this is my favorite photo from this tour


Here are a couple more pictures from @markiplier you’re welcome tour I have a couple more but so far these all my favorites. thanks again for all the laughs that you gave us all. It’s been great!

@crankgameplays @lordminion

3 years ago my favorite broadway show began it’s national tour— please enjoy this random pic (if u know what this is from we can be friends forever) newsies forever <3

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Tapioca’s enclosure. Since I just did a full cage clean I figured I’d give everyone an update and mini tour! Please don’t mind the temps! I’ve had my cage open for a while when I was setting everything back up.

Tappy is in an Animal Plastics T12 (4x2x2) but he’s currently only using half of his cage with a divider. I have LED lights installed which are only used for spot cleaning and quick photos. I’m now using a UTH with the RHP so he has two warm hides to choose from. He has a total of 5 hides, his custom Zelda ones being his favorite!

Now onto the tour!

Starting with the top of his ledge is his basking area and secondary warm hide. It’s hard to tell but it’s a reptile basics hide that’s under his substrate.

Now onto his main floor, where you can see his main warm hide (Zelda themed one on the left) that’s under one of his larger fake plants. This is also where his favorite “bridge” is where he loves to slither under it whenever he’s traveling between his Zelda hides. You can also see his spare, half log hide that’s pretty much buried.

Lastly his cool side with his two cool hides and main water dish!

run away with me

otabek altin week day 4: dj/music | social media (i combined the prompts again!)

Otabek opens the GoldenBeats instagram account on a Thursday. That afternoon, Yuri reposts the first picture and tags the new account with a quick little shoutout to “the boyfriend’s new shit!” By Friday, Otabek has 15,000 followers and the number keeps climbing. He has to turn off the notifications to keep his phone (and himself) from dying.

It takes a while for him to figure out the best things to post; which pictures have the most effect, what snippets of his songs sound best in the short loop allowed, how to crop and edit gig flyers to look the coolest and most legible on a cell phone screen. Eventually, he gets it. After a few months of slowly posting and accumulating followers and fans, however, he plateaus.

The problem, he comes to learn, is that social media is meant to be just that - social. People like personal interaction, it can’t all be professional updates and news, but that’s all he’s really been posting. He has a personal account for everything else for a reason. So Yuri sits him down and takes him through a crash course of the best way to connect to his audience without giving too much of himself away. He’s the closest thing to an internet master that Otabek knows, so obviously his advice would be the best to acquire.

He follows the instructions to the letter.

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anonymous asked:

If they are going on tour I'm happy for them, but not really interested since I won't be going. And I can't help thinking of all the videos we won't get because they'll be on tour and I'm not even going. I guess that's selfish? You say you're not going either, how do you feel about the possible tour?

Im excited for them! I’m sure videos will be less than usual, but I doubt they’ll be making another photo book so we’ll probably get lots of cute pictures and stories! Phil’s story time videos are my favorite, and a tour brings many opportunities for those. We’ll probably get videos made from hotel rooms and possibly a day in the life from one of the stops. Each event will bring new fan stories which are always fun to read. Plus, they both seem really excited and happy right now, and that makes me happy. It’ll be a new and interesting chapter for us all!

condescendingqueen  asked:

Thanks for the RECs. They are a godsend. Love you. I enjoyed the famous!trope rec. Can you rec fics where one of them is famous.

HOLY SHIT ! The famous!non-Famous trope is so perfect. Take a seat, it’s gonna be a long ride honey :)

(also thank you for your lovely comment! Love you more, you know?)

- Empty Skies  by @sadamenoito : For three years, Harry has been running from his past. Now, he is moving to London and pledges to fulfil his only dream – making it big in the music industry. Not everyone has a place, though, and the competition is tough. As is his past catching up on him.Louis is part of the biggest boy band of the world, and getting there had meant a lot of hard work, as well as sacrificing parts of his heart and soul. He’s still happy. Maybe not as happy as he could be, but who is he to complain? Featuring Perrie as Harry’s adorable flatmate, Niall as his manager, and Liam and Zayn as Louis’ bandmates.     (134k) 

- zipping across the stars , by hurreh : One Direction consists of five people; Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Gemma. When the band preforms at Wembley Stadium the boys are introduced to Gemma’s younger brother Harry.Louis wishes he had known that before he threw himself at the boy for six hours but he can’t stop now can he? (10k)

- shine by @lourrynavy : Louis is an actor who needs to get away from the real world. He does the only thing that he can and runs away, finding himself in a small town where he happens upon Harry. What Louis doesn’t expect is to somehow fall in love and end up having to face what he was running from all along.   (40k)

- led by your beating heart by @paynner : AU where Harry’s in One Direction, Louis isn’t, and they reconnect over a game of ‘Call or Delete’. (29k)

- Even As Young As You Are by ologist : Harry’s sister has a baby. When he goes to meet her, he finds more than one new love of his life at the hospital. (12k)

- Thought The Song Was Sung by @100percentsassy : Louis never auditioned for the X-Factor.  Years later, Harry’s just another gay ex-boybander who lives alone with his cat…   until Niall decides to take matters into his own hands and set up a profile for Harry on a dating website. (12k)

- Our blood is boiling , by twinks Louis meets indie singer Harry Styles, otherwise known as the bane of his existence, at a pub (6k)

- find me cause i’ll never find you , by highhopes: Harry makes his way through the people, stopping for pictures and hugs and Louis feels his heart beating rapidly in his chest because this is it. This is finally it. (or, harry is a famous indie singer and all louis wants is a picture) (1.7k)

- somewhere only we know by @bethaboolou: Personal assistant Louis knows something is up with his best friend and employer Harry. And it’s not just his big tour coming up or the ever-increasing womanizing rumors about the popstar. To get to the bottom of Harry’s moodiness, Louis decides he has to kidnap him and take him on a roadtrip up the California coast to Portland.The roadtrippiest road trip fic ever written. Basically an excuse for gratuitous fluff and smut with a pinch of angst tossed in for good measure. (44k)

- baby, you’re my only reason by zouisclimax    : Harry’s famous and Louis’ a big fan. or, “you’re a celebrity and you just broke up and i tweeted you a selfie and said “date me” and you thought i was serious?“ au (6k)

 - Dream Awake ,  by @protagonist-m On a hazy day in August, Louis sees Harry perform at a music festival as an unsigned act and convinces him to spend the rest of the weekend in his company. Harry gets signed; life changes. They never really wake up from the dream. (30k)

- It Happened like a Firefly’s Light  by LHStylinson : Harry Styles. It was a name everyone knew, a person the public loved. But he had one impossible task. Write and record his third album in a month. This is where Louis Tomlinson comes in. He wasn’t famous, not by any means. But this songwriter was going to make Harry’s album possible. That is if fans, the media and falling in love don’t get in the way first. (47k)

- Under the lights tonight, by @lillourry : Harry’s an A-list supermodel, Louis’s his make-up artist boyfriend. They’re something of a dream team. (20k)

- You’ve Been Lonely Too Long by amory : Harry has everything someone would need to make them happy: money, fame, a stunningly attractive albeit fake girlfriend, a supportive family, good friends, and a cat. But maybe he isn’t very happy.Louis sleeps around and no, he definitely does not have a problem admitting to that thank you very much, but maybe he’s just a little tired of waking up alone in the morning with only a bowl of instant macaroni and cheese to comfort him.Maybe letting Zayn play matchmaker wouldn’t be such a bad thing. (65k)

- i can be the motor (you’ll be the gasoline) by kiwikero : Harry is a British pop star living in LA. While trying to escape his reality of publicity stunts and record sales, his Harley breaks down. Stranded in the mountains, Harry has no choice but to call for help. And, somehow, a fit tow truck driver with the ocean in his eyes might end up fixing more than just Harry’s bike. (8k)

- With a Heart as Cold as Ice (You’re the Sugar to My Spice) by thetommo1d : Ten years of Louis Tomlinson’s life in which he loves, hates and pines over Harry Styles. (39k)

- Someone new, by anonymous : “Fuck it, let’s go do something.” Louis jumps off the basins and looks up at Harry. “Let’s get out of here and just fuck obligations and bullshit narratives and I’ll find something to write about later but, seriously, let’s just leave. You look like you could use a break from all this crap.”Or, Louis’ a gossip journalist that spends the day with Harry Styles. (7k)

- California Sold       Notoriously closeted boyband member Harry Styles is famous on a global scale, meanwhile Louis, as his best friend, is back home in Manchester, living the typical life of a 24 year old. When Harry needs Louis with him in LA, a publicity stunt gone wrong changes their friendship forever. A fake-relationship AU between two lifelong best friends. (123k)

Update (under the cut!)(last update April 4th 2017)

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Dear @taylorswift

The 1989 Tour Omaha night 1 brought a lot of memories and 10/9/15 will be a night I will never forget!☺️

I worked so hard to make my outfit and posters perfect to try and get Taylor to notice them. Before hand I knew I had upper bowl tickets but it wasn’t until I got there that I realized it was the very top row in the back of the arena. My mind was telling me how the heck am I going to get Taylor’s attention all the way up here. But that didn’t stop my from being crazy. I danced and waved my light up poster around the whole night. I never sat down. It was so bright it pretty much lite up the back of the heads of everyone in my section. I later found photos were you can clearly see my sign from any where in the arena.

As Taylor came to the end of the runway and prepared to rise up for Clean I remember wanting to record her speech to have and to listen to in the future so I hit record on my phone. THIS IS WHEN I CAUGHT A MAGICAL MOMENT.

Taylor begins to talk about how one of her favorite parts of the tour is having everyone lite up so she can see them, or “illuminated if you will”. As I’m taking in all her words she goes “if you don’t think I can’t see you at the top your wrong” and a THAT EXACT MOMENT my poster MINE showed up on all the screens. I couldn’t believe my eyes! As you can tell in the video I was so surprised I was yelling at my mom, “mom I’m on the screen, mom I’m on the screen!” I was freaking out! I couldn’t believe that had just happen.

It was after that I knew Taylor had seen my poster and knew I was there. Though she never actually knew who I was and we never met it didn’t matter. All that mattered to me was that she had seen it!

I cherish this moment and haven’t shared it with anyone until now. Thank you for everything Taylor ❤️ I love you!❤️

Forever and Always a Swiftie for Life,
Mackenzie ❤️

@taylorswift @taylornation



Thank you for voicing my favorite characters..
Thank you for bringing life to an anime character..
Thank you for being a loveable brother!
And…Thank you for always take care of Nobu! 😂

Now a little fact time,
A day before Ryouhei’s birthday, Nobu’s live tours, Happy Door, was held in Osaka.
Which means Nobu was away on Ryouhei’s birthday. (or I don’t know if he made it before its over)

That evening, Nobu sent a picture of Gelato to ryouhei and he posted it on his instagram with caption…

“Brag photo from the Nobu. . I will forgive you for today! Everyone participating in Osaka Live, enjoy! #Grom #OkamotoNobuhikoLiveTour2017 #I want to eat too # I want to go as well”

Lol just imagine Ryouhei-san shout “Kyou wa yurusu!” to Nobu really make me smile to ears. These two are really..

Once again, Otanjoubi Omedeto gozaimasu, Ryouhei-san!
Please take care of your health.
I will be looking forward to your future work!

p/s: @verloren9104 thank you for giving me the cute pic of ryouhei. Love you! 😘

royal family july 2017 photo challenge [4/31] : favorite look(s) of a female royal from a royal tour 

this is probably way more than most who are participating in the challenge will include in their post for today but, i couldn’t choose just one or even ten looks - i had to choose 45. these are all of the looks i have drooled over and wish were in my closet. the slayage from these ladies is unreal, y’all.

Brendon Urie's Stylist on the Panic! at the Disco Singer's Colorful Tailormade Style: Exclusive

For Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie, the embrace of “emo” spans at least a decade. But thanks to stylist Anthony Franco, the band is changing its tune, donning a new, colorfully clad style.

The self-taught designer and stylist first cut his teeth in the ‘80s and '90s dressing Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men and Lauryn Hill and outfitting MC Hammer for his “2 Legit 2 Quit” video. “When you come from making clothes for stars, you can’t give it up, which is why I like working with Panic!,” Franco tells Billboard in an exclusive interview.

After being introduced to the Las Vegas-bred group through their Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour director – who Franco worked with while styling Fall Out Boy – it was a match made in sartorial heaven. “I just threw a whole bunch of stuff in my bag from working on films like Waterworld and X-Men, made a bunch of sh–, met the boys, and they were like, 'We love you,’” he recalls. “They were babies, 17 to 20 years old, and I was already in my 30s, but from that point on, I became really close with them and have literally done every single thing with the band and Brendon since.”

How would you describe Brendon’s style?

The thing I love about the band is they’re from Vegas, so they kinda had a Rat Pack vibe with emo elements to them. With all groups, it’s the singer who usually has their individual style, and Brendon will wear anything I ask him to. He trusts me, and that’s a big thing; when an artist does not allow their stylist or creative team to help them create an image, a lot of times it looks like it’s forced. Personally, I can’t think of anyone out there with his sense of style. He loves his shiny fabrics, has stage presence, and to me, he’s always been a one-man show. He does take over, and the fans love it, and it’s great.

He seems to be a big fan of colorful and patterned tuxedo jackets, along with high-collar shirts. Is that your influence? 

Yeah, the high-collar thing came about when we were doing the “Hallelujah” video, where it’s a play on clergymen in a confessional. Instead of doing the band in collars – which is a direct reference to priesthood – we implemented that element into the shirts by raising the collar up. I love how Karl Lagerfeld dresses with his collars, so that’s what we go for. It gives an emperor’s look as opposed to looking like a preacher.


Brendon @brendonurie @panicatthedisco ready to give you an amazing performance tonite on @fallontonight - #brendonurie #panicatthedisco #tonight

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Jan 19, 2017 at 5:01pm PST

What about the colorful and patterned tuxedo jackets?

This started around the '05 Vaudeville eyeliner emo look, but I began noticing that the clothing started to elevate itself with shine and color. I wasn’t so nervous about it since I knew Brendon could pull it off, but it was also something that nobody at the time was doing, and it sort of came across as really Liberace. To avoid looking like a Vegas lounge singer, his fit had to be perfectly tailored and custom-made. I didn’t want to just throw him in clothing that we had to alter but didn’t work for him. As his stylist, I want to make sure that every time he’s out there performing or on the red carpet, he looks different, but it’s still his style.

Is there a pattern or color Brendon wouldn’t wear?

I don’t know if I would ever put him in plaid. I like textures, and leopard works perfectly for him. I think there is not a color now that we haven’t used. That’s why when we did the Grammy red carpet, we went for a clean slate with the white tux with silver thread in it and a fattened collared shirt (exclusive sketch below). Kind of like [Grammy-nominated best rock album] Death of a Bachelor, where a bride wears white. We flew in the shiny fabric from London, and I made the full look (tux, pant and shirt) within a week, because I have his pattern down perfectly. That’s fast for us, but with him, I don’t like to do things with too much of a lead time because we’re so creative we might change our minds. His fans love him, and it’s nice when they get in really close and can spot a new detail within that look.

What influences Brendon’s style the most: comfortability or design interest?

Since he’s an active performer, his pants have a little stretch in them, and his shoes have to be super comfortable. But up top, he will wear anything. I also have to be aware of sweating because he’s performing, so I will never use wool. He’ll start the show looking head-to-toe perfect and will start stripping stuff off, and before you know it, he ends up shirtless. [Laughs] For him, I think it’s really about a full look at the beginning, and then he’ll sort of taper down to get himself into it. For the red carpet, he wants to look perfect from head-to-toe.

When it comes to fashion, what excites Brendon?

He’s interesting because we know it’s the element of dress-up, and he knows that people love him for his music and his clothing. He gets inspired by fashion and is not an off-the-rack kind of guy. Brendon will never follow a designer just because everyone else is following a trend. It’s dress-up, but it’s not a costume nor gimmicky.

Brendon @brendonurie looks so good at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards - he’s wearing a custom Diamond White Tuxedo–We’ve done almost every color in the rainbow – This shining beauty is definitely one of my favorites. #brendonurie #panicatthedisco #grammys

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Feb 13, 2017 at 10:31am PST

How do you keep it from looking gimmicky?

The good thing is, with well-made clothing; it never looks cheap. And we put a lot into making sure the fit of the fabric and details are expensive, a.k.a. well-thought-out and -executed.

When he’s not performing, what does Brendon gravitate towards?

He’s all casual. Jeans, T-shirt, a hoodie and Adidas sneakers. He is straight-up comfort. 

Even at nighttime?

Oh yeah, he would never dress up to go to dinners and stuff like that. That persona of him is strictly  onstage. 


Brendon @brendonurie giving you one hell of a performance yesterday @iheartradio - wearing one of my favorite jackets in Army Green Lacquer ☠️ #brendonurie #iheartradio #performance

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Sep 25, 2016 at 10:50am PDT

What is your most memorable styling moment with Brendon?

His light-blue jacket with leopard T-shirt from his last tour. A couple, who met at a Panic! concert and eventually got married, sent a photo of their baby dressed up for Halloween in a leopard shirt and blue onesie jacket over it. It was so damn cute, and when fans start re-creating his looks, it’s flattering for us. The most incredible moment was when Brendon met President Obama after performing at the Kennedy Center Honors in a gorgeous bronze tuxedo, which we custom designed. It photographed beautifully, and I felt so proud to see my work on him while meeting the president. 


One of my favorite fashion moments - Brendon @brendonurie & Sarah @sarahurie at the Kennedy Center Honors 2013, both look so stunning wearing my designs. #love #friends

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Nov 11, 2016 at 2:35pm PST

This was a photo from “Better Off Dead” which was probably my favorite song performed on this tour because it was so unique and different from the original song. I went to the Charlotte show and Kellin brought a little girl up on stage which was adorable. Gabe also saw me waving twice and taking pics of him sitting on Jack and Justin and waved to me. I loved the experience (: