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Peculiars + present day Valentine's Day

Fiona: grows flowers that Hugh’s bees especially like. Of course, for Hugh she’d give him a painting of them together (I’d imagine her to be an amazing painter and artist)

Hugh: old but gold, he’d shower her in every single chocolate known to man; KitKats, kisses, crunch bars, Hershey’s, boxes of chocolates, those nice raspberry chocolate bars near the cash register at Nordstrom, absolutely everything! He read that chocolate improves moods and makes people happy and all he wants is for his gf to be happy

Enoch: I imagine him to write Horace a nice love letter. Enoch, not being able to fully grasp his emotions tries to write it out instead, but it comes out a bit awkward and confusing if not cute and dorky. Also a nice pillow for Horace to rest on :)

Horace: he’d definitely shower Enoch in pastries! Much like Hugh, but instead of chocolates, mini cakes and all of Enoch’s favorite sweets. Also, some nice clay sculptures that he made secretly. (It absolutely melts Enoch’s heart that Horace tried to make clay sculptures for him even if he can’t tell what they are!)

Millard: decides to make cards for miss peregrine, Bronwyn and Olive and Claire. With his neat, organized handwriting, his calligraphy skills are on point and he makes Miss Peregrine smile as well as make Olive, Bronwyn and Claire smile too

Olive: makes Bronwyn a cute drawing of the two!! Makes Bronwyn tear up as the messy mix of paint and the smiles of the drawings make her day

Bronwyn: Gives the girls boxes of chocolates and gives Millard a nice card. They both don’t have a valentine so they figure it’s best to celebrate their friendship over cards.

Claire: makes Millard a “painting” which is really just a mix of glitter, pink paint, and blue paint “what I think you look like!” Claire says as Millard tears up

Emma: gives Jacob warm kisses and prepares a nice picnic for the two. They’ve wanted some alone time to relax and what better idea than a picnic

Jacob: gets out his favorite camera and phone and takes pictures and selfies of him and Emma!! After the picnic they go to the pharmacy and dispense the film into pictures to make a “Valentine’s day 2017” album!!


|My favorit Cities in Assassins Creed|
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My favorite picture of Sky and Hayes 💕😌😍


44- picture that confirms your relationship and where he post:
1-Hayes where he post: Instagram : I lost the game but I win in love
2- Taylor - he post on Twitter: she thought I wasn’t strong enough to holds her
3-Cameron: Twitter and Instagram: my only and one #loveyoubabe
4-nash- Instagram: beach and girlfriend my favorite 2 things in the world
5- Matt- Twitter: they see me rolling with my amazing girlfriend
6-Shawn : Instagram: teaching my girl to how to play guitar
7-carter : Instagram: I love this girl so much
8-Jacob: Twitter and Instagram: we fought about who loves more each other
9-Dillon- Instagram: she makes me smile and happy
10-Aaron- Twitter : video game with my girl

Photoshoot Pics

*Preference #1

-His favorite photoshoot picture of you

*Jennifer Lawrence Edition*

Taylor Caniff

Aaron Carpenter

Shawn Mendes

Nash Grier

Cameron Dallas

Matthew Espinosa

Carter Reynolds

Jack Johnson

Jack Gilinsky

Sammy Wilkinson

Hayes Grier

Jacob Whitesides

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Do you think that in the last part of rise of the ogre, when murdoc talks about doing everything to get back at his dad, he was being honest?

(I had to go find it and refresh my memory..hopefully the picture is legible)

I’m not sure if I believe him or not… I think that the driving factor of him running off and creating the next greatest music group (though the first bunch were sub-par thanks to Murdoc’s lead vocals) was initially to get the hell out of that stink hole, away from the bullies, the bad memories, the negative people telling him that he’ll never amount to anything and prove not only them wrong, but also reassure himself that he’s worth a damn.

I think it may be partially true, though. Maybe fully. One of my favorite little details in Gorillaz is that framed picture of Murdoc’s dad that hangs in his Winnebago because of that little plaque. “DAD, Jacob Niccals, 1941 - 1998, In loving memory of a rotten father” I think this is so important because if you look at the death year, it’s 1998, the year Gorillaz was formed. Around Phase Two, Murdoc’s dad made a brief cameo and tried to steal some of Murdoc’s riches. The tosser’s not dead - Murdoc ‘killed’ him out of his life once he formed Gorillaz. He made a visual statement that he was throwing away the past and only focusing on his future and his success.

So, in essence, I think that getting back at his father and all those nobodies who put him down growing up was one of the reasons he did all that he’s done. His love of music and that escapism it gives was another one, of course. His selfish desire for lust and fame was a big one, too.

Of course, Murdoc is incredibly egotistical, a pathological liar, and the biggest manipulator on this green world, so we never do know with him. He’s made up countless stories before. Who knows what’s true or what’s false with him.

Magcon Preference #15: Picture He Tweets of You and Your Best Friend(s)💗

Y/T/N: your twitter name

Y/N: your name

Y/F/T/N: Your friend’s twitter name

Y/F/N: Your friends name



External image

@NashGrier:”Put the together you, get the devil 😈”

“Photo by @Bryant”


External image

@Camerondallas:”Spent the night partying with my two favorite girls 😊 … And Nash”


External image

@TheMattEapinosa:”PAINT WAR!! Totally kicked @Y/T/N and @Y/F/T/N’s butts!”


External image

@CarterReynolds: “Beach Babes 😘”


External image

@TaylorCaniff:”Road trip with these goofs”


External image

@ShawnMendes:”Last picture I caught of them in the sunset 😊”


@AaronCarpenter:”Shopping for candy consists of this with Y/N and her friends”

Jack G:

External image

@Jackgilinsky:”Probably got one of the best views of the night 😉”

Jack J:

External image

@JackJackJohnson:“Best girls to cruise around with ”


@Sammywilk:”We’ve got some partners in crime 😏”


External image

@SkateMaloley:“Amazing night with my beautiful ladies”


External image

@JacobWhitesides:”Pulling an all nighter with Y/N and Y/F/N so fill free to tweet us 😊”


External image

@iamKennyHolland:”Took them shopping… Guess who paid😐”


@Ruppism_:”Knocked out after playing video games for 5 hours straight”


External image

@HayesGrier:”Watching @Y/T/N and her friend is way more entertaining than eating my ice cream cone”


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Do you know any good cherik high school au?

Hi Anon!

There are actually quite a few excellent high school aus! Here are some of my favorites:

The City is at War by theydonotmove is an amazing series! I can read about Charles and Erik terrorizing everybody at school and having wild sex (together and with other people) all day long! 

When Hank first comes to Westchester High, he’s worried he’ll come across the same sort of homophobia that drove him from his last school. That is until he learns the school is run by the very rich, and very promiscuous, and very pansexual Charles Xavier. Now Hank’s challenge is ducking Charles’ advances and the wrath of his jealous boyfriend, Erik.

The Westchester High School series by Turtletotem has my favorite eyeliner wearing Erik :D

Charles is a science nerd. He has no shot with a glamorous bad-boy like Erik Lehnsherr, even if they are both mutants. (Inspired by this picture.)

The Bridgetown High Advanced Mathematics Society by Quietbang is a must-read. They meet in math club what else do you need???

The one where Charles and Erik meet in math club.

A Boy Like That Will Give You Sorrow by cm(mumblemutter) is a Twilight au that’s way better than the source material.

In which Charles is 200 years old and Erik is Bella, Jacob and a Shark all at the same time.


These two here are technically high school au’s, though Charles and Erik are adults (while the rest of the FC characters are in HS). Definitely recommend you checking them out as they are some of my fandom faves!

The Erik Lehnsherr’s Guide to Parenting series by keire_ke is laugh out loud funny Anon! I would feel bad for Alex being traumatized if it wasn’t so frickin’ hilarious LOL!

Alex disapproves of school car washes, despite the abundance of wet bikinis on pretty girls. Erik doesn’t approve of his son shirking money-making duties. 

Some Assembly Required by manic_intent is funny and heartwarming, and the kids antics are priceless. 

For the kmeme: “Alex and Hank were two teenagers who frequently fight in school. One fight got so bad that the principal called in their fathers (as both came from single-parent families)/ guardians for a conference. This was how Charles and Erik meet.”

Your friends favorite picture of you two

Cameron Dallas:

Nash Grier:

Hayes Grier:

Matt Espinosa:

Shawn Mendes:

Taylor Caniff:

Dillon Rupp:

Carter Reynolds:

Aaron Carpenter:

Jack Johnson: 

Jack Gilinsky:

Sam Wilkinson:

Nate Maloley:

Kenny Holland:

Jacob Whitesides:

*requested by anon*

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