this is my favorite scene in comic history

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Pearl for that character thing.

  • First impression: man does she EVER shut up
  • Impression now: i dont hate her as much as i used to but the writers need to stop using her as their own self insert since its clear that half of them have a thing for her lol
  • Favorite moment: the apology scene in on the run
  • Idea for a story: i really wish he had some sort of episode about pearl using the spaceship to finally explore but i guess not lol
  • Unpopular opinion: i thought her apology in on the run was fine. idk why people compared it to the simpsons episode when amethyst didn’t consider fellow quartzes family (at the time). also i had 0 problems with her petty beef with greg. idk why people called her abusive and manipulative during that scene like all she did was tease him. my bigger problem was with rose and that she was laughing at someone who’s literally been a slave all their life and she might have been the one person to save her/
  • Favorite relationship: idk all of them are shit
  • Favorite headcanon: something about her and blue pearl having some history is pretty neat honestly. or that one comic about how rose had to repeatedly lecture pearl that she needs to stop saying she belongs to her

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“Inigo Montoya, ‘The Princess Bride’” The start of one of my favorite scenes in cinema history. Years ago, I had an idea to draw the whole thing out in comic panels. It’d take way too long, and I wasn’t really up to it at the time. I know it’s reasonably cartoony, but the fight scene always gives me chills, the way Inigo won’t stay down, even though he’s supposed to, and the final lines: “Offer me money.” “Yes!” “Offer me anything I ask for.” “Anything you want…” “I want my father back, you son of a bitch!”

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