this is my favorite sweatshirt

The Artemis Fowl books advocate for the environment, deal with misogyny in the workplace and the need for feminism, and has some of the best character development arcs like ever over the span of eight books. Also, there’s magic and fairies with guns and time travel and a whole lot of sarcasm and really no downside to reading them

BTS Reaction Seeing Their S/O Sleeping in his Sweatshirt

Request: Hi~ could you please do a BTS reaction to them finding their S/O asleep in their sweatshirt?

Namjoon: Would turn into a smiling mess because wow you look so cute just asleep in HIS sweatshirt.

Taehyung: I totally see him taking a picture of you when you’re just hugging onto your pillow while wearing his sweatshirt.

Hoseok: Would want to cuddle with you because of how adorable you look and he just goes !!! because this is the first time seeing you with his clothes on.

Jin: “They’re wearing MY sweatshirt!!!!! oK act like you don’t notice Jin,”he says to himself and just kisses your forehead and sleeps next to you.

Jungkook: Pretends to be whiny about it like ‘why are you wearing MY favorite sweatshirt??’ But lowkey likes seeing you wear it and purposely lives it behind when he’s on tour.

Yoongi: Exactly like Jungkook like wyd wearing hIS stuff?? bUT it somehow ends up back in your closet again when just before he leaves to the studio. (You’re not sly Min Yoongi)

Jimin: Would deadass wake you up just to tell you how much he loves seeing you wear his sweatshirt. Lots and lots of kisses wowowowow!!

sleepy Widowmaker is my favorite thing on earth like

napping in sweatshirts twice her size after missions because even though she’s a sniper her heart restricts her from doing excessive amounts of exercise and she gets tired really easily

catnaps against Reaper’s shoulder. he just huffs and grumbles but eventually he’ll sleep too and they’ll wake up with Sombra sprawled out across both of them

falling asleep literally anywhere. dropships? yep. break room couches? you bet

she’s so tired please let this woman rest

i. There is a man standing over the bed,
it’s dark and he wears the shadows 
like I wear my favorite sweatshirt 
but, somehow, I am not afraid
when his hand reaches into my chest,
digs his ghastly nails into my lungs-
it almost feels like breathing
without the inhale.

ii. I am in a field and my sisters
have no faces. They never looked like me,
all long blonde hair and eyes bluer than the sky.
Now, there are no smiles. No laughter.
It’s strange the way their heads turn
as though they are seeing me without eyes,
and it feels like I have no heart,
even though it is beating faster 
than a caged bird in my chest.

iii. Hands reach out from the boxspring 
and it doesn’t feel new
or startling anymore. Bodiless fingers 
grab at my hair, my skin,
touching every part of me that I won’t let 
anyone else touch. I hate it.
I hate myself. Every insecurity highlighted 
by metal hands,
leaving silver dust on the bits 
I would cut off, but I am not a surgeon.

iv. It’s all sun. It’s all heat and dry, red dirt.
I can’t see over the camera glare,
my eyes are not my own, everything is filtered.
The film melts in my skull
and the light spots grow wider.
There is nothing but the sun
and I wake up in a cold sweat.

—  Nightmares on the Lost Highway || O.L.
A Rapper's Kids (Zico)

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Type: Fluff

Sangin, aka his father’s biggest fan was happy to be a big brother to little Jooseok and Yerim. Sangin spent his time trying to teach his 1 year old brother and 3 year old sister things he picked up from watching his father and uncles that he thought were cool. The 5 year old would wear his ZICO merch with pride while Jooseok would wear whatever his brother put on him. Yerim on the other hand was in love with Block B as a whole and owned more Block B than just her father’s.


“You should feel special Jooseok, this my favorite sweatshirt. I wish I still fit it” Sangin says as as the 1 year old who flopped his arms in the oversized sweatshirt. It had a picture of Sangin at age three with Jiho and he managed to be able to wear it for 2 years before he outgrew it. “Block B is performing soon and we are going to cheer dad on” he said holding up his clentched fist in excitement as Jooseok simply sucked on his pacifier.

“Don’t I get anything?” Yerim pouted “no dad isn’t your favorite” he told his little sister as she stomped her feet. “Mama! Sangy is being mean” she cries out as Sangin panics “shut it” he whines as you came into the room.


“Dad!” Sangin yells as he runs to his dad entered the home. “Hey bud” Jiho says as Sangin wraps his arms around his dad’s long legs. Jiho pats his son’s head “I need to come inside I’ve had a long day” he told his son as Sangin unlatched himself letting Jiho in.

“Hey” Jiho says as he wraps his arms around your waist as he chuckled into your ear “hello” you tell him as he looked over your shoulder “dakgangjeong?” he asked as you nodded “ooo we’re eating good tonight-wait this is Sangin’s favorote. Is it his birthday already?” he began to panic as you turned to him “take Sangin into work with you” you state as he raises a brow “I think it would be the best thing to see daddy at work, you know?” you asked him as you ran your hand over his chest “if you do I’ll treat you well” you flirt as you wrap your arms around his neck before leaning in and bumping your nose with his. He smiled lightly rocking the two of you lightly. 

“Daddy” “Yerim” he hears as he turns to see his little girl. He quickly bends down and picks her up. “How’s my  princess?” he asks as she “I want Zico shirt” she tells him as she give him her cute puppy dog look. “Really? You never want Zico merch” he says with a smile as she shrugs. “Sangin gave his hoodie to Jooseok and now she’s jealous" you tell him as he makes a sound. “How about you and I take a bunch of photos together and then get one made just for you and me. Matching and all” he said as she nods quickly. “How about you go get washed up for dinner?” he says as he walks over to the kitchen entrance “hey big guy go get washed up with your sister” he says as Sangin quickly gets up and nods. He puts her down and she runs off along with her brother.

“You wanna get Jooseok up” you tell him as he sighs. “Can’t I have a little sugar first?” he asks as you head over to him wrapping your arms around him and pull him in for a kiss. “I’ll go get Jooseok washed up” he says as he pulls back breathlessly. “Is he still in the hoodie?” he then asked as you nod. “This is gonna be cute” he says as he walks off.

Worth It

Author’s Note: I let my emotions run wild on this one. Why is yoongi so easy to write angst about?


1000 Times - Sara Bareilles

Say Something - A Great Big World

The Only Exception - Paramore

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi(BTS)

Word Count: 1152

Genre: Angst

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Yoongi POV:

“If you hate it here so much then you can leave goddamn it!” My patience was gone. I couldn’t take the fighting anymore.

“That’s it then, after all that. This was all nothing to you wasn’t it?”

“What I know is that there is nothing left of us. We have expired. I’m done with this fighting. It not worth it anymore.”

“Then I guess if none of this is worth anything, then there no point of me being here anymore.”

Everything was silent after those words fell from her lips. The world became a silent film as I watch her grab her bag and walk to the door. I said nothing to stop her even though my brain scream at me, to fight, to scream, to do anything. But what was the point? After the words, I spat at her, who would want to stay with me?

The first sound that I heard was the door slamming behind her. The second was a choked sob from behind it. I run my fingers and fell back onto the couch. I hated myself when I made her cry. She looked the prettiest when she was happy. stop. Stop thinking about it.

I push myself off the couch and walk towards the kitchen. Maybe I can distract myself with food. I drag my feet over to the fridge but I’m pulled back to the stove by a wonderful smell. I take a sidestep to the stove and took the lid of a pot. Soup. Her soup. My favorite kind of soup. My stomach growled at the smell. She alway made this when I had a hard day or week. Somehow she always knew when I was struggling and needed to be taken care of. I slammed the lid back down, taking deep breaths. Stop thinking about it.

I wasn’t even that hungry in the place. I should just fall asleep and forget everything. I stumble into the bedroom. I drag my shirt over my head and throw it into the corner. My pants follow soon after. I walk over to a half folded pile of laundry. I trace my fingertips across a sweatshirt on top. It was her favorite thing to wear at home. She stole it from me the first time she slept over and never gave it back. I always hated sharing my clothes but she just look so cute and small in it, I couldn’t say no I could never say no to her. Stop thinking about it.

I curse at myself and grab a white t-shirt. I throw it on and walk to the bed. I felt sick to my stomach and sleep not going fix my problem. But it will let me forget for a little while. I throw back the covers and slip myself into the large bed.

Icy cold gripped at my sides and I felt tiny in the middle of the bed like was going to swallow me up whole. I push the covers off and rub the back of my head. How do you stop thinking about someone who is everywhere? I need to get out of this apartment with all the memories. The walls are closing down on me. I pull my pair of pants back on and grab the closest jacket. I stumble to the door and wrap my hand around the knob. But something pulls me back, something stops me from turning the knob. I turn slowly to take in the room before me.

On her side of the bed there laid a pile of books and a pair of glasses. She could never finish one without starting another, I alway loved that habit of her’s. I walk into our small bathroom and run my fingers across her make-up and hair products. She always looked prettier without it but I alway love how she would put just the right amount of makeup on. I stepped out the bathroom and my eyes landed on the wall beside the bed. She had plastered dozens of pictures of me and her on the wall with little fairy light strung throughout them. I stood paralyzed in front letting my eye dart from picture to picture. From the time we got caught in the rain to the first plant we added to our new apartment to our first anniversary. What have I done? Why did I say this wasn’t worth fighting for. I couldn’t stop the tears if I wanted. All these wonderful memories. All the love we shared. She filled my life with light and happiness. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it. I drop to the floor and let reality slip through me. Every single thing about us was worth everything to me. How could I have let my pride throw it all away? I have to find her. Bring her back. I don’t care how. I beg, get on my knees. I do anything.  

I bring myself off the floor and wipe the tears off my face. I grab the doorknob once more and yank it behind me. I run past the kitchen where the soup still laid on the stove. I ran past the couch where our stupid argument started. I burst through the front door and started to rack my brains on where to find her. I let my feet carry me down the stairs and to the lobby of our apartment building. I have to find her. I have to find her and make her stop crying. I have to find her and tell her I’m sorry.

I found her on the steps leading to our building. She looks defeated and small. I silently walk down the steps and crouch myself in front of her look up into her face. Her eyes were closed and they look puffy from crying.

“Hey…” she opens her eyes, sniffling a bit.

“What do you want? Come to yell some more?” her tone was harsh and it stung my heart.

“No baby no….look I was complete idiot earlier. I let my emotions cloud my judgment. I realize that all those things I said about us falling apart were wrong. I never meant it. I want to fix us. I do anything to fix us. You’re everything to me and worth every hardship we go through. Please come back up with me. Come back up and have that wonderful soup you made with me. Then we can fall asleep together and forget every horrible thing we said to each other.” I wrap my hand around her icy cold ones and brought it my lips to kiss.

“You really mean it?”

“Every word.”

“No more fighting?”

“No more fighting.” I take my jacket off and wrap it around her shivering frame. I take her into my arms. I not going to let go, I’m never going to let go because she was worth everything to me.

As alway I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing it!!<3

Two days but who’s counting? ~Naughty November~

Prompt: Smut with Derek Morgan from criminal minds.

Pairing: Reader x Derek

Word Count: 715

Warning: None

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got a new haircut and feelin good ✌ (they/them)

the windbreaker I got from @shoptrashqueen came in today, so good! and my favorite sweatshirt, designed by @slugspoon !

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Domestic fluff: Nat lounging around in Bucky's shirts

“is that my sweatshirt?” James points to the oversized fleece hoodie Natasha’s wearing while sprawled on the couch.

She shrugs. “it’s comfy.” She continues flipping though the Netflix queue.

He pouts, “I was looking for that everywhere, you know.” He flops down beside her. “that’s my favorite sweatshirt.”

She smirks at him. “Don’t take it personally James. I steal clothes from everyone. For example, right now I’m wearing Clint’s t-shirt, Tony’s sweatpants, Steve’s socks-”

“Glad to know I’m just one in a long line of guys you’re using for their clothes.” James huffs, and Natasha laughs and nuzzles into him, planting a kiss on his jawline.

“Yeah, but you’re the only one I’m sleeping with, Barnes.”

James huffs out a snort and buries his face in the warm fleece. “Just give it back when you’re done.” 


so I showed these pictures of Eddsworld characters to my mom and told her to give them a name, personality and a favorite object. these were the results,,,

mom: so I’m making a name? me: yup. mom: okay-Jackson.
he’s smart and funny. he likes games. he plays video games all the time.

uhh… Charles. cuz’ he can go by Chaz. I feel like he’s a kid that… he’s smart and charming and funny. like he has a good personality. and he’s a secret stoner for sure. no… it’s not so secret. chocolate milk is his favorite thing.

Rudy. I don’t know why, it just came to me. He’s an underdog but supper sweet. NO- he’s a sneaker! he is a little trickster. ((my dad says he’s a badass)) he has a soft heart though. his favorite object is his sweatshirt.

((my sister joined in at this point))

mom: Edward. he never goes my Eddie, just Edward. ((I was laughing)) he enjoys taking his grandma to tea and reads the paper with her. he’s on dating websites. he’s awkward and shy. his favorite object is beer

sister: his full name is Rodger William, uh.. lamppost, and he goes by willy or will. he thinks he’s edgy but he’s not. he runs a meme page. he wears weed socks but doesn’t actually smoke weed. he pretends he’s too cool for school but he actually really likes school. he likes his PlayStation controller. he’s a PlayStation guy.

mom: his names Toney. he’s a recluse. mamas boy. nerd. he’s socially awkward and pretends to be gay so he can hang out with girls more. he lives on large property and leaves to shoot his gun. his favorite object is his lucky bunny foot and his peephole, he’s a creep. he’s not a criminal though, yet.

sister: Gerald. he goes by Gerry. he thinks he’s emo and edgy bc he listens to panic! at the disco and he rips his own cloths like when they’re new. he’s a really big dick to girls but on the inside he’s like nice and soft. his favorite thing is his vape pen that doesn’t work

mom: Doug but he goes by dougey. he has a big imagination and like to play dress up. he’s creative. and nice. he likes food. he likes his artistic skills.

sister: he looks like a Joe. he try’s hanging out with the cool kids but they don’t like him because he’s kinda nerdy. he has a spoungebob fan account. he likes his ds but doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

Crush Imagine #28

I’ll be over in 30, is that okay? I glanced at my phone. It was a text from y/c. A smile formed on my face, just seeing his name made me swoon. I frowned and typed out a reply

  Not feeling too good, sorry b :(

In a few seconds I got a response. Aw, feel better, I’ll see you in school on Monday.  A smile formed on my face as I locked my phone and groaned in pain. Ever since y/c and I had become a thing, which turned into a relationship, we’d hung out every Friday, on the exception of the fridays when I had my period, for which I would use the ‘not feeling too good’ excuse. I figured, what’s the point in spending time with y/c if I’m going to be in pain the whole time. Every Friday we either stayed in, or went out and did something fun. So far we’d gone to the movies, mini golfing, cliff jumping, gone to the aquarium, and gone to the county carnival. Other than those days, we stayed home and watching movies, played just dance, you get the idea. I laid across the couch in the basement and turned on the TV, taking  a sip of my hot chocolate. I opened up Netflix, and decided to finally start watching Lost. I sighed loudly and clicked on my phone to stare at the lock screen. My head was buried in the crook of y/c’s neck and he was laughing when he took the selfie. It was my favorite picture of us, I always felt at home when I looked at it. I groaned in pain as the cramps worsened. I’d taken Advil and was waiting for it to kick in soon. I kept a heating pad over my stomach and tried to watch Lost, but if I turned, it would fall off. Right as I figured out a solution, my mom shouted down the stairs. “Y/N! You have a visitor” just as she finished her sentence, I heard someone come running down the stairs. Since the couch wasn’t facing the stairs, I couldn’t see who it was. So I just sat there, waiting for whoever it was to show themselves. I felt something sink into the couch next to me, and then someone cover my eyes. 

“Guess who” a husky voice said. I could recognize y/c’s touch and voice anywhere. Y/C kissed my ear softly a few times and stopped once I finally said his name. “That would be right” I was allowed to see again, and y/c jumped over the couch, landing next to me. 

“What are you doing here?” I asked. I’d told him he was sick, I highly doubt he would want to get sick also. “Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but you always, always cancel on me around this time of the month. At first I though like maybe you were up to something, but then my mom made me realize, that you’re sitting in Satan’s waterfall, right now.” y/c cringed. 

“Well, she’s not wrong” I laughed and laid down, putting my head in y/c’s lap. “Okay, well, I got you something, maybe it’ll help, I don’t know, I’m a doctor via WebMD” I giggled and sat up. The weight from earlier happened to be a basket. Inside it were all comfort items. Popcorn, chocolate, chick flicks, and last but not least, one of his sweatshirts. I smiled and put on the sweatshirt immediately. It was my favorite, and it smelt just like him at all times. He went to the DVD player and put on 27 dresses, one of my all time favorites, that y/c was yet to watch. Once he came back to the couch, we spread out a nearby blanket over us, and I snuggled into y/c. Y/C kissed the side of my head and played the movie. Halfway through the movie I grabbed a hershey kiss and unwrapped it. Right as I was about to pop it into my mouth, y/c ate it out of my hand. 

“Hey!” I shouted, hitting him lightly. He laughed and kissed me. Every kiss with y/c was sensational, and would always leave me tingling. I smiled as we pulled away.  “You are the best, I mean it. This is all amazing,and perfect” I sighed. My forehead rested slightly against y/c’s neck. 

“I would dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench for the girl I love” he froze. 

“The girl you what?” I raised an eyebrow. His thigh tightened underneath me. 

“Nothing, I said for my girl” y/c tried to cover up. 

“No, you said you love me” I teased, poking his nose. He chuckled and shook his head slightly, as if I didn’t hear him. 

“Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I do love you. I love how you eat, how you sleep, how you walk, I love you. I’m insanely in love with you” y/c’s heart pounded. 

“I love you too”

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Nickname: Peggy / Deeds

Zodiac Sign: Pisces! / Capricorn

Height: 5′2″/ 5′6″

Last Thing You Googled: “angry dog with a clogged sink” (my school put up clues for next year’s musical) / “coconut oil popcorn recipe” (made myself some popcorn and it was darn good)

Favorite Music Artists: Coheed and Cambria, LANY, and various showtunes! / Jonas Brothers, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Honest Men (local TX band; go check them out!!)

Last Movie I Watched: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them / Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!!!!

What I’m Currently Wearing: pajama pants and a sweatshirt / my favorite denim shorts and a grey v-neck

Why Did You Choose Your URL: …it’s a little obvious / my main is because I have a tattoo of “inimitable original” :)

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: I have a main ( @hamilcries ), and a bunch of saved blogs / main: @inimitableoriqinal​; Hamilton blog: @alexanderhxmiltrash

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: don’t pity date anyone ever / just because it’s a “good” relationship doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you

Religious Or Spiritual: religious / religious

Favorite Color: purple / blue

Average Hours Of Sleep: 4-7 / 6-8

Lucky Number: 3, 63, 64 /15, 21

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: 2 / 3 + a dog

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