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Heh, thanks for getting back so quickly. Personally, I'm a fan of Style, Crenny (I cannot find any decent fic for this wth, perhaps I'm not looking hard enough?), Staig, Bendy, and K2. Big fan of angst. And yeah, love the blog - I've been lowkey stalking it since last night, not to be weird.

Oooh some lovely choices my friend. (Thank you for the compliment again, not weird!) The original ask for this was asking for fic recommendations, and I replied that one away so I could grab what pairings they were into. Also the lack of Crenny content is a complete tragedy and I’m hoping to directly change that by writing more of it someday, haha. This got lengthy, sorry!

Fanfiction Recommendations (A Short Few)

Splendid by SaucyMongoose. (Crenny)

This writer has a very unique grip on language that I adore. The whole fic gave me a feeling that I want to call whimsical, like I was floating through a breeze of words. It’s incomplete as of now, but well worth the read so far. The writer hasn’t put out too much as of now but I imagine the quality of their work must resonate throughout their repertoire. It’s such a pretty use of language, almost like poetry. 

Painted in Shrouds by Courtanie (K2)

I’ve been in love with Courtanie’s writing from day one, and this is the first fic I read of hers. It really sucked me in, and I felt like I was reading a particularly good book rather than fanfiction. It had an excellent, driven plot, with a really compelling story. I’m also a sucker for Kysterion, admittedly. My other recommendations from the same writer would be Ok, Cupid It Isn’t Funny Anymore (a really lovely K2 one-shot) and if you’re interested in a whole lotta whump and Kyle-suffering, Seven Candles. Not for the faint of heart, but it has angst covered and then some. If I’m being honest, even though I haven’t been able to sit down and read every one of her works, I’ve yet to find one I didn’t love. Seriously consider her if you haven’t already.

Put Our Pistols Down by scarlettshazam (Style)

There are a ton of Style fics out there that are worth recommending, but I don’t see this one very often and it deserves some stage time. Scarlettshazam as a whole has a great handle on all things ranging from bizarre to downright horrible (in a good way), but they’ve got a ton of great angst content besides this fic. They’re not afraid to write the gritty details of reality as it hits their characters, and it packs a punch. This one is one of my favorites because it paints a very unique picture- the setting isn’t cookie-cutter South Park, even if some themes remain. There’s something about the way their words flow that always hooks me in and does a great job of keeping me captivated and invested in the plot. Also worth a read is The Game Of Life (angsty K2) and a lot of their one-shots are awesome. Specifically, Too Old To Dream (Style) made me cry buckets, no exaggeration.

Mysterion Trilogy by indirectkissesiniceland (K2, Creek)

This is one of my favorite series for sure. While this one is definitely on the lighthearted side, I found myself so delightfully wrapped up in the storyline and the way the characters were written. I highly recommend the whole thing, but if you are interested in avoiding Creek, just the first installment is K2 oriented with Creek in the background, and it’s not necessary to read the second one to find resolution from the first. Yeah, Dude, Civil War is another ongoing project that they’re co-writing with polarspicecap (whom I also recommend as an individual writer for some unique takes and great humor) which is probably the lightest read in this list. It’s just a fun time, and a pleasant read. Gold Digger (K2) made my heart feel again, it was so sweet. Overall, this writer does a lot of fun stuff if you’re looking for great stories to cleanse your intense angst palate.

If I could recommend every great fic I’ve ever read I’d be here all day long, but I’m going to cut things short here. I don’t have much for Staig, as I ship it but not too enthusiastically so I haven’t sought it out, and same goes for Bendy. I wanted to publish this publicly for more people to get to see and maybe consider. Hope you don’t mind, and hopefully I suggested something you haven’t read yet. Enjoy!

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Hello,I was wondering if you could recommend any good Scorbus fics?

Hi! I’m not much of a fic reader because I’m really picky about content (mature/explicit content or ooc Scorpius aren’t my cup of tea) and I usually prefer TCC-compliant fics, but there are definitely a few I found enjoyable!

First and foremost, however, this is an art blog… so let me just throw in a quick doodle before we start:

(also please note that most (if not all) of these are still ongoing, which means feedback and comments will definitely make the writer’s day and give them the motivation to write more! I strongly recommend leaving them some kind words if you have the time to do so <3)

Quietly by starlightpeddler ( @ijustwalkintomordor​ )
Albus and Scorpius aren’t sure what they’re doing when their relationship starts to change, and they discover the complexities of balancing a relationship and keeping secrets while immersed in Hogwarts where nothing stays quiet for long. (Includes glasses!Scorpius and Seeker!Albus, a bit of mystery, endearing side characters, and an intense battle scene)

No, Just Friends by iramckenzie
Voldemort is dead. The Augurey is imprisoned. All is well in the Wizarding World. Once again Scorpius and Albus are friends, the best of friends. But with fifth year approaching and the world seeing them in a new light they begin to ask themselves the question; just how deep can friendship run before it becomes something else? (I know this sounds sadistic but I REALLY love the bullying scene in Chapter 3. It’s exactly how I imagine Polly Chapman to act towards poor Scorpius ;v; )

Liar, Liar by darlingdearestdead
Cryptic notes have been turning up in the Slytherin Dorms. Scorpius and Albus can’t deal with spending a whole summer apart. They need to discuss the mysteries piling up around them, escape their family, and spend as much time with each other as possible. Only Scorpius has to attend a family gathering where only significant others are allowed. (One of my personal favorites bc of the mystery element + post-TCC plot, can’t wait for more updates..!)

Albus & Scorpius; 5th Year series by scorpiius ( @scorpiusmlafoy​ )
A collection of short, long and in between one shots about scorpius and albus’ fifth year at hogwarts. (Takes place around Halloween. fluff and angst and an overall calm but sorta serious tone)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (in novel form) by boleync ( @claudiaboleyn )
(No words could possibly describe this amazing rendition of the script <3<3 It’s still ongoing but pretty far in, so far Act Three has just been finished PLUS we get to have Scorbus happen at the end of Act Four so that’s definitely something worth looking forward to!)

▶ There are also some nice scorbus fic recs by @mxlfoydraco here(1) and here(2), if you’re interested in non-TCC compliant scorbus as well! Happy reading~

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Hi tarysande!!! I just caught up with all your mass effect works on AO3 and they're all so great so I shall patiently wait for more :). I was wondering if you have any shakarian fic recommendations that I can read in the meantime xD? Preferably longer series' though one-shots are fine too! Thank you very much!!! I look forward to your suggestions :D :D

Thank you very much!! <3

Okay, so I have been suuuuper behind when it comes to reading fic. Really. I went through a whole thing and so I was really only catching what I happened to see on my dash. I also (I know, hypocritically) have a really hard time with WIPs, so there are probably some really good ones out there that I just haven’t read.

That said: if you check the “favorite stories” tab on my profile, there’s some good stuff. More than that, most of the authors I’ve noted there have continued to write even more good stuff since I stopped updating that list.

There’s also stuff in my “tara recs things she likes” tag (though that’s more of a hodgepodge of stuff across multiple fandoms.

I trust the taste of the person who runs @fuckyeahshakarian, so you can definitely find fic recs there!!

I’m going to leave people out and that makes me feel TERRIBLE, so I apologize in advance, but let me at least get you started with a handful of tumblr folk (who have AO3 accounts and write Shakarian I have loved): @w0rdinista, @fistfulofgammarays, @fourth-age@dearophelia, @todisturbtheuniverse, @madamebadger, @damalur, @servantofclio, @thievinghippo, @theherocomplex, @mystery-moose, @meggannn, @loquaciousquark (there are so many other folks like @bloodbright and @eponymous-rose who didn’t write specifically Shakarian and/or who don’t write in the ME fandom anymore, but still: good stuff) On AO3 orchidcactus and promisespromises have written stuff I really loved. I AM MISSING PEOPLE I’M SORRY.

And on the plus side, I’m pretty sure if you ask any of THEM who THEY like, you’ll get an even wider reading list to draw from!

Horror Recs

I see a lot of people that just got into horror manga/manhwa with Killing Stalking which is awesome! If you like horror/guro and you want something to read while it updates, here are some of my personal favorites:

  • Tomie - Junji Ito: Pretty much one of the best horror manga out there. There’s 3 volumes comprised of several short stories about a girl named Tomie and how she interacts with several people. Tomie is one of my top ten favorite villains of all time. The best way I could describe her is “Regina George meets Lovecraftian horror”. Massive warning for body horror, violence, depictions of sexual assault and gore. There are several movie based on this manga if you’re interested.
  • Uzumaki - Junji Ito: Yeah, I’m a pretty big Junji Ito fan. This one’s a bit more surreal than Tomie. It’s about a small town in Japan where spirals (literally anything shaped like a spiral) start to cause weird and fucked up things to happen. It sounds silly, but believe me, it’s really good in a strange, fucked up way. Same warnings as above, plus warning for animal abuse in a few chapters. 
  • Homonculus - Hideo Yamamoto: Really engaging manga that will keep you interested all the way through. It’s about a homeless man who agrees to let a medical student experiment on him to get his car back. The experiment gives him the ability to see homunculi. Anything else I could tell you would be a spoiler. Same warnings as above.
  • Gantz - Hiroya Oku: This one leans a bit more towards action/science fiction, but it’s still pretty good. Two students get resurrected by an alien sphere named Gantz after getting run over by a train, and are forced to hunt down alien criminals hiding on Earth to earn their freedom. Aside from the usual warnings, this manga is also really fanservice-y. And the main character is kind of a huge dick for the first quarter of the series. But if you can get past the pointless boob shots, the story is really fun and creative. There’s an anime based on this manga, but I personally think it was meh. The animation was good, but it focuses on the first few chapters of the manga where, as I said, the main character is still an asshat. 

These are just a couple of my personal favorites, but there’s a whole lot of great horror manga out there! 

Samurai Jack: Episode XCVI spoilers (the one with the blue fuzzies)

The Last Alliance of Humankind (not really what they’re called, just what they look like) attempt to storm Aku’s stronghold (among them, a buncha people who might be descendants of the Spartans, a buncha mustache knights, and THE SCOTSMAN and his ARMY OF DAUGHTERS).

The Scotsman. Whom age has distilled into his most essential, most cantankerous, most barbed-tongued essence. His machine gun leg is now a gatling gun leg, and his crotch cat has an eyepatch just because he does too.

Army of Daughters. Heirs to his fighting spirit, and the Scotsman’s Wife’s LALALALA. So. Happy to see them.

Was preparing myself for the Scotsman’s death. The moment Aku came out to decimate everyone (which in itself was fun to see - ‘ol Aku, back up to his ‘ol shape-shifting, eye-laser-blasting acts of destruction), it was inevitable Scotsman would die. And if he died telling Aku he was a big baby, that was going to be a fine enough death.

But CELTIC MAGIIIIIIIIC. I’ve never been so thankful for Celtic Magic. The sword’s still got its magic RUUUUNES.

Now they’re going to go find Jack and amass another army. If that’s what endgame for Season 5 will look like (and we’re halfway through it already!) I will be so game for that.

Looks like Ashi shares Jack’s penchant for hallucinating berating parental figures. Unless that wasn’t a hallucination, and an actual magic communique.

Am enjoying Ashi quite a bit. She’s actively questioning all the dogma that’s been burned into her since childhood, demanding proof for Jack’s claims, and upon seeing the proof, accepting them. And now she’s gone from “DIE DIE DIE” to “what can we do to help the innocent blue fuzzy children”).

Her sense of needing to help the innocent is a wonderful counterpoint to Jack’s hopelessness. He saved her from her upbringing, she might save him from his despair. 

I can see why people ship them. I mean I’d like to ship them too (antagonist-protagonist pairings that move up and down the sliding scale of belligerence and mutual understanding Is My Jam). But just from their interactions, I’m not really picking up anything by way of sexual tension. It’s more of warrior’s respect, a sense of alliance. That may or may not change in the coming episodes.

Jack gets a pimp coat. I suspect we won’t be seeing him (outside of hallucinations anyway) in his white pajamas until the very end of the series. When he’s gotten his sword back. Maybe.

When Ashi breaks free of the clamping machines, she’s also breaking out of her entire previous life (way to dig it in Foreman, talking about how children are easy to manipulate. He didn’t strike a chord, he struck the whole keyboard). The pain, anguish, but most of all the determination, are clear on Ashi’s face.

Ashi (and her sisters) cut a striking silhouette - sharp and feminine and dangerous. My absolute favorite shot this episode is when she’s tossed the Foreman out the window, and she stands, slightly stooped over, entirely in shadow except for her eyes. (My second favorite shot was also of her - back in the island, under the moon, her head just above the grass line).

And Jack’s gone off with the green horseman. Pale horseman? Death? Guess we’ll find out next episode.

2.17 ‘Flash Back’ liveblog

@elrhiarhodan threw out the idea of doing a meta about Flash Back.  I accepted the challenge.

I let it happen again.  I trusted someone I shouldn’t have.  Jay Garrick.  Zoom.

Keep reading

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hey maybe a dumb question and i don't wanna take up too much of your time but do you have any fic recs for mcspirk where it's primarily focused on jim?? tbh any fic recs you have regarding jim at all (any pairing) would be a dream!!! tysm

oh anon, I hope you won’t be mad for my delay to answer. Cuz I really want to rec some good-quality fics for u.

Unfortunately, due to my… weird trigger point, I haven’t been able to read many long slash fics (I basically only read fics have >20k words and rarely bookmark one-shots); I’m a strictly bottom!Jim person; can’t even read switch! I know it sounds more authentic if the couple does switch, but… what can I say, I’m not reading LGBT literature here!! So I don’t even need their sex life to be realistic I just wanna some delicious bottom!Jim. And for me, to imagine either Bones or Spock to say something like “I want you to fuck me” or spread their legs wide… for anyone… is my personal apocalypse… So, umm, to avoid being triggered, I’d rather read gen fics. But, trust me, gen fics are gems! They often have beautiful character portrayal and amazing plots. There’re so many great gen fics focused on Jim and have a great triumvirate dynamic that centered around the captain. Phew! Why am I ranting here… just… ignore me.

anyhow, here are some fics I’d rec:

★McSpirk: (unfortunately to me McSpirk means Jim and his two husbands… namely one sweet ass and two generous cocks… so you can imagine, there aren’t many fics fit my category since I can’t handle one second of spones sex… so these are mostly one-shots)

Always Watching You by  heeroluva (I’d rec u check the author’s page, she has some other hot fics and she seems like bottom!kirk only)

Private Dancer by  PUTIGRESS2012 (a kink-meme fill; McCoy & Spock find out that Kirk used to be a stripper! And are jealous and demand a private show. )

Jim Kirk: Dropping Eaves and Eaves Get Dropped by  kyliselle (I’d rec this author, too; since she’s another wonderful person that does only bottom!kirk)

Could Only Handle So Much by  Maifai (this is a really new one and it’s currently WIP; the tag here is not actually mcspirk but rather James T. Kirk/Spock & James T. Kirk/Leonard “Bones” McCoy (even better if u ask me), but I really love this fic so I have to rec it!)

★Spirk: (also featuring some fantastic protective grumpy bones) 

Atlas by  Angel Baby1 (you’ve probably already read this since it’s a classic)

You’ll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)  by  seperis (and the whole reboot series)

Sotto Voce by  sinestrated 

You Don’t Have To (Say Yes)  by  luminousbeings ( I love this one so, so much, srsly. And even it’s a spirk, the mckirk friendship is just sooooo beautiful)


Any Road Will Take You There by shoreleave

Safeword by shoreleave (and any work by this author tbh)

Standby by d8rkmessngr

And All the King’s Men by Mijan (and the whole Academy Series )

No Man’s Land by  shoreleave &  Mijan (this one deals with mpreg if that’s an issue for u)

Turbo by yeaka (a hot pwp, one-shot)


the Genesis‘Verse by Beamirang (Just go and read everything by this author!!!! She is my all time favorite, srsly. She’s just SO GOOD!! Her portrayal of Jim is like, omg, I don’t even know how to put it into words; the triumvirate dynamic is just AMAZING and her Jim and Bones OMG (இдஇ; ) )

What We Lose (is part of us) by  FyreFlyte

Twenty-Six and Legend by  llethe

Brothers in Arms by  mangochi

Perfect Strangers by  DeepBlueSomewhere (This is an academy fic, I rec it cuz it has so many little things fit my headcanon! hooray for academy era!)


There’re more but these are some good ones that I can think of at the moment. Sorry if most of them are “old” fics and you may have already knew. I hope there’s at least one fic you haven’t came across before otherwise I’d be useless. : )

And if you have any wonderful Jim!centric fics in mind u can rec me some, too! I’m always hungry for hurt!Jim centric fics, yikes.

Anyhow, enjoy reading!

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Can you rec any stories in which one of them is just very gentle and cute with the other? Maybe loads of cuddling? I don't know, something RNTMish maybe (not necessarily as much plot ^^) I don't know how to search for fics like this, there's so tag that would be fitting, is there? :(

I’m actually the worst to ask for fic recs, so sorry! I don’t read much, and I never got through RNTM so I’m not sure if the stories I like for softness and cuddling have anything in common with it. Anyway, here are my favorite soft, cuddly pics: @wankerville ‘s one glance and the avalanche drops (it’s a Christmas fic but it’s so sweet!) and her whole strawberry milk series. That series also has a past abusive relationship and that’s discussed a lot, and daddy kink in the second part, so if those are turn-offs then I’d skip that one. However, all her one shots are super sweet and soft and cuddly! Enjoy! 


Muffins’ Top Ten Games of 2016

Best Adventure: Uncharted 4

For my top ten video games of 2016, I thought I’d start with one of my favorite installments of one of my favorite series’. If you’ve never played the Uncharted game, I implore you to give them a shot. If you have played the first three but not this one, then you are missing out. This installment calls back to the whole series but easily stands on its own. Uncharted 4 has a stupendous amount of adventure and quality to it. Calling back to Laura Croft, Indiana Jones, 007, and The Goonies, this game is Adventure. Following the style of the previous titles, in this game you’ll play as the intrepid, clever, charismatic, and insanely fit/lucky Nathan Drake alongside familiar and fresh characters, exploring a whole new array of beautiful and terrifying vistas ranging from Italian Estates, to lost desert islands in search of fortune and survival. The gameplay consists of third person firefights, nerve racking platforming, and distinct puzzle solving that creates an astounding, interactive, cinematic experience full of gorgeous level and art design, well-paced action, and phenomenal dialogue by two of my favorite voice actors and an incredibly talented cast. The excellent story writing is exactly what is to be expected from Naughty Dog, being both focused on the search for the treasure and the people who are on that search. The stealth system has never been better (and I personally was ecstatic for it) but the firefights are still just as fun and have only become crisper. The addition of the grappling hook is also quite welcome adding new options to traversal and combat. If I had one criticism, I was somewhat disappointed the game was missing a certain key element usually found in the series. If you have played all four titles, you’ll know what I’m talking about. However, after my second playthrough, I realized that this was a vital change that contributed a lot the theme of the story. Full of mystery, suspense, humor, drama, action, and Nolan North at his finest, this is a game I recommend to everyone, with the stipulation that you’ve played the first three Uncharted titles first. 

Rating: Delightfully Fun. Fantastic Story with a stupendous cinematic execution. Realistic but not uncanny animation with a plethora of distinct settings. Naughty Dog is the best at this style of game and is always improving. A fantastic, refreshing, and highly investing experience I loved from beginning to the conclusion of the saga. Thank you for some of the best games I’ve ever played Naughty Dog. I look forward to Lost Legacy. :)

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do you have a favourite screenshot?

One of my favorites is the last shot from the final cutscene in Unwound Future. It’s such a short scene, but its very important, story-wise. It’s the moment of catharsis for the game and for the whole series, really. There is no spoken dialogue, no music, nothing except faint birdsong. Nothing else is needed. Layton gazes out at a blue sky, his hat removed, symbolizing his release and freedom to start a fresh future for himself. I can’t think of any better way to end the series. 

if you haven’t, you should (part xx)

Twentieth installment of my Olicity-centric Arrow fanfiction recommendations, parts: I, II, III, IV, V, VI,VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI,  XVII, XVIII, & XIX.

  1. Humanities by dettiot. The final (not interrelated) follow-up to Women’s Studies, the whole Core Curriculum series (each follow-up is a possible road Olicity could have traveled after the events of Women’s Studies) is fantastic, but Humanities has definitely been my favorite as it brings WS into a slightly altered Arrow canon and really explores the changes both Felicity and Oliver undergo in their time part and how they grow together and inspire the other to be the best version of themselves. And while we’re rec’ing @dettiot, I also have to pimp: Caveat Dator, a fun little one-shot set in season 2 where Oliver regrets the million dollars he gave to Felicity, aka an ode to short skirts.
  2. Monsters in the Mirror verse by thatmasquedgirl. I’ve recommended this verse before but the wifey has been posting some stellar one-shots in the Deathstroke!Felicity verse since my last rec post including: Well-Oiled Machine, Playing with Fire, Out of the Clear Blue Sky, and my personal favorite because Quentin Lance POV is awesome and seriously no one does it better, Fun and Games. There is also the updated to @thatmasquedgirl‘s mind-reader!Oliver verse that should not be missed: Melding of the Minds. And her Mentalist take on Olicity, Going Mental.
  3. Summer of Sorrow verse by fiacresgirl. A series of interconnected post-season 4 one-shots that explores how Felicity copes (or actually doesn’t) with the fallout from Havenrock – using Oliver sometimes to do so – and is roommates with Lyla and baby Sara now that Diggle is back in the army. I absolutely adore @fiacresgirl​‘s head-canon about Lyla and Felicity living together and want it so bad! Make it so Arrow writers!
  4. Man’s Best Friend verse by AlexiaBlackbriar13. There are two one-shots in this verse so far which re-imagines Arrow season 1 if Oliver’s PTSD was more fully addressed and Moira insisted on getting him a service dog. And @alexiablackbriar13 must be on a dog kick because she also has this amazing tale where a meta-human turns Oliver into a puppy: Give Him Your Heart (he will give you his). When she first teased this story it filled me with delight because I had random wouldn’t an Arrow/Shaggy Dog-esque AU be fun and then Lexi did it, only 10 times better than I ever could have hoped.
  5. As You Wish by QueenKLee. A re-imaging of season three following Oliver’s duel with Ra’s al Ghul filled with a delightful amount of Princess Bride references.
  6. Current!Verse by adiwriting. So far there are two one-shots in this verse which explores a post-season 2 canon divergent Arrow if Felicity was mutant (of the X-Men variety aka Felicity has a connection to Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters). I am DYING for more of this verse.
  7. The Unbearable Hotness of Being by MachaSWicket. Some of the fluffiest fluff to ever fluff AUs – a lovely escape from some of the angsty stuff I am reading – and told in text messages and emails format. While everyone is totally adorable in this one, Thea Queen is the absolute BEST. She shall mine and I shall call her my squishy kind of best. For a bit more plot and angst, check out @machawicket‘s Deceive, Inveigle, and Obfuscate a season 2 canon divergent story that tackles one of my favorite tropes – forced to marry/pretend marriage with real feelings folks are denying because if there is one thing Oliver and Felicity know how to do it is denial.
  8. who says life is fair, where is that written? by loony_lovegood. The first of what is supposed to be an AU verse where Felicity Smoak is Bruce Wayne’s little sister and OMG why isn’t there more of this yet??? I NEED IT.
  9. Political Animals by ellefraser17. A fun little what-if ride of the life and times of Mayor Oliver Queen.
  10. Sweet Misunderstandings by layalee. In which Oliver Queen is a goober and thinks Roy and Felicity are dating and reacts poorly to his mistaken belief.
  11. In the Moment (we’re lost and found) by callistawolf. A man wakes up in a room stripped of everything: no memories, no name, no nothing. The only thing he has is a blonde roommate and she doesn’t remember anything either. Or the one where mad scientists chose the wrong people to experiment on. A season 4 divergent tale.
  12. Caught it by the Blade by CheerUpLovely. A different way the hostage situation could have gone down at Palmer Tech.
  13. Vows by Abbie. Another faked!married tale, set post season two. These are my new crack apparently and @absentlyabbie​ does such an amazing job with the UST, stilted communication and denial.
  14. Five Times Someone Totally Got Mayor Queen and Felicity Smoak’s Relationship Wrong (and one time they were exactly right) by So_Caffeinated (so_caffeinated). 5+1 tale that explores Oliver and Felicity’s relationship post-season 4 from the eyes of different (non-canon, so far) characters. Truly just a delightful look at Olicity. When do we get more @so-caffeinated​?

Oh, I’ve rec’d it before but if you’re not reading @dust2dust34​‘s Four Walls (Of Law Firms and Honey) then you’re missing out on the joy that is the wrongdirtybad take on Oliver and Felicity – it should NOT be missed.


I am such a sucker for nice fight choreography (blame all those stage-fighting classes in high school), and while there are much flashier and/or funnier fights in this series–Tex vs. everyone + comedy teleporters, three-minute single-shot freeway chase with the camera rotating 1440 degrees, zero-gee + jetpacks + cars–I think this one is my favorite.

It’s tense, it’s dark, it’s quick, it’s hyper-stylized, it makes fantastic use of the whole hologram-projector thing, and the whole mess is happening between four characters who are extremely sympathetic for extremely different reasons. It’s not hard to believe something terrible’s going to happen at the end of it.

My Top 5 Favorite Looking Episodes

In preparation of tonight’s TV premiere of Looking the Movie, I’ve been re-watching the whole series. Now, in honor of the end of a Looking era, here are my personal Top 5 episodes of Looking.

No.1: S1E5 – Looking for the Future

Why I love it: A mini-movie detailing the blossoming of Patrick and Richie’s relationship, featuring gorgeously-shot scenes all over San Francisco, frank depictions of gay sexuality, and honest, insightful discussions about what it is like to be gay & what it means to be gay in this day and age. A lovely, intimate, and nuanced masterpiece in all regards.

Fav quotes:

  • “I love ex-fatties. I feel like they’re always nicer people.”
  • “You have bottom shame.”
  • “You’re like, ‘Oh I’m gay’ and they’re like, ‘Oh, so you’re butt-fucking now?’”

No.2: S2E6 – Looking for Gordon Freeman

Why I love it: This Halloween episode is arguably the most funny and sitcom-y episode the show’s ever done. The party brings the entire cast together – in fun costumes, no less – and seeing them playing off each other is extremely satisfying. The second-hand embarrassment we got from witnessing Patrick’s gradual meltdown is cringe-comedy at its best.

Fav quotes:

  • “You’re literally the least fun gay I know.”
  • “Homeless gay kids don’t stop being homeless on the weekend, Paddy.”
  • “Your playlist is garbage!”
  • “Well, [Tumblr] is not NOT for porn.” 
  • ~Patrick’s entire meltdown monologue.~

No.3: S2E1 – Looking for the Promised Land

Why I love it: A perfect season opener that nicely showcases the friendship dynamic between the main trio plus Doris. The trip to the Russian River provides a nice change of scenery and pace for the show. That minute-and-half-long one-shot “rave in the woods” scene is an absolute series highlight.

Fav quotes:

  • “I really think this weekend should be the three of us hanging together, not us and 200 homos crammed in a pool.”
  • “I was working… and then everybody died. And now I get to get fucked up.” 
  • “Tomorrow you can tell me everything I probably already know, but… now can we just all watch the sunrise and pretend everything is gonna turn out fine?”

No. 4: S1E7 – Looking for a Plus-One

Why I love it: A well-executed pivotal episode that breaks off Patrick/Richie and starts the Patrick/Kevin mess that will last throughout season 2. The peek into Patrick’s dynamic with his mom provided great insights into Patrick’s WASPy psyche. Plus, major developments on Agustin’s and Dom’s plots as well.

Fav quotes:

  • “No it’s not just a pop-up – it’s the start of a Portuguese culinary revolution.”
  • “You don’t get it, do you, mom? Everyone I’m ever with, every guy I’ve ever been on a date with, I judge him based on what you’re gonna think of him. And it’s really fucking me up.”
  • “Well Patrick, if you asked me how I was doing every now and then, you’d know.”

No. 5: S2E7 – Looking for a Plot

Why I love it: Finally, an episode that is not Patrick-centric. This episode gives us a look into the past of Dom and Doris, serving as a nuanced examination of their relationship and a much-welcomed turn to flesh out the two lovable characters who rarely get the opportunity to shine.

Fav quotes:

  • “Even after you told him that you were gay, he still wanted us to get married.”
  • “Oh God, that’s terrible – but go on, I’m always interested in hearing about someone’s childhood that was potentially worse than mine.”
  • “Doris – I should be honest and tell you that sometimes when we were making out, I used to think about George Michael.  Dom – Well, just so you know, I did too.”
  • “I’m a big homo queer!! ” 
  • “There is no one else that I’d rather invest in more than you, you know that? ‘Cause you’re my family.”

I think I’m officially over Pemberley Digital. And that’s really sad to me because I came in so excited and so hopeful. But really, the aspects about LBD that bothered me grew and grew as other series came along, and I just think I’m completely over it. It’s not that I hate EA or FMD, and I’m still watching all the episodes that come out, but it’s more with a “Meh, okay, new video” attitude rather than the “Yay, new episode!” vibe I used to get when I was still hopeful.

I think most of it comes from what I’ve mentioned before–if you’re making a vlog, it needs to feel like a VLOG. It must feel organic, homemade. The Carmilla webseries that’s out right now is a bit more polished than some other series, but even it has a more genuine feel and honest humor than Pemberley series. My all-time favorite series, The Autobiography of Jane Eyre and Nothing Much To Do, both capture the raw, organic vibe of vlogging, which plays well with making us feel for the characters.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh, but I just don’t think that PD gets its venue. There’s no moving camera. There’s cuts to new angles that suggest multiple cameras in a way that really ruins the vlogging vibe. AOJE had very little budget, but even though they had many stationary shots, they utilized what they had to work with and took the camera outside the bedroom. There is a whole world to work with for vlogging, and Pemberley just doesn’t use it.

There’s still aspects I really like about PD series. It’s not all bad. But I think it would really help them if they would either drop the vlogging style altogether and go for a more traditional shooting style–a la Submissions Only–or really make the vlogging style real.

They have such great characters to work with. I think a change in filming style could help us better enjoy them.

TAB Opening Montage

Way back when, when TAB was put on Netflix in the states, I participated in a Rabbit stream with @softsons​ and @shlto​, and I remember one of the first points of confusion was the montage in the beginning thats supposedly meant to remind the viewers what we’ve seen so far in the show. Someone in the chat commented about how strangely cut and mis-ordered that whole sequence is, and it was brushed off as a flashy reminder for the casuals- strictly accurate timelines considered unimportant by TPTB.

Every time I’ve watched TAB since then, its gnawed at me, so I figured I’d throw together this (my first ever) meta on the subject. 

There is something like 35 scenes composing this approximately 2 minute montage, which means a lot of information is being packed into a very short time frame. The majority of it is in (at least close to) chronological order, covering the timeline of the show with mostly reference to the main episodes. 

Keep reading

Stop it

So I’ve been seeing some serious hate on the zexal and arc-v tags and I’ve got two words for you.

Stop it.

For the love of God stop it right now! People have different opinions and tastes so don’t force your views on others. 

To the people who are leaving hate mail and DEATH THREATS to people who love zexal and arc-v, stop it. You are going to far. I don’t care if you only like the original Yugioh, that’s perfectly fine but accept that people do like the others. At least watch a few episodes before you dismiss it so you can at least say you gave it a shot.

To the people who love the sequels, don’t suffocate those who don’t with your love for it. If you really want them to give them a shot, don’t shove it down their throats. Tell them about the good parts and accept that there are flaws. There’s no such things a perfect story. Don’t throw a hissy fit is someone called your favorite series trash. Stay calm and try to talk it out. If they don’t want to listen, then they are not worth your time.

Personally, Yugioh is one of my favorite series. I have watched it since it first came out, even making my own cards when my parents didn’t buy the official ones for me. I cried when it ended because I loved the show so much. But looking back on it now without the rose colored glasses, I can see there are a lot of problems with the show, especially the pacing in episodes. But I still consider it a good show despite it’s flaws. 

When the sequels started, I was unsure about it. I tried to watch GX and it just confused me with what it was trying to do. The show did have some identity issues jumping from parody of itself to the main character going evil. GX is actually at the bottom of my list of Yugioh series but I do admit that there are some good parts here and there, just not as a whole.

I nearly swore off 5ds when it was announced about the card games on motorcycles. I didn’t watch it for weeks until I heard a few things about the plot so I gave it a shot. I ended up really loving the first half of the series but was disappointed with the second half. It was clear that he second half was not planned out when production started as plot points kept popping up, linger, and disappear with no explanation. But there are still good moments.

Learning my lesson from 5ds, I decided to give Zexal a shot before making a judgment call. Zexal is now my favorite series out of the franchise. You can tell that the whole series was planned from the beginning though I do agree the start of the series is rather slow on getting to the main plot which did lose a lot of viewers at the start.

Still making my opinion on Arc-V but I do appreciate the effort the series is making to link all of the previous series together especially with the confirmation of Jack and Crow to appear in the future. I do admit that I do love crossovers, especially official ones

You see, I don’t like all of the sequels but I don’t hate them either. I still of fond memories of the original but do take the ideas from the squeals with stride. You don’t have to be a DM purist or a lover of all the series to be a Yugioh fan, you just have to like Yugioh in some way and respect others who differ in their view.

Moon Animate Make-Up 2!

Let’s Re-Animate An Entire Episode of Sailor Moon! Again!

In 2013, 250+ animators signed up for my project to recreate an episode of Sailor Moon in their individual style for each shot. The episode premiered to 1,000,000 views on YouTube and international critical acclaim for the enormous achievement. Moon Animate Make-Up 2 is the follow-up to that project so if you missed your chance the first time around, now’s your chance to sign up!

The episode will be released on Vimeo and YouTube in Spring 2016 and available to view for free. This is still just for fun and the project is open to animators of any skill level, from students to hobbyists to professionals.

We’ll be re-creating Season 2, Episode 68:  Protect Chibi-Usa: Clash of the Ten Warriors! We’ll be using the original Japanese language track and all animators will receive their dialogue translated into English and Romaji (romanized Japanese) to assist with the acting, and variations on the opening and closing credits will be created. Shots are assigned first come, first serve, and based off the strength of your work. If you’d prefer a certain shot due to your schedule or interest, your request will be considered. You can sign up October 12, 2015 by e-mailing me your name, e-mail, and a link to your website, blog or reel, at moonanimatemakeup [at] gmail [dot] com. If you could include your level of familiarity with Sailor Moon, that will help in assigning certain shots. Please do not use university e-mails. Any submission without an animation reel showing completed work will not be considered.

This episode was selected for featuring the early conflict between Sailor Moon and the (then) mysterious Chibi-Usa, the most Sailor Soldiers in the series by that date, and one of my favorite action scenes in the whole series, which I’m hoping potential animators will expand on. The decision to go with the Japanese audio was made due to several cuts made in the American version that would have excluded several essential scenes.

You can animate in any medium you want: paper, digital, stop-motion, shadow puppets, CG, pixel art, etc. You’ll be provided with the video clip of your shot for reference. You are responsible for pulling your audio track from it, and rendering and delivering your shot via the specs listed below. Use the original layouts from the episode as storyboards and as long as the characters are identifiable, animate them however you want.

Shots will begin to be distributed by November 1. There are over three hundred shots in the episode, so there are plenty of shots to go around. Priority will be given to animators who haven’t submitted yet and animators from the first Moon Animate who delivered ahead of schedule or on time. There is plenty of space for everyone so send in what you’ve got.

SPECS: 24fps, 960x720 (minimum), uncompressed, .mov

CONTACT: moonanimatemakeup [at] gmail [dot] com


This project has no affiliation with Toei, Kodansha, Nakayoshi, Dic, Cloverway, Toonami, or any related parties officially involved with Sailor Moon. This is a free project for animators because this is my idea of fun because I am a dork and everyone wanted another one of these. :)

Thank you!