this is my favorite photo from this tour

George Harrison and Olivia Trinidad Arias waiting for the Dark Horse Tour band to clear customs, 2 November 1974, as included in the Living in the Material World book

Photo: Henry Grossman

“I fell for her immediately. She is a very calming influence. She has been very supportive and we are blissfully happy together. I told her I didn’t want her doing all that typing. We started going with each other, and four years later we married.” - George Harrison [x]

* * *

“Before she became Olivia Harrison in 1978, she was Olivia Trinidad Arias, an Angeleno whose grandparents immigrated to Los Angeles from Mexico.
She grew up in Hawthorne, hometown of the Beach Boys, which turned out to be a major point of interest for George when she gave him a tour of her old neighborhood.
She was working at A&M Records, which distributed Dark Horse releases at the time, and started chatting with Harrison when he’d call about business.
They found they had musical and philosophical interests in common and soon began seeing each other regularly. ‘I was from outside of his world,’ she says. 'I was shelter from the storm. I was simple, and he needed some simplicity at that point.’
She says she never really stopped to think about the implications of getting involved with a musician, much less an ex-Beatle. 'You can’t really think about it that way, otherwise you’re just playacting.’
How will she cope when all the projects are completed? Is she simply postponing the feelings of loss with all the activity?
Those are questions she doesn’t worry about, and she knows what George would have said on the subject.
‘One of his favorite things to say was, “Be here now,”’ she says. His song by that title, from his 1973 album 'Living in the Material World,’ remains one of her favorites, and it’s one she plays any time she feels in need of a booster shot of moral support.
'Sometimes he and Dhani would be talking and Dhani would ask, “Well what if this happens?” or “What if that happens?”’ she says. 'George would say, “Be here now. Be here now.”'” - “Here now, she lives for George” by Randy Newman, Los Angeles Times, 9 March 2005 [x]


So since tatinof was released today and I see everyone posting screenshots and gifs from the movie I decided against posting anything. But then I remembered I took my own sneaky photos from my tatinof show so I have decided to post some of my favorites. I know they’re not the best quality but I thought it’d be a little unique to post something that wasn’t from the movie. 

I really hope Dan doesn’t try to report me for this 


Bookshelf Close-ups Part 4/6

Some favorites from these shelves: 

  • The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
  • The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht
  • Unfettered anthology
  • The Rook by Daniel O’ Malley
  • Vicious by V. E. Schwab
  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
  • Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell
  • The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin
  • The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne
  • Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

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The closet door closes...

I recently saw a video (I don’t have a link, I don’t know where it came from) of the boys outside a photo shoot on 8 August 2011.

These “bulletproof weeks” are my favorite era, because I think it was the last time we saw them truly relaxed and natural. Here are a couple of screen caps from the video. They know they are being filmed:

(It’s possible they are holding hands here, or Harry is fixing his pants, but regardless, Louis’ hand placement is my favorite)

The natural body language makes me weak.

I saw a gifset today of the Detroit 95.5FM Meet & Greet on 26 February 2012 and it really drove home just how quickly their world changed and how much Louis, especially, struggled with that in early 2012 as they did their promo tour in America.

This meet & greet was about 7 months after the photo shoot video in August 2011. Louis hovers near Harry, reaching out to grab his arm at one point, and Harry senses his discomfort and rubs Louis’ back.

It hit me…this was only their second meet & greet at a radio station in America. They didn’t do meet & greets like this on the first leg of the UAN tour in the UK. They had done book signings and met fans backstage, but not quite like this. This was also the first meet & greet like this where there was video allowed. 

So consider 8 August 2011, when they were 2 weeks into promo for an album that came out in November and hadn’t even released a single in the UK, let alone signed a contract for U.S. distribution. 

And then consider their behavior as they began their promo tour in America at the end of February 2012.

They’d been thrust into this whirlwind promo tour that was, in Louis’ own words, “relentless” with an entirely new set of rules that only applied to Harry and Louis. They had likely been told not to interact as they had before in front of these new American fans and Louis was floundering a bit, struggling against his natural instincts, which is to reach out for Harry when he’s feeling unsure.

And then March 2012 happened.

The effects of this on their relationship must have been profound. But they didn’t back down. They still haven’t. They’ve worked so hard to counter these natural tendencies, going so far as to stop looking at each other, but they still slip through every once and a while.

[gif source]

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hi, i’m jessi and this is me with one of my absolute favorite bands villain of the story. not many people know who they are because they are a local band in minnesota. the band is made up of 4 guys; christian grey, logan bartholomew, michael ivers and sean wayne. they don’t have a drummer yet but they had a fill in that flew all the way from tennessee. this year on warped tour 2015 they got the opportunity to play the minnesota date in shakopee on july 26th. this was my 3rd time meeting and seeing the band and let me just say they are the kindest band out there. they’re really really talented and their niceness is indescribable. if you like bands like of mice & men you’ll like villain of the story. i had so much fun meeting them again at this show. they all remembered me there and at the show after that in early august. they treat their fans like friends and honest to god are SO FREAKING TALENTED! PLEASE check this band out they are so so so so sweet and i hope they get the chance to play warped tour 2016. they aren’t signed yet but hopefully they will be someday. they will get big. again, check them out you won’t regret it.

just for fun and bc mitchell’s birthday is soon, i’m gonna start this thing n i encourage u to do the same!! you can make photo/gif edits, video edits, text posts, fanart, etc. !! just spread the love for my baby! tag ur posts as #15DoM and have fun !

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In the Stone Garden, by BryanSwan

Just randomly happened to be browsing some of my older photos when it became abundantly apparent that this one desperately needed to be reprocessed. Shot this several years back when I got to play hooky from work to do a private workshop / waterfall tour with an out-of-state client. Just so happened to come away with my favorite shot of Elowah to date.

#TBT. It’s throw-back Thursday and our resident historian and all-around Spirit of Atlanta guru Mike Morris tells us the story behind this amazing shot:

“This photo of Debbie Chambless Gilbert and the late Skip Kelly from 1986 is possibly my favorite of all the drum corps photos that I have taken in the past 40 years.

The photo predates digital photography by about a decade, and I would usually try to find a 1-hour film developing joint the next day on tour (usually at a Wal-Mart or similar place). I don’t remember where the photo was taken, but I do remember picking up these pictures the following day and looking at them as I walked through the store. I came to this picture and it just stopped me in my tracks.”#40YearsOfSpirit