this is my favorite skit


Now we’re cooking. I honestly don’t remember what video got me hooked, but this is one of my favorite skits.

I love the sauna skit:

Ah, I remember the first time I got this one.  I did a spit take and then laughed my ass off and then started slipping on the shipping glasses because it was just so obvious I couldn’t deny it any longer.  You know, with that pose, Sorey sure looks like he’s admiring the view, doesn’t he?


this is my favorite SNL skit of all time


If you don’t watch anything today, at least watch this. 
Even if you do watch stuff today, still watch this. ;D


My favorite skit from the new season of MST3K- if you’ve ever wanted to learn about monsters, here is a song that will help you do so.

BTS during the SKIT: One Night In A Strange City

(talking about a recent INU performance)

Hoseok: Suga hyung wasn’t even like rapping in the beginning

Jin: Yeah yeah, Suga wasn’t!

Namjoon: Suga hyung wasn’t rapping at all

Jin: He was just like holding the microphone

Taehyung: Suga hyung was just doing stuff like this…

Namjoon: He’s really just half-assing it

Yoongi: Hey hey hey, I’ll just say one thing

Yoongi: Please just piss off.

Bts: …   *Hoseok cackling*

Namjoon: You just wanted to say that didn’t you


surroundedbythelonely  asked:

For the ask, how about Osomatsu-san? : >

  • Favorite character

karamatsu, aka my fucking huSband

  • Second favorite character


  • Least favorite character

none of them ;v; i love them all

  • The character I’m most like

i personally relate to choro and ichi the most but my friends compare me to totty so who knows LOL

  • Favorite pairing

totonyaa, karabita, and atsutodo!!

  • Least favorite pairing


  • Favorite moment

the accident skit my god that’s my favorite one 

  • Rating out of 10

100/10 would marry karamatsu again

send me an anime!


Finally, a brand new video!

I did a skit with my brother and sister from our favorite Abbot and Costello, which I adapted to the skeleton brothers’ personalities.

anonymous asked:


1. In season six where Louise is in his office and he goes, “Louise Belcher.” And shes like, “Phillip Frond.” Then he goes, “So you’re in trouble again.” And Louise is, “drink some cranberry juice.” And he goes, “NO. Not URINE trouble. YOU’RE in trouble.”
2. The episode where Frond doesn’t want to share the kids stories. The part in Tina’s story where he’s in the teacher’s lounge and won’t let the kids in.

3. When Mr. Frond wants to do a home visit and his little giggle about bringing the crisis crayons. LOL.

4. When Linda ran into Frond buying yarn and he flashed her his “knittaz 4 life” sweater. XD.

5. This is probably my favorite! But when he was demonstrating his ABS conflict resolution skit and he goes, “And S - SLAP IT” and slaps his butt. xD.