this is my favorite speech

I don’t have a sugar daddy, I’ve never had a sugar daddy, if I wanted a sugar daddy, yes, I probably could go out and get one because I am what? Sickening. You could never have a sugar daddy because you.are.not.that.kind.of.girl. Baby everything I have I have worked for and I have got myself. I’ve built myself from the ground up… BITCH! [throws drink]


“I was aware of every slice, every severed nerve, every tug of flesh pulled away from my bones until absolute darkness overtook me.

Darkness and pain…

A thousand other sensations as they probed my cerebrum, examined my work. An eternity of intensity; pain, pleasure, rage, ecstasy blending together into a single, piercing noise, until the darkness was broken by sparks, like twinkling starlight.

The pain, the noise…

The light blends together, takes shape.

It’s a place I know so well…

My prison, my home.”

tbh my favorite taz au will forever be my ageswap one.

angus is this brilliant freelancer detective who 100% swings into crimescenes and Schools the local cops. hes still rlly innocent and a romantic at heart and his shelves are filled with every fantasy detective. he’ll help anyone and everyone, regardless of if they can pay him or not, because he’s just that Good. his house is full of knick knacks and food he accepted for jobs. yeah, maybe hes rlly poor and his apartment is shabby, but hes adored by everyone (except for the militia and criminals who both can’t stand how good he is at his job.). maybe his head is in the clouds a little bit, maybe hes a bit too old fashioned, maybe hes a little too honest, a little too trusting, but hes smart and quick and oh so good at his job. 

and one day he hears about this missing persons case that has the local militia rolling their eyes and scoffing. why? cuz this lil elf whos known for stirring up trouble has reported his twin sister as missing. hes been around for a month, maybe two, and his fingers are sticky and his taste is way too rich for some brat who doesnt even have a home. the kid is assuring everyone that his sister and and him just didn’t let themselves be seen together so it was easier to pull off their ‘pranks’. but he did have a sister and she is missing, and they need to find her. (at least thats what he says. but who’d believe a kid like him?) 

angus believes him. instantly, without a doubt, believes that this kid (tayko? tahko? taako? taako.) is missing his sister and she needs to be found. its not easy to earn his trust. but a cheap meal in a cute coffee shop later, and at least he knows taako’s story. no parents, no real family, kept getting shipped around to distant, barely related family until they got fed up and ran away. theyre on their own and they dont trust anyone but themselves. angus coaxes taako to stay at his house, in the tiny guest room, at least for a couple nights while he looks into the case. 

and than agnus starts looking into taako. the lil guys only been in that town for a lil bit, but hes made quite a name for himself. hes good at stealing, and distractions, and conning, and his pranks and heists are so elaborate that it doesn’t really seem like just one kid could pull it off. he double checks times that the kid(s?) were seen and yeah, there’s no way one person got from point a to point b in the tiny sliver of time between sightings. angus tries it several times to make sure. everyone says there is one kid, an elf, named taaco, who keeps popping up everywhere, but angus grows more and more certain that theres two. 

when he gets back to his apartment, the whole place smells delicious. scents he hasn’t smelled outside of a restaurant permeate his entire house. he finds his way to the kitchen, where this ten year old elf is cooking up a damn storm. hes good at it, and hes using tiny bits of magic to reach ingredients he can’t reach even on his tip toes, transmuting lil bits of sugar and flour and salt into each other, stirring the soup with flicks of his fingers. hes so sure in the kitchen, but he keeps turning like hes going to say something and getting the most stricken look on his face. it takes almost ten minutes for him to see angus and he drops the spoon right in the soup. 

well theres a little bit of drama because taako is slightly terrified that angus is going to be pissed he used up some of the spare food he was using. but its not even half an hour before theyre sitting down to his fantastic meal. (okay, maybe things are a little bit burnt in places, and the flavor is kinda off with this or that. but its really good for a kid whos ten years old and cooking on his own for the first time.)

angus reads taako calab cleaveland books until the both of them fall asleep. and in the morning, he gets back on the case. he tries so hard, but theres just, theres just nothing he can do. everything leads to a dead end. lup doesnt seem to anymore. 

but he takes care of taako as best he can. and the two get on really good. taako’s a lil shit, but hes mostly harmless. and hes a really good cook. 

so all the sudden the best detective in the world has this elf kid he takes care of and this case he’s constantly on. and taako’s really very smart, even tho he acts like an idiot sometimes. he picks up on clues that might go over (or under) angus’s head. and nothin can separate them. 

other characters include:

-twins Edward and Lydia, and their lil sickly brother, Keezt who they’d do anything for. keezt wants to be an actor. he has the most ridiculous cockney accent he forces everyone to listen to all the time.

-teenager ‘will fight you if ur mean to animals and also just fight u’ magnus

-’single dad whos in his twenties and has two kids’ merle. 

-lil lucas and his best friends the hugbears. (danial is very grumpy. also hes name is klarg. why is he always at angus’s house. why is he so good at making tea.)

-june and her adopted daughter ren, who run a lil cafe or smth


anyway thats my au and i love it to death 


one of my favorite speeches in all of the treks and something really interesting to take into consideration when seeing how the federation interacts with non-federation species

manicpixietrashbag  asked:

i highly doubt victor hugo ever edited anything he ever wrote lmao

This answer is about to get exponentially geeky, I apologize beforehand. 

If we’re talking about self-editing, he did, if you see his manuscripts, especially in Les Misérables, they’re heavily worked on, with entire paragraphs added and erased, various major changes and sometimes he even changed specific words for similar ones but not quite the same, which is fascinating to ponder on. One of my personal favorites of these is in Enjolras’s speech on “The Horizon Which One Beholds from the Summit of a Barricade” (I’m using the Hapgood translation for this response because it’s the easiest available in English for me atm). The sentence ended up being “De l'étreinte de toutes les désolations jaillit la foi” but it was originally something along the lines of “De l'étreinte de toutes les désespoirs jaillit l’espoir”, if I didn’t misread because I don’t speak French and it’s not that easy to interpret it, but it’s something like that: 

Hapgood translated it as “from the embrace of all desolations faith leaps forth”. This is fascinating because why did he change it? was it just because he was bothered by the repetition? Why did he choose “faith/foi”, which has some religious-ish connotation, instead of “hope/espérer”, on that specific context, when voiced by Enjolras, of all people? (I had pondered on that before seeing the manuscript and when I came across it I was so surprised it was a change) Is it because it’s stronger? It’s more of a sentence, a certainty that way, which does go much better with Enjolras, especially in this speech (and desolation, for that matter), so is it that? he used “faith” on Enjolras before, for example when he described Grantaire, and he says he “loved to watch faith soar in Enjolras” (“aimait à voir dans Enjolras la foi planer”):  

He was very mindful and precise about the stuff he kept and didn’t and that’s a very cool self-editing job that’s fascinating to me both as an editor and author, especially in a piece of work that has so many different perspectives and time lapses and levels of narrative complexity.

Now, if we’re talking about external editing, which is what my tags were about, I meant it in its most general definition, editing is turning an original into a publication, I was referring to the people who had to help turn that monster of a manuscript into a printed edition for the very first time ever. Those were true heroes istg, because they had to make sense out of stuff like:   

[Disclaimer: I am as far from a Hugo expert or Les Mis expert as you can get, I don’t have the authority to really go in depth with any of this, I’m just talking from my personal perspective as an editor, writer and fan and thought I’d share what I meant and expand]. 


I can’t find the post talking about how Scream MTV on Netflix references Hannibal, but I finally got the exact screenshots and quotes! And all in the first two episodes …

(Also hannibal is the only show they mention for gothic tv that’s not on Netflix… 👀)