky number:  idk!
Fav character: either aph England or yoi Victor Nikiforov
Dream job: I really want to own an animal friendly café that has another room in which there are different animals on different days from a shelter or something to help promote their adoption

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Exo Reaction to them waking up and seeing their girlfriend sleeping next to them in their sweatshirt

Can you do a reaction to when Exo wakes up and sees their gf sleeping next to them with their sweatshirt on in which it looks really oversized. -Anon. 

Xiumin: -You make up and see him staring at you- “Sorry, I just think you’re really cute sleeping in my sweatshirt”

Luhan: -sweetly looks at you and gently brushes your hair away from your face-

Kris: When you wake up and see him staring, he pulls you in for a hug and tells you you should wear that more often

Suho: *starts getting shy*

Lay: smiles and tells you to keep it… my sweatshirt fits you better than it fits me :)

Baekhyun: Omg that sneaky girl… when did put that on? Is that my favorite sweatshirt she’s wearing? ;)

Chen: -needs a picture so he can look at it when he misses you-

Chanyeol: -stares at you like this for the rest of the time your sleeping-

D.O: thinking to himself “my girlfriend’s in my sweatshirt, my girlfriend’s in my sweatshirt”

Tao: woah, who is that cutie wearing my clothes?

Kai: You don’t have to change, just wear that the entire day :)

Sehun: Aww, my sweatshirt is a dress on her


MY FAVORITE SONG: December 6th, 2015

Tyler, The Creator - “AssMilk Ft. Earl Sweatshirt” (Bastard)

It feels as if I’ve grown up right alongside Odd Future. Tyler, The Creator and Domo Genesis are a year older than me, Earl Sweatshirt is two years younger, Hodgy Beats is two years older and the rest of the group fits just about everywhere else in between.

I found out about them through the Coachella lineup in 2011. I actually wrote a series on my blog back then titled 40 Days of Coachella, where I wrote a short paragraph about an artist a day leading up to Coachella weekend. I did it so that not only my followers could get familiar with the artists, but so I could. On Day 21, I wrote about OFWGKTA. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but it was truly a journey to see the rise of the Odd Future empire.

The very first time I saw Odd Future was actually back in 2010 during a party in late December at Ryan’s house. Some of Ryan and Jesse’s friends from Eastlake came over and they took over the music playing responsibilities. They played and cycled through a bunch of Odd Future songs. I didn’t pay much attention to the music, but I did remember watching the video for “Earl” and thinking it sounded demented, but cool.

Musically, I ventured through the mixtape Earl first, then Bastard. The first thing I noticed was that Tyler, The Creator’s voice was so deep. He reminded me of the “Unforgivable” guy. I immediately recognized the humor/genius in Tyler’s off-handish remarks and fantasies. Of course, I was 19 years old at the time and fresh out of high school so everything catered to my age group. Regardless, I followed Tyler and Earl through interviews and articles and was genuinely inspired by their attitudes and mindset toward music.

Listening to “AssMilk,” I could’ve swore Tyler was some 28-year-old guy with a beard, and I imagined him to look like how MC Ride actually looks. To my surprise, Odd Future was a group of skater kids, like me, who felt they were “too white for the black kids and too black for the whites.” It’s that weird middle ground that I have to say I could relate to.

I wasn’t offended by their lyrics, and I could see Tyler’s point when he equated his storytelling to that of a Quentin Tarantino. I figured out Tyler produced a lot of his beats using Reason, a program that I was just starting to use around the exact same time. Needless to say, his production inspired a ton of my beats and I figured out how to manipulate the program to make it my own. About 2 months after I saw them live at Coachella, I released my first mixtape (on my birthday, actually). 

Tyler, Earl and Odd Future played heavily into my early music making days, as well as fashion, artistic direction, music videos, and more. I will get into my history with Odd Future in another post, surely sooner rather than later…

pls think about chronic clothes thief yaku

he goes away to university and lev visits as often as he absolutely can and he never quite realizes that his bag is lighter when he leaves

until one day he’s at home trying to get dressed and ‘where are all my shirts?’ 'where are my pants?’ 'MOM HAVE YOU SEEN MY FAVORITE SWEATSHIRT IT’S NOT HERE NO REALLY I CAN’T FIND IT MOM

and he just can’t figure it out until he goes over to yaku’s on the weekend and he’s wearing lev’s pants and shirt and sweatshirt and lev looks around and his clothes are everywhere they’re in yaku’s closet in his drawers in his hamper

he has been stealing all of lev’s clothes and wearing them and now lev is down to two shirts and one pair of pants

and he has to very solemnly sit yaku down and be like 'yaku-san i’m taking my clothes back now i’m sorry’

and all is well and good for a couple weeks and then yaku goes back wicked clothes stealing ways