this is my favorite pic of them


Sweetramenwonho, did you mean 30 of your favorite looks on your favorite member!? As you can see, I love him in jackets, turtlenecks, caps, a lot of accessories–basically a lot of layers. He looks so cool~

Hardcore Monbebe Challenge (16) Three of your favorite looks on your favorite member

10 Questions Meme - Simblr Pt3

This time I’m doing @thepathofnevermore​’s questions, cuz clearly I don’t require trivial things like, oh I dunno….SLEEP.

1. Do you prefer pre-mades or your OCs? I don’t bother with EA’s TS3 premades, most of them are horrible. They got considerably better right around Showtime, but by then I was used to making my own. :\

2. Favorite season in the games? Winter~~~! Ironic, cuz I despise winter IRL. 

3. Pink Flamingos? And do you kick them? In my earliest gameplay my avatar sim Sakura certainly abused her fair share of flamingos, I’m ashamed to admit. Girl’s got no home training. She’s lucky all my oldest pics got lost when my original external harddrive broke. There’s no blackmail material left. <_<

4. Open World, Fishbowl or the TS4 hybrid? Explain why. Even though the lag can be brutal at times, I am firmly on the Open World FTW team. All those loading screens every time you so much as cross the dang street is for the birds. It pretty much adds up to the same amount of time spent glaring at your screen anyways. At least with TS3′s Open Worlds there are cars and bikes. :P (Lookin at you, TS4!)

5. Tell us your first Sims experience: I’ve answered this a million times before, but yeah, my best friend had TS1, and when I went to her house she let me play it on her computer. Love at first sight. She showed me the ins and outs of how to build a house, but I got mad because my starter family was hella broke and I couldn’t finish renovating their crappy shotgun house. Neither of us knew about cheats way back then, so I was forced to actually play the game to earn my sims some money. :P

6. Share your CC folder size! I’m currently doing Boho gameplay. I rotate out my CC folders with every gameplay I do.

Not bad, considering what a CC-holic I am! XD

7. Do you prefer free-will or do you turn it off and control them like little puppets? I turn that free will shite OFF. It’s cute when I’m just doing some random gameplay session and I turn it on for giggles. But when I’m over here trying to take screenies and get everything situated just right, and this effing sim decides it suddenly has #Rights or whatever and proceeds to get up and take out the frikkin trash like I give a crap about some stinking garbage–!?

8. Favorite Sim death: Burn baby burn! Disco infernoooo~! Burn that motha down!

9. Okay you naughty Simblrs, what’s your favorite Woohoo place across the 4 versions? The hottub! It’s been a long-standing tradition of mine since TS2 to send my couples to a hottub to relax before I start torturing them.

10. Across the four versions, do you have a favorite vacation spot and activity? Shang Simla.<3 I love sending my sims to China, and goofing around in the tombs. It’s the prettiest world in TS3, I feel, but of course I’m biased. XD

Tag yourselves; these are fun!

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I wanted to come tell you about my favorite bumblby pic you've drawn (thanks so much for those), but I couldn't pick just one because they're all so fantastic. Seriously, thanks so much for putting so much effort and time into doing them, I love them all so much.



So after THIS THING took off and became singlehandedly the most popular post I’ve ever made and will never able to top, I’ve been wanting to do more DP sketches, with MOAR CHARACTERS

So here’s the main trio + Valerie, Paulina, Dash, Star, Jazz, and Dark Danny (Dan), all slightly older! I’ve already drawn Vlad but he’s my favorite so… Click on the pics for some fanons and notes!


Send one of the prompts below to get a response from my muse.

drunk texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) plea se eh elep me im drunk and i dotn know whe re i am
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i fukcing miss yo u
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i look so fuckigjn GOOD
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i csnst stop throwiging up
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fu ck you  for hurting me
  • ( ✉ → sms ) why dotn you ever call me anymore huh
  • ( ✉ → sms ) stop being so fuckigjn borign and coekm to my party
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i dropped my pzziza o nt eh floror im fuckgin pissed
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i j sut left you a 3 mintue long voicemail singing. sorry
  • ( ✉ → sms ) even when i’m durnk ic ant sotp thinking about oyu

hateful texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) you’re pathetic
  • ( ✉ → sms ) you make me miserable
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fuck you. delete my number.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) you never meant anything to me, anyway.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) fuck your apologies, you can keep them.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) congrats on always ruining everything
  • ( ✉ → sms ) my life would be so much easier without you.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) and next time you feel like calling me… don’t.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i don’t want anything to do with you anymore.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) if your goal was to make me hate you, then congratulations. mission accomplished.

misc/random texts:

  • ( ✉ → sms ) i think my neighbor is an alien.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) help me think of a name for my new dog
  • ( ✉ → sms ) sooooo… what was your first impression of me
  • ( ✉ → sms ) should i get pizza or chicken wings for dinner?
  • ( ✉ → sms ) no one’s ever made me feel the way you do.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i borrowed your weed. hope you don’t mind.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) why do they say drugs are bad when they make you feel so good
  • ( ✉ → sms ) today is the oldest you’ve ever been, but the youngest you’ll ever be again…
  • ( ✉ → sms ) [ File Attached: 001329.jpg ] of all the drunk pictures i have of you, this one is my favorite.
  • ( ✉ → sms ) i used your pics to catfish someone, and since they bought me a laptop… you have a date with them tomorrow.

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whats ur favorite pic of melissa?

askjdhfaksdfjasdfa UM. every single one of them?

look at her

flashbacks to glee when we had only like 10 pics of melissa and i was obsessed with this one

true kent farm vibes (ABS ASDKFJHASD)

UM. im gay?

classy af

LOOK AT HER. ready to whoop someone’s ass

bae :3

me? a heterosexual? while these lips exist? LMAO


this literally says THIRST GALA i’m not making this up

this is turning into spam but U ASKED AND LOOK AT HER

PRECIOUS :’D this is my phone background

lil muffin :3

FLASHBACKS. goddamn how is she so beautiful. she had me shook from the very start

this is like…. tHE LOOK

melissa in a hoodie? sign me tf up

ok but can u blame me

ok ok i’ll stop but like… all the pics, is my answer.

WAIT. how could i forget thE MOST ICONIC ONE. LEGENDS ONLY

my baker street boys


I finally gave in and did one of those cool pokemon variations going around \o/ I picked Chikorita (my radish baby) for mine and it’s based on different parents, mainly the father! I’ve always liked the idea that when breeding 2 different species from the same egg group, while the offspring will always be the same specie as the mother, it still carries traits of the father.

Which one is your favorite??

Edit: fixed Cacturne’s name cause I was dumb woops

Edit2:  I just want to clarify something since I didn’t make it clear enough. These are the offspring when you breed a Meganium with a pokemon listed in the brackets, so I want them to be a mix between a Chikorita and the first stage of the father pokemon, which in this case a Budew. I know the way I labeled them in the pic makes it looks like it’s when you breed a Chikorita with a Roserade, so it should look more like a Roserade, but that’s not my intention. They will look more like their father when they evolve though. Hope that clears things up!


Just a handful of scans of some of my favorite pics in the coloring book. These are transparent by the way, which means you can take after me and color them digitally! Just figured that since I’m going to such trouble to do this, I might as well share them with all of you. Use them as you wish and enjoy!

More: [2]

SugaKookie Appreciation

Where to start with these two..

Lamb Skewers buddies

Smiley Yoongi :D

The way they look at each other *Fangirls in distance*

Oh My Heart TT TT

The Hugs Though 

Kookie and Yoonji <3

These two …OMG 

Pictures Together <3 

Sleepy Babies

My Favorite Picture of them Bare faced and Handsome as Ever 

Oh my sweet Sugakookie I could go on forever about these two <3 much like i do with Sobe/Yoonseok.  Sorry for the long post and ramblings just have to many feels lately TT TT  Probably do some more appreciation posts later on but for now Love you All!! :) <3

| Gifs and Pictures are NOT mine Credits to original owners |


So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.

star wars aesthetics - padmé amidala (requested by @phereinnike) (x) (x)


We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?

Floriana livestream summary
  • bought a way too big beanie at the airport cause she didn’t bring a hat and was very self conscious about it and eventually took it off
  • read a comment and rolled her eyes and mumbled “do you ship supercorp”
  • pescetarian
  • scared of horror movies but still loves to watch them and called herself a chicken
  • after she said this someone commented with chicken emojis and she said “the lil chickens are funny” in the softest voice
  • loves Katie Mcgrath and her accent. Katie is traveling and sends the cast pictures and is really funny.
  • said she needs to take a pic with Chyler soon
  • “I really like shooting with Chyler all the time I don’t know what my favorite scene is.”
  • she will be 36 not 34 on March 26th
  • “I love Mon-El- well I love the people who play Mon-El and Kara obviously.”
  • someone asked her to describe Chyler in three words and she said “I need way more than three.”