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Favourite MikaYuu moments?

I’d post all of chapter 37 if I could

A gem, I tell you

Ch 40: true partners

Ch 44: Yuu das gay

Ch 52: he protecc

Bonus: that small addition they made in the anime

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It was a good liveshow just sayin

it was :( phil is so irritatingly adorable im gonna yell. the linguistics lesson was great :( and i’m still shaken over how he so voluntarily talked about that mince pie list and didn’t miss a beat in saying that it will help them pick which mince pies to eat next year, bc obviously it’s just a given that they’ll still be together, still sharing a home and a life, still celebrating the festive season with each other next winter :( and as sad as the demise of the rave tree is, the image of them switching to a real christmas tree bc phil likes the pine needle scent and it reminds him of his childhood, and the image of them going to a christmas tree farm or something to pick one out together is so fucking lovely i could cry :( october to december has always been my favorite time for following dnp bc they’re always just so happy and they always embody the festive spirit so palpably and watching phil today just made me feel some of that joy. he was so smiley and warm. i’m glad they’re both doing so well right now. 

When I was in 5th grade we had the shittiest school in our district. Naturally, our class made it our goal to make our teacher quit. At least two kids got sent to the principal per day, my favorite reason was that they turned in a essay that was the Declaration of Independence in the font wing-dings. Another is when my friend K and I coughed periodically during a documentary on killer whales. The class after us made her quit by doin what we did, but so much worse. Like one girl took her older sisters pads and stuck them on random parts of the classroom. A boy moved things off her desk to another part of the room. It was great.

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Hi sweetie! You are so great and an absolute joy of the fandom! What picture is your favorite that you have made?

Hi there!  Thanks so much for your nice comment!

I just had a look through my folder, and it turns out I have well over six hundred images, and over two hundred gifs.  That makes this question really difficult!  I can tell you that there’s a few images I like for different reasons.

This one is a favourite because I have no idea why I thought of this idea, but it was in fact an idea.  I literally searched out for an image of someone skateboarding in a suit, put Lestrade’s face on it, added sunglasses, added a cat and put it over the NSY building.  It was intentionally bizarre, and I was funny to probably only me.  But that’s fine!

I love making logos, so making up this one for the fictitious band belonging to @finalproblem was particularly fun.

I had this one printed out and on my wall for about four years. It still makes me smile. 

And I am adding this one here because it got a ton of hits, mostly for the added stuff after the original image.  This one was pretty fun to make, required a lot of careful close cropping, and I thought it was really funny.

That’s it for now, I hope this works for you! 

So (for those of you who don’t know) I’m a substitute teacher. And this week, I made the specific effort to be at a specific school on the day when I knew David Wiesner (award winning author and illustrator of 10 AMAZING watercolor, handpainted, children’s books) would be there.

I tracked him down in the school library to ask him to sign a copy of his book Sector 7. I was super nervous because everyone else (who went to/worked at the school) ordered theirs ahead of time. I was terrified he’d say no because I’m a lunatic with anxiety. When I got to the library, my anxiety kicked into high gear because HALF THE TEACHERS WERE THERE FOR A SPECIAL BREAKFAST!!!

I stood awkwardly in the library holding my book for 15 minutes while I waited for him to be alone because I was embarrassed to be asking him for his autograph and didn’t want him to say no in front of another teacher. Finally, I saw an opening and asked him to sign my book. (I explained that I was a substitute so I couldn’t order one.)

Not only did he sign it, he also drew a character FROM THE BOOK on the title page along with his signature and “To Giselle”. It was so great! I also told him that my dream is to be a writer, and he gave me some bits of advice for how to break into the world of writing children’s books (which I want to do in conjunction with YA and maybe adult books, though that’s more of a question mark.)

It was a brilliant experience. BUT it doesn’t end there. Today, I went to a different school, where I was a substitute librarian. Why was I a substitute librarian?? Because David Wiesner was presenting at THAT school, and the librarian was going to be with him all day helping him with his presentations. I had nothing for him to sign today, but I got to hang out with him a bit before school and talk to him. AND I GOT TO HAVE LUNCH WITH A 3 TIME CALDECOT MEDAL WINNER!! And he actually talked to me and asked me questions about my life and career, and it was amazing!! I’m still freaking out!!!

And that is the tale of Giselle’s first networking experience as a writer. Please excuse me while I die in a corner from over excitement.

Creepypasta #1310: Seventy Years Ago, A UFO Crashed In Roswell, New Mexico

Length: Medium

Not a weather balloon or a satellite or any other clandestine, top secret human-made object. No. It was a goddamn UFO and I’m tired of repeating myself, of the ridicule, of the cover-ups. I’ve got alien-lore running in my blood, see. My grandfather owned the ranch adjacent to the one where it crashed, then my daddy after him, and now me. I’ve grown up around countless tales told and retold about what happened that night exactly seventy years ago. Some I’ve memorized by heart.

I think the detail that always stuck out to me was the one about the beings. According to my grandfather, there were three aliens. One died at the site, one died in custody, who the hell knows where the third one went. And that’s what gets me; where is that one, did it escape, is it still living out there, somewhere in the desert? Is it afraid? Or plotting revenge? Sometimes, late at night, I’ll stay up speculating about what happened to it. I’d like to think that it’s still out there somewhere, watching, waiting.

At least, that’s what I believe. And daddy always told me all that matters is the belief.

I’m sure you all know that in early July 1947 some thing crashed into a field in Roswell. And you’ve probably heard all about the debris and the speculation and those who were labeled conspiracy theorists for contesting those speculations. But have you heard about how the animals still avoid the crash site to this day; how compasses go crazy when you walk through the area; that, sometimes, at night you can hear a strange, keening sound boiling up from the ground, like something is buried way, way beneath the surface?

Now, if you’ve ever seen Breaking Bad, you know just how damn desolate New Mexico can be; you can hide a lot out there, even whole flying saucers. And sometimes I wonder…what if they never took the thing, what if they left it right where it was, hidden in plain sight, or, at least underneath it? What if that’s why strange things still happen around here? Thoughts like those kept me up for longer than I’d like to admit, so I did the only logical thing one could do in this situation, I figured out how I could profit off of it.

And I started giving tours, letting those who want to believe peruse my land, scour the sky. Make a decent buck off it too. But I’m not here to brag about my business savvy, no. I’m here to write about something else I saw, last night, slipping between the stars, obscuring the moon. Told myself I’d finish it before the tour tonight. So here we are.

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hi!! so you made this really cool really cool comic a few months back (all the way in september) and it was for a horror audio by shamlife? and I was wondering if you had heard and other good horror audios that you'd recommend?

I feel like I’ve already talked about it on here but Limetown is probably one of my favorite podcasts ever (season two hype!!!). It’s really good horror, I had to stop listening to the episode about the pig midway through because of how bad it was messing me up.

Another podcast I’ve been really liking that I feel has good horror potential is Archive 81! idk how scary it actually gets because I’m only a couple episodes in but it’s really good…

sadly that’s really all i’ve got… good quality audio horror is really hard to find in the like, swamp of people doing dramatic creepypasta readings lol. if anyone has any other recommendations PLEASE let me know, i’ll be forever in your debt.

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My favorite SU character is Jasper partly because I'm gay as hell for large women and partly because she has so much backstory to be revealed and the potential to realize her self worth through a redemption arc

I agree, Jasper has some amazing potential for her redemption arc. I would argue she might have one of the most heartfelt roads to recovery, infact. Especially if they play up the “sis” remark Amethyst made while bubbling her… It’s gonna’ be good when they get to that part of the story. :D

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Well just bought my People Magazine and one of my favorite quotes in there (besides the obvious Gwen stuff we already know) was about his Mom and how "she always made me feel super good about myself." and "She'd always say something that would completely turn the day around for me." Blake's a little bit of a momma's boy, and it's adorable. So sweet. I thought the article was really sweet and presented Blake in a great way. And also, ML was not even mentioned at all, thank God. Moving on!

Oh thank god! Thank you People for not mentioning her. I haven’t seen the article yet, I’m going to the store tonight and I should have it in my mailbox when I get home 🙌🏻

The love they have for their family is probably one more reason they fell in love with each other


The Marks of Running Ink

[ In a normal world, having a soulmate is usually considered a blessing, in a normal world, when their words appear on you finding them is not something impossible. But Tory Miller doesn’t live in a normal world. No. Her world is the stuff of nightmares, the dead walk, the living kill each other and soulmates are not important. Nothing is more important than surviving. ]

I made another moodboard! 

This time I decided to surprise my good friend @to-pick-ourselves-up-7 who writes this incredible Negan soulmate series called The Marks of Running Ink.

It’s one of my all time favorite fics, and if you haven’t read it yet, you’re really missing out. You can find the masterlisthere ↫

(I put the reasons why I used the images in the tags if you’re curious.)

Today is a magical day! Does anyone know why? Obviously today is the day Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon come out! But it truly is a special day for me. 😊Pokemon is coming out today AND 15 years ago today was the day Metroid Fusion was released.💖 this date is significant to the 2 most important games in my life. 💗 Metroid Fusion was the first Metroid game I got to own. (I was either not born/too young to even know what a game was when the first 3 games were made and had to track them down as I got older.) I had gotten completely attached to Samus through Smash Bros 64 and today was the day I finally got to own and play one of her games! 😄💕 I will never ever forget this day. I’m so happy I’m literally gonna make a cake to celebrate 😅 Metroid Fusion is forever my favorite Metroid and my favorite game of all time.💙

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Thank you @dogmaticdeux so much for tagging me. I am quite happy and thrilled.

Name: Aleyna ( I really hate it)

Nickname: I don’t remember having a one

Gender: Female

Star Sign : Virgo

Height: 1.55 or 1.57 i don’t really know 5'1 or 5'2

Sexuality : I am unsure

Hogwarts House : Slytherin

Favorite Animal: I really love lots and lots of animals but i think owls are my favorite

Average Hours of Sleep : 6-8

Current time: 00:07/ 12 a.m

Dog or Cat Person: I love both animals

Blankets you sleep in : One

Dream Trip: Japan

Dream Job: There are lots of jobs i would really like to try but i am not exactly sure which one is my “dream job”

When i made my blog : I don’t really remember but i think at least two years ago

Followers: 150 ( i really would love for porn blogs to stop following me)

Why I made a Tumblr blog: Because i wanted there to be a site where i can freely share what i want,follow stuff that i like,to share my thoughts. I also liked being able to not get judged for what i like and be free.

Again i am really thankful to @dogmaticdeux for this. People i tag here have no obligation to answer these questions. @no-soul-freak @3rdeyeego @timelord-at-hogwarts ( i know that we have been friends for a long time but still i would like to know your answers as well) @deracine @stonesandleaves. @requiem-on-water @pearlchen @abnormalbox

Also if anyone feels uncomfortable being tagged here please let me know and i will remove it.

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I love baby Sarge and baby Cal and baby Lightning actually baby cars in general they're so funny and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MY QUESTION IS: Who are your favorite and least favorite characters in Radiator Springs?

I’m glad you like the smol bbs :) They’re so fun to write!

Uh, this is a tough question. Hmmm.

My favorite RS character is probably Ramone. He’s beautiful and shameless and loves Flo so dang much. I love his hydraulics and how realistic they made them look and sound. Also, Chip Foose inspired paint jobs? Yesssssss.

Least favorite? Is that even possible? I like them all in one way or another. Maybe… Luigi? But like, I love his dramatic-ness. Maybe it’s because I don’t think he’d amount to much without Guido there beside him? I don’t know. For a least favorite I still like him a whole bunch.

  1. Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.                My favorite movie is constantly changing, but my current favorite has to be The Great Gatsby. I honestly only watched it because I read the book in school & watched the older version of it. Reading the book, I knew what would happen throughout the movie, but seeing it remade was amazing. The score, the effects, it made me feel so much emotion! That’s honestly one of the few movies that can make me cry. Idk, I guess I just relate to hopeless romantic love stories.
  2.     Talk about your first kiss.                                                                     My first kiss, caused me so much anxiety. It was with this guy I wasn’t even dating or sure that I liked & he’d always follow me & my friends around the mall on Friday nights & be really touchy feely  with me. & One night he pulled me away from my friends & into like Macy’s & just kissed me. I honestly was not prepared for it & once my friends found me they pulled me away & kinda yelled at him as he just grinned. I was still in shock & couldn’t really say anything, but all my friends kept asking what happened & if he kissed me. 
  3. Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for. Oh, yikes. It’s getting serious now. lmao. Ok, welllll I don’t know where to start. It’s like, they’re my best friend. I’d honestly do anything just for them to smile & it physically causes me pain when they seem unhappy or if we aren’t on good terms. I get this ache in my chest & it’s just, ugh. It’s the worst. They make me happy. They make me sad. They make me laugh. They make me cry. I’ve never felt so complete with someone before? I’m not sure that’s the right word? I honestly don’t know what to say & am rambling, but regardless, I’m glad they came into my life. I honestly don’t know how I’d ever live without them now. That’s something I never even  want to think about.
  4. Talk about the thing you regret most so far.                                      Right now, I kinda regret moving across country…that’s it. lol.
  5.     Talk about the best birthday you’ve had.                                               I honestly…can’t even answer this. I don’t even know.
  6. Talk about the worst birthday you’ve had.                                          The worst birthday I’ve ever had was my 5th birthday. My mom got  a clown to perform & I fucking hate clowns. Like, I’m not afraid of them, but they just try to do dumb, goofy things to make you laugh & it’s just not funny to me. I hate them.
  7. Talk about your biggest insecurity.                                                       My biggest insecurity has to be this scar I got when I was in elementary school. I’ve literally cried about it before because I hated it so much.
  8. Talk about the thing you are most proud of.                                           What I’m most proud of are these photography ribbons I won in like…10th grade? I’m really proud of them because I won a first place ribbon & another one for best in show. I love photography so much & so that meant a lot to me & I was just extremely happy to win them.
  9.  Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.                 I like my freckles the most. I have a bunch on my right hand & then some near my eyes & over my cheeks. I think they are adorable! I just wish they were more noticeable. I love them. I also have these moles?? on my arm, my rib area & on my biceps & they are all in a group of three. Like in each spot there’s three & that’s it. It’s weird?? lol.
  10.    Talk about the biggest fight you’ve ever had.                               Physically? I got in a fight with my best friends cousin in middle school. I thought we were friends, but one day she just lost it & we got in a ‘fight’. Which consisted of her slapping me & me pushing her into the locker before going to class. lmaoo. If this means relationship wise, then honestly choose any of my exes & just name something random. Chances are, we fought about it. LMAO.
  11.    Talk about the best dream you’ve ever had.                                             SKIP! It’s not appropriate. (:
  12.    Talk about the worst dream you’ve ever had.                                         I had this nightmare that my little sister had gotten kidnapped & killed. It was so vivid. I remember I woke up & then cried to my mom. It was the worst. /:
  13.    Talk about the first time you had sex/how you imagine your first time.                                                                                                              It was embarrassing. We got walked in on by his dad. I died.
  14. Talk about a vacation.                                                                                 I went overseas a few years ago, traveled around Europe. It wasn’t really a vacation, I went for school, but with all the drinking & partying we did, it was basically a vacation. lol. I want to go  back, maybe travel to some other parts next time. It was amazing.
  15.   Talk about the time you were most content in life.                                 When I didn’t have to pay bills, didn’t stress about my future & didn’t have to pay bills!
  16.    Talk about the best party you’ve ever been to.                                  The best party I’ve ever been to was actually a baby shower. It was honestly the best time of my life. Everyone was so drunk (including me). lmao. I still have videos of it in my phone. It was WILD.
  17.  Talk about someone you want to be friends with.                                 I’d honestly want to be friends with Rihanna or Kehlani. I love them so much & they seem so chill & funny. Honestly the types of people I’d be best friends with. Just relaxing, do dumb, goofy shit. Would be amazing.
  18.    Talk about something that happened in elementary school.                 Uhm, something that happened in elementary school??? I had my first girl crush! Lol. It was on my friends older sister. I thought she was soooo pretty.
  19.     Talk about something that happened in middle school.                    One time I skipped class with my best friend & I got caught & had to go to detention. ((:
  20.  Talk about something that happened in high school.                      During the last week of senior year, we had spirit week/senior prank. So all the seniors had a water fight upstairs in the hallway & all you hear is just kids screaming & yelling. Instead of water, some kids were throwing like vodka & the hallway carpet was so wet that the rest of the year they had to have these giant fans up to dry the floor. lol. It was honestly amazing, it was like a rave kinda.
  21.     Talk about a time you had to turn someone down.                            One of my friends confessed they had feelings for me & asked me out.    & I just didn’t feel the same way & wanted us to stay friends.
  22.   Talk about your worst fear.                                                                         My worst fear is spiders or not knowing what my future will be like. (’:
  23.    Talk about a time someone turned you down.                               That’s rare because I’ve honestly never asked anyone out before because I freak myself out. But the first time it did happen, it wasn’t that bad, my feelings were hurt, but not for the reasons most people would think. 
  24.    Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.                   It wasn’t really something they told me, rather something that they’ve done. When I need to talk about something, they always make me feel so comfortable doing it. I usually have a hard time opening up, but with them it seems natural  & so easy. It doesn’t scare me.
  25. Talk about an ex-best friend.                                                                  My ex best friend was amazing. I don’t really know if I can consider him an ex best friend, but regardless we haven’t hung out in a while. Mainly because I had moved away while we were in high school. I miss him a lot though, he was such a bad influence on me, but we balanced each other out. He was wild & pushed me to do fun things. & I was level headed & told him when he was being too reckless.
  26.  Talk about things you do when you’re sick.                                              When I’m sick, I’m honestly the biggest baby. I whine & complain so much. I just want to be taken care of.
  27. Talk about your favorite part of someone else’s body.                           Their eyes. I love everything about them. Most people probably go for eye color, but I like the shape. I  usually think people with almond shaped eyes, are the cutest.
  28.  Talk about your fetishes.                                                                              Being cared for & loved. (;
  29.  Talk about what turns you on.                                                              People who are 100% honest. They aren’t afraid to say what they mean. Are willing to work out any problems that might surface. A sense of humor. Good taste in music. The little things.
  30. Talk about what turns you off.                                                            Selfishness. Liars. People who aren’t honest with themselves.
  31. Talk about what you think death is like.                                                     I honestly just assume it’s like sleeping, except there’s no dreaming. It’s just a never ending darkness.
  32.  Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.                        When I was younger, my great grandparents had this cabin in northern Michigan that we’d go to all the time. There was this huge pond in the backyard that we’d all go swimming in & the woods were behind it, which used to terrify me because my uncles would tell me scary stories about it. Now that I think about it, it was the perfect setting for a horror movie. lmao. It was great though.
  33. Talk about what you do when you are sad.                                                   I tend to think about other things I’m sad about & then I feel this need to cry. Sometimes I can’t & so I’ll listen to music that makes me cry & then I’ll feel better for awhile.
  34. Talk about the worst physical pain you’ve endured.                                  Last year I had to get this procedure done where I had to get a few stitches. They numbed me of course, but the fucking doctor didn’t give it enough time to kick in before he started slicing at me. I held my mom’s hand and cried. Never again. Hopefully.
  35. Talk about things you wish you could stop doing.                                         I wish I could stop giving people second chances when they don’t deserve it. I wish it were easier for me to just cut people out of my life when I know they aren’t going to change.
  36. Talk about your guilty pleasures.                                                         Buying things I don’t really need, like poetry books & new clothes.
  37. Talk about someone you thought you were in love with.                       Yikes. I thought I was ‘in love’ with my ex, but I don’t know. That was just a whole mess  that I wish never happened.
  38. Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.                              Those songs about love or being happy with someone & how they make you feel. They make me think of one person. I feel happy & yeah. It’s super corny. It embarrasses me just thinking about it.
  39. Talk about things you wish you’d known earlier.                                           I wish I’d known that not everyone has the same good intentions that I may have & that I shouldn’t invest too much into people.
  40.  Talk about the end of something in your life.                                               I don’t know how to answer this one, really.                                                i hope you’re happy! I did all this for you! lmao. @bigbryan

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My favorite thing about @theamiableanachronism is that Ami seems to be made of the most pure and gentle light, one that glows like a little garden lantern in the evening, warm and inviting.  I don’t think she is physically capable of saying anything mean-spirited.  Befriending her is like dusting off the covers of the magic you knew as a child…discovering anew that everything simple and lovely is possible.  She never says that fairies exist but because she exists you know that a little winged creature just might be lurking under the mushrooms in the forest behind the house, invisible to everyone but you.  

When you scroll through Ami’s blog, all your worries fall away, and the only things that matter are the warmth of the summer sun on your skin, brilliant bouquets of daises and dandelions that your mother will love, sitting with your friends at school and passing notes full of secrets, watching a Disney movie for the first time, marshmellows melting in hot chocolate, and the beautiful unfolding of the purest friendship in the world–Mileven