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Dead Inside: Do Not Enter — Notes from the Zombie Apocalypse

Dead Inside: Do Not Enter
by Lost Zombies
2011, 160 pages, 8 x 10 x 0.5 inches
$15 Buy a copy on Amazon

Some of my favorite things about zombie movies are the details of the changed world. The dead grass, broken windows, toppled telephone poles, abandoned cars with missing wheels and trunks left open, boarded-up buildings, spent ammo shells, and other signs of struggle and desperation serve to create a fascinatingly creepy environment.

And that’s why I like Dead Inside: Do Not Enter so much. The book consists entirely of letters, hand-written warnings, and pages torn from journal entries that were written during the zombie pandemic. The notes are on matchbooks, napkins, photographs, advertisements, shopping lists, road maps, scraps of cardboard, and gum wrappers. Some of the notes are written with pen and pencil, others are written with lipstick, burnt wood, crayons, and blood.

The messages of the notes themselves tell the tale of the rise of the zombie pandemic, from tentative, joking questions about a “really bad flu,” escalating to confused panic, and later to grim acceptance of the new reality that the survivors now must live in.

In the introduction to Dead Inside, we learn that these notes had been found in a Dora the Explorer backpack. The first note presented in the book was written by the man who killed the owner of the backpack, a girl who was about 10 years old and had been bitten by a zombie (but had not yet turned into one). The man wrote “I opened her backpack and found all these notes and letters. This stuff is poisonous. No one in their right mind should read it. Reading this is like looking into the sun.” – Mark Frauenfelder

September 16, 2014

i hope she knows i want to…

hold her hand
stay up late with her watching movies until she falls asleep in my lap
take her bike riding and go on picnics
laugh together until we cry
share secrets at 2am
sing our favorite songs as loud as we can stare at her for hours
tell her how literally gorgeous she is
travel the world with her and go on crazy adventures
have her come to me when she needs a shoulder to cry on
make her feel wanted and important
see her face light up at my gift
write poems to her
paint pictures of us
tell her the entire story of how i fell head first in love with her

TMNT x Reader

Imagine having a bad day and your favorite turtle comforting you. Each turtle has his own way of comforting his S.O. but each is just as sweet.

Leonardo knows that he can’t always change the world. He can fight an alien invasion and stop crazed scientist from taking over the world but he can’t fight the little things.
He tries though.
He makes you tea, just the way you like it, and stays with you. He mediates as you read, sipping on your tea. Opening his eyes, he looks at you, smiling softly.
“What are you reading?”
“The Princess Saves Herself in This One. It’ s a poetry collection.”
He climbs into bed with you, pulling you close to him.
Sometimes, it not saying or doing anything grand. Sometimes, it’s just doing something small. Like making a cup of tea and holding someone you love and assuring them that it’s okay to be sad. And that you’ll be right there when it’s over.

Raphael understands that, when you’re having a bad day, you might feel like you need to get away from it all.
He knows that he often does.
So he sneaks out and takes you on a midnight bike ride, out of the city. He drives until it’s quiet and there’s not a single soul around. He tosses a blanket onto the grass and you both lay down, staring up at the sky. And you rant.
You rant on and on until there is nothing more to say except for thank you.
“You always seem to figure me out, Raph. You know just what I need.”
“I’d do anything for ya, tiger.”
And he would too. He most definitely would.

Donatello can be a bit awkward when it comes to emotions but he’s not completely hopeless.
He know what you like and don’t like and he knows what comforts you, even on the worst of days. After all, he is your beloved boyfriend.
“Welcome home, Y/N.”
He has strung fairy lights all around, neon purple filling the room. A playlist of all your favorite songs is playing softly and best of all: him. He’s locked up his lab for the night (and gave Leo the key) and is prepared to do whatever you want.
“Can we just cuddle?” you ask.
“Of course we can, darling. Whatever you want.”
Donatello can sometimes space out and, yeah, he doesn’t always make the right move. But he has his moments and they are amazing.

Michelangelo goes all out.
He wishes He could make the world perfect and wonderful and full of only good people, just for you. But he knows that can never happen (a turtle can dream though, right?) So he makes up for it.
He has pizza, popcorn, and ice cream (your three comfort foods). He has your favorite movies and the biggest blanket fort in the entire city, built by yours truly.
“Just tell me what you need, babydoll, anything!”
“Disney movies and cuddling?” you ask.
“And as many kisses as my lady desires. We got Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid…”
He continues to list the movies and you can’t help but smile. All of these things are totally awesome but in the end…you’re happiest that you have your favorite ninja with you.


The truth is, we live in a broken world.

The truth is, we are all caught in a battle of good and evil. In our day to day, often distracted and routine lives, we sometimes forget this. We become content with things of this world- entertainment, gossip, material possessions, popularity, fame. Things that will eventually become dust. What will remain when our material comforts disintegrate?

When we are faced with an act of senseless violence, it is shocking, brutal, disturbing, devastating. It frightens us because it reminds us of the fragility of our humanity- that we are vulnerable, and our time here is limited. It hurts because it reminds us that there is evil and violence in our world. That people hurt others for reasons we can’t comprehend. It’s not fair, and it’s not just.
But has our world ever been fair or just?

What do we do when faced with something so horrifying as senseless violence? A good place to start is to ask ourselves- what are we living for? Who are we behind closed doors? What kind of impact is my life making on others? Am I helping or hurting- or simply sitting complacently?

There is so much more to this world than winning a popularity contest, or racing to fill ourselves up and experience the most pleasure possible. There is a whole realm of good and evil right before our eyes. When evil screams out at us, we are asked to respond with the purest of good. People use the word “love” as an antidote, but what does it mean anyway? Many of us think of the “love” we see in movies- having a crush, getting butterflies, the physical chemistry between two people. But when faced with an act so insidious as senseless violence, love as having a “crush” seems almost insulting to our humanity.

There is a love deeper than anything that could be captured in a movie or song that permeates our entire world. This love is pure and true. This is the love we thirst for. Mother Teresa talks about this love in one of my all-time favorite quotes:

“At the end of our lives we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made or how many great things we have done.

We will be judged by: I was hungry and you gave me to eat. I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless and you took me in.

Hungry not only for bread-
but hungry for love.
Naked not only for clothing-
but naked of human dignity and respect.
Homeless not only for want of a home of brick-but homeless because of rejection.
Only in heaven will we see how much we owe to the poor for helping us to love God better because of them.”

Another beautiful quote from Mother Teresa:

“Seeking the face of God in everything, everyone, all the time, and his hand in every happening; This is what it means to be contemplative in the heart of the world. Seeing and adoring the presence of Jesus, especially in the lowly appearance of bread, and in the distressing disguise of the poor.”

We are called to love deeply- not just our family and friends, but the poorest of the poor. This doesn’t just encompass those who are materially poor, but those who are lonely, rejected, and isolated- those who suffer from spiritual poverty.

At a time like this, when we feel horrified, violated and disturbed by the ugliness of evil, we yearn even more for the things that remain pure and sacred- picking up a child who is homeless and cradling her in your arms. A piece of music that makes you soar with emotion. Crying with and comforting a friend, and watching them heal. A married couple on the verge of divorce who miraculously finds the courage to forgive each other. The first breath of a newborn baby. Wildflowers blooming gloriously every spring after the bitterness of winter’s cold. A candle casting light in the darkness of a peaceful, old church. People praying solemnly, hands pressed over their faces. A genuine smile. The beauty of vulnerability.

Why do things like these bring so much comfort at a time like this? Why is it that music with degrading, defiling lyrics, maybe even songs we laugh along to in our daily lives, seems so insulting at a time like this? Why do so many people who never talk about God write on their social media platforms, “Please pray,” when something like this happens?

When faced with violence and evil, we remember that we are yearning for more. We are thirsting for something deeper than the shallowness of our world. Pleasure, lust and entertainment do not quench the desperate thirst we all experience. We want real love, a meaningful existence, to experience and taste something pure and sweet. In the book “Man’s Search For Meaning,” Viktor Frankl writes that humans can endure unimaginable suffering if they can find some meaning behind it.

Humans are capable of unthinkable, hideous evil. We are also capable of breathtaking courage and life-changing Love. We are called to more than this earthly life. The one question I ask, above all: if you were one of the victims of the bombing in Manchester, what legacy would your life leave behind? How did the love of God- the love that is pure, whole and holy, the love that forgives, nurtures, heals and the only love that quenches- how did that love shine through in your life?

And if you don’t like the answer- how will you change that?

Prayers and blessings to you and to all those affected by this tragedy. You are loved. You are worthy. And you are called to more than this.

Things I Love
  1. Laying in a field in the middle of summer with my eyes closed letting the warm breeze run across my face.
  2. Staying up until 3 am to finish a good book.
  3. Waking up to the sun shining through my window on Saturday and making pancakes.
  4. Baking while I’m home alone.
  5. Staying up until the next day to talk to friends.
  6. Wrapping up in blankets fresh out of the dryer on a cold night.
  7. Taking long baths while listening to music while using bath bombs/bubble bath.
  8. Buying excessive amounts of notebooks and pens while school shopping.
  9. Jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day and into a warm pool on balmy summer nights.
  10. Having enough ideas to be able to write for hours on end.
  11. That feeling in the air on Halloween a few hours before trick or treating starts.
  12. Strolling through Christmas light displays with a cup of hot cocoa.
  13. Sleepily watching movies on the couch on a long weekend.
  14. Visiting Universal Studios or Disney World and the overwhelming happy feeling i get when i walk through the gate.
  15. The open feeling of a finally, entirely cleaned bedroom.
  16. Listening to my friends get excited and watching them light up as they talk about their favorite things.
  17. Opening up packages from online shopping.
  18. The feeling of leaving your tummy behind when you take off and land in an airplane.
  19. Finding perfect fruit.
  20. Days when everything sees to have a blanket of calm and quiet over it.
  21. Thinking about getting to live with my best friend when we’re on our own for college.
  22. Planning out my future apartments design/furniture.
  23. Rolling around in a just made bed with fresh sheets.
  24. Pens that write really well and fit perfectly in your hand.
  25. Hella rad, hella dark, matte red lipstick.
  26. The smell of espresso/coffee.
  27. Plush and squishy duvets.
  28. Using brand new mascara for the first time.
  29. Warm Butterberg that leaves behind a whip cream mustache when you drink it.
  30. Cold weekends when i can sit outside and see my breath in the air.
  31. Girls nights in with starbucks, soda, baked goods, and cheesy movies.
  32. Seeing my friends succeed at things they’ve worked hard on.
  33. The feeling when someone lightly traces their fingers down my back/across my hips.
  34. Sharing a bed with my friend and just knowing they’re right beside me.
  35. Having someone play with my hair.
  36. Hoodies that fit loosely and hang to my knees.
  37. Wearing my boyfriends hoodies that still smell like him.
  38. Mashed potatoes.
  39. Buying something expensive with money I’ve earned.
  40. Songs split for headphones, particularly ones that play the acoustic version in one ear and the original in the other.
  41. Doing my eyebrows perfectly.
  42. Falling asleep to music or my favorite youtubers videos.
  43. Wearing super cute beanies.
  44. The smell of Hot Topic hair dye.
  45. Having “girl talk/gossip” time.
  46. Risking only getting 4 hours of sleep to talk to a select few people.

anonymous asked:

How do i survive first day of school (can you distract me pls and talk about platonic klunk or something else?)

yeesh first day of school is the toughest… but they’re not always bad… here are some klunk headcanons that might make it a better day for you buddy:

  • lance made hunk watch all six of his favorite movies at least twice and memorize all of his favorite lines from them
  • hunk and lance let off the loudest and longest of offended gasps when keith asked them what starwars is. like seriously keith?!?? SERIOUSLY?!!? WERE YOU LIVING IN AN ISOLATED UNCIVILIZED SHACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESER- oh wait you were buT THAT DOESN’T EXCUSE YO-
  • lance: “bro i can fit my entire world into my hands” hunk: “how bro” lance: *cups hunk’s face* hunk: *is touched* bro……
  • whenever keith or lance have a nightmare or just trouble sleeping, they go to hunk. boi aren’t hunk’s bed cuddles the warmest and best ever…. they sleep soundly like just-fed infants. sleeping with him has become their favorite thing ever that it’s become a daily routine. keith and lance take turns because the bed won’t fit all three or else they’ll suffocate lmao
  • when lance was a kid he called his beloved fluffy teddy bear hunk because it reminded him of his best friend
  • hunk reminds keith of hippos. CUTE AND DEADLY
  • lance: “oh my favorite hobby? teasing keith 24/7″
  • sometimes keith gets jealous of how close lance and hunk are and wants to be part of whatever the two are doing together. he doesn’t voice that, but hunk and lance notice it. they invite him to join their little chats and mini adventures whenever they catch him looking at them, and they just love the beaming look on keith’s face as he walks towards them excitedly like they’ve invited him to a mcr concert
  • *keith knocking lance’s room door at 2am* so do you really not remember the bonding moment bish
  • lance and keith spit in each other’s food when the other turns his head around but neither of them has caught the other doing that. the others just ignore them because this isn’t the worst they’ve seen them doing smh
  • hunk is big and strong and can fend off 10 galra soldiers by himself but keith and lance still feel the need to Defend Him At All Costs. anything that gets as close to hunk as 5 meters gets sliced to shreds and shot to ashes within 0.5 seconds
  • lance: “your mullet is no bueno for the ladies” keith: “who said i even fucking care”
  • lance loves playing with keith’s hair and braiding it tho
  • just compliment keith’s knife collection one (1) time and he’ll offer you his heart and love you 5ever
  • hunk sometimes tries to make the food he makes from alien ingredients taste like lance’s mother’s dishes as much as possible to ease his friend’s homesickness. (hunk frequently stayed for dinner at lance’s place back on earth. he loved lance’s mother’s cooking and asked her to teach him how to cook several meals)
  • keith was once eating a purple alien fruit. the moment hunk saw a stain of purple juice on keith’s chin he yelled his lungs out: “OH MY GOD GUYS IT’S HAPPENING KEITH IS TURNING PURPLE I REPEAT KEITH IS TURNING PURPLE KEITH’S GALRA SIDE IS FINALLY EMERGING” keith: ”it’s just from the fruit i wa-” “SHH DON’T BE SCARED KEITH PURPLE IS NOT A BAD COLOR IT’LL JUST MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A LOVELY, FRESHLY PICKED EGGPLANT. i love eggplants btw” “wtf”
  • lance: “anyway- i can’t believe keith’s dad is a fucking furry”
  • whenever there’s a fart smell they all look at lance. he swears it’s not him but no one believes him it’s pidge but no one ever finds out
  • keith likes when lance overtalks. he’s not talkative himself- he’s more of the listening type, and lance has a cute, attractive way of talking, even tho he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about 75% of the time
  • keith is VERY possessive of his knife collection and doesn’t allow anyone, not even shiro, to lay a finger on it, but he willingly lends his blades to hunk to cut food with. keith is awed by hunk’s chopping skills and how smoothly he cuts stuff with his muscular arms- it’s his favorite thing to watch
  • lance and hunk call each other by pet names so casually “hey babe did you see where my jacket is” “no sweetheart have you checked the training room” “oh not yet thanks chocolate muffin”
  • lance once mistakenly called keith “baby” bc he’s so used to calling hunk as such and like they’re bros and all now right? he had the toughest fricking time in his life trying to explain to him that no, keith, it’s not an insult, keith, i’m not looking down or ridiculing you, keith, no that’s not what i meant, keith, just why are you like this, keith,
  • keith whenever he doesn’t understands something: *looks at lance for explanation* lance: i have no fucking idea either buddy
  • person: do you believe in angels? lance and keith: not until i met hunk garrett
  • keith’s secretly the best at puns and jokes on the team. this is why he always makes fun of lance’s because HAHAHA what an amateur he needs 10000 light years to reach my level. he very rarely puts his skill into good use tho so what’s the point
  • hunk believes whatever lance says and never doubts its credibility. if lance says this hairstyle is ugly? then it IS. if lance says that guy is annoying? never met him before but wtv he definitely IS. if lance says unicorns exist? they fucking chased a mermaid together so of coURSE HE’S RIGHT
  • their Boys Night Together is just gossiping about their classmates at the garrison, painting each other’s nails while listening to mcr, and breakdancing with mouths stuffed with cookies
  • keith: “the fastest way to a girl’s heart is through the riB S “dude cHILL”
  • hunk: “i get scared easily :(” also hunk: if you as much as touch a fingernail of my friends’ i’ll fucking murder you and feed you to the hounds
  • those three are an invincible combination. like red, blue, and yellow aka the primary colors? a sword, gun/rifle, and cannon that cover short, medium, and far ranged combat?? white, brown, and black races??? fire, water, and earth elements???? keith, lance, and hunk????? how the hell would anyone win against the death trio
  • klunk more like Handsome Wooden Spear amiright AMIRIGHT ;)
power. grace. wisdom. wonder.

Okay, so. After 800 years (and already falling super, SUPER in love with Diana) I finally saw the dang movie.

And you guys.


Obviously, I’m probably not going to say anything terribly new in this, given that I am unavoidably late to the party, but once the film ended and the credits started rolling, my sister and I sat there for a solid minute or so (with tears streaming down my face, basically) collecting ourselves before we even thought about leaving. I just wanted to sit there and be with it a little while longer, because. Holy shit. Just. This movie, okay.

This movie.

(Obviously, spoilers ahead, mateys.)

I don’t recall a single instant where I was bored, my attention was wandering, I was like, “Just get on with the damn story already,” or otherwise less than completely enthralled with what was going on (even as someone who doesn’t watch much/any DC stuff). I cried for the first time about, oh, thirty seconds in, and several times thereafter. I cried when there was a shot of Antiope looking powerful as hell, broad-shouldered, strong, when this incredibly capable warrior woman actually looked like she could legitimately kick your ass, and not like a waif or a pixie. I cried when I saw Diana for the first time. I cried when Diana went to get the sword, because how many times have we seen the movie where the man is given the magical sword and becomes the hero? (And then of course, later on, it turns out that the sword isn’t what is special, she is.) I cried during No Man’s Land, because obviously I did. I cried during the whole ending sequence, because also I obviously did.

Saying this was an important movie to me almost sounds cheap, but I don’t know any better way to put it. It just… wow. I feel like I need to watch it again (and I am the WORST about seeing movies in the cinema). There was just so much there: thematically, visually, character-wise, story-wise. So much that I loved and so much that hit me in the face (and the heart).

(I want to marry Gal Gadot like, even more than I already did, which was so much. I literally could not take my eyes off her the entire time.)

Diana and Steve were absolutely delightful. They played off each other so well, with Diana the serious “straight man” (or rather woman) convinced of her own lofty purpose (and struggling when it seems she’s been deprived of it) and Steve functioning as the skeptical observer/voice of the ridiculous/’so that’s cool” note of levity that the movie needed (and I was surprised and very pleased at how funny it was). One of my favorite things was how the movie managed to play Diana’s entrance into our world both for humor and without making her the butt of the joke – in other words, it never pointed and laughed at her ignorance. It found it charming, just as Steve did, and likewise, we have seen the movies where the (male) hero enters a new world and gets to stare at its oddity. Here, we have Diana experiencing the strangeness and charm of a department store, a cafe and a winter evening in the middle of the war, dancing with someone she liked, and otherwise getting to see the small magic of our own world with new eyes, even for a demi-goddess from a pseudo-heavenly realm. Those scenes had such a lovely bit of enchantment and enjoyment to them, when it would have been so easy to make them cynical.

The boat scene with Diana and Steve leaving Themyscira was sheer genius (and I seem to recall reading that they improvised most of that) as was the bath scene, and of course the end. Jfc. When he’s pointing the gun into the hold of the plane, trying to work up the courage to die, and you know that he manages to go through with it because of her – because as he tells her, he can save today, but she can save the world, and he needs to let her be the one to do that. Even when she’s angry at him beforehand, he still tries to help her, tells her what the smoke signals are and to follow them to find Ludendorff. He never tries to cut her down or diminish her (and him using the lasso on himself + “this is a terrible idea, we will probably die” = also genius).

Also, the backup team was an Indian, a drunk Scotsman with PTSD, and a Turkish man, and every single one of them were given poignant and genuine moments??? Chief gets to talk about how the Indians have been driven out of their lands. Charlie can’t manage to shoot the sniper, and yet Diana later asks who will sing for them if he leaves – she values him for his talents and for his possibility of a life beyond war, she doesn’t blame him for failing in crunch time. Sameer gets to point out that he can’t be who he wants to be because he was born the wrong color, and there is nothing he can do about that. This team of marginalized people, working together to change the world for the better despite all the odds against them – I mean. Wow.

When the Ares reveal happened, I literally whispered, “I knew it I knew it I knew it” three times under my breath, because I suspected that guy from the start. I just felt as if the Clearly Psychotic German General ™ was too obvious a candidate and there was a twist coming, and when he died utterly anticlimactically (although I was proud of Diana for doing it) I was like… welp, VINDICATED, NOW THE SHIT IS ACTUALLY GOING TO GO DOWN, I KNEW IT WAS EVIL REMUS LUPIN, and it was. So yes.

As I said, I feel as if I have to watch this movie in the theater again at least one, and then several times thereafter. I cannot believe that in in the year of our lord 2017 this is somehow the first female superhero movie directed by a woman, and frankly, I don’t know why we have to keep accepting mediocre manpain movies in any genre otherwise. It was an action movie, a love story (both in a romantic sense and in terms of Diana’s own actions/arc), a comedy, a tragedy, a fantasy, a superhero origin story, a social commentary, a war movie – as I said, there was just so much of it. It was such a rich tapestry of a story and it fitted together so brilliantly. All the questions it managed to raise about the nature of war and humanity, love and darkness, the people we are born as and the people we choose to be, the fallacy of “deserving” to be saved, and to do this in a way that is both deeply genuine and which isn’t overly naive, when Steve tells Diana that he wishes it was as simple as just killing one bad guy to make it all stop… I mean. That is hard. And they pulled it off amazingly.

In not-really-short, my life has been changed. I want another three movies, I want Diana to have a girlfriend (because I will cry my damn eyes out if I get to see this beautiful, powerful, gentle heroine being actually bisexual on screen), and I also want for all movies ever to be like this, basically. 

I am going to be thinking about this for a very long time.

Frozen the Musical - My Act One Thoughts

Hi friends! So… here we go! I saw Frozen twice while I was in Denver - once on August 18th and once on August 19th. A few things you should probably know before we delve into all my thoughts: 1. I’ve been a musical theatre nerd for most of my life. I went to a performing arts high school for musical theatre, and majored in theatre arts administration in college. 2. I am also a Disney nerd - always have been and always will be. I did the DCP in Walt Disney World and absolutely adored it. 3. Frozen has been my absolute favorite movie in the entire world since I first saw it back in 2013. I’ve made very good friends with Anna at all kinds of local parties and gatherings, run Frozen camps, and more. So… we can imagine how COMPLETELY ELATED I was when they announced they were creating Frozen on Broadway. Which leads me to point 4… Caissie Levy. I saw Caissie in Ghost back in 2012 and was ASTOUNDED by the sheer talent I was witnessing. Caissie has without a doubt become my absolute favorite performer, but more than that, she’s become an incredible mentor. So when I found out she was going to be LEADING this show, I MIGHT have lost my shit just a little bit (read: a lot).

With all that said… I hope that makes it clear that I know my way around good theatre, but I also have some implicit bias. I will try my best to stay as objective as I possibly can (which will probably be not at all tbh) while also fangirling my heart out.

Now. Let’s talk Frozen the Musical! Prepare for a novel.

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Wonder Woman Review

Alright I just got home from seeing Wonder Woman, a movie that I’ve been anticipating for most of my life. Before I go into my detailed thoughts on the film, I want to preface them by saying this. 

I have been a die hard DC fan for most of my life, and have been looking forward to a DC Cinematic universe for most of that time. In the last few years we’ve seen the DCEU expand the world of the DC characters with films that, in my honest opinion, have been some of my favorite films of all time. Needless to say, I have been hyped for this movie for a very long time.

With all of that being said, I LOVED WONDER WOMAN. God this movie was so good. Gal Gadot did an amazing job as Diana. There wasn’t any minute of this movie where I felt bored. It was such an emotional film, and the performances all around were terrific. From Connie Nielson to Chris Pine, I loved the entire cast. Idk if right now I can say that Wonder Woman is my favorite DCEU movie but it’s now one of my favorite movies of all time. It sends such a hopeful message to the audience, and it seriously made me tear up. 

I can’t complete this review without giving credit to Patty Jenkins, she did such an amazing job with this movie. I’m so happy this movie and Patty are getting so much love, and it’s well deserved. Thank you Patty Jenkins, thank you DC, thank you Zack Snyder for finally giving us the Wonder Woman movie we deserve. 

I’ll be recording a full review tomorrow morning so I can go into more detail about the things I enjoyed but until then here you guys go! I hope you all enjoy the movie as much as I did!

Rough Sex (Dylan)

-I had to rewrite this entire thing because my computer wanted to crash…i’m not ok

“Tell me your most favorite things in the world.” You sat on the couch next to Dylan, watching a movie peacefully until you got bored. “Hm…well you’re certainly on my favorite list,” he started and you blushed slightly at his words. “Maybe Dr. Pepper, my trench coat, bondage,” he said casually. “Wait what? Say that last part again,” you looked at him shocked. He looked back at you plainly, “I said I liked bondage.” You never thought Dylan would like something so…crude. 

“Well, i’d like to do that,” you said and looked at the TV. “No, no y/n. I don’t think you can handle the force of it,” Dylan tried to reassure you. “Of course I can!” you told him and got up to go to the kitchen. You suddenly felt a hand push you against the wall. Gasping at the quick movements, you looked up to see Dylan standing close in front of you. “If we’re going to do this, you need to follow all of my commands.” All you could do was nod. He kissed you roughly, shoving his tongue in your mouth. You moaned slightly as you let him explore you. Grabbing on to his shoulders, you jumped up and wrapped yourself around his waist. He walked you up to your shared bedroom.

“On your knees,” he demanded you. You got on your knees and watched quietly as he started to unbuckle his belt and pull down his pants, pulling out his dick. You got the message and opened your mouth. He shoved his cock into your mouth. You tried to pull back a bit, but he pulled your head back towards him and began to fuck your mouth. He listened to your needy moans and gags. You could feel your eyes starting to tear up at the feeling of his length in the back of your throat. Before he could finish, he pulled out of you. Dylan snapped his fingers and pointed to the bed, signaling for you to sit, “Strip for me baby. Nice and slow.” You did as you were told, keeping eye contact with him all the while. 

“Good girl,” he said as he turned around to search for something in the closet. You saw as he pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He made his way to the bed and pushed you to lay down. You jumped a little at the sudden coldness of the metal against your skin. Dylan placed soft kisses on your neck, going straight to your sweet spot. You moaned and whimpered softly wishing you could run your hands down his back. He made his way down to your breast, taking one nipple into his mouth. You gasped and started to get impatient wanting more of him, “Dylan, I want more,” Stopping what he was doing, he pushed your hip to the side so he could see your bare ass. He gave a firm and hard slap on both of your ass cheeks, making you jump. “I control what I do to you got it? You are mine,” he spoke to roughly. He slapped your ass once more. 

You were so overwhelmed at the whole situation that you couldn’t help the words that came out of your mouth next. “Yes, daddy!” You bit your lip in embarrassment and closed your eyes. Dylan only smirked at your comment and you felt another hard slap. He moved your hips back down and spread your legs. He dove straight for your core, moving his lips on your pussy. The feeling of his wet muscle swirling against all the right spots only made it harder to request pleasure from him. Dylan dragged his tongue from your ass, to your clit, and all the way up to your neck, sending shivers down your back. He bit your neck roughly, “You’re such a dirty girl, y/n.” Feeling the cuffs on your hands unclasp, he picked you up and flipped you on you hands and knees.

Looking back at him, you caught a glimpse of him before he shoved himself deep into you. It was a reflex to bury your head into the pillow. Your body was tight with shock. He didn’t move, “beg for daddy’s cock.” You whined when he grabbed a fist full of your hair and pulled your head back, “I want to feel your cock inside my pussy daddy! Please fuck me hard until I cum on your big cock!” He laughed a bit, “That’s my baby girl.” He pulled back almost all the way and roughly pushed back in. You felt your insides twisting and turning as he quickly fucked you. The sounds of your moans and screams filling up the room. “Yeah, you like that? You like the way my cock feels inside you baby girl?” “Fuck yes, daddy!” He was stretching a reaching places that you never knew existed. 

Before you could cum, he pulled himself out of you completely. Your breath stopped when you felt him press against your ass. He saw you look back at him in concern, “Don’t worry, daddy’s going to take good care of you.” With that, he slowly pushed into you. You gasped at the pain and pleasure combined. He didn’t waste any time fucking you as hard as before. The pain slowly turned into all pleasure when he put two fingers into your pussy. “I’m going to cum! Daddy!” “Cum on my cock baby.” You sighed loudly, letting your release take over your body. It didn’t take him much time to find his release. He bent over to nibble and bite on your earlobe, thrusting a few times before pulling out. You laid flat on your stomach and he collapsed, pulling you against him. “Good girl.”


Request: ‘Hey could I make a request with Reid where the reader has loads of tattoos and piercings and Reid is like really interested in them?? thank you ❤️’

omg wow a fic every other day? yes. that is right. holagubler has got their shit together. get ready for fic-bruary. but going to spain (granada??) next week so pls forgive if I miss a day or two. does anyone live in spain? let me know. podemos hablar espanol.

‘Baby girl, we didn’t know you had TATTOOS!’ laughed Morgan, as you stripped off into your bikini. It was summer, so the team decided to take a trip to the beach on their day off. Since you were new to the BAU, they had not yet seen your fairly colorful and decorated body.

‘What can I say Morgan? I’m full of surprises.’ You said, with a wink. As you turned to see Spencer Reid gawking at your body.

‘Damn girl, you look hot!’ Prentiss shouted from where she and JJ were paddling in the sea with Henry, and you blew a kiss back to her.

‘Are you okay, Reid?’ You grinned, turning your attention back to the flustered genius. You laid down to him, and he tried to remove his eyes from your body, but seemingly failed.

‘What are the stories behind them?’ He asked, his eyes still fixed on the large piece on your thigh.

‘They all have very personal meanings to me.’ You replied, while smoothing in sun lotion over your body.

‘You can tell me, Y/N.’ Spencer whispered, his eyes now locked into yours.

You leant in, towards his ear. ‘Take me to dinner and I might tell you.’ You whispered, as you heard a gulp from the BAU’s resident genius.

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I was a bit cautious about “First they killed my father”, but it really is a total cinematic triumph. Utterly sad (but so important), gorgeously shot (all credit to Anthony Dod Mantle, that part of the world never looked as beautiful and profound on film as thru his lens), avoiding the usual Hollywood traps (no white savior BS) and the entire cast just feels genuine (Sareum Srey Moch is the heart and soul of this movie), which is a rarity nowadays. Angie, you really did it. Impressed. 

P.S. After a day of consideration i’m ranking this along with Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Ivan’s Childhood, Elem Klimov’s “Come and See” and René Clément‘s “Forbidden games” as my favorite childhood war-torn film.

URL: Jemannesimms

(Nick)name: Charlotte

Personality Type: Ravenclaw, ENFP, Libra

What do you love most about FS?: How true and beautiful their relationship is. They’re first and foremost friends who love and respect each other as people-physical attraction isn’t the only factor nor is it the most important factor in their relationship. Also they’re beautiful nerds like me lol

Favorite FS moment: The scene in 4x21. You know, THAT one. I love it so much. I’ve done an entire meta on it and frankly I could do at least 4 more

Favorite non-FS character: In AoS or just in general? In AoS it’s Bobbi Morse but in general atm it’s Peter Parker

Fun fact about yourself/something you’d like to share: My nephew loved my Funko pop collection and in particular my Daisy Johnson one, so I taught him her name and his first word after ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ was 'Daisy’…Proud Auntie.

Recommend one thing (book, movie, show, etc.): I think everyone in the world should read The Book Thief.

Movie Night

Group/Member: BTS/Hoseok

Words: 1529

Genre/Warnings: fluff, Jimin being a little shit

Summary: Hoseok and y/n have been avoiding each other, so Jimin decides to step in again

Request: @brittanysvanillapath, continuation of Camping

A/N: The second part to Camping!! I’m so excited to see how you guys like this one, because I loved writing it!! Hope you enjoy!!

Originally posted by jaayhope

It’s been a few weeks since that camping trip. You and Hoseok had spent the rest of the night cuddled up in front of the fire as if it was something the two of you did all the time. There was no awkwardness or shyness, all you felt was content. You began to believe that Hoseok returned your feelings and that that night was the start of something for you guys.

That belief was quickly ripped away when the next morning came and Hoseok didn’t even greet you when you came out of your tent. Thinking he was just tired from it being fairly early, you brushed it off and went about your morning. Throughout the rest of the trip though, you realized that that wasn’t the case, as anytime you tried to start a conversation with him, he would reply with as short of statements as he possibly could and his volume dropped back to how it had been prior to leaving for the trip. Your confidence dropped at the realization that he must not have wanted to interact with you, so you stopped trying. By the end of the trip, your relationship with Hoseok had gone back to the way it was, except even less interaction between the two of you.

When you got back home, you decided that it was time to move on from your crush, as obviously nothing would come of it. In order to do this, you began declining the boys whenever they invited you somewhere. You gave the same excuses every time, that you were busy, you didn’t feel well, you were tired after a long day. Jin, Namjoon, and Yoongi all understood and would say nothing else. The maknaes on the other hand were a different story.

“Please, y/n!!! We all miss you!!” Jimin whines as he lies on you couch. A few minutes earlier, Jimin had shown up at your apartment inviting you to a movie night this weekend. When you told him you were busy, he pushed past you into the apartment and said he refused to leave until you agreed. He sits up to look at you. “Especially Hobi.” He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

You feel your breath catch in the back of your throat at the mention of his name, but quickly compose yourself. “I don’t know why you felt the need to add that on, what am I gonna suddenly drop all of my plans because Hoseok misses me?” You say, trying to sound sarcastic, even though before that really would have been all it would take to get you to hang out.

“I mean, you are kind of in love with him, so…” Jimin says, lying back down and crossing his arms behind his head.

“I’m not in love with him!” You defend, voice an octave higher than normal.

“Your voice tells me otherwise~” Jimin sings out, teasing you further.

“Whatever~” You flop down onto the couch next to his feet, and Jimin sits up fully. “Plus, you’re lying, there’s no way he misses me.”

“Oh yes he does.”

“Then why wouldn’t he be the one begging me to come hang out instead of some baby hands?”

He pushes my shoulder playfully at my insult. “Why don’t you ask him?”

You hesitate before answering. “Like I said, I’m not in love with him, so I don’t really care if he wants to hang out or not.” You shrug.

“Why are you so difficult?!” Jimin groans, running his hand through his hair, like he has been nearly the entire time the two of you have been talking. His hand drops to his lap and he looks over at you. “Please come to movie night.”

“I can’t, I have-“

“It’s just gonna be me, Tae, and Jungkook anyway. You know, your three favorite people in the world.” He drops his head onto your shoulder and looks up at you cutely. “All the hyungs are gonna be out, and it would be nice to have someone there that won’t make fun of me for jumping if we watch a horror movie.”

You sigh dramatically, “I guess I can clear my schedule.” Jimin jumps off the couch, cheering in excitement. “But let me get one thing straight.” Jimin pauses in his celebration. “The three of you are nowhere near being my favorite people.”

“Caught in a liiiiiieeeee~” Jimin sings out, running out of your apartment before you can say or do anything.

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Kubo Appreciation Week

Day 01: Favorite Character - Kubo

Hi! I’m working on the Kubo week for this year because I loved that movie so much. So, I’ll be doing this anyway. Start with my faved character from that movie is Kubo. OMG! I really, Really, REALLY love him so much because he’s really cute, adorable, heroic and little handsome kid ever! I like his storytelling part, and love his heroic part, and my faved outfit is his samurai armor. But still, he’s the best hero ever in my entire life. And even, he would save his entire story and the world that I’ve ever loved for.