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Bakusquad Headcanons

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Laser tag

  •   So this is their “thing” every week after school is done they go laser tag blow up some steam
  •  The first time they go was because of some stress from some heavy school work, Kaminari suggested it
  •  After they get there Bakugou immediately  asks:

 "What do I get when I win"

 "You mean if you win" (Kirishima probably)

 "I know what I said"

  • They decide that whoever wins the round/session receives something from the others
  • If the winner isn’t Bakugou (“THE FUCK U SAID OF COURSE I’M GONNA WIN”) he makes lunch for the winner for a week(until the next session basically)
  • First he doesn’t care much and just does whatever
  • He eventually starts to make each lunch to what the person actually likes (character development trough food)
  • They decide to give Bakugou those handmade coupons with things like

 "LEAVE ME ALONE (for now)“

 "Shut up for (Insert time frame) minutes”

 “Not in the mood”

 "FREELY ROAST (insert name of person) for a whole minute no witty comeback" I feel like he uses this one most on Kaminari (sorry kami)

  •  They always put a “GROUP HUG” coupon, the first time he uses it they were studying (or trying to) but  they wouldn’t stop talking so Bakugou pulled that coupon thinking it was a “Shut up for__minutes”
  •  The rest of them are completely shocked (they did stop talking so it kind of worked) and then Kirishima is just like

 "Bakugou bro/babe (whatever u want to use here) do you mean it?”


“Look at the coupon…”

When he does realize what he did it’s too late mina’s already screaming “NO TAKE BACKS” and they all go for a big ol’hug

  • After this Bakugou keeps on using them on accident

It’s actually on purpose he actually enjoyed the hug (he was having a stressful week).

  • PRISEZ(Beside the lunches)
  • Mina gets everyone to indulge in a shopping spree with her, they have to carry all the bags of course
  •  They always end up buying a Neon crop top (usually like a gag gift)

 But she loves them all anyway and uses the crop top in the next round/session of laser tag.

  • Kaminari’s ends up being anything related to electric type Pokémon’s (plushies, key chains, cards, little figurines, etc…)

He ends up loving all of those gifts his favorite is a medium size Jolteon that’s always on his bed  (it was the first they got him)

  • Kirishima’s gets them all to come run/jog with him in the morning every day for a week ( he just really likes to have company)
  • (One thing first before Sero’s,  he loves spider-man)
  • Sero makes them help him recreate scenes from either the comics or movies
  • He gets Bakugou to be J. Jonah Jameson (as well has the villains)

 (I still haven’t watched spider-man homecoming ,I WANT TO THO)

  • But they try to make the hug in the car scene with Kaminari as Tony Stark.

 (i don’t really have anyone planned for the iconic kiss scene since between: sero/kami and sero/mina  and also ace sero i don’t really have a preference between them I love them all and can’t choose my favorite so…imagine it as u want)

  • The ranking for the most winnings to the most lose goes like:

Bakugou (most wins)


Sero/Kaminari (they basically have the same numbers)

Kirishima (sorry Kiri I just see him being super nice and worried, and the others sometimes trick him)

  • Most common offenders are Kaminari and Mina

“You’re going down bro!”

“OH really!?”

(kami starts running but trips, kiri gets worried and goes to help, boom, kami’s fine you’re out )

“SORRY BRO!!!” runs off to hiding

  • Bakugou is just like



  • Mina and Kaminari (and rarely Sero he doesn’t do it much) end up apologize profoundly and make it up for him (Bakugou never does it obviously)
  • Usually they agree to go run in the morning  one (1) day)for forgiveness

Bakugou sometimes tags alone even though he doesn’t need to


  • Sometimes Uraraka or Tokoyami join in
  • With Uraraka it stared  when she was talking to Mina about their squad and how it would be nice to have another girl in the middle of all the boys

(Uraraka and Mina she love them but sometimes the testosterone it’s too much)

  • Bakugou was listening and asked Uraraka if she wanted to join for laser tag they could do “double teams”:

Mina with Uraraka

Sero with Kami

and Baku and Kiri

  • They were actually very confused Bakugou said that and actually used Uraraka’s name

“…Did you actually invited someone to come with us…and you used their name while referring to them?”

“WHAT!? HAAAM!!! Uraraka is cool on my book"´(indulge me a little here)

“He used her name again…”

“Wait so you call her by her name but you still calll us with nicknames WTH!?”

“…She earned her name”


  • Uraraka is just like watching form the side lines

“Anyway….sure i’d love to join!”

  • Tokoyami just ends up joining them one day

He was talking with Kirishima about something or what not (they both got distracted) and ended up walking all the way to their usual place

 They just go on and play like normal with Tokoyama

  • He always wins

Just imagine Dark Shadow…(in that darkish environment) getting startled  and always ending up covering the sensors in Tokoyami’s armor as away to protect him

  • He just always wins…(poor dark shadow he is just worried)

(he eventually manages to stop that from happening)

Just one more thing

  • In the last week before break

 Bakusquad Vs Dekusquad feat Tokoyami 

ouraliceandthecatthings  asked:

Um hi! I was wondering what your favorite part of writing hevie is? That is if you haven't already answered. Big fan of your work!

Hey there :D 

There are so many different elements to heive that I enjoy writing that it’s really hard to pick! 

Hmmm, I think my favourite part is writing scenes where there is playful and flirty tension between them, something I think would be present in a lot of their interactions, given their personalities. When writing them it’s always fun coming up with banter and ways they can tease each other, always trying to outdo the other.