this is my favorite skit

I love the sauna skit:

Ah, I remember the first time I got this one.  I did a spit take and then laughed my ass off and then started slipping on the shipping glasses because it was just so obvious I couldn’t deny it any longer.  You know, with that pose, Sorey sure looks like he’s admiring the view, doesn’t he?


If you don’t watch anything today, at least watch this. 
Even if you do watch stuff today, still watch this. ;D


this is my favorite SNL skit of all time

Tabimatsu: Ehime Story 2

EP 002: Nekozuki no Seichi / 猫好きの聖地
EP 002: The Holy Land for Cat Lovers

…is what it’s actually titled but fuck that. I call this one “pretty much the summary of every joke the fandom has made concerning iromatsu vs. suujimatsu.”

one of my absolute favorite skits in this entire game even though it’s kind of sad the more you think about it because it involves ichi and his two favorite brothers. well, his one favorite brother and that one brother who he either really loves or really hates, it’s not clear which one it is.

I kinda simultaneously love and hate karamatsu too

(Important T/N: So in the prefecture of Ehime, they have this island called Aoshima, which also goes by the nickname “Cat Island” due to its massive amount of feline residents. Which definitely explains why the background in this skit looks like something Ichi can get high off of.)

**Asterisks represent words spoken in shitty English**

Ichimatsu: So this is the holy land for cat lovers… Cat Island…

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Maybe my actual favorite thing about the KellyAnn Conway skit last night was that it was just so e x t r a. I can imagine the writers pitching it and them factoring in all the hours of filming and sound engineering and all the dancers/singers they’d need and then outweighing them all by just saying “yep. We need to let Kate do this. It will be worth it.”
Basically what I’m saying is my genius gay baby is a Star with a capital S and I can’t believe how bright she shines.

BTS during the SKIT: One Night In A Strange City

(talking about a recent INU performance)

Hoseok: Suga hyung wasn’t even like rapping in the beginning

Jin: Yeah yeah, Suga wasn’t!

Namjoon: Suga hyung wasn’t rapping at all

Jin: He was just like holding the microphone

Taehyung: Suga hyung was just doing stuff like this…

Namjoon: He’s really just half-assing it

Yoongi: Hey hey hey, I’ll just say one thing

Yoongi: Please just piss off.

Bts: …   *Hoseok cackling*

Namjoon: You just wanted to say that didn’t you



everyone should just watch this??


My least favorite thing is that one “bullying skit” gifset thats been going around

Like uh, u guys do realize … the majority of homophobes…. arent gay people…. and the ones that are are like that because of straight propaganda 

Saying “maybe gay people are the REAL homophobes” is just untrue and homophobic. People bully when they see someone different, not someone like them. This stereotype lets straights just get away w homophobia because the gays are the REAL homophobes!!!!!!!!!

Also the guy abuses his kid cause his wife left him?? That’s no excuse !!!!!

I dont even see the point of the skit like. Is this supposed to humanize them?? Because i don’t give a FUCK i’ve gone through hard times and i dont abuse people. People are always gonna have bad things happen to them, and if they abuse someone because of it, they’re a bad person. End of story 


One of my favorite skits in the game XD

Rokurou: At any event, all of these are too sudden, huh? The Heavens and the story about ten thousand years ago. The scale’s just getting bigger.

Laphicet: Eizen, do you know anything about the Heavens?

Eizen: They said that the Door to the Heavens have not been opened for more than ten thousand years ago. Even if it’s me, I have no idea about something that ancient.

Eizen: After all, I have just lived for a thousand years.

Velvet: Eizen….. You’re a thousand years old!?

Eleanor: I’ve always thought that you’re older than us… but I didn’t expect to be that old! …….Please forgive my rudeness until now.

Rokurou: Should I massage your shoulders and back?

Eizen: ….Knock it off. As a Malak, I’m still young.


Malakim are immortals in age and there are a lot of malakim who have lived for more than thousands of years. Thus it is quite true that Eizen is young as a Malak but old in human’s age.


This is my new favorite SNL skit…